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Jude will be three months old next week, and is changing almost daily. He slept through the night for the first time on Thursday. He has not only discovered his hands and feet are attached to his body, but that he can actually make them do things. He is reaching, grabbing and rattling. And whatever rattles should naturally be tasted. His ability to process so many new things at once is astounding.

I go back to work tomorrow, and should admit I was a little weepy labeling and packing all of his necessities for childcare. But Ezelda let us stop by this morning so we could reacquaint with the environment before dropping him off for the first time on Monday. We have managed to find the perfect set-up. She is three blocks from our house, only takes eight children, and was a former pre-school teacher is Brazil. She has a dedicated staff of three, story time, music time, trips to the Farmer’s Market, an awesome playground out back, and a rabbit named Sheba. Our largest concern is that Jude may never want to come home.

Every day with Jude is pure joy. He has become a seamless addition to our family. We still go hiking, to the wine country, and out to dinner. Atticus showers him with kisses and stands guard while he’s sleeping. Brent sings the KU fight song to him every day, and watched the original Star Wars with him last night (T-12 months until our house is littered with tiny storm troopers and light sabers).

So life gets incrementally better with every milestone. I want to freeze Jude at every stage, but then I’d miss all of the amazing things just around the corner.


The Obama Mesiah Watch

We have been following Obama for two years now, and I do believe that his participation in the race for democratic nomination and potentially the 2008 presidential election will be educational and inspirational for many Americans. I just picked up his latest book, The Audacity of Hope, to fine tune my understanding of his vision for the nation. I am afraid, however, that his media light is shining so brightly at present that he may extinguish prematurely.

Punctuating this thought, Slate introduced a periodic feature that highlights gratuitously adoring biographical details of Obama. Definitely a classic, along with these T-shirts entitled “Barackstar” from Sharp as Toast. It is the first T they’ve ever printed with a living political figure on them ’cause Mr. Toast thinks Barack’s “neat.” Well you can’t argue with that. In fact, it seems that Slate’s John Dickerson throws in his own gratuitous adoration in his analysis of Barack’s ultra-smooth intro to the Bears vs Saints game on Damned Spot. Also worth watching.

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