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FBB Week 1: Depth charts are out

Analysis to come….for now here is this week’s line-up. We’ll stick with the blog this year and I will update the weekly standings via a shared Google doc.

Week 1 Line-up:

  • Murray St at Louisville (-427)
  • Central Michigan at KU (-7.5)
  • Arkansas St. at Texas (-39)
  • Tech (-8.5) at SMU
  • Wildcard:Tennessee (+6) at Cal

    KUKansas vs. Central Michigan

    It’s that time year, where the Kansas faithful have convinced themselves that THIS is the year. Sure, the Hawks came up short in search of that elusive consecutive bowl bid but look at the players returning and the amazing progression in the off-season. Oh yes….I am so sold….this is the year for eight wins and a solid bowl showing. This is the year KU wins the games they should, picks up a few road wins and avoids chatting up basketball in September.

    Then I cruise over to a few other boards of a few other teams and apparently they too are expressing championship optimism and have convinced themselves that, due to the emergence of All-Americans in the off-season they are the Wake Forrest or Rutgers of 07. Cripes…

    But, I’ll remain optimistic. CMU is a good offensive team and can’t wait to take on a pass defense that’s as effective as a fishnet condom. KU has a new offensive coordinator and Hawks shouldn’t be as predictable as season’s past. Based on that, unfounded optimism, and loyalty that come with student loans I’ll the Hawks to cover.

    TexasArkansas State vs. Texas
    39 points is either an odds-maker’s oversight, a typo on my part, or a sad commentary on the Arkie St. program. I’ll go with the latter and take the depleted Horns and their depth to cover.

    TechTech vs. SMU
    Nothing less than the BCS…..Nothing less than the BCS…..Nothing less than the BCS. Talk about bloated off-season optimism. And in typical Raider fashion, they are once again convinced that the loss of the three most prolific receivers in recent history is only a speed bump in the parking lot of legitimacy. Sorry Sam….I am having flash backs of another in-state mid-major on the road last season…or the beginning of the end of my off-season FBB supremacy. I’ll go with the Ponies to cover.

    Wildcard: Tennessee at Cal
    Cal is the popular revenge pick and have every reason to cover easily. That said, Fulmer will grind this one out and make it a possession game. Vols to cover.

    And don’t forget, I need at least your Ville pre-kick off on Thursday. The remaining picks plus analysis are due prior to College GameDay.

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    We’ve got reception….

    Two days away from kick-off and team Baker is primed….


    Friday and 8 days out

    As we enter the final weekend without the sounds of college football I felt it appropriate to share my favorite KU football moment from 92. The Bob and Max in the booth are classic.


    Home Theater Day 4

    Home Theater Day 4

    Originally uploaded by bgallery

    Things are taking shape….big day on the wiring front.


    Countdown — 9 days to kick-off

    No better way to celebrate single digits to kick-off then with a little “Outlaw Josey Wales” clip followed by the 03 mizzzou beat down as a chaser.


    Home Theater Day 3 — Set is installed

    Major progress today. Not only are we able to visualize the finished product but the signal strength was vastly improved with a visit by Comcast and ESPN GamePlan was ordered.

    Confidence level is increasing that the set will be up and running in time for next Saturday’s premier of College Game Day.


    10 Days outs and counting

    A nice 06 vid highlighting the former 4A player of the year out of Austin Lake Travis (Reesing), a pre-season All American who is the envy of all (Talib), and a running back that notched 63 touchdowns in a single season (Sharp)


    Choosing the right carrot

    Friends Chad and Heeso have a daughter Zadie Moon who is approx 10 days older than Jude and is already crawling. Chad just let me in on their motivational secrets..


    Count-down — 11 days to kick-off

    The Hawks are gearing up for an 8 win season, the Horns are limping though 2-a-days, the Cards are getting all the media love, Leach is confusing anyone who will listen, and the home theater project is well underway.

    Here is a little something to get te FBBers excited about the upcoming season…


    I love this….go Apple

    Per Engaget….users are actually receiving this high-tech “iPhone tool” directly from Apple. Gawd I would love to have been the one on the inside who sold this idea to Apple sr. management.


    Thanks Jason for passing this along….

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