FBB Week 2

Life is good after last weekend….the games were amazing and the banter was o’plenty. What is killing me is playing the role of Encyclopedia Brown in search for lines. I realize a slate filled with 1AA powerhouses makes for good conference prep….but did anyone consider the implications to our beloved FBB.

Here is the line-up for week two…..

univ of kansas Appalachian State Mountaineers (+10.5) vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Fact: Mangino covers 75% of the time in September. Fact: Mangino needed to come out like Leach last week to instill confidence with the team, fan base and media. For these reasons alone last week’s pathetic showing against the Owls is so disturbing. What came of it….overrated D and, once again, a QB controversy. No-one likes a quarterback debate especially when it involves the lesser of two evils. Barmann…starter last week was horrible. Luke filled in and did a decent job – let’s not forget Luke lead KU in their final two games last season – the near loss to Texas and the win in Columbia. Mangino brought in Kerry Meier this fall, the 13th ranked HS product in the country last year…and who also happens to be the younger brother of k-st quarterback Dylan Meier. After the first half of play I thought last week was as good a time as any to begin building toward the future yet the budding star never saw the field. And now we find out he was suffering from a life threatening heart condition….good God can we catch a break. What is truly important is he is fine and has been released to play again.

So who lines up behind center this week? Does it really matter against Appalachian St….probably not. Will they cover….hard to say. Let’s hope our defense rediscovers its mojo and pitches a shut-out. Let’s call it a redemption game and one where KU will cover.

univ of oregon Montana Grizzlies (+14.5) vs. Oregon Ducks

If Bellotti schedules a 1AA at least he brings in a powerhouse. Last week’s match-up against the largest commuter school in the country was less-than-impressive despite the 420 total yards on offense….mostly acquired in the second half. The Quack secondary was also exposed at times – but hey, it is college football’s version of preseason. I see this game playing out like last week’s….close early on with Oregon wearing them down as the game wears on.

univ. of texas Texas Longhorns (+1) vs. Ohio St. Buckeyes

Can you believe this is the first time these two teams have met? Not even in a bowl game…crazy. Well, the debate for #2 should come to rest after this one. I have no way of knowing which way to go…Vince vs. the Buckeye Linebackers. I mean…have you seen these guys in Columbus. I have a hard time believing Mack and the Horns have never seen anything like this crew….yes even some of the stout OU programs included. I hate to reference last season but that Michigan defense would have a difficult time measuring up to this crew. If Vince is for real we will find out this week. If Mack is a gamer…we will find out this week. While everyone will focus on the TX backfield and the Ohio St. linebackers the real story may come down to Ginn/Holmes ticket vs. the Texas secondary. I’m not sure Texas’s d-backs are as quick but definitely as athletic. In a game when I am so torn I am going to go with the 105K ragin’ Buckeyes in the Shoe.

texas tech Florida Intl. Panthers (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Tech usually sleeps against lesser opponents on the road. Well, they are home and should come out swinging. Last week against k-st, FIU, arguably the worst team in the country was able to stay in the game based on solid defensive play. Leach will want to give his new star out of Herford as many reps as possible and avoid exposing his newly heralded defense from the press corps – oh wait…that is the entire squad. Tech will win and Tech will win big…but will not cover. Leach is breaking in a new quarterback and the road may be bumpy given this is the first outing for the Raiders. The fans in Lubbock should be entertained, the students leaning, and tortillas flying.

u of l Louisville Cards- off

Wildcard – Notre Dame Fighting Irish (+7) vs. Michigan Wolverines
Here we go again….the Irish haters will come out of their hibernation as Notre Dame will dominate the headlines….hey, someone has to fill the void created in Lubbock. But this was the weekend of resurgence…Notre Dame hype and returning to Pitt over Pittsburgh. Hats off to Weis and his performance on the road last week. I didn’t think they had the talent to pull off a win let alone a route. But that was Pitt and this is Michigan. And let’s not forget that this game was marked on the calendar after last year’s debacle in South Bend. Michigan has two superstars in Hart and Henne and will be too athletic for Weis and co. Weis will be a wildcard for the Michigan D in the first half. Expect to see just enough adjustments to cover. Go big Blue


9 Responses to “FBB Week 2”

  1. September 9, 2005 at 8:39 am

    For all the good matchups last week, this week’s offerings are about as slim Karen Carpenter after a bulemic fit… Only game of interest is between two overrated teams that may or may not (probably the latter) be top 10 teams at the end of the year. See further analysis on this game featuring the titanic struggle of wannabes Texas and Ohio State. The ‘Ville is not in action; the Jayhawks march on through their tough non-conference schedule and Texas Tech finally kicks it off against an even weaker schedule. The only saving grace is Oregon who looks to be shaping up into a decent team. Onward…

    KU covers easily against the toothless, banjo playing, moonshine swilling, sister pounding, possum eating, rope belt wearing, tobacco smelling, 6 toed (No I am not talking about Red Raider fan) Appalachians. If they don’t cover easily it may be time to hang up the cleats and concentrate on basketball (this would give them a leg up on beating Bucknell if they happen to play again)

    I like Oregon to win and cover in a high scoring affair. The platypus’ should roll.

    UT/Oh St – It’s in the shoe but Oh State doesn’t even know which QB is going to play. That means both are merely average. Take Mack Brown to not choke this away(it’s not like they are playing OU). The horseshoe is overrated. They nearly lost to Cincy there last year and Louisville beat the ‘Natti 70-7 last year… I don’t care much for the Longhorns and their ‘wanting to be accepted’ fans. You know the fans that act like Texas is this big powerful USC-type program that has run off numerous National Championships when in all actuality they haven’t won dick… Say what you want about B Switz but he and OU have the rings and Fred Akers, Mack Brown and John Mackovich have naked fingers… Despit this, I like Ohio State even less and I’ll take the cowpies to win plus the point. Mark, you and your cowpokes better not let me down.

    Texas Tech in a walk; should win by 40 in an absolutely meaningless game for a team that is already playing for an amazing trip to the Bluebonnet Bowl (if it still exists)

    Actually what may turn into a better game than the two teams of pretenders in C-bus this weekend is ND/Mich. Charlie Weis is a witch on offense and this game is usually close. Therefore I’ll take the 7 points. ND always has the athletes, now they have a coach. Mich will probably win but I can see a 30-24 score. It will probably end right on the number (7)…

    There they are. 4-1 last week and I’ll continue to build this week… Peace Out

  2. 2 brentbaker
    September 9, 2005 at 12:33 pm

    In a salute to Trev…nice body of work RObert…..

  3. 3 Wife
    September 9, 2005 at 3:54 pm

    FBB, Week 2: Giddy with Anticipation

    While I cannot wait to watch the Texas backfield sing back-up for Vince Young tomorrow night, I am equally as giddy about the prospect of Bonds returning to the Giants line up this weekend. He may come back as a pinch hitter for his opening act, but said he wants to play in the outfield if (sit down for this one) “that’s what’s best for the team.” T-e-a-m. Team. Team. Team. He hit two homers in batting practice yesterday, and could close the gap for the Giants in the NL West in a hurry. So get out your foam fingers everyone, it’s a big weekend for the Baker household.

    Appalachian State (+10.5) vs. Kansas
    Why are we even having this conversation? The line alone is an insult to KU, and should be enough motivation after doubts from last week’s dismal performance to step up their game. Hawks cover.

    Montana (+14.5) vs. Oregon
    Montana coach Bobby Hauck gave an inspirational speech to his players this week that went something like this “We certainly don’t want to go there and be embarrassed, but they’re the type of team that can really hang it on people, and that’s a big worry for us,” he said. Ok, building young grizzly cub confidence. Ducks cover.

    Texas (+1) vs. Ohio St.
    If Vince Young can get the whitest man in football to listen to 50 Cent, he can do anything (ya know????) The Horns cover….”bottle full of bub.”

    Florida Intl. (+34.5) vs. Texas Tech
    *Yawn* Pink Faiders cover for their season opener.

    Wildcard – Notre Dame (+7) vs. Michigan
    This rivalry started in 1887, and has always had the undertones of an adversarial relationship between the coaches. This year, however, it looks like there are some friendly wagers instead. Weis and Carr first met about 15 years ago when Carr was visiting his friend, then-New York Giants coach Bill Parcells, who had Weis on his staff. They grew closer when one of Carr’s former quarterbacks — Tom Brady — perfected Weis’ offense with the New England Patriots. Weis said if the Irish beat Michigan, Brady has to wear a Notre Dame football hat to his next news conference. I think Notre Dame will cover, and Brady will be sporting a new lid.

  4. 4 Mark
    September 9, 2005 at 6:55 pm

    First of all, I’d like to sincerely apologize for my highly insensitive remarks in last weeks Blog. It was reckless on my part and it won’t happen again. I tend to get a little carried away during the start of College Fotball season.

    Secondly, I wanted to address some comments from the peanut gallery last week. Yes, RObert, the C-USA Horned Frogs gave Bob Stoops his first September loss. SO, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? Last time I checked, Lu-vulle ISN’T in Conference USA anymore. They’re in this new Conference – The Eastern Mountain West, with such powerhouses as Connecticut, Cincinnati, Rutgers, University of South Florida and Syracuse. Scary. Now that’s a veritable “murderers row”……for Basketball maybe. Also, I did take a little time out of my schedule to view the Cardinals dominating performance over Kentucky. NOT. They basically held on for their lives and snuck out of town with a minuscule 7-point victory. Hey, does Louisville get their uniforms from a 2nd hand shop out in Phoenix, Arizona? How original. The Big XII will put six teams in quality bowl games – as they always do.

    Also, it’s OFFICIAL – Dennis Franchione is now a lifetime Aggie. After deciding to go for only 1 on their PAT vs. Clemson, with 9 minutes left, the Aggies lose by one – instead of having a chance to force and possibly win it, in overtime. Whooop – Gig ‘em Coach Fran.

    Appalachian State (+10.5) vs. Kansas
    Appalachian State? Is this really a school with a football program? I thought it was just another micro-beer, like Slippery Rock or it that Rolling Rock. Looking for KU’s defense to bounce back and the Jayhawks to cover big – and be well on their way to one of at least six Big XII bowl entries.

    Montana (+14.5) vs. Oregon
    I’ve got to admit, I underestimated the Ducks last week. I’m a firm believer that even prior to USC’s domination, the Pac-10 was a very under-rated conference where very good teams just used to beat-up on one another. Looking for the Ducks O to roll and cover.

    TEXAS vs. the Ohio State University
    Well, well, well…….the “Showdown in the Shoe” is finally here. I’m a little surprised Bobby is picking the ‘Horns. I’ve got to be honest, I half expected that at some point in the last 30+ years that Bobby had a layover in the Columbus airport and OSU was one of his adopted teams…along with OU, Lu-vulle and Minnesota, among others.

    I’m both very excited and very worried about tomorrow. If we do win, it’s going to be a very close hard fought game against a VERY good OSU team and 105,000 liquored-up fans. They are just very solid Football team, in about every position – no HUGE weaknesses. I think the game could easily go either way – it should be a Classic. Texas still has some big question marks about their team – can Vince pass consistently against a quality team, can Selvin run and “get outside” against great linebackers, will our receivers “step it up”, will Mack play the Freshman Running Backs in a big game (look for Hammerin’ Hank Melton #37 to lay some lumber), and the biggest question mark – our kicking game. OSU has some key question marks too. My guess is the team that sort of “answers” these questions and executes best, during the game, WINS. As always, turnovers will play a big part in the outcome. I gotta go with the Horns to win outright and cover.

    Florida International (+34.5) vs. Tech
    I’ve honestly always had a soft spot for Tech, mainly because they always DRILL Texas A$M (not a typo – remember the Jackie Sherrill days!!) in Lubbock. Look for the leech to make a statement in the Season opener as the Red Raiders cover easily.

    Louisville – OFF
    They could use the off week as it’s “back to the basics” after dodging a bullet against Kentucky.

    ND (+7) vs. Michigan
    As Julie’s friend Lori would say…”whonew”. I mean WHO KNEW the Fighting Irish would turn it around so quickly. But, remember they were just playing big east (Eastern Mountain West) Basketball powerhouse Pitt, so don’t get too exited. They’re playing in the Big House, so I’ll go with the Maize and Blue to barely cover.

  5. 5 brentbaker
    September 9, 2005 at 8:59 pm

    Not too late to jump on the bandwagon with Mark and I….Stolich and Co just beat Pitt. Is ND really that good or just on-par with Ohio.

  6. September 10, 2005 at 8:55 am

    Markie Mark… The C-USA references were only a retaliation to having to listen to the vapid drivel you and our fellow FBB’ers threw my way week after week last year. The Cards are long gone now but hey I still feel a little kinship to C-USA. Yeah, the Big12 may get 6 bowl games but more than half of those will be teams with 6-5 records. Whipdee-doo! OSU a very solid team with no weaknesses…??? Step away from the crackpipe Ricky.

  7. September 10, 2005 at 9:02 am

    As for the Cardinals last week, I told you all that they were overrated. It was Brohms’ first collegiate start on the road against their biggest rivals in front of 70,000 loser Wildcat fans. I told you that we are a year away when Brohm and Michael Bush both have a year under their belts (that was Bushs’ first start as well last week). They lose 6 players to the NFL draft, go on the road and beat their rival with 75% new players… I’ll take that everyday and BTW the score should have been 38-24 but the refs (who later adnitted the mistake) called back Michael Bush’s 40 yard TD run in the final 2 minutes for not having enough players on the line (replays showed they did)… But who is to quibble. They won and didn’t cover, just as I said they would. Peace, muh brutha…

  8. 8 brentbaker
    September 10, 2005 at 1:24 pm

    OK….I am sold and on the Irish bandwagon. Let’s not forget Ty’s 8-0 start….but….consider me sold on the Fighting, yes I said Fighting, Irish.

    Not a good day for the Big 11 — ND in the Big House….Iowa St. is shutting out Iowa……

  9. September 12, 2005 at 8:46 am

    I believe this weekend puts the Hammer at 9-1 for the season… Only the beginning so strap in; the picks were admittedly not hard though. ND/Mich is always close and with the Irish getting 7 you pretty much had to take it. KU, TT and Oregon are still wiping the creme off their faces from the puffs they played (although KU once again showed they should probably be playing in the Sun-Belt Conference) Well at least KU football teams actually beat second-class programs whereas Jayhawk basketball team can’t even muster victories against Ivy Leaguers… And of course what i said about UT/Oh State was dead on… The two headed QB monster just doesn’t work for Oh State who showed they are merely an average team that will probably finish mid-pack in the Big 11 this year… The team that Markie Mark said has no weaknesses has many and one glaring one – Red-Zone Offense; UT in all their ineptness tried time after time to give the game away but the Luckeyes settled for 3 instead of 7 on several occasions. Bad offense, average to decent defense. UT should play USC now for the title as there is no one left on their schedule that is any good in an absolutely pathetic Big 12 conference. Should make for a humdinger of a Championship game though as this UT team is worse than last years team that rolled over and died to an OU team that USC steamrolled (although it may be said that they are actually better this year without that sloth Cedrick Benson)… Congrats on the win Longhorn fan. Mack you now have one big win compared to the 10+ that Bobby Stoops has. Until next week, the FBB leader says LATE.

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