College GameDay Musings — Sept 10th

College GameDay College Game Day hits close to home this weekend with the Horns visiting Columbus. I wonder if this means they won’t be in Dallas for the State Fair.

Good for ESPN….for the second week in a row they have started the show with a plug for Katrina relief. CNET should take notice and move beyond remnant inventory and bake-sales. OK…back to CGD.

Has Lee discovered Judaism??? I am waiting for a “What do you know from scrambling quarterback.”

Mack Brown embodies the phrase Cracker ass Cracker

Mack is 1 – 6 vs. Top 5 team since arriving in Austin….ouch

Nice job giving Iowa St. vs. Iowa the coverage they deserve…arguably the second biggest game this weekend. I considered slating the better teams over the bigger names (ND vs. Michigan) on this week’s FBB slate.

This Nick Lachey time slot must go…..he may have overtaken Mack as lead cracker. What is with the pop insert for the Victors fight song. I wish Bo would kick his ass at this very moment. Better yet…the mob in Columbus should track him down and….

Despite the loss of his wingman Goose, Maverick Mark remains objective in reviewing Pitt.

A ND dynasty…let’s settle down fellas. It was a win against a Pitt team that was exposed last night. Way to keep them honest Lee and Mark.

The wife is a sucker for a story behind the story. After viewing Vince in the hospital at age seven… Vince’s larger then life status leap-frogged last year’s Rose Bowl performance. There is a reason the Downtown Athletic Club passed on Julie’s Heisman opinion despite her best efforts.

Lee is calling Vince his Game Changer – I think he has tipped his hand prior to the selections segment.

  • No love to Ty and the W.
  • No love for Terry Allen and the Clones.
  • Wow..Kirk take the Demon Deacons againt Big Red.
  • No love for Michigan…are you kidding me….
  • And for the big game…Kirk and the boys goes with the alma-mater – shocker. And Lee changes course and sports the Buckeye head. Lee didn’t make the kids cry this year. The wife is another story.

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