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Week 14 Line-up

I am posting on behalf of the commish this week who is busy saving lives (I mean, shipping books).

Rutgers (+2.5) at Louisville (this is a Thursday game)
OU (-3) at mizzou
V Tech (-4) at BC
Tennessee (+7.5) at LSU
Washington (+14) at Hawaii (the only undefeated team left)


Jude hits the soccer field

Jude takes a break from cooking the Thanksgiving feast and hits the field in his apron for kicking practice!


The Baker boys play soccer

Dad and Uncle Blaine work on Jude’s hand-eye coordination. Prep for hitting the field later!


Classic Fam…

A primer for everyone interested in the big game Satuday…

Here is an exerpt from another CNNSI piece:

But honestly, I think the bile runs deeper beneath the Kansas-Mizzou set-to, a rivalry with roots reaching back to an actual guerrilla war. This week, Mizzou students have been sporting T-shirts depicting the depredations of William Quantrill, who once led a band of pro-slavery irregulars on a raid of Lawrence, killing an estimated 150 citizens. The shirt, which I haven’t seen, is said to depict that murderous raid, along with the word, “Scoreboard.”

Wow. Kind of makes that old Jayhawk staple, “Muck Fizzou,” seem tasteful by comparison.

A few years ago, officials at both Kansas and Mizzou decided to rename the rivalry known for decades as The Border War. “Showdown my ass,” growls ex-Jayhawks football coach Don Fambrough, still vigorous and profane at 85. Coach Fam speaks for many Kansas fans when he continues, “It’s a goddam war. And they started it!”

And here is a classic Fam speech he gave a few years ago


Of the things to be thankful for….

KU on SI cover


Jude’s first soccer practice

We’re in Amarillo for Jude’s first Thanksgiving and it was only a matter of time when his granddad “Bake” broke out the soccer ball.


Week 13 Line-up

I know this week is one giant logistical juggling act but the cut-off is prior to the Texas kick-off on Friday.

  • mizzou vs. KU (-2) — neutral field at Arrow Head.
  • Texas (-5.5) at tamu
  • Wildcard: OU (-12.5) at Okie St.
  • Wildcard: Alabama (+6) at Auburn
  • Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at Virginia

KU KU vs. ——
The Dream Season caps off conference play with the Dream Game. And as atypical this season has been this match-up, in te surface resembles a traditional Kansas vs. mizzou battle. mizzou typically fields superior talent…I can’t explain it but the recruit well under the radar. mu typically is favored. And mu is typically outcoached and typically pisses down their leg. This year will be no different….KU holds mu under 30 and comes up with the biggest win in school history. Yes…..thank you pigs as KU will be the #1 in the country come Sunday. I am beside myself I am so effing pumped for this.

Wildcard: Okie St. at OU….OU had quarterback questions coming into the season and have quarterback questions to wrap up the season. The Orage Aggies emphasis the insanity of the season and cover in Norman.

Wildcard: Alabama at Auburn Sabin’s season went up in smoke against LSU. Auburn’s AD is kicking himself for Lousiville-gate now that Fran has “stepped down.” A difficult call here but I’ll go with the War Eagles to cover in a resume builder.

Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at VirginiaThe Cavs are the cardiac kids of this season. Va Tech is overrated. Virginia covers.


Standings through 12

First off….kudos to Mark for going a perfect five for five; putting himself in position to climb out of the cellar. RObert, who must have been feleing the cellar’s draft also came on strong by picking up four. Despite the movement from the bottom the helmet sticker goes to Julie, the self-proclaimed winner of Week 2, who did just enough to maintain her lead over Blaine.

Here are the standings through yesterday’s slate:

  1. Julie: 32
  2. Blaine: 30
  3. self: 28
  4. RObert: 27
  5. Mark: 25

As always….you can double check the scores.


Jude learning to share with Atticus

Or is it the other way around?


Week 12 Line-up

Here you go….

  • Iowa State at Kansas (-26)
  • Louisville (+6.5) at South Florida
  • Oklahoma at Texas Tech (+9)
  • Wildcard: Duke at Norte Dame (-5)
  • Wildcard: Ohio St at Michigan (+4)

KU  Iowa St at KU
Iowa St. is riding a wave of momentum coming off of their second straight win…though last week’s bizarre win over CU is suspect. Prior to, the Clones gave OU a run for their money and beat a bowl eligible Iowa team. They are one of the conference’s best teams at time-of-possession (for what that’s worth), the fourth least penalized (KU being the least penalized in the country), have a solid ground game, and one of the best senior QB/Receiver combos KU will face all season.

Typically a “body of work” such as this that would steer me away from giving up 26. But who am I to bet against the streak on Senior Day. This is as uncomfortable a KU line¬† that I’ve gone with this year…but I am sticking with Hawks. Look for BMac, one of the best untold stories on this KU team, to get to 1000 yards today on his final game at Memorial Stadium.

TexasLousiville at South Florida
Classic case of a one time homecoming queen, caught up in all the new-found attention, becomes the class whore by semester’s end. Now am I referring to the ESPN the Mag cover boys or the nations first #2 cursed team in SFla.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….Given I am in a time crunch, South Florida’s stock continues to free-fall, while the CARD(inal) has leveled off. Putting my money on the Cards.

TechOU at Tech
Best game of the day. While everyone is talking about the $10K Leach shelled out this week the troops in Norman were watching the Ducks unravel. No question now, most are looking for the Sooners win out and play for the national championship. But line of thinking comes crashing down today and Tech not only covers, they upset the Sooners at home. Get your guns up and your lean on…..

Duke at ND The golden domers can’t pin this poor performance on academic standards. Going with Duke to cover here.

Ohio St at MichiganHart and Henney play hurt and salvage the season. Michigan covers and wins.

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