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The Big 12 doesn’t suck

Well…at least when it comes to its mascots. Current rankings has the Big 12 leading with a 33% sucks rating followed by the Big East (38%), Big 10 (55%) and ACC (58%).

KU, CU, and UT are re-cog-nized for what they bring to the table while k-st and mizzou are…..well……called out for what they bring to the table. Here’s the k-st review as as teaser:

Strengths: It’s just a head, so you can be a basketball player, a football player or even ride a Harley with ease.

Weaknesses: Everything. This is the worst mascot in all of college sports. It’s just a head, which is lame in and of itself. The “Powercat” logo that it’s derived from is recent, and was a dead copy by coach Snyder of the Iowa Hawkeye logo (where he had been previously). Oh yeah, “Wildcat”? Which local high school did that come from?

Rating: It’s purple. It’s unoriginal. It’s a lame generic nickname. The mascot’s name “Willie” isn’t even unique (Northwestern’s has the same name). AND IT’S ONLY A HEAD. Quite simply, the worst mascot in major Division 1 sports.

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Chronicling the past week

Man…what a crazy week – actually first three days of the week. I’ll try to keep the recap as brief as possible.

Sunday 1:30 PM: After almost backing out Julie and I decided to head over to Marin to check out an open house that was of interest. From the pictures we saw the layout left much to be desired but it was in an ideal location so we decided it was worth the trip across the bridge to get some Marin air and check it out.

Sunday 1:35 PM: The house exceeds all expectations are we are on the phone with the Patterson’s realtor discussing next steps.

Monday 10:00 AM: We meet with a mortgage advisor who lays out our financing options. She is now known in our home as the numbers witch. Man…we can really make this happen within the confines of the current budget.

Monday 4:00 PM: Reality sets in and we realize that we should do another walk through of the house. We cut out early and head back to Corte Madera to meet the realtor and our friends, and to be neighbors, Vi and Di. Upon second look we are more in love with the place than we were 24 hour prior. We move forward with the paper work still unsure how we are going to juggle this mortgage plus the current mortgage.

It is at this point Julie-damus begins to envision us in the home – there is no turning back now.

Ultra aggressive realtor (UAR) maps out next steps: Listing agents get back from East Coast on Tuesday, she will assess number of potential offers we are competing with and get back to us with offer options.

Tuesday 8:30 AM: Julie’s birthday

Get a call that Atticus had cut himself while with his playgroup and was at the vet. The “cut” resembles a knife fight wound and he has to go into surgery.

Tuesday 9:00 AM: Call and cancel birthday bbq w/ Vi and Di

Tuesday noon: no word from UAR…we begin to feel there is bad news. Birthday momentum takes another hit.

Tuesday 3:00 PM: still no word on the house or Atticus’s status

Tuesday 5:30 PM: UAR calls to tell us the listing agent isn’t back from the East Coast so no news to discuss. Agree to regroup at noon the next day Cripes…another hit.

Tuesday 9:30 PM: Pick up Atticus from the vet — he is wiped out. Just as we are talking about making lifestyle budget cuts Atticus pulls this $1000 stunt. Fortunately, he is ok and should be back to his old self in a few weeks.

Wednesday noon: Meet with UAR to find out that we are currently the only bidder but the listing agent is back to back with showing of the home all day. Surprised that we are the first in the offer line…not surprised that buyer interest is snowballing. Thank you UAR.

Wednesday 5:00 PM: UAR makes offer…and it accepted. Pending finding a community of rats in the dry wall…408 Chapman is ours and I am moving on to the next phase in our lives…..out with the urban dwelling and on to the B_U_R_B_S. Next stop Del Boca Vista Phase III.
OK – off to a Giants game for a beer and a chance to regain our sanity.

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