Week 5; Hammer in the hizzle

The games are as follows… Witty banter to come.

UT (-15) @ Mizzou

L’ville (-37) vs Fla Atl

KU (+17) @ TT

Minny (-3) @ Penn St

IU (+18) @ Wisconsin


4 Responses to “Week 5; Hammer in the hizzle”

  1. September 30, 2005 at 12:18 pm

    Here are my quick-hitters…

    Texas covers
    UL comes back strong and covers
    TT rolls KU and covers
    Penn State as a home underdog will take it
    Wisconsin is flat after an emotional win vs Mich; they win but don’t cover…


  2. 2 brentbaker
    September 30, 2005 at 8:04 pm

    KU has a few things going for them this weekend…primarily a Tech swagger will eventually catch up to them. Who can forget the choreographed endzone dances in the bowl game against Navy. Or, only a few weeks ago when Hodges made headlines claiming Tech would put up 100 against Indiana St. As Blaine and I discussed, the fickle fate of football will eventually catch up to Leach and those from West Texas will not be as endearing of this level of showmanship. But for now, Tech is on the winning side and will continue to show up lesser opponents in grand fashion and get theirs against aTm.

    And on the gridiron, KU must realize that a team that pounded its last three opponents by a combined total 199 to 31 has some weapons. What hasnt changed is their ability to defend the ball. Tech gave up around 130 yards rushing to Indiana St. That could be the key to the game….make the most of any opportunities on the ground and eat up keep Hodges et al off the field. Mangino has had two weeks to prepare for this one so expect a blitzing D and an offense made up of a committee of running backs and short passes. Techs front seven will be exposed….but will it be enough as we all know Tech will score 30 plus. KU covers…that I am confident in. And the KU win is the only choice for me….Blaine, get ready to buy the oysters this Chirstmas.

    UT (-15) @ Mizzou
    Easily the best Big 12 game this weekened. An underachieving mizzou team gave the fans in Austin more than they wanted last season. And, mizzou typically plays well at home against ranked opponents. And dont look past Brad Smith…..it is Troy Smith and then some. One more stat to throw your way…in Austin last year mizzou held Young to to 53 rushing yards, a touchdown, and a three for nine passing days for 19 yards and two interceptions. Ouch. mizzou has the athletes to compete with the best in the conference…but do they have an answer to Jamaal Charles. mizzou is thin on the defensive front and a defensive scheme centered on Young will give the frosh the opportunity to make headlines. I like the Chizik defense to control Smith and cover.

    L’ville (-37) vs Fla Atl
    An 0 – 1 conference record…..who would have thougt this. Yes, even RObert who was covering himself with predictions that this team was young and vulnerable still had his sights on the Rose Bowl along with the other Card faithful. While most likely out of BCS contention, the Cards are still in the hunt and will wipe the floor with Schnells squad. The Ville will win and will easily cover.

    Minny (-3) @ Penn St
    I need to make this one quick as my online time is quickly coming to a close. Also, this computer does not have Word, the international keyboard is killing me and, my ability to edit will be limited….so forgive the typos. Im still not on the JoePa and this frosh wagon and will stick to a formula involving Marony and my favorite dentists wife. The lettersweater wearing creatures cover.

    IU (+18) @ Wisconsin
    Will Winconsin even attempt a pass in this one….probably not. A classic Big 10 grind it out kind of game. Where I should pull for the basketball school who fields a football team I simply cannot put KU in the same league as the Hoosiers. Wisconsin wins and covers.

  3. 3 brentbaker
    September 30, 2005 at 8:13 pm

    Mark and Blaine….my gift to you –

  4. October 1, 2005 at 6:54 am

    Here are Marks’ selections… He had trouble posting to the blog; probably my error, but here the picks he e-mailed to me…

    UT (-15) @ Mizzou
    TEXAS covers

    L’ville (-37) vs Fla Atl
    L-vulle wins big and covers

    KU (+17) @ TT
    TT’s non-conference WAS a joke. The Hawks cover.

    Minny (-3) @ Penn St
    M-i-n-n-e-s-o-t-a wins and covers

    IU (+18) @ Wisconsin
    Wisconsin wins big and covers

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