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2006 FBB Long and Short Picks

Week 1 AP Rankings


FBB Week 1 — Here at last

My gawd this has been the longest week of the year. For those of you who run it is like the end of a long run, where you’re physically drained, dehydrated and on the verge of a bonk — with the finish line only a few miles away. For others (Blaine) imagine a really bad hang-over, you head over to Furr’s and the line is 30 deep. At some point you reach the milestone — aid station or cafeteria check-out — and in this case it is the kick-off to the college football season.

Kansas (-21.5) vs. Northwestern State (Lawrence)

KU is one of six Big XII teams who scheduled 1AA teams to start the season. And I for one applaud the effort. This may seem contrite given the grief and shame we piled on to Tech’s non-conference schedule last year but the Hawks balance it out with trips to the Glass Bowl in Toledo and play the Card’s 05 demise in South Florida. Here’s a little tidbit for you….1AA Northwestern state beat 1A UL Monroe to start the season last year. And guess who KU plays next week…you guessed it UL Monroe. Wait, does that run counter to my scheduling justification? KU needs to pick up three of the first four to have a legitimate shot at seven wins and another post season bid.

While probably the most talented team Mangino has fielded to date it is also the most inexperienced as the Jayhawks are replacing eight starters on defense – including the Big XII Defensive POY. And to boot, KU has five true frosh and seven red-shirt frosh on the two deep depth chart – one of those being quarterback Meier. I am loving Demons more and more.

KU will get off to a rough start but will wear NWSt down in the second half. Though no line is available – Robert work your magic – I am confident KU will win by three touchdowns and a field goal – KU covers.

Nice work RObert

Tech (-26.5) vs. SMU (Lubbock)

Has anyone forgotten the classless showing of the head pirate from last season. I can assure you the staff at SMU has not. And they are feeling pretty good about this season rattling off five of their last six games last season. Will it matter – no. SMU does not have the players to run with Tech – even if the Raiders are lead by a frosh QB. I am sure he will strike early, struggle for the remainder of the half and regain form due primarily to the worn out Stangs. Tech covers and, given the opportunity to humiliate SMU again….Leach defers.

Texas (-41) vs. North Texas (Austin)take 2

Lost the original post in a blog edit and now the computer on which I typed the original may be dead. Quite the week….anyway…..

On to the Mean Green in Austin – again – once again this game will be a bore. The team from Denton boasts of a strong running game, and they will get their numbers (see north of 160), but only against the third teamers late in the game. And let me go on record to state UT’s third string would beat North Texas on raw talent alone…hell put in the practice team.

Again this game will be a drag as everyone, including the North Texas mascot will be looking ahead to the Buckeyes. One would think that Mack plays it conservative, not wanting to give too much away…but when the third team is in your not giving up too many secrets. Texas covers….and finds itself in another QB controversy as both will look like Heisman candidates in this one.

Louisville (-22) vs. Kentucky

I love this opener – two interstate rivals. It’s too bad UK resembles KU in their interstate rivalry in the Terry Allen era. Brohm will get his numbers and will give receive a high octane boost of confidence that his bad wheel is back to full strength. And if not 100% ….then we’ll be hosting Robert and his caravan as they attend the Emerald Nuts Bowl here at ATT Park. The Cards beat up on the Cats once again but will miss the cover….hell I have to pick one team to come under the line.

Wildcard: Tennessee (-2) vs. Cal (Knoxville)

I can hear the collective cries now….what no UM vs. FSU – we did that game last year and will most likely do it next year….no ND vs Rambling Wreck – we’ll most definitely do ND vs. USC and ND vs. Michigan and who knows, another ND game down the line.

But when will we get another opportunity to discuss college football’s version of the girl who enters her senior year with a boob-job – the Cal Bears – vs. the down and out Vols. The pillow fight Pac 10 is looking for legitimacy beyond USC and everyone else. I mean…did any take then undefeated UCLA seriously by game 10 of last season — NO. And with our free trial of XM Radio I have heard countless times that Cal’s talent is on par with SC – put down the pipe. SC is still the most talented team in the country and if Cal is behind them the are wayyyyy behind.

Anther reason why I like this game is, despite all the hype around Cal, Tennessee is picked to win???? This is the same team that completely erased the memory Fulmer’s national championship and had fans stating – Tee Martin who???

Yes, the real Ville (108K per game) is a tough place play but this doesn’t make sense. I’ll have to chalk it up to they know something I don’t so I am going with Smokey to cover.


FBB kickoff 2006

Yes folks…it is that time of year again…when end-of-season baseball frustrations are replaced with the biased, over-hyped expectations of our Alma Maters. It’s time for college football and FBB….let’s get off the message boards and on to the gridiron.

Story lines of the 06 season include:

  • It’s Year 1 AV (After Vince) in Austin and the orange clad fans will be reminded, yet again, that Greg Davis is at the offensive helm. Will this year’s t-shirt state: Wear Orange, Stay Late, and Bitch About Mack.
  • Mark and Julie enter year one of a three year gloat period — note: only National Championships allow for a multi-year gloat and not wins in the Capital One Bowl.
  • Bush and Brohm realize that it is put up or shut up this year for the Cards — BCS or bust. And with that RObert looks to extend is collegiate web of associations to fall back on should the Ville run into this year’s version of the South Florida buzz-saw.
  • Once again>, KU tries to make history and qualify for consecutive bowl bids. It will come down to how well the Flying Manginos replace 8 starters on defense, a frosh QB leading the troop, and establishing a 1000 yard rusher for the first time in 13 effing seasons. Feel IT.
  • And quite possibly the most interesting story may come out of Lubbock as parity is real the Big 12 South…but of course not by the Red Raiders did.

Yes folks… is time to get-it-on.

And with every new year we add a new twist to FBB. This year I’m throwing in a 10 point bonus based on your ability to both long and short  AP Top 25 teams. Your long team is the team you expect to exceed preseason expectations. For example — if TCU (AP preseason rank #22 ) finishes 10th in the final regular season AP ranking ** prior to the bowl season** you pick up 12 pts. Another hint — Ohio State (preseason #1) would be the absolute worst long. Conversely, your short team is that team that falls short of expectations — TAMU and Tennessee are always popular picks for a short. Hypothetically, if Norte Dame — preseason #2 — finishes the regular season 15th you pick up 13 pts. Taking each scenario, the sum of both is 25 points. The player with the best long and short combination is awarded 10 end of season FBB points. Keep in mind, it is a comparison of AP pre -season ranking and the final regular season ranking heading into the bowl season. The idea is that this gives us one more topic to banter on week over week.

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