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Big 12 Champs

* 1900th victory all time
* 50th conference title
* 8 of 11 Big 12 titles
* #1 seed in Big 12 tourney….

Gawd I love March

Super Mario


It’s March….

Yes the new addition to the home has consumed much of our attention but it’s time for my son to learn a valuable life lesson….it’s March and March is all about KU putting it together at the right time.

And to kick things off a shout out to our friends in Austin who, in pulling out a double OT win over the Ags, ensured KU would at worst tie for the league title — the 50th in school history. BTW…. does anyone else suspect that Acie Law sold his soul? I mean only Reggie Miller is that clutch and I’ve heard there is a fire-and-brimstone suite awaiting him — or so say the Knicks fans.

Anyway….as the regular season wraps up Big Ten Wonk, one of the better basketball blogs, just anointed KU the best defensive basketball team in the country; for the second year in a row. A quip:

No fewer than six of KU’s 13 conference games have been played against members of this feckless foursome. So, yes, we do need to dial back the hype on the Kansas D a little….

Emphasis on “a little.” Fact is, this is an excellent D that happens to have faced a lot of weak offenses. Kansas doesn’t have to answer for its opponents. No, the really interesting thing here is that the Kansas D is achieving almost the exact same level of excellence as last year’s defense but through different means.

And you know what they say about good defenses…they make it past the first round.

Below is a Wonk graph outlining a Big 12 offense and defense matrix. This will help translate the ‘feckless foursome’ of the Big 12.

Big 12 Off and Def rankings

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