FBB Week Seven — A return to reality

OK….as I wage a battle against sleep deprivation reality is beginning to sink in. No….not all the weight gained from multi-course dinners or two week’s worth of email that awaits but the realization that we are more than half-way through the FBB season and RObert is on top of the standings. The quest to knock him off begins with this week’s line up:

OU (-5.5) vs. Kansas
Kansas St. (+14) vs. Texas Tech
Colorado (+17.5) vs. Texas
Louisville (-7) vs. West Virginia
Florida (+6) vs. LSU

And my sleep deprived calls…..

univ of kansas OU (-5.5) vs. Kansas

Everyone is giving the Sooners two touchdowns on this one. And why shouldn’t I? What is listed as a home game is actually played in KC at Arrowhead for revenue purposes – