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A good day to be a Jayhawk

The Flying Manginos made it three in a row against old foe m-i-z-z-o-u. And in keeping with tradition, the students tore down both goalposts, marched them up Campanile Hill, and threw them, along with a few students, in Potter Lake.

potter lake

One would hope that, after three, KU fans would not act as if they won the conference. But hey… was a good win and it was against mizzou.


Week 9 – the “Border War” is upon us

Question: Name the most heated, hate infused, tradition rich rivalry in college sports?

  • The “Red River Shootout” — mmmm no…..
  • the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party” (Georgia vs. Florida) — nice try…….
  • The Battle in the Stands (Tech vs. A&M) — not even close…
  • Louisville and any Conference USA road team…maybe……..

Answer: The match-up formerly referred to as the “Border War” — KU vs. mizzou.

The rivalry can be traced back to Kansans opting to enter the Union a free state as a part of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. This decision was interpreted as a threat to the livelihood and economy of their pro-slavery neighbors to the east. The ensuing battles, which raged over the next decade, brought about the label “Bleeding Kansas.” The most infamous of these was “Quantrill’s Raid” on Lawrence in Aug. 21, 1863. Of the 75 businesses and 100 houses destroyed, the Eldridge Hotel, then referred to as the Free State Hotel, is one of the few surviving structures from Quantrill’s decimation of Mass St. I highly recommend staying at the Eldridge and dining across Mass at Tellers if you ever find yourself in Lawrence.

blog intermission as Lyle Lovett – A&M’s sole contribution to the arts – is singing God Bless America in Game Four

In retaliation to the “sacking” of Lawrence, the fiery abolitionist John Brown and his sons led another bloody attack at Pottawatomie Creek. On Brown’s orders, five men were executed with a scythe. To this day one of the more popular beverages at Free State Brewery, an easy walk/stumble from the Eldridge, is John Brown Ale.

Other fun stats:

  • KU and mizzou have lined up every year since 1891 with the exception of 1918 due to an influenza epicdemic. The current standings.
  • According to mizzou’s SID, the series tied 52-52-9. KU prefers to list the “on-field” record of 53-51-9, counting a 23-7 victory in 1960. KU was later forced to forfeit that game due to the participation of an ineligible player. A KU win on Saturday makes it three in a row and a muted debate is for the remainder of the year

Now on to this weekend’s lineup:

Thursday night match-up: Boston College (+13) vs. Virginia Tech
mizzou (-6) vs. Kansas
Texas Tech (-11) vs. Baylor
Texas (-37) vs. Oklahoma St.
Georgia (+4) vs. Florida


Week 8 – Race for #2

With USC surviving South Bend only a major upset — save their cross-town rival — will keep them playing for a third national championship. This makes it a six team race for the #2 BCS seat…lead by Texas and Va. Tech. With the eyes to Texas fixated on Terrapin country this week I thought we would bring Beamer ball to the FBB lineup. Here are this week’s picks:

  • Kansas (+15) vs. Colorado
  • Texas Tech (+15.5) vs. Texas
  • Louisville (-22) vs. Cincinnati
  • Tennessee (+3) vs. Alabama
  • Va Tech -10 at Maryland

And here are my fearless predictions:

univ of kansas Kansas Jayhawks (+15) vs. Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado’s run game lines up against the fourth best run defense in the country….I like our chances in this match-up. History also states that this game is closer than anyone expects. And the inside story out of Lawrence is KU back-up senior quarterback Swanson emerges from Mangino’s doghouse and finds a way to get this offense in the endzone. Will Kansas beat the odds-on-favorite in the North….probably not. But their defense will continue to impose their will and reserve Swanson will establish himself as the field general for the remainder of the season. KU covers.

texas tech univ. of texas Texas Tech Red Raiders (+15.5) vs. Texas Longhorns

The true Big XII championship game…..forget the inevitable match-up with CU in December. While everyone is talking about the high-flying Tech offense and the mayor of Herford Cody Hodge it will be the Texas defense who has the greatest opportunity to steal the headlines. Tech’s non-conference schedule was laughable. Tech’s sweep of the Big XII North was laughable. This will be the true test….the fastest game on turf finally faces an equally fast defense. You could argue my Jayhawks were a reputable defensive foe…but any endeavors on the defensive side were offset by an inept offense. I don’t see the Texas defense spending as much time on the field and will be able to maintain pressure for four quarters. Texas’s defense makes headlines, Mack covers, and another undefeated BCS contender loses its grip on the coveted #2 slot.

u of l Louisville Cardinals (-22) vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

Lets start with how sorry the Big East is. The game of the week is Rutgers vs. Connecticut – are you joking. Look, the Big XII is down but this is on par with a KU vs. Baylor marque matchup. I realize the featured mathcup should have featured Robert’s daddies – S. Fla vs. West Virginia. But the Scarlet Knights as the undercard….come on. OK…back to bashing the Ville. In the Pizza Hut this team rocks. Outside the cozy confines of Louisville the Cards are as disappointing as the KU passing attack. And like the Cards, the Bearcats are undefeated at home this season. But this is the weekend of change…KU finds its quarterback and Louisville plays on the road. The Ville is a lead pipe lock to cover.
Tennessee (+3) vs. Alabama
The second best game of the weekend. Could another team from the state of Alabama run the table and win the Big East; only to be jilted by the BCS? To quote a wise man…not so fast. Tennessee will find its LSU mojo and pulls the upset on the road. The quest for #2 is down to four.


