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Week 10 – Yo, bartender, Jobu needs a refill

The Jayhawk Nation is still a buzz, or better yet remains on a bender, as evidenced by the messageboard sage who scoff at the odds maker’s 34.5 line. Time to accept that arguably the best team in the land will not simply forgo their ticket to Pasadena to aid us in our quest for the Ft. Worth Bowl.

Anyway….more to come later this week as we send our love to the lone expert who picked the Jayhawks, not only to cover, but to pick up the sixth win in Austin. I’ll leave you with that teaser and move on to this week’s lineup:

Kansas (+34.5) at Texas
Texas Tech (-24) at Oklahoma St.
Rutgers (+21.5) at Louisville
LSU (-3) at Alabama
Georgia (-3) at Auburn

And on to this week’s picks:

Kansas vs. Texas –

univ of kansas Kansas Jayhawks vs. Texas Longhorns univ. of texas

While the sports editors in Austin and Lawrence have focused their coverage on the last year’s near miss, I’m going to dedicate this week’s KU coverage on media maturation. Just as I’ve kept you apprised of the gridiron evolution in Lawrence – the gradual ascent to the top of national defensive rushing stats, discovering a field general by week eight, dislodging the Big Red monkey/barnacle – the media continues to focus on the Jayhawk football shortcomings and/or has turned their attention to the start of the basketball season. And just when I want to paint the media with a broad, disparaging brush, one brave contributor steps forward and puts his newsroom reputation on the line. Who would display such hubris you ask? Insert one Clucko the Chicken. Yes….of the dozen “experts”, Clucko stood up and picked the Jayhawks. Sure, you may cry a “birds of a feather” bias but there is a hard science behind his selection. In a secure collegefootballnews lab two plates of seed, one per team, are presented to Clucko. After deep thought and thorough consideration, Clucko opted for the Nick Reid, Charlton Keith, Charles Gordon lead Jayhawk defense. Rock Chalk Clucko….Rock Chalk.

OK…where close childhood friend, and former Texas Cowboy, Patrick Walker feels the Horns need to create two if not three turnovers to cover the 34.5….I think all you need is this year’s Heisman frontrunner. A score of 45 – 10 is not out of the question for this Texas team. But I am going to follow the sage advice of Clucko and take the Hawks to cover. First hand I expect to see this defense to keep Texas under 30, the KU offense scores twice (7 and 3), and either a special teams or defensive touchdown. The Hawks cover this weekend and Texas continues their march westward.

Other picks –

The Orange Cowboys are taken behind the woodshed. Tech covers

The Friday Night Lights shine in Louisville – BTW is should be consider sacrilegious for a BCS team to steal the spotlight from the highschool game – Louisville rolls at home but does not cover.

Bama is exposed and the BCS discussion is put to rest – unfortunately. LSU wins and covers.

Dogs roll and Auburn sets their sights on Tech in the Cotton Bowl.


36 Year Famine No More

KUNU Halftime Score


Big Red Memories

Big Red Memories #3 – Leverage your assets

When Evers and I were living two blocks from Memorial Stadium, we knew we were sitting on a portion ANWAR in Lawrence that past and current residents weren’t tapping into on Saturdays. We concocted a three-pronged strategy to reap the benefit of this prime locale: (1) assure the other seven residents retain a parking spot, (2) set a strategic price point of $25 to undercut the neighborhood by close to a six pact and (3) upping the ante by tapping a keg and offering beer to-go for anyone who was smart enough to choose our spot. Within hours of mixing our first bloody a small party inevitably ensued. The tiny lot was filled to capacity and we began to valet cars to near-by lots struggling to fill spots and happy to rev share. It wasn’t long before we were forced to fill our own yard with cars. We were soon forced to employ teammates from the throws crew (shot, disc, and javelin) to pick up cars and parallel park in between trees. This risk proved costly.

Ten minutes before kickoff Evers and I were rolling in high cotton and had mentally spent our earning – only to have reality come crashing down on our earning like a bad slide on the $5 table. Residents who were assured a spot didn’t realize they wouldn’t have come and go privileges. Despite our attempts to pacify with free beer our arch nemesis called the landlord and filed her complaint with the police. A furious, cigar smoking, tinted glass sporting landlord pulled a Rockford style stop in front of his complex and began furiously calling all available tow trucks. He could not believe we had the audacity to destroy the lawn with all these cars. Within minutes, we appealed to his small community real estate sensibility with the simple question…with the money to be made given the proximity to the stadium I was shocked he was surprised. Seriously Monte….look at all the converted parking lots around, why would begrudge anyone such an opportunity. After consideration, his demeanor changed and he called off the cavalry. A small cheer erupted from the pre-game party. Given the swing in momentum Evers and I doubled down….”Monte (landlord) we have procrastinating RVs for the taking, desperate to find a spot close enough to the stadium. What do you think about renting us your other rental lot next door? Of course there would be a rev share with the residents and yourself.” The gamble paid off and he reluctantly agreed. We collected one final payout, poured one final beverage, and marched down to the Red-infused Memorial Stadium.

Big Red Memories #2 – Leverage their assets

After another Big Red win, Evers and I headed down to The Wheel for a post-game celebration. The Wheel is a classic Lawrence establishment where KU and opposing team alums meet for beers from a trough and burgers. Former roommate Walsh had landed this coveted job and Evers and I felt we should capitalize on this. The Wheel, like most college bars, sell beers out of the can. Evers and I convince Walsh to simply sell us an unopened 12 pack. Why we weren’t awarded cum laude honors on the spot is still lost on me. The beer-infused alums from both KU and Nebraksa were so enamored with the starving student 12 pack strategy – hence no line – they simply started depositing cans in the Coors Light box. This was so successful our box quickly overflowed and we were happy to share the wealth. The festivities moved from the beer garden to the bar where the Nebraska fans were on a roll. One intoxicated fan in particular was buying beers for the entire bar. He would yell to the packed bar…”who needs a beer?” Seven….eight…thirteen…fourteen and then freely distributing. Obviously some of these found their way to our Coors Light treasure chest. Needless to say, we eventually succumbed to the bottomless box, stumbled home, and I needed to come up with a lame excuse for not making the Paint your Date event that night.

Big Red Memories #1 – Win or Tie

I’ll keep this short…..while my favorite dentist’s wife was still married to my favorite dentist…Glen Mason and Golden Pat Rule had the Big Red against the rope. Then freshman June Henley was running rough shod over the Black Shirt in the second half, and with a under a minute to go scrambled into the end zone to bring the Hawks within one. Osborne had no answer for Henley and Mace knew it. Knowing all eyes were on Mason, when he broke out of the timeout June was on the bench. Nebraska was obviously confused….yet a misaligned Nebraska player proved to be in the ideal position for the planned keeper. QB Preston was stopped and the streak remained in tact.

LJ World Headline


Treat yourslef

It’s the end of a long week…….treat yourself to a little entertainment. Damn this is good stuff….you owe it to yourself to watch it all the way through.

Ming Wants it


Week 10 – 2 of 3

The buzz on the streets of Lawrence involves post season play with the tip-off to the start of basketball two weeks out. And with the Husker nation fearing their 36 year dominance over Hawks in jeopardy….Mangino and company have the fans in Lawrence excited. KU needs to pick up two wins against either Nebraska, Texas (in Austin), and/or Iowa State to find themselves in the same company as their FBB brethren come December. Anyway…here is this week’s lineup:

Pitt (+20.5) at Louisville – Thursday night game
Nebraska (-1) at Kansas
Texas (-28) at Baylor
Tech (-16) at TAMU
Miami (FL) (+6.5) at Va. Tech.

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