Week 9 – the “Border War” is upon us

Question: Name the most heated, hate infused, tradition rich rivalry in college sports?

  • The “Red River Shootout” — mmmm no…..
  • the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party” (Georgia vs. Florida) — nice try…….
  • The Battle in the Stands (Tech vs. A&M) — not even close…
  • Louisville and any Conference USA road team…maybe……..

Answer: The match-up formerly referred to as the “Border War” — KU vs. mizzou.

The rivalry can be traced back to Kansans opting to enter the Union a free state as a part of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. This decision was interpreted as a threat to the livelihood and economy of their pro-slavery neighbors to the east. The ensuing battles, which raged over the next decade, brought about the label “Bleeding Kansas.” The most infamous of these was “Quantrill’s Raid” on Lawrence in Aug. 21, 1863. Of the 75 businesses and 100 houses destroyed, the Eldridge Hotel, then referred to as the Free State Hotel, is one of the few surviving structures from Quantrill’s decimation of Mass St. I highly recommend staying at the Eldridge and dining across Mass at Tellers if you ever find yourself in Lawrence.

blog intermission as Lyle Lovett – A&M’s sole contribution to the arts – is singing God Bless America in Game Four

In retaliation to the “sacking” of Lawrence, the fiery abolitionist John Brown and his sons led another bloody attack at Pottawatomie Creek. On Brown’s orders, five men were executed with a scythe. To this day one of the more popular beverages at Free State Brewery, an easy walk/stumble from the Eldridge, is John Brown Ale.

Other fun stats:

  • KU and mizzou have lined up every year since 1891 with the exception of 1918 due to an influenza epicdemic. The current standings.
  • According to mizzou’s SID, the series tied 52-52-9. KU prefers to list the “on-field” record of 53-51-9, counting a 23-7 victory in 1960. KU was later forced to forfeit that game due to the participation of an ineligible player. A KU win on Saturday makes it three in a row and a muted debate is for the remainder of the year

Now on to this weekend’s lineup:

Thursday night match-up: Boston College (+13) vs. Virginia Tech
mizzou (-6) vs. Kansas
Texas Tech (-11) vs. Baylor
Texas (-37) vs. Oklahoma St.
Georgia (+4) vs. Florida


17 Responses to “Week 9 – the “Border War” is upon us”

  1. October 27, 2005 at 4:52 am

    Let me get tonight’s game in…

    With Georgia and Alabama battling major injury issues it looks like Va Tech
    and Texas will be battling it out for #2 (I don’t care who is #1 right now, USC will be back in the 1 spot next week as Texas’ poor schedule strength really takes hold now). Va Tech plays #11 B.C. tonight, #5 Miami next week and #9 FSU in the ACC title game. If they win out they will pass Texas with ease as UT finishes with powerhouses OK St, Baylor, Kansas, Tex AM and probably Colorado… With all that in mind and after a lackluster win last week over Maryland I think Tech comes out strong and blasts B.C. I’ll take the Hokies to cover here setting up the big one next week vs Miami.

  2. 2 brentbaker
    October 27, 2005 at 5:33 am

    The BC defense has the ability to cotain Vick and cover. Go Fighting Fluties…

    RObert…you failed to mention if you thought Va Tech would win out….

  3. 3 markscholz
    October 27, 2005 at 7:00 am

    VERY intesesting tidbits of information on the Kansas vs. missou rivalry. And the comment about a$m’s single contribution to the arts.

    I’ll take BC to cover. VTech’s NOT running the table anyway. But, even if they do TEXAS will have a comfortable lead over V Tech in BOTH the Human polls. Sorry Bobby – the Horns are going to Pasedena. How about OU’s overtime victory over Baylor – HUGE props.

  4. 4 Wife
    October 27, 2005 at 4:37 pm


    As Bush rescinds his nomination of loyal counsel Harriet Miers this week (“you’re the bestest governor ever!”), he’s asking his old right-wing conservative pals for a big time do-over. This was disguised as a withdrawal, but comes only days after Republicans were blitzing the airwaves with commercials pressuring the President to withdraw his nomination and saying that “all Presidents makes mistakes” (um, try 300) and they still support him, but not his nomination. They even quoted short-lived ESPN NFL commentator Rush Limbaugh (talk about do-overs – more like do never again). All the while the rest of the nation was eagerly awaiting the news on one Carl Rove, himself a Bush do-over….the first President Bush apparently fired Rove under the suspicion that he was leaking confidential information (shocking). Well, George W. said “I get a do-over Daddy!” and now he’s paying the price….as our good friend David Harris likes to say, “I’m just sittin’ in the front row with my box of popcorn and big giant coke, and I’ll be there ‘til 2008 when the credits roll….”