FBB Week Seven — A return to reality

OK….as I wage a battle against sleep deprivation reality is beginning to sink in. No….not all the weight gained from multi-course dinners or two week’s worth of email that awaits but the realization that we are more than half-way through the FBB season and RObert is on top of the standings. The quest to knock him off begins with this week’s line up:

OU (-5.5) vs. Kansas
Kansas St. (+14) vs. Texas Tech
Colorado (+17.5) vs. Texas
Louisville (-7) vs. West Virginia
Florida (+6) vs. LSU

And my sleep deprived calls…..

univ of kansas OU (-5.5) vs. Kansas

Everyone is giving the Sooners two touchdowns on this one. And why shouldn’t I? What is listed as a home game is actually played in KC at Arrowhead for revenue purposes – home field advantage negated. And then there is the KU offense….God awful. Rotating quarterbacks like defensive linemen is not proving to be a worthwhile scheme for Mangino and company. The hotseat discussions are beyond a whisper as it is beginning to looks like qualifying for postseason play will be an uphill climb. If KU drops this one they will need to pick up wins against mizzou, Iowa State, and Nebraska. Doable if we shore up our offensive woes in a hurry.

This said, the KU defense is the type of defense that will make us competitive in games like this weekend’s. KU is #3 in the nation against the run…..not good for a team lead by a wobbly Peterson. This will force OU to go to the air….and mistake ridden Bomar will have flashbacks of the decleating experienced in the Cotton Bowl. Comments made to the media this week by the defensive leaders make it clear that they feel they will need to carry this team across the board. That may mean in the scoring department as well. Expect and aggressive, blitzing D trying to create opportunities for themselves. The Flying Manginos won’t cover but they will keep it under two touchdowns.

texas tech Kansas St. (+14) vs. Texas Tech

Tech was lucky to get out of Lincoln alive last week. Up three touchdowns they somehow feel asleep on the road and let the Big Red Machine back into the game. Why does this matter this week….well it makes me think that Tech will once again jump all over frosh quarterback early and turn their attention to Texas. OK that is about as far as I can take this one as I am desperately out of material and once again running on little sleep. To quote our Raider backer Tech will have their lean on early but will still cover – completing their sweep of the mighty North.

univ. of texas Colorado (+17.5) vs. Texas

IMO….this game could not come at a better time of the Brown and co. Coming off the huge win last week they need the oddsmaker’s Big 12 Championship preview to regain focus. If this was a game against Kansas….I would be calling for the letdown alert.

But that call will need to wait a few more weeks and if CU was not motiviation enough….Texas realizes the aren’t getting any help from Ohio St. in the BCS rankings and need to make some noise against quality opponents. Big wins against quality teams in CU and Tech should help make their case against Va Tech. Expect a pursuing Harris to be all over Klatt; creating opportunities for the relatively untested Texas secondary. That said, Barnett will continue to marvel everyone and keep this under the line. Texas will win by two touchdowns but fall short of the cover.

u of l Louisville (-7) vs. West Virginia

Quite possibly the second of two conference championship previews this weekend as I am betting S Fla will trip themselves up somewhere down the line. That said, UVW could probably recite the S. Fla defensive game plan implemented against the Cards and will tee it up with their Top 10 D. If this was played in the Pizza Hut I would take the Cards to put up 35. But it is on the road and will be closer than Robert can stomach. In the end, Brohm and company will find a way to cover and the Cards position themselves for a shot at the Big East Championship.

Florida (+6) vs. LSU
OK blame sleep deprivation on the fact I pull this game out over the USC vs. ND game. What in the hell was I thinking. Anyway….Florida is lamed and LSU is for real. Look for the Tigers to cover


Week 6; Red River Shootout

The shootout is upon us… UT finally after years and years and years and years of miserable performances aginst OU has the upper hand. Not even Mack Brown can screw this up (although I am sure he will try). Forget the fact that the most popular class on the UT campus is taxidermy (because the course description says you get to mount dead animals)… Forget the fact that the most commonly heard statement made to a Texas State Trooper along I-35 farmland is “Honest offiicer, I was just helping that sheep over the fence.” Forget all that. No way UT can screw this up. No way. Mark, I hope for your sake UT wins so you won’t have to give your shower rod a workout. I know you are taking the Horns to cover regardless of the line, but for the rest of us here it is…

UT (-14.5) vs OU

There are other games and they are as follows:

KU (+6.5) at K St

TT (-4.5) at Neb

UNC (+13.5) at L’ville

Oregon (+9.5) at ASU

Chew on these awhile and if any of you have trouble posting to the blog just e-mail your picks to everyone on the FBB mailing list.


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