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Flickr and Spell

What a cool little app — spelling with flickr images. Here’s and example:


Give it a try


So you’re saying there’s a chance….

You will never catch me pulling for OU over Texas in anything….though last night’s win in Norman didn’t leave me overly upset either. Texas, the class of the conference, showed it’s vulnerable, not in the fact that they lost, but in the way they lost. I really felt they packed it in the last few mins of the game…frustrating for the Texas diehard in our home.

This also sets the stage for the ESPN Gameday prognosticators – hoping this would resemble the memorable 2003 game. Should Kansas pick up eight of 9 heading into Austin – a once laughable statement now realistic given the perimeter play of late – the game in Austin will be for the conference championship. This is how I see it playing out:

  • KU wins the games it should: Tech, @ Neb, Iowa St, mizzou, Baylor, CU, and @ k-state
  • With enough momentum, picking up one of these two: OU, @ Okie St.

This would have been unheard of following the stumble in Columbia….but given KU has the best back court in the conference, the emergence of a budding superstar in Wright, and four average enough big guys to foul as necessary there remains a chance this could play out well for my beloved Hawks.


Chuck Norris Factoid

Any digg headline featuring Mr. T is an attention tractor beam for me….and this one did the j-o-b:

Mr. T pities the fool. Chuck Norris rips the fool’s fucking head off.

Here’s a sampler:

When Chuck Norris sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Chuck Norris has not had to pay taxes, ever.

Now that is good stuff….


Big Ben needs more cowbell

At the start of today’s AFC divisional playoff game Julie drew a comparison between Ben Roethlisberger’s John Walker Lindh-esque beard to the Will Ferrell’s character in the SNL Cowbell skit. Classic…this is why I love this woman.

Ben's Beard



Clerks Sequel

So it looks like ViewAskew remains short on ideas post Chasing Amy – Dogma was lame – and is coming out with a sequel to Clerks – see trailer

If nothing else I’ll go to see (A) the Jay’s dance scenes and (B) in Dogma reign in hot, emerging actress of Spanish decent – Rosario Dawson – best known for her role in Spike Lee’s 25th Hour.


Visions of Derek Smalls

Front and center of WSJ (print) page 1 was a feature on the resurgence of playing music lyrics backwards, once popular when music was stored on vinyl, now that most files are digital.

Sidebar: for this piece to make the WSJ front page screams they are trying to broaden their appeal beyond the 60 minutes demographic. Lou, father-in-law, has made the print WSJ an annual gift with the hopes of broadening my mind and reading selection beyond what he deems as “that liberal rag” – Sunday NY Times. BTW…love the op eds of both publications.

The WSJ featured a backmasking website and some of the interesting findings and/or reaffirmations:

  • Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time: “Sleep with me, I’m not too young”
  • Pink Floyd’s Empty Spaces: “Congratulations, you have discovered the secret message.”
  • Queen’s hit and Amarillo High School Golden Sandstorm fight song “Another One Bites the Dust” – “It’s fun to smoke marijuana.”

But my favorite was a quote from BP Fallon, former Led Zeppelin publicist, in response to claims that Stairway to Heaven played backwards states “Oh here’s to my sweet Satan.”

“Play anything backwards and you’ll find something.” …. “Oh here’s to my sweet Satan” could actually be “Oh here’s to my sweaty satin,” a reference to Jimmy Page’s pants.

Insert visual of Derek Smalls from “This is Spinal Tap.”

This is Spinal Tap


Banner Week in the Baker House

Sat AM and watching Kansas put the wood to the UK Wildcats. The series record between KU and UK is ugly for Jayhawk fans – 19 – 5, assuming today is a lock. That said, today’s win will give KU four of the last seven and trumps Tubby’s fromer loss to IU by 26. And who can forget the beat down KU applied to Patino in ’89.

KU needs a signature win in the worst way….(1) to assist an RPI of 139 and (2) confidence/chemistry as the conference schedule begins this week. Robinson, Chalmers, and Rush have been amazing. Wright has had a nice run as well…could this actually be coming together after the worst start since the year I was born.

But this game falls well short of the Rose Bowl – hands down the greatest football I have ever witnessed. Admittedly, there is a bias here but who can argue with VY’s Danny Manning type performance in ‘88 – you knew I had to find a way to weave the Hawks in.


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Upgrade in progress

The change in look and feel of hesaid is due to my current layout is not supported by the latest WP release, v 2.0. I hope to have this resolved before the end of the Fiesta Bowl …..I mean Orange Bowl


Blaine is cursing me…

It’s halftime in the Cotton Bowl, a game where Blaine, Casey, and Calyenne are in attendance, and my bowl season lead-pipe-lock (Tech) as yet to cross the goal line. Well…as Blaine is fighting his way through the crowds in route to a half-time beverage his is cursing me and my “can’t lose pick.” Never fear…the head pirate needed the first two quarters to dissect the stout Bama defense. Expect to see Tech return to form in the third quarter. Also, to be clear, I picked them to cover and left the over alone.

….continued… what a game what was decided by an ugly-ass field goal. There was no shortage of drama.

Blaine, Casey and the rest of the Red Raider nation, apologies for the lead-pipe-curse.

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