College GameDay Musings

College GameDay College Football Saturdays – a corner stone of our family dynamic – have officially kicked off at 715 Page. A large part of Julie’s Friday was preparation for a day filled with a constant stream of college football viewing. Kate has witnessed this first hand and was visibility disturbed. We were up at 6:00 to get in pre College GD fitness in Golden Gate park and back by 7:25 to catch the show. Damn I am excited.

The intro band Big and Ready embodies what I hate about what has become of the country music genre. Some of my favorite artists are Lyle, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Willie. Big and Ready is more Jessica Simpson and less Johnny Cash.

Love the addition of Desmond Howard… within the first 20 seconds of his opening it was obvious why he got the nod over Rocket. He was composed out of the gate, obviously did his homework, and didn’t insert two degrees of Notre Dame separation in his commentary. I hope Heisman Howard is around all season.

This whole ESPN meets Hollywood angle is, to put it politely, off-brand…to put it directly…sucks ass.

Matt Leinard’s eyes too closely aligned with the bridge of his nose. I doubt that has any impact on his ability to real in the ladies of So Cal

Loved Deion’s comment of next guy speed….if the guy next to you runs a 4.1…you run a 4.0.

Love the Home Depot demo field – Rocket’s only contribution to last season. Glad they brought it back. This would never replace what we did at Coach’s Edge/Sportvision…but hey why live in the past.

And for this week’s picks:

  • Kirk is right….BG will not beat the Badgers.
  • Come on Lee….Clemson will not beat aTm.
  • Wow — NCSt. over VaTech….nice call Lee. I’ll go with Lee.
  • Popular pick in Miami….that would be six in a row. Love the O/U on crossing midfield. I think FSU takes it.
  • Kirk showing stones picking the visting Fighting Irish….Lee with the Panther head and the “Lee is a genius” sign. Classic.

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