    I’m sure the commish would like to do-over the entire Kansas football season, or at least the game last week against Colorado. He’s so distraught, he’s trying to do-over week 8 of FBB in clear denial of the debacle they call Jayhawk football (I can boldly say such things as he is clear across the country right now). And despite his history lesson, he refuses to learn from history. The Jayhawks aren’t good at football. They never have been. And history is about to repeat itself with another 4-7 season (if they’re lucky). It pains me to say it, but the dreaded Tigers win and cover.

    I bet the Red Raiders would kill for a do-over against Texas, but they’ll have to settle for a Baylor Bear beat down. They have absolutely owned Baylor in recent years, and this one will be no exception. Kinda like the Christian Coalition has owned Bush. Grim reapers win and cover.

    Here’s a little history for ya….the Longhorns are 17-2 all-time against the Cowboys, and have won the last seven in a row. Since 1983, Oklahoma State is 1-8 at home against teams ranked fourth or higher. No wonder, they have to play in a place called Boone Pickens stadium. Hardly inspiring. Given that the Longhorns beat Tech by 35, I think they easily cover against OSU. And the Cowboys will just be a distant memory come voting time. Much like poor Harriett Miers, according to the ever-delicate Trent Lott, “Next week, no one will even remember her name.”

    GEORGIA (+4) vs. FLORIDA
    The Bulldogs have lost 13 of the last 14 match-ups with the Gators before posting a 31-24 triumph last year. With Florida coming off a loss to Louisiana State and Shockley out, I think we make that 14 of 15. Bulldogs cover.

    The Hokies have won 10 consecutive Thursday night games….their only Thursday night loss coming against the Eagles in 1995. The Eagles have won 13 of 16 on the road. Five of those victories came against ranked teams, including the No. 12 Hokies in 2003. I think Va Tech wins, but doesn’t cover.

  5. October 28, 2005 at 4:35 am

    When did you become a rock star or an Oscar award winning actress. Injecting misplaced and unsolicited political commentary at every turn. It’s football season, does anyone care what a lame duck president is doing…??? You think W is a dumbass; shocking… Unfortunately for you and the elitist left , there are no electable candidates for the Dems in 2008 so looks like dude will be sitting in the front row chanting 2012 soon.

    “Rock stars, is there anything they don’t know?” — Homer Simpson

  6. 6 brentbaker
    October 28, 2005 at 5:20 am

    Love the Simpson’s quote. And, in keeping with the history theme…here is a little background on Amarillo native T. Boone Pickens.


    Oh yea…here are my remaining picks:

    – KU makes it three in a row and covers…was this even in question?
    – Tech makes some noise as they replace tortillas with cotton — Tech covers
    – Texas makes this game closer than they should as they look ahead to next week’s showdown — but they still cover
    – I’ll take the Gators to cover a wounded Bulldog field general.

  7. October 28, 2005 at 6:30 am

    B2, as for Va Tech winning out… Not sure. The pundits on the tube all think so but I have a feeling Miami is laying low and will be hard to beat. Next week is the week and I have a feeling Miami may pull the upset. I’ll give it some more thought and wait for the line to post next week.

  8. 8 markscholz
    October 29, 2005 at 3:21 am

    Will TEXAS lose before Jan 4? OK, just hear me out, Texas could lose against Buster Douglas, I mean Baylor, which just took Oklahoma to overtime in Norman – are the Sooners still “reloading”? UT had better not look past Nov. 5 in Waco, a game that absolutely nobody is going to pick them to lose, which is why they just might. Also, Vince Young’s body is not made out of graphite. Opposing defensive players salivate over VY’s shins like pitbulls do raw mailman flesh. He could get injured, ending back-up QB Matt Nordgren’s streak of 237 consecutive handoffs.

    I know, crazy talk. Hey, I’ve gotta find some way to keep my mind occupied the next couple of months. Some people count sheep to get to sleep; I count worst-case scenarios and all of them have Vince doing the Theisman pose.

    The reason the Horns have no chance of losing until Jan. 4 is that the UT defense just won’t let the team succumb to a sleeper. A team can be unlucky on offense, with receivers dropping passes, quarterbacks overthrowing into interceptions, running backs coughing up the ball. But there is almost no such thing as ill fortune on defense, even though it seemed that way when Aaron Ross tipped a sure interception to a Tech receiver. If every player dominates his man, as the Horns secondary has done all year long, opponents will score fewer points than the Longhorns. It’s that simple. Playing especially well are Huff n’ Stuff, safety Michael Huff and defensive end Brian Robison.

