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Week 5; Hammer in the hizzle

The games are as follows… Witty banter to come.

UT (-15) @ Mizzou

L’ville (-37) vs Fla Atl

KU (+17) @ TT

Minny (-3) @ Penn St

IU (+18) @ Wisconsin


Italy bound

Julie and I will be traveling throughout Italy for the next few weeks. But don’t despair as RObert will keep the football banter rolling. Be sure to check out She Said to follow the chronicles of our trip.

italy map


FBB Week 4 — Welcome back letter sweater

It’s the final week of FBB tunes ups just before our departure to Italy. While I am out I RObert – active poster and current leader — will play the role of commish and will use his new found powers for good and not evil. I will do my best to get my picks in and initiate banter as KU heads into Lubbock next weekend. The JuJu Chrons will be rolling over at SheSaid….be sure and check it out.

Now….on to a slate that has both KU and Texas off as they prepare for conferece games next week. Tech is all but off….but taking the field due to NCAA regulations

texas tech Indiana St. Sycamores (+54) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

I can’t wait until next week – the banter begins now.

Let’s call it respect…no fear….of the Jayhawks. Fear must have overcome Leach when he recalls last years gift and convinces Meyers to assemble this pre-conference schedule. He knew the Jayhawks would have a bye-week and his team needed to counter. Is there any other explanation for wrapping up the month of Sept with Larry Bird’s alma mater? The 0 -3 Sycamores, representing the Gateway Football Conference, have been walloped by the likes of Murray St., Eastern Illinois, and St. Francis. And who do they face…only a team that put up 770 yards of total offense and 650 passing yards last week. Hell Tech had 49 in the first half and continued to roll on the BearKats with Hodges getting his lean on in the second.

But this Saturday the underdog Sycamores. will cover for one simple reason: Tech is 1 – 4 against the spread the week before playing Kansas. Yes folks….it is the fear of the Jayhawk that looms in Leach’s mind. And it is this simple fact that will give our favorite quarterback out of Herford the win…but not enough to cover.

u of l Louisville (-22.5) vs. South Florida

After a slow start last week in the Pizzaeria, the Card are back on track and poised to fulfill the wishes of all FBBers – a UT vs. Louisville Rose Bowl match-up.
After dismantling the Beavers, Petrino and co turn their attention to an old C-USA foe in S. Florida. The Bulls have one of the nation’s best backs in Andre Hall (currently ranked 9th in rushing yards. The Cards counter with the Bush and Brohm backfield. S. Florida D is solid — ranked 5th in pass defense — but have not faced an offense like the Ville. And a balanced offense is matched with a solid D. Look for the Ville to pick up their first of many conference road wins and cover.

univ of kansas Kansas Jayhawks – off
univ. of texas Texas Longhorns – off

Tennessee (+6.5) vs. LSU
I have no idea where to begin with this one. Anticipated since August, this was billed as the best match-up in the SEC – winner to play the leading role in the off-broadway production of How I Got Screwed by the BCS. Layer in the emotions surround the Gulf Coast and the Tigers dramatic win in Tempe….and I am simply at a loss.

The Vols could go one of two ways this week. Fulmer learned, as Tressle did the week prior, that a two quarterback system is simply a bad idea. Show some stones and bench someone. Ainge seems to be the man now and, pending he can win the respect of those in the locker-room Tennessee should once again be a force to win the SEC – read in-between that Florida will lose one or two conference games. But the focus should return to Baton Rouge and all they are playing for. From an athletic perspective, their roster is on par with SoCal. And again…the emotion factor – how many points is that worth. If Ainge can step up the Vols will cover in a slow starting, defensive controlled first half brawl.

Purdue (+3.5) vs. Minnesota
Granted….maybe not the most competitive game to choose but it was an opportunity for Robert out play six-degrees of family lineage, Julie to ramble on about fuzzy animals in letter sweaters, and me to discuss my favorite dentist’s wife. A fan favorite is back in the Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

And where the previous wildcard was a tough call…this one is as simple as Sycamores. It all comes down to the Laurence Maroney touches and playing in one of the worst college game day environments in the country. I’m also looking for Mace to knock the Boilermakers out of the Rose Bowl hunt this weekend. Minnesota wins and the cove.


FBB Week 3 — Wake me when it’s over

What a game…and it is only September. Regardless of locales, allegiances, or randomly assembled degrees of separation you had to be glued to the drama unfolding in Columbus. Yes…I was the one who took the Buckeye linebacking corps over Vince…and I was wrong. Vince has established himself a true gamer and worth of all the Heisman hype. And as big as Vince was in Columbus…the Chizik defense was on par if not better. Granted, first year D-coordinators have an inherent advantage and really earn their money in the second and third years of their contracts. – but theory only holds true against conference foes. The timing of a new D Coordinator and the maturation of Vince could not have come at a better time for Mack and the Longhorn Nation.

