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Completely random effing connection

So I was at the chiropractor’s office in March and the small talk quickly turned to a topic I was amped about at the time: the stars aligning for an inevitable KU run at the Final Four. The talk of ala-matars turned to Davidson, where my chiropractor received his undergrad. I graduated with someone from Amarillo who I was pretty sure played volleyball at Davidson so to continue the line of discussion I threw out the …. I doubt you know her but…. In fact my chiropractor’s roommate dated an Amy Howard and he thought she was from some town in Texas. Crazy.…

Anyway few months I actually did some searching for Amy and bingo…not only did we connect but it was in fact the same Amy who apparently owns the Davidson record books in volleyball and is current on staff at Richmond. And to draw the connection even closer to home, Amy’s dissertation was based on community housing in SF. Amy’s more than impressive bio:

Amy Howard, Acting Director (Center for Civic Engagement)

Dr. Amy Howard currently serves as the acting director of the Center for Civic Engagement. She holds an A.B. with honors in history from Davidson College, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in American Studies from the College of William and Mary. Her dissertation, “‘More Than Shelter’: Community, Identity, and Spatial Politics in San Francisco Public Housing, 1938-2000,” won the Distinguished Dissertation in the Humanities Award at William and Mary and received an honorable mention for the American Studies Association’s Ralph Henry Gabriel dissertation prize in 2005. Howard is currently working on a book manuscript about tenant activism, community building and racial and ethnic alliances in San Francisco public housing. She serves on the board of the Community Futures Foundation and Connect Richmond.

Anyway….crazy connection that warranted blowing the dust off blog.


Success with rice cereal

Saturday’s attempt proved far more successful, though I’m not sure how we measure success as half of the meal landed on his bib.

Note the Pulp Fiction reference at the 37 second mark. Ten seconds later you are introduced to the term UFAM, an acronym for United Front Against Mother. Member count is four (myself, Jude-the-Dude, Attitcus, and Creatch) and currently accepting new members.

Experienced parents will be impressed with the fake high strike low move I demonstrate towards the end.

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A boy and his dog

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Jude and Atticus get cozy with Dad. More where that came from on Flickr.


Jude demands steak, rejects rice cereal

Well, Jude is almost 6 months old and long overdue for his first non-liquid lunch (we’ll leave that to Mother). Check it out – rice cereal, take one. Hang in there for the Atticus cameo.

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