    But let’s not dwell on the negative so soon after trouncing the West Texas waterbugs (doesn’t the Tech offense look like someone flicked a light on a pool full of waterbugs?). It was good to see Selvin Young come out of his funk, with a pair of nifty touchdown runs and nothing coming close to a fumble. Sel was covering that pigskin like a nanny carrying Britney Spears’ baby through a throng of papparazzi.

    Here’s my picks:
    KU to cover
    Tech rolls
    TEXAS wins big and covers
    With the Bull Dogs QB out, I’ll take Florida.

  9. October 29, 2005 at 5:44 am

    The reason Tx has no chance to lose has nothing to do with their defense and everything to do with how pitiful the Big 12 is this year. Can you really say that TX has played anyone this year? Don’t come with that Oh State BS; they aren’t even in the top 10 and neither is TT who really isn’t even a top 25 team. Give me a friggin break. Texas would be 5-2 in the SEC or the ACC. Hell if they came into the Pizza Hut, the Cards would roll them by at least 40 (of course we would lose by 40 in Austin)…
    Its not UT’s fault that OSU isn’t a Top 10 team or that the Big 12 sucks this year. You can only play who is on the schedule, but until Texas plays someone of stature, no one really knows how good they are. I hope they do go to Pasadena. Talk about blowouts. And hey Mack, you may not want to keep V Young in the game in the 4th quarter when you are up 40. He almost got a twig snapped heading to the endzone last week.

  10. 10 Blaine & Casey
    October 29, 2005 at 8:21 am

    What a great historical rendition… it actually reminds me of another “Border War.”

    This other rivalry can be traced back to the storied metropolis of Amarillo, Texas. This is when the younger brother of two began establishing dominance in the household as a part of the Pitty the Fool Act of 1982. This dominance by the younger brother was interpreted as a threat to the livelihood and social standing of the pro-stampcollecting older brother living down the hall to the east. The ensuing battles, in the form of sock boxing (the act of tying multiple socks around your fist and pitying your oppenent in a boxing match) which raged over the next decade, brought about the labels, “You Aint So Bad”, “I Don’t Hate Bauboa, I Just Pity the Fool,” and “Bleeding Fool.” The most infamous of these was “Beatdown on Dreyfuss St.” in the summer of 1984. Of the 75 pieces of furniture destroyed and 100’s of damaged, places on the wall, a rather large green trunk, used by the older brother to house the rarest of collected stamps, is one of the few surviving articles from younger brother’s decimation of his older sibling. I highly recommend flying into Amarillo where not only can you witness the green trunk in an attic somewhere, but you can also enjoy a free 72oz steak at the Big Texan.

    In retaliation to the constant “Pitting the Fool” dominance, the short and fiery older brother decided to violate a time out. When the younger brother least expected it, the older brother came out from behind a few trash bags and performed a surprise kick attack (very much in violation of sock boxing rules) and knocked out the two front teeth of the little brother. After seeing the rage and indefinate retaliation in the face of the youger brother, the older brother went to hide and seek refuge in the only place available, the big green trunk. To this day it is rumored that his growth was stunted because of the deprivation of food and oxygen as result of countless, fearful hours he seeked refuge in such a confined space.

    Hello FBB Bretheren!

    The hawks are struggling and at this point in the season, I just don’t know how the players or coaches can have any confidence in anything they are doing. The only hope for ’em is if they can get excited over the “Border War.” If this apparently storied rivalry noted above can result in the Jayhawks developing a short memory and in-turn begin to focus on execution they might have a shot. However, I’m afraid it might just be too much to ask of a group of kids who obviously must be pretty frustrated. Enter the John Brown effect. I’m sure those honk for hemping KS settlers where down and out from MS folks’ constant beatdown. All Mangino has to do pull out the metaphorical scythes and execute the tigers. I’m going with the Jawhawks!

    Side bar: a scythe is defined as:

    Sorry everyone for the performance of the Pink Faders last week. Unfortantely we just didn’t play to our potential and that has very much to do with the strength of Texas. However, although I am very proud of and will always be loyal to my Red Raiders, I’d prefer to rename them officially as the esteemed Father of the Fabulous Baker Brothers refers to them as The Grim Reapers. You just never know which Tech team will show up. And, I’m not convinced that we are all that good anyway – given our schedule and performances up to the Texas game. Not to mention, a much improved Baylor at home could pose quite a challenge. However, I’ll let my emotions get the best of me a say Tech will cover – but will not be suprised if this turns out to be another Nebraska performance.

    Horns cover and hope Tech plays well the rest of the season or Texas will be number 3 in the BCS if Va Tech wins out.

    GEORGIA (+4) vs. FLORIDA
    Bulldogs are hurt – Gators cover

  11. 11 Blaine & Casey
    October 29, 2005 at 11:19 pm

    A few post Game Day comments:

    Mark and Juju – are you as suprised as I am the Texas might have displayed a let down after playing the Grim Reepers?

    Texas Tech pitched a shutout. We might become known as a defensive standout in the last half of the season! (Okay, maybe too much lean in my cup.)

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk. John Brown called… he wants his scythe back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12 Wife
    October 30, 2005 at 1:43 pm

    Robert, you’re right. I’m the Susan Sarandon of FBB! Just tryin’ to keep it fresh and bring back some of the old themes (fashion, politics)….come to think of it though, actually focusing on the games this year (and not just winning the FBB pulitzer) has really paid off in the standings.

    Fool! Welcome back to FBB! We’ve missed ya, brother. We are in NY so did not catch the game yesterday, but didn’t sound like a great first half performance by the Horns. I’m glad that happened this week and they recovered (sadly without covering) so that they stay focused and humble going into the big Bear claw and Jayhawks games. Brent told me this morning that he is very concerned that KU is going to knock UT out of the BCS standings. And with a straight face! His exact words were “well, KU is on a roll.” One, my darling, is not a roll. He said that the KU defense stopped the Mizzou Qback who has “Vince-like numbers.” AGAINST WHOM? I really think the man is becoming delusional.

  13. 13 brentbaker
    October 30, 2005 at 5:03 pm

    So glad both my brother and wife accurately portray both side. No wonder they get along so well.

    To Blaine’s errant recollection of the missing teeth….yes I did kick him in the mouth but I think it was only one that was knocked out. Simply a fight that brothers tend to find themselves in. I’m sure Robert can speak to the same.

    To Julie’s recollection of our morning’s discussion. Should KU end the drought against the Blackshirts this coming Saturday I mentioned they would be on a roll going into Austin. The KU defense, which has been solid in every outing sans CU, demonstrated it was able to contain a multi-threat QB who put up 460 yards the week prior against a defense that keep the boys from Lubbock in check. Mark nailed it in that it will be the Chizek defense that will keep Horns on the path to Pasadena, regardless if KU’s D plays out of their minds in Austin. But the game has all the ingredients for what keeps the Scholz family up at nights…..the best overall defense in the conference and all around playmaker in preseason All-American Charles Gordon.

    And a shout out to the KU X-Country team who placed third in the Big XII championships – their best finish to date. The Jayhawks were paced by now two time conference champion Benson Chesang. Chesang (23:45) held off Texas’s Joe Thorne (23:48). Could it be a sign of things to come?

    But until then…the focus returns to ending the losing streak against the Husker.

    The schooling of Blaine continues – http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entry/scythe

  14. October 31, 2005 at 6:52 am

    I know the definition….I looked it up a couple of days ago!

  15. October 31, 2005 at 9:02 am

    I understand Juj, but being a self-proclaimed moderate as I have heard you classify yourself to be, its amazing that you only attack one side of the aisle (although i must admit that lately the right has been a pretty tasty target)… peace out

  16. 16 Wife
    October 31, 2005 at 5:25 pm

    ROBert, it’s inevitable when the right holds office and the majority of the house and senate that they receive the majority of attention from the country, including me. They’re making all of the decisions. And there were no Democrats calling for the Miers resignation, much less spending media dollars to pressure the President. With an office that has demanded a thumbs up or down for every nomination, I would have expected more from Bush. I think the woman should have been heard out in the hearings – that’s the whole point of the process. Stubborn or not, Bush has always gotten credit for being a man of his word and sticking to his guns (literally and figuratively) in the past. He caved on this one, and I think that’s what adds to the disgrace of nominating a woman clearly unfit to sit on the bench. Both parties had every right to argue competence, but that should have taken place in the hearings not in the media.

  17. November 2, 2005 at 6:05 am

    Yeah, but do we want someone on the bench that pulls out her name when the going gets a little tough…??? Clarence Thomas stayed the course when the left sponsered an all-out assault against him. W’s mistake was nominating someone who was obviously too moderate. He should have nominated Alito to begin with. He gets blasted for being too partisan if he nominates a staunch conservative and he ‘caves’ when he nominates a moderate (I heard as much bitching from the left as I did from the right). You’re right he should have stuck by his guns. Screw trying to pacify the left wing. Hopefully W. has learned his lesson and it should serve the next Republican elected to the office in ’08 well.

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