FBB Week 3 — Wake me when it’s over

What a game…and it is only September. Regardless of locales, allegiances, or randomly assembled degrees of separation you had to be glued to the drama unfolding in Columbus. Yes…I was the one who took the Buckeye linebacking corps over Vince…and I was wrong. Vince has established himself a true gamer and worth of all the Heisman hype. And as big as Vince was in Columbus…the Chizik defense was on par if not better. Granted, first year D-coordinators have an inherent advantage and really earn their money in the second and third years of their contracts. – but theory only holds true against conference foes. The timing of a new D Coordinator and the maturation of Vince could not have come at a better time for Mack and the Longhorn Nation.

And with every great party comes the morning after…or in our case this weekends schedule. What a lame slate as we wrap up college football’s version of preseason. Well….all you can do is find your favorite Taqueria, lounge on the couch and take in another weekend of our favorite sport.

univ of kansas Louisiana Tech Ragin Cagins (+14)vs. Kansas Jayhawks

The 05 Kansas team has not lived up to even the meager expectations set in August. And yes…..I bit. Even All Big XII linebacker Nick Reid stated this week he felt the hype went to the defense’s head. WTefffff…..most polls predicted KU to battle for last in the sorry ass North division. Let the dorks in the message boards get pumped up about random stats that only dorks in a message board would spend the time searching out. I wish I could say we are sandbagging in preparation for Tech….but I don’t think that is the case. Wayyy too many question marks for a team that sees itself as bowl eligible. Look for KU to take their third step towards six/seven….but don’t expect them to do it in dramatic fashion. KU wins but does not cover.

univ. of texas Rice Owls (+41) vs. Texas Longhorns

The second of two sleepers on this week’s slate – and not I am not referring to KU. The road map to Pasadena has been paved and it is up to Mack and Vince to keep the car on the road. A potentially over-served driver will be swerving in their direction in a few weeks and another speed bump awaits in College Station. But as big a foe as a downtrodden OU and a pseudo-resurgent aTm could prove to be…their biggest obstacle could be themselves. Texas has to remain aggressive against inferior opponents and must make headlines week-in and week-out – especially on the road.

Poor Rice could not have liked their timeslot so close to the Ohio St. game. Regardless of last week’s outcome…Texas would come back with something to prove. Look for some yet to be named to gain valuable touches in both the receiving corps and backfield. Look for Vince to get his numbers early in the game and distribute the ball freely in the third quarter – just prior to being yanked. Look for the defense to play conservative and not provide any game tape insight. Texas covers….the second game everyone agrees on.

texas tech Sam Houston St. Bearkats – yes Bearkats — (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Does this game even warrant a FBB listing? I mean come on….everyone will at least pick up one point – which is about on par with my performance last week. A quote from CFB News that should sum this game up –

QB Noah Allen completed ten of 24 passes for 86 yards with an interception. Texas Tech will have that many yards passing on the first drive

Tech’s nonconference schedule requires about as much effort as I extend during a week outing in Playa del Carmen. Not only will Leach have his lean on by the second quarter but the entire student body may not return from Greek Circle after the second half. The pride of Herford will have another extended practice against another AA team as his continues to gain valuable minutes putting the system into practice. Expect the Bearkats to be this years Huskers…..

u of l Oregon St. (13.5) vs Louisville Cards

Hands-down the best game on the FBB slate – and that is not saying much. This is the Louisville home opener and I am sure it will be a sell out as expectations for this inaugural BCC eligible season are high. And they should be…..The Cardinal nation should also have an eye on Pasadena as the Cards schedule is on par with Purdue’s as a one of the smoothest in a BCS conference. The Beavers, who squeaked by Boise State last week, may be the toughest draw for the Cards – WVU and UNC are not that much better. This game will be better than what everyone thinks…and like KU, the Cards will win but won’t cover.


7 Responses to “FBB Week 3 — Wake me when it’s over”

  1. September 16, 2005 at 4:40 pm

    Louisiana Tech Ragin Cagins (+14)vs. Kansas Jayhawks
    Fool of little faith. The Mangino experiment is just that – an experiment. And every now and then things don’t go as planned in lab. But not all is lost. I’ll back the Hawks this week and think they will cover – and cover convincingly.

    Rice Owls (+41) vs. Texas Longhorns
    41 is a great number. 41 was my highschool football number (not that everyone didn’t know that already) the title of my favorite Dave Mathews song, and the George Bush (#41) spoke at my college graduation. So, being a Texan, I’m going with the Horns with gaurded enthusiasm. I agree the defense will not show anything but base formations, and it might take Vince a few series to warm up. Couple that with placing some of the youngsters in earlier than normal to give them some game time experience in Austin, and it might not be that lopsided. However comma, I’m going with “Cows” need to make a statement (however insignificant) with an offense that needs to show a little diversification. The Horns are poised to make an incredible run.

    Sam Houston St. Bearkats – yes Bearkats — (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders
    I’m little concerned that the Horns are favored by 41 and we only need cover by 5 touchdowns. May I please remind the FBB elite that the Grim Reapers were the most productive offense in DI last year. Further, our boy out of Hereford got off to a better start than his other 5th year senior predecessors in their first start. Hit ’em Reck ’em, Texas Tech, and the Victory Bells will Ring! (or the bell wacker will flood the internet)

    Oregon St. (13.5) vs Louisville Cards
    The Cards will cover. It’s the Louisville home opener – “Angry Red, Nuff Said.”

  2. September 17, 2005 at 4:15 am

    Short and sweet this week; onour way to the shootin’ range (what am I in Amarillo or what)… Here goes…

    I like KU to break out and actually cover.
    Rice covers thbe 41 as UT is still hungover
    TT in a walk…
    Oregon State will keep it close; L’ville is very young and still feeling their way…

    B2, what about I don’t know, Florida vs Tennessee; c’mon that might have made your slate this weekend. The Gators and Urban Meyer spank Fat Fulmer..


  3. September 17, 2005 at 6:15 am

    “Get Your Guns Up” @ the shootin range.

  4. 4 Mark
    September 17, 2005 at 6:18 am

    I’m really glad I’ve met Bobby in person, because after reading his final Blog from week 2, you’d have to think he was a crotchety 80-year old man. Did someone pee in your Wheaties? Come on Robert, ENJOY – it’s absolutely THE greatest time of the year, College Football Season. BTW, hey “Hammer” – HUGE Congrats for dominating the FBB with a 9-1 mark. After all, it’s a hyper-competitive league with a total of 4 entrants. So, if you win out, I’m sure this Championship will hold a special place on your mantle.

    Now back to the Horn’s huge victory. When I woke up last Sunday morning, I had this faint feeling that something big and wonderful had happened the night before, like (when I was single) if I got up and went into the kitchen there would be the cute, new neighbor wearing one of my T-shirts and asking how I like my eggs. Then it hit me. It was bigger than that. TEXAS BEAT OHIO STATE! Leapin’ Limas — it all started coming back to me — the catch, the forced fumble, the safety, the celebration. The Horns and their handful of backers went up there to the most contentious Shoe since Khrushchev pounded his on a desk at the United Nations and dotted the eyes of about 100,000 people screaming for orange blood. In the end, UT had more points, 25-22, but what was even more galvanizing was that from the very beginning, the Horns looked to be the better team in every aspect except kick coverage. (Where art thou, Beau Trahan?) UT seemed faster, gutsier, more physical, and able to do as much with its Round Rock-to-downtown field position than OSU did starting drives from the Enfield equivalent. That was for you JuJu! Even after heaving a pair of interceptions so ugly that Chris Simms winced, Vince Young showed the heart of a fearless competitor. It’s so much fun when your favorite team has a great defense, kinda like being a cousin of the school bully. Bobby – OSU doesn’t have a terrible Red Zone Offense, TEXAS just has a great defense. You know we hired Auburn’s Gene Chizik? Bobby, maybe he can replace Petrino, when he moves on to a big time program? Enough said. UT’s D swallowed Ted Ginn, who went from Heisman hopeful to Heisman TV audience member in about three hours. Aaron’s Army, the Crowderheads, Huff’s Stuffers, Dibbles n’ Blitz — whatever you want to call ’em — this is a defense that’s meaner and hungrier now that credit has to go to someone other than Derrick Johnson.

    Players made mistakes. Billy Pittman fell down on a perfectly thrown out pattern, Drew Kelson muffed an interception, Ramonce Taylor almost volunteered a safety, David Thomas dropped a third-down pass, Henry Melton forgot for an instant that he weighs 276 pounds, Vince Young admitted in a taped interview that his favorite restaurant is Pappadeaux’s. The Horns are far from perfect, but they’re true teammates who tell each other to hang in there, they’ll get it back. Vince Young doesn’t just direct the offense, he fires up the intensity that the whole team feeds off. Pittman picked himself up and caught five passes for 130 yards and a touchdown. Kelson batted out the game-clinching fumble. Taylor nearly turned his faux paux into six points. Now somebody take Vince to Eddie V’s. He’s earned it. And Jamaal Charles has earned the job as starting tailback; not just because Selvin Young is hobbled and bobbles too often, but because Charles shows a ton of toughness. Did you see that HIT he put on A.J. Hawk after the Buckeye linebacker picked one of Vince’s pumpkins and was running down the field? Char Dog dropped A.J. like Brad Pitt dropped J.A.

    It was a Classic for the ages and I enjoyed every single minute.

    La. Tech (+14) vs. Kansas

    Rice (+41) vs. TEXAS

    The Kats (+41.5) vs. TT

    Oregon State (+13.5) vs. Louisville
    Oregon State

  5. 5 Wife
    September 17, 2005 at 6:18 am

    Jane Come Lately, but Johnny on the Spot

    If Brent hadn’t dragged me out the minute I got back in town last night for martinis at Mecca, these picks would have been more timely and certainly, more colorful. But, we work with what we’ve got. And right now, that’s not a lot.

    This week’s Henry’s Ark line up:
    Chicken hawks
    Kitten kats

  6. September 17, 2005 at 10:13 am

    I feel like the Nunn and the Gorilla. Where is JSB?

  7. September 17, 2005 at 10:30 am

    Casey Says:
    Grim Reepers
    The other Birds

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