And with every great party comes the morning after…or in our case this weekends schedule. What a lame slate as we wrap up college football’s version of preseason. Well….all you can do is find your favorite Taqueria, lounge on the couch and take in another weekend of our favorite sport.

univ of kansas Louisiana Tech Ragin Cagins (+14)vs. Kansas Jayhawks

The 05 Kansas team has not lived up to even the meager expectations set in August. And yes…..I bit. Even All Big XII linebacker Nick Reid stated this week he felt the hype went to the defense’s head. WTefffff…..most polls predicted KU to battle for last in the sorry ass North division. Let the dorks in the message boards get pumped up about random stats that only dorks in a message board would spend the time searching out. I wish I could say we are sandbagging in preparation for Tech….but I don’t think that is the case. Wayyy too many question marks for a team that sees itself as bowl eligible. Look for KU to take their third step towards six/seven….but don’t expect them to do it in dramatic fashion. KU wins but does not cover.

univ. of texas Rice Owls (+41) vs. Texas Longhorns

The second of two sleepers on this week’s slate – and not I am not referring to KU. The road map to Pasadena has been paved and it is up to Mack and Vince to keep the car on the road. A potentially over-served driver will be swerving in their direction in a few weeks and another speed bump awaits in College Station. But as big a foe as a downtrodden OU and a pseudo-resurgent aTm could prove to be…their biggest obstacle could be themselves. Texas has to remain aggressive against inferior opponents and must make headlines week-in and week-out – especially on the road.

Poor Rice could not have liked their timeslot so close to the Ohio St. game. Regardless of last week’s outcome…Texas would come back with something to prove. Look for some yet to be named to gain valuable touches in both the receiving corps and backfield. Look for Vince to get his numbers early in the game and distribute the ball freely in the third quarter – just prior to being yanked. Look for the defense to play conservative and not provide any game tape insight. Texas covers….the second game everyone agrees on.

texas tech Sam Houston St. Bearkats – yes Bearkats — (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Does this game even warrant a FBB listing? I mean come on….everyone will at least pick up one point – which is about on par with my performance last week. A quote from CFB News that should sum this game up –

QB Noah Allen completed ten of 24 passes for 86 yards with an interception. Texas Tech will have that many yards passing on the first drive

Tech’s nonconference schedule requires about as much effort as I extend during a week outing in Playa del Carmen. Not only will Leach have his lean on by the second quarter but the entire student body may not return from Greek Circle after the second half. The pride of Herford will have another extended practice against another AA team as his continues to gain valuable minutes putting the system into practice. Expect the Bearkats to be this years Huskers…..

u of l Oregon St. (13.5) vs Louisville Cards

Hands-down the best game on the FBB slate – and that is not saying much. This is the Louisville home opener and I am sure it will be a sell out as expectations for this inaugural BCC eligible season are high. And they should be…..The Cardinal nation should also have an eye on Pasadena as the Cards schedule is on par with Purdue’s as a one of the smoothest in a BCS conference. The Beavers, who squeaked by Boise State last week, may be the toughest draw for the Cards – WVU and UNC are not that much better. This game will be better than what everyone thinks…and like KU, the Cards will win but won’t cover.


College GameDay Musings — Sept 10th

College GameDay College Game Day hits close to home this weekend with the Horns visiting Columbus. I wonder if this means they won’t be in Dallas for the State Fair.

Good for ESPN….for the second week in a row they have started the show with a plug for Katrina relief. CNET should take notice and move beyond remnant inventory and bake-sales. OK…back to CGD.

Has Lee discovered Judaism??? I am waiting for a “What do you know from scrambling quarterback.”

Mack Brown embodies the phrase Cracker ass Cracker

Mack is 1 – 6 vs. Top 5 team since arriving in Austin….ouch

Nice job giving Iowa St. vs. Iowa the coverage they deserve…arguably the second biggest game this weekend. I considered slating the better teams over the bigger names (ND vs. Michigan) on this week’s FBB slate.

This Nick Lachey time slot must go…..he may have overtaken Mack as lead cracker. What is with the pop insert for the Victors fight song. I wish Bo would kick his ass at this very moment. Better yet…the mob in Columbus should track him down and….

Despite the loss of his wingman Goose, Maverick Mark remains objective in reviewing Pitt.

A ND dynasty…let’s settle down fellas. It was a win against a Pitt team that was exposed last night. Way to keep them honest Lee and Mark.

The wife is a sucker for a story behind the story. After viewing Vince in the hospital at age seven… Vince’s larger then life status leap-frogged last year’s Rose Bowl performance. There is a reason the Downtown Athletic Club passed on Julie’s Heisman opinion despite her best efforts.

Lee is calling Vince his Game Changer – I think he has tipped his hand prior to the selections segment.

  • No love to Ty and the W.
  • No love for Terry Allen and the Clones.
  • Wow..Kirk take the Demon Deacons againt Big Red.
  • No love for Michigan…are you kidding me….
  • And for the big game…Kirk and the boys goes with the alma-mater – shocker. And Lee changes course and sports the Buckeye head. Lee didn’t make the kids cry this year. The wife is another story.

FBB Week 2

Life is good after last weekend….the games were amazing and the banter was o’plenty. What is killing me is playing the role of Encyclopedia Brown in search for lines. I realize a slate filled with 1AA powerhouses makes for good conference prep….but did anyone consider the implications to our beloved FBB.

Here is the line-up for week two…..

univ of kansas Appalachian State Mountaineers (+10.5) vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Fact: Mangino covers 75% of the time in September. Fact: Mangino needed to come out like Leach last week to instill confidence with the team, fan base and media. For these reasons alone last week’s pathetic showing against the Owls is so disturbing. What came of it….overrated D and, once again, a QB controversy. No-one likes a quarterback debate especially when it involves the lesser of two evils. Barmann…starter last week was horrible. Luke filled in and did a decent job – let’s not forget Luke lead KU in their final two games last season – the near loss to Texas and the win in Columbia. Mangino brought in Kerry Meier this fall, the 13th ranked HS product in the country last year…and who also happens to be the younger brother of k-st quarterback Dylan Meier. After the first half of play I thought last week was as good a time as any to begin building toward the future yet the budding star never saw the field. And now we find out he was suffering from a life threatening heart condition….good God can we catch a break. What is truly important is he is fine and has been released to play again.

So who lines up behind center this week? Does it really matter against Appalachian St….probably not. Will they cover….hard to say. Let’s hope our defense rediscovers its mojo and pitches a shut-out. Let’s call it a redemption game and one where KU will cover.

univ of oregon Montana Grizzlies (+14.5) vs. Oregon Ducks

If Bellotti schedules a 1AA at least he brings in a powerhouse. Last week’s match-up against the largest commuter school in the country was less-than-impressive despite the 420 total yards on offense….mostly acquired in the second half. The Quack secondary was also exposed at times – but hey, it is college football’s version of preseason. I see this game playing out like last week’s….close early on with Oregon wearing them down as the game wears on.

univ. of texas Texas Longhorns (+1) vs. Ohio St. Buckeyes

Can you believe this is the first time these two teams have met? Not even in a bowl game…crazy. Well, the debate for #2 should come to rest after this one. I have no way of knowing which way to go…Vince vs. the Buckeye Linebackers. I mean…have you seen these guys in Columbus. I have a hard time believing Mack and the Horns have never seen anything like this crew….yes even some of the stout OU programs included. I hate to reference last season but that Michigan defense would have a difficult time measuring up to this crew. If Vince is for real we will find out this week. If Mack is a gamer…we will find out this week. While everyone will focus on the TX backfield and the Ohio St. linebackers the real story may come down to Ginn/Holmes ticket vs. the Texas secondary. I’m not sure Texas’s d-backs are as quick but definitely as athletic. In a game when I am so torn I am going to go with the 105K ragin’ Buckeyes in the Shoe.

texas tech Florida Intl. Panthers (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Tech usually sleeps against lesser opponents on the road. Well, they are home and should come out swinging. Last week against k-st, FIU, arguably the worst team in the country was able to stay in the game based on solid defensive play. Leach will want to give his new star out of Herford as many reps as possible and avoid exposing his newly heralded defense from the press corps – oh wait…that is the entire squad. Tech will win and Tech will win big…but will not cover. Leach is breaking in a new quarterback and the road may be bumpy given this is the first outing for the Raiders. The fans in Lubbock should be entertained, the students leaning, and tortillas flying.

u of l Louisville Cards- off

Wildcard – Notre Dame Fighting Irish (+7) vs. Michigan Wolverines
Here we go again….the Irish haters will come out of their hibernation as Notre Dame will dominate the headlines….hey, someone has to fill the void created in Lubbock. But this was the weekend of resurgence…Notre Dame hype and returning to Pitt over Pittsburgh. Hats off to Weis and his performance on the road last week. I didn’t think they had the talent to pull off a win let alone a route. But that was Pitt and this is Michigan. And let’s not forget that this game was marked on the calendar after last year’s debacle in South Bend. Michigan has two superstars in Hart and Henne and will be too athletic for Weis and co. Weis will be a wildcard for the Michigan D in the first half. Expect to see just enough adjustments to cover. Go big Blue


Effing Amazing

For those of you who caught tonight’s US Open between Andre Agassi and James Blake you know what I am referring to. Andre clawing back after being down two sets and taking to a fifth set tie-breaker with two match points. Blake was 0 – 5 in 5th sets…Andre had played 20 fifth set tie breakers. Blake, from Harlem, was the visitor on his home court as the crowd was wowed by the ageless Agassi. Given all Blake has been through in the past year — the partial paralysis, the death of his father, not being ranked in the top 200 at one point, coming into the Open as a wildcard — he was the big winner.

While in NY, Julie and I were fortunate enough to catch an Open match…and it happened to be a match involving Blake. I don’t believe he won…but it doesn’t matter. What an amazing match. I was pulling for Agassi but Blake will be the one I route for moving forward.

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