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Test driving Flock

Came across another browser today that, given my first run with it, may give FireFox a run for its money as my default browser. Flock ,like FF, is an open source browser build off of Mozilla. It is still in pre-release beta but definitely worth a try. One feature I am looking forward to is the ability to post to HeSaid directly from the browser interface. And did I mention it was fast…..

Update…the wordpress editing is limiting. Flock also seems to have direct integration with del.ici.ous and Flickr — very cool. With del.ici.ous now a Y! property I wonder if myWeb will also work?

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Test Driving MyHeritage

Lame name…should be “your inner-celeb” or something along these lines. In short, it is a site that allows you to upload a photo and the service will run face recognition software to find match against their celeb database. The first few attempts with Blaine and Casey came up empty…but then we hit a homerun with AFP and Aspinal. I’ve always said Aspinal was JackieO.

Kudos to Dennis Yang for this find. As an aside….when with this “my_insert-your-moniker” ever come to an end.


An internal episode of 24

For those of you who follow this break from reality, roller-coaster ride that never seems to end program you are aware of CTU’s latest battle against rogue terrorists who have obtained and are strategically releasing toxic nerve gas across LA. Well, apparently one of these assholes has broke away from the pack and found their way past my immune system.

Yes, my immune system has been compromised just like CTU headquarters. This battle started Wednesday and continues on today.

To apply some perspective around the magnitude of this budding pandemic, I slept though both Thursday and Friday night’s NCAA thrillers. While marginal fans like Aspinal got to experience the amazing UCLA comeback, the Paulino buzzer beater, and the UConn battle in OT I am left mentally crafting my eulogy and wondering if there is a market to bottle up this virus and sell to Dr. Kevorkian types. Just as long as it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands of course.


Oh my God….not again

Last season’s Bucknell – yes now a verb in my book – was attributed to the player’s health and an overall lack of continuity. The 06 Jayhawks seem to have reversed all of these and Bill Self’s team was poised to take “his team” for a fun ride.

Alas, another BU spoiled the season. As disappointed as I am I know that losses like Bucknell and Bradley are what make the tournament the event that it is. And with more parity will come more heartbreaking losses. Congrats to both Bradley and Bill Self as each had amazing seasons

Heading to the wine country today to forget basketball, work, and everything else for a while. And yes, I’ll resist temptation to begin thinking about next season….even with quotes like:

“Yes, I’m back next year. I can’t go out like this,” Rush said after scoring nine points off 4-of-14 shooting in the Jayhawks’ 77-73 first-round NCAA Tournament loss to Bradley in The Palace of Auburn Hills. “I was still undecided at the time of the game. Now I’m sure I’m coming back next year.”

Rush said he made the decision after looking at his teammates in the losing locker room.

and this from Julian Wright:

We want to remember this feeling and prepare twice as hard for next year. Hit weights, everything that helps the team. We’ve got to look at tape, do whatever it takes to get better.”

Until next year…here is one final Rock Chalk


Saturday take-aways

Here is what I took away from KU’s performance today:

  1. Win number 23 in Manhattan is in the books
  2. KU wrapped up its 6th Big XII title in the 10 years since the conference was formed. KU has racked up 11 titles in the last 16 seasons. Simply amazing
  3. Self is now 2 of 3 for conference titles – chew on that Self haters
  4. Rush’s 24 tells me he has found his form….perfect time of year to do so
  5. Solid solid bench play
  6. Even better perimeter play


Two significant events occurred in 1984. The first was Robert’s discovery of the Van Halen brothers. The second, and purpose of this post, was the beginning of KU’s total dominance of k-state on their home court. Yes, you read that correctly….k-state’s last victory over KU in Manhattan was a single point victory (58-57) on Jan. 29, 1983.

For context, KU’s steak is currently the third longest of all time. Rhode Island’s run of 23 at Maine from 1927 to ’57 is only second to UCLA’s dominance (shocker) of Cal from 1961 to ’85.

But streaks were made to be broken. Take, for instance, KU’s 59-55, loss to k-sate in Allen Fieldhouse on Jan. 14 — KU’s first home loss in the series in 15 years. Another even more significant streak buster was Mangino’s crowning achievement as the 05 Flying Mangion’s final put to rest Nebraska’s 36 years of football dominance. Granted, that was home and away but cripes…losing 36 straight is a bitch.

With a share of the conference title on the line I feel pretty good about our chances of sitting beside Rhode Island in the record books. The emotions of Senior Day will be quickly be erased as KU jumps out to an early lead and locks up 23 with a vengence.

KU – 73
k-sate – 66


So you’re saying there’s a chance (Take 2)

So Saturday’s game ended in the Frank Erwin student section chanting “Worse than Baylor…..” But thanks an 15 point (yes, 15 points) offensive effort in the second half and PJ Tucker’s poor clock management KU is back in the mix. The loss, while surprising, isn’t a complete shocker. This was a road game, against a rival, and facing an up-and-coming coach in A&M’s Gillespie.
Now it comes down to Saturday as KU plays k-state in Manhattan, a place they haven’t lost in close to 20 years. Should they win, they can, at worst, tie for the conference title. That said, due to Saturday’s ass-handing UT would be the number 1 seed in the Big XII tournament. But should Texas lose to OU, KU takes it all.

PhogBlog has a nice analysis of Saturday’s game.

Simply amazing for a starting five comprised of two sophomores and three freshman. What looks to slip away continues to find its way back.


Thank you Max Falkenstein

Tonight is Senior Night at KU…one of the more special Senior Night’s in the country. This year, in addition to losing seniors Moody, Vinson, and Hawkins, KU loses one of the greats in college broadcasting: Max Falkenstein. Max, a fan favorite for 60 years, has been calling KU games longer than anyone in the country.

To put this in perspective Max covered games coached by KU’s second basketball coach Dr. Phog Allen. Max was calling KU games for 10 years prior to Wilt arriving. Max has covered every game played in Allen Fieldhouse. 1946 – 2006…it’s hard to belive.

Tonight Max had an honorary banner hung next to Lovette, Vaugn, Woodard and Chamberlain. It is sad to see this KU legend move on.

Here’s the final Channel 6 piece as he says goodbye to 60 years of broadcasting KU football and basketball

Farewell Seniors and Max

(btw… John Roberts (not the SC Justice) is Christian Moody)



In the quest for cable ratings FOX will diplay almost anything. This news network is now on par with the custody battles on Springer and Stern cloaking strippers in cold cuts.
FNN Headlin

If only the newscrawl included the Simpsons’ classics – Brad Pitt + Albert Einstein = Dick Cheney … Rupert Murdoch: Terrific dancer …

Nice find Suzanne (Huffington Post).

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