FBB Week 4 — Welcome back letter sweater

It’s the final week of FBB tunes ups just before our departure to Italy. While I am out I RObert – active poster and current leader — will play the role of commish and will use his new found powers for good and not evil. I will do my best to get my picks in and initiate banter as KU heads into Lubbock next weekend. The JuJu Chrons will be rolling over at SheSaid….be sure and check it out.

Now….on to a slate that has both KU and Texas off as they prepare for conferece games next week. Tech is all but off….but taking the field due to NCAA regulations

texas tech Indiana St. Sycamores (+54) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

I can’t wait until next week – the banter begins now.

Let’s call it respect…no fear….of the Jayhawks. Fear must have overcome Leach when he recalls last years gift and convinces Meyers to assemble this pre-conference schedule. He knew the Jayhawks would have a bye-week and his team needed to counter. Is there any other explanation for wrapping up the month of Sept with Larry Bird’s alma mater? The 0 -3 Sycamores, representing the Gateway Football Conference, have been walloped by the likes of Murray St., Eastern Illinois, and St. Francis. And who do they face…only a team that put up 770 yards of total offense and 650 passing yards last week. Hell Tech had 49 in the first half and continued to roll on the BearKats with Hodges getting his lean on in the second.

But this Saturday the underdog Sycamores. will cover for one simple reason: Tech is 1 – 4 against the spread the week before playing Kansas. Yes folks….it is the fear of the Jayhawk that looms in Leach’s mind. And it is this simple fact that will give our favorite quarterback out of Herford the win…but not enough to cover.

u of l Louisville (-22.5) vs. South Florida

After a slow start last week in the Pizzaeria, the Card are back on track and poised to fulfill the wishes of all FBBers – a UT vs. Louisville Rose Bowl match-up.
After dismantling the Beavers, Petrino and co turn their attention to an old C-USA foe in S. Florida. The Bulls have one of the nation’s best backs in Andre Hall (currently ranked 9th in rushing yards. The Cards counter with the Bush and Brohm backfield. S. Florida D is solid — ranked 5th in pass defense — but have not faced an offense like the Ville. And a balanced offense is matched with a solid D. Look for the Ville to pick up their first of many conference road wins and cover.

univ of kansas Kansas Jayhawks – off
univ. of texas Texas Longhorns – off

Tennessee (+6.5) vs. LSU
I have no idea where to begin with this one. Anticipated since August, this was billed as the best match-up in the SEC – winner to play the leading role in the off-broadway production of How I Got Screwed by the BCS. Layer in the emotions surround the Gulf Coast and the Tigers dramatic win in Tempe….and I am simply at a loss.

The Vols could go one of two ways this week. Fulmer learned, as Tressle did the week prior, that a two quarterback system is simply a bad idea. Show some stones and bench someone. Ainge seems to be the man now and, pending he can win the respect of those in the locker-room Tennessee should once again be a force to win the SEC – read in-between that Florida will lose one or two conference games. But the focus should return to Baton Rouge and all they are playing for. From an athletic perspective, their roster is on par with SoCal. And again…the emotion factor – how many points is that worth. If Ainge can step up the Vols will cover in a slow starting, defensive controlled first half brawl.

Purdue (+3.5) vs. Minnesota
Granted….maybe not the most competitive game to choose but it was an opportunity for Robert out play six-degrees of family lineage, Julie to ramble on about fuzzy animals in letter sweaters, and me to discuss my favorite dentist’s wife. A fan favorite is back in the Golden Gophers of Minnesota.

And where the previous wildcard was a tough call…this one is as simple as Sycamores. It all comes down to the Laurence Maroney touches and playing in one of the worst college game day environments in the country. I’m also looking for Mace to knock the Boilermakers out of the Rose Bowl hunt this weekend. Minnesota wins and the cove.


11 Responses to “FBB Week 4 — Welcome back letter sweater”

  1. 1 brentbaker
    September 22, 2005 at 11:58 am

    A quote from the pride of Herford regarding AA foe Indiana St.

    “If we play well and we capitalize on every drive, I think we could score 100 points,” Tech quarterback Cody Hodges told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. “I think if we’re going to do it, we need to do it next week (against Indiana State).”

  2. September 23, 2005 at 7:36 am

    Texas Tech… How can this team be ranked…??? The teams they have played so far this year are about as competent as an Aruban homicide detective. And now they play the baby blues of Indiana State (w/out Larry Bird). How they don’t win by at least 70 would be a mysterious as Barry Bonds dome size (dudes’ head looks like a jack-o-lantern).
    Look, as far as the Big 12 goes this year, this conference is competing at Sun Belt level. Texas faces no hurdles at all. As B2 states someone is going to play BCS patsy… Louisville has no shot due to their conference. USC is all but a lock and not even UT in all Mack Browns’ ineptitude could screw this up. The SEC is down slightly thanks to Katrinas’ effect on a good LSU team. I can’t see them running the table with all they have and will put up with. Florida and Georgia are decent but one will knock the other off and it will be tough to make it through the SEC schedule undefeated. Amazing what the BCS has created. You can go undefeated in a mediocre conference like the Big12 this year, win one road game vs an average Ohio St team that will undoubtedly lose at least 3 or 4 games this year and you get your ticket punched to get your ass whipped by the Trojans. Anyway onward…

    Texas Tech covers 41 more easily than Paris Hilton getting tapped by half the dudes in Hollywood.

    USF covers against the ‘Ville at home and with a roster full of Florida players.

    In a game moved to Monday night, I like the Vols +6.5

    I have to take the Gophers to cover. Not only do they have Maroney who is a stud, but they have two capable backup sophomores. Minny still has QB issues and if they get behind quickly Purdue could run away with it. Lets hope they establish the run, control the clock and play some defense.

    Those are my picks and I’m stickin’ to ’em… Peace

  3. 3 brentbaker
    September 23, 2005 at 7:25 pm

    For the record….the Tech line has been adjusted to 54

  4. 5 Mark
    September 23, 2005 at 7:52 pm

    Insane about Perriloux. Louisiana….it’s like a whole other COUNTRY. In a way I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t like to sit behind Vince either.

  5. 6 wife
    September 23, 2005 at 8:01 pm

    FBB, Week 4: l’edizione italiana
    Soccer, Football, whatever. It’s all deadly. Brent and I are five days away from our Italian vacation, and I’ve got wine on the brain (oh and, in a glass in front of me – thank God). Now, Football. Let’s do it.

    Indiana St. Sycamores (+54) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders
    Texas Tech leads the nation in passing offense (584.0 yards per game) and total offense (711.5). The Sycamores (0-3) are coming off a 27-15 loss at Murray State. And TTU is 13-0-0 when scoring 50 or more since 2001. Plus, I’m skeptical of any mascot that cannot reasonably wear a letter sweater. Tech covers.

    Louisville (-22.5) vs. South Florida
    Brohm has a 15% completion advantage over Julmiste, who clearly outperforms two to one in the passing game. And, the Bulls are at home. Cards win, but Bulls cover.

    Tennessee (+6.5) vs. LSU
    As much as I’d like to see LSU win, and I do fanaticize about the Tiger in a letter sweater – I think the Vols will cover with Ainge (ang ang ang) starting.

    Purdue (+3.5) vs. Minnesota
    Fuzzy. Letter. Sweater. Gophs – done. Fatto.

  6. 7 Mark
    September 24, 2005 at 6:38 am

    Let’s revisit last year and compare Robert’s recent statements……”Amazing what the BCS has created. You can go undefeated in a mediocre conference like the Big12, win a neutral site conference game vs. a mediocre Texas team (that finished No. 5 and 11-1) and you get your ticket punched to get your ass whipped by the Trojans. Anyway, I regress – onward…”
    Honestly…Big-time props top “Brohms Away” and their dominating performance last week against the weaker OSU. Lu-vulle is a very good team in a very, very poor Conference. See Pittsburgh.

    Longhorn coaches had worried about players having a letdown against Rice after the epic victory over Ohio State. But there were no such concerns about fans who paid good money, or set aside their Saturday evening, to watch Matt Nordgren hand off for half the game. Too bad his name isn’t “Nordstrom” or fans could’ve received a refund.

    The excitement level of the Ohio State game versus the Rice contest was the difference between a date with Pam Anderson and coffee with Jennifer Gale. Imagine if Sir Edmund Hillary had climbed Mount Everest on one Saturday and then followed it up the next weekend by doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. (Actually, he would’ve done only half the puzzle and let his guide finish up.) It was that much of a buzz kill.

    The game was not without its moments of hilarity, such as when one of the announcers said, after one of Jamaal Charles’ scampers through the Rice paper D: “Selvin Young is Jamaal Charles’ biggest fan this week.” Right, and Bob Schneider never misses an episode of “Monster Garage.” Isn’t that Nicole Kidman buying a “Party of Five” DVD set? We haven’t seen a freshman catapult over an injured starter like this since a kid named Major Applewhite “temporaily” filled in for Richard Walton in ’98.

    Is it possible that a single play can weaken an entire program? Oklahoma still hasn’t recovered from Mark Bradley’s fumbled punt in last season’s title game, which OU was leading at the time. The Sooners jumped to an early lead against UCLA Saturday, and looked like they could handle the Bruins, but then another ill-advised punt return attempt gave the ball back to the Cali crew and the game was never the same. Onto the games….

    Indiana St. (+41) vs. Tech
    Tech drops 80+ on the Sycamores and easily covers

    Lu-vulle (-22.5) vs. USF
    Da Bulls cover

    The other ut (+6.5) vs. LSU
    LSU wins and covers

    Purdue (+3.5) vs. MINNESOTA
    Most Big11 fans say “Screw Purdue”, but they win and cover.

  7. September 24, 2005 at 8:08 am


    Lets reserve judgement on that ‘EPIC’ victory until the end of the season when Ohio State is at best 8-3… Oh and OSU gave UT the game… Their tight end catches that wide open pass in the end zone and Texas has no chance to catch them. But sometimes average teams need alot of luck to pull out a close game against another average team…

  8. 9 Mark
    September 25, 2005 at 6:43 am

    45-14 – an “EPIC” victory for USF! Well Bobby, there is some GOOD news, Basketball starts soon.

  9. September 26, 2005 at 6:00 am

    The only difference is I didn’t go into this season with high aspirations. Check my earlier posts which indicated that UL was overrated, playing with a very young team that lost 6 players to the NFL last year. You just don’t replace that talent in two games. We are unlike Longhorn fan who thinks they are going to win it all every year and then promptly falls flat on their faces. As if UT has ever won anything in our lifetimes . Hardly;… OH! and yeah it is nice to have a top five baskertball program to look forward to; something you #%&@kickers down in Austin know nothing about…

  10. September 26, 2005 at 2:50 pm

    I’m officially changing my selection to LSU tonite to cover…

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