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Week 5 Line-up

Gawd what a week….here it is:

  • KU – off
  • k-st at Texas(-14.5)
  • Northwestern St. at Tech (-37)
  • Louisville (-9) at NC State
  • Wildcard 1: West Virginia (-7) at South Florida This is a Friday game
  • Wildcard 2: Cal (-6) at Oregon

Be sure to get the Friday quick pick in… I’m taking West Virginia

Texask-st at Texas
Let’s rewind to the last time a school from the state of Kansas came into Austin. A team, as I’m sure you recall, who at the time could boast of a top 10 run defense. A team, the year prior, that had Vince an Co. against the ropes. A game that Texas chalked up as a revenge game. A game where Texas put up over 60 and racked up 1/3 of the total rushing yards that KU gave up that season. A KU debacle I witnessed first hand…..cripes.

k-st finds themselves in a similar situation with the exception that Texas really wants to right the wrong of ’06. Oh, and did I mention KU throttled that same k-st team a week later. Anyway….Texas puts up 40+, wins big, and sets the stage for the RRS.

TechTech at Northwestern St
Ummmmm….he in glass houses… OK given KU’s non-con I’ll leave it alone. Tech covers handedly.

Louisville at NC St
A brutal pick. My gut tells me to go with the Cards despite the fact their loss last week was bigger than Michigan’s loss to a good/great AA in Appalachian St. I mean…Jesus H…Cuse…are you kidding me. Appy would put up 40 on this Card D. Regardless, going with my gut…the Cards cover as they look to save face.

Wild card: Cal at Oregon
Too difficult to call. Who is the better test for USC…that is what it boils down to. Is it the team that beat an over-hyped Tennessee or the team that beat a downtrodden Michigan team. Both have play-makers and the game is in Eugene. Eff-it…going with the team in our backyard….go Cal.


Week 4 Line-up

This week’s marks the 1/4 mark of the season….I guess it is time to get back in the race. Let’s get it going with this line-up:

  1. Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5)
  2. Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St
  3. Rice at Texas (-38.5)
  4. Syracuse at Louisville (-37)
  5. Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama(+3.5)
  6. Quick picks….analysis to follow:
    KU rolls in the best practice before the k-st game
    The system upends Okie State at Boone’s Farm.
    Texas treats Rices like a prison bitch
    Not a good week to be the Cuse….Ville covers
    I like the Richt’s road record and the DAWGS

    KUFlorida Int at Kansas
    With Duke’s win last week FIU owns the nations longest losing streak at 16. Oh yea….another barn burner in Lawrence. Where I agree with Mangino when he says all you remember in November are the wins games against FIU do little to contribute to a competive edge.

    But let’s call it what it is…. a competitive scrimmage at the end of the three week preparation for k-st. KU’s off week is next week to give them addtional time to prep for the mildcats, another scheduling methodology carried over from Mangino’s time in Manhattan. The starters get some additional reps in a conservative attack. KU covers in this yawner.

    TexasRice at Texas
    Are the 07 Horns evolving into the Canes of the 80s? Most likely not though I’m sure it scares the shit out of the mighty Owls. Texas looks to redefine itself in this game at home. Texas treats Rices like the new inmate in cell-block D.

    TechTech at Okie St.
    Tech is desperate for a true rival, a game the opponent circles on their schedule. A team that salvages a 1 and 11 season. They feel they may have it in Okie St as Tech is pushing to move this game to a neutral location in Dallas. For now, Tech enters Boone’s Farm as the favorite against a team who lost to effing Troy….on a Friday night for God’s sake. Troy’s 19 non-qualifers did more put up more points…the crushed the enthusiasm of the over-hyped offense in Stillwater. Crabtree — the real deal or simply antother stat filled cog — has a big game and Tech contributes to the free-fall.
    Tech covers.

    Cuse at the Ville
    A statement game for the Cards. I expect Kraigthrope looks to save face with the Card faithful and puts up 60. The easiest pick of the season. Cards roll.

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama
    Too much hype from the Tide and the Richt has a 9-2 SEC road records. Going with Uga to cover.


Week 3 results….

The comeback begins….after spotting the field two weeks, the Baker brothers were the top prognosticators for the week each picking up 3. Julie “the self-proclaimed winnner” and Mark notched two, while the mighty hammer came away with a single pick. Standings 1/4 of the way through the 12 game season:

  1. Julie:9
  2. Blaine: 8
  3. RObert: 6
  4. Mark:5 — yes, he missed an entire week and is still beating me
  5. Brent:4

See the results here


Week 3 Line up

Everyone is the benefactor of the most recent lines due to my late posting….it’s been a long week. Results to follow shortly.

  • Toledo at Kansas (-24.5)
  • Texas (-18) at UCF
  • Tech (-28) at Rice
  • Louisville (-6.5) at Kentucky
  • Wildcard: Florida (-7.5) vs. Tennessee
  • KUKansas vs. Toledo
    One of the poorest executed games in the last decade — I’m referring to KU’s double overtime lost against the Rockets last year — cost KU a shot at that elusive consecutive bowl appearance. Since then, the Rockets have been on a free fall and KU appears to be turning the corner…even if the turn is coming off of Crap Drive and onto Mediocre Lane.

    Central Michigan, KU’s week 1 victim, dropped 50+ on the Rockets last week and KU is looking to right the wrong from a year ago. The only thing holding KU back from covering the line will be the the amount of time the reserves see the field. And IMO, this is a good thing. If you recall, KU dropped four games in the fourth quarter last year simply due to a lack of depth. Getting the second and third teams 1.5 quarters of play through three or four games can only add to the much needed depth.

    KU covers by the third.

    TexasTexas at UCF
    Well, TCU was exposed…not by Mack at Co but by Air Force last night… the jury is still out on the the golden boy from West Texas and the 07 Horns. And the exceptional play out of Norman only adds to the discussion/board chatter/concern. Despite the fact that the Knights knocked off NC St in Week 1 a Texas win on the road will do little to quiet the skeptics. I like that Charles is two for two in 100+ rushing games and should continue to roll on the road this week. The Texas D-line will shut down the CFU running game and Texas covers.

    TechTech at Rice
    Rice is horrible and the Pirate savant continues to chrun out the stats. Newsflash…its not the players its the system. IMO…28 is generous given the Leach isn’t one to let up in a game he views as the sixth practice of the week. So yes Tech covers in this yawner. To spice it up a bet here’s a side bet….Blaine will have his “lean” on by the middle of the second quarter…will Tech have covered by then?

    BTW Blaine…looking for a full report from Baton Rouge.

    Louisville at Kentucky
    Maybe an upset special here. The BlueGrass battle features two of the better quarterbacks in college football going against two mediocre defenses. The experts are calling this the upset special…though I am not sold. The Ville will sneak out out Lexington with a W but will fall short of the line…something to the tune of 45 – 49.

    Wildcard: Tennessee at Florida
    The decision was between a potential blow-out in Lincoln or one of the better rivalries in college football. And what drew me to the game, despite the fact we had Tennessee in Week 1, was the movement of the line…it opened at Florida -1 and quickly shot to -7.5. The experts who live out of the sports book must know something I don’t given the Fulmer lost a key cornerback this week. I’ll go with the sports book and will take the Vols to cover.


Week 2 Results

Do we really need to keep score… my performance is in line with the 88 Hawks, and I’m not referring to the basketball team. After picking up a single game in week 1 I was blanked in week 2. We’ll chalk it up to me spotting the field two weeks.

Through two weeks here is where we stand:

  • Julie: 7
  • Blaine: 5
  • RObert: 5
  • Mark:3 missed your picks from last week and you still 3x up on me
  • self: 1
  • Double C-R-I-P-E-S


Week 1 Results

Well…I accomplished my goal of putting distance on the field….just the wrong way. Week 1 may have been my worst FBB performance E-V-E-R….cripes. Thank god I have 11 more weeks to make up some ground. Standings after week one are:

  1. Julie: 4
  2. Blaine: 3
  3. Mark: 3
  4. RObert: 3
  5. Brent: 1
  6. C-R-I-P-E-S


Week 2 line-up

College football is ON, the basement project is almost complete, and all is right in the world. The shortened week has thrown me so apologies for getting the line out late. And don’t forget. the Ville is on Thursday night….

  • Middle Tennessee at Louisville (-38.5)
  • SE Louisiana at KU (-42.5)
  • If anyone knows this line I’d love the assist

  • TCU at Texas (-9.5)
  • UTEP AT Tech (-24)
  • Wildcard: Va Tech at LSU (-12.5)
  • KUKansas vs. SE Louisiana
    Well….the MAC power house was suppose to give Mangino et al a scare last week. But in atypical fashion the Hawks came out strong with a balanced offensive attack and a solid D. They are playing a far inferior opponent this week in a game that should help decide several starting spots…so the Hawks will play tough for four quarters. That said, the line is too big for me to bite…Hawks fall short of the line but move to 2-0.

    And who here caught the fact that KU picked up a top 25 vote last week…anyone…

    TexasTCU vs. Texas
    Really looking forward to this game. The storyline is solid…..Texas is looking to find the form it lost last year in Manhattan (ks) while TCU is eternally spurred by falling to Baylor for the final Big 12 spot. I like Texas to win but the Frogs to cover.

    TechUTEPvs. Tech
    Tech got my attention on Monday and they are hungry to redeem themselves after the scare in Juarez last year. I like the Head Pirate to put down the hammer and cover with ease. The tortillas will be a flyin.

    Wildcard: VaTech vs. LSU
    This could be for the crystal football…..I love this match-up and the coaches stones enough to play it. Va Tech struggled last week though I expect a better showing in one of the best atmospheres in college football. Tigers win but the Hokies cover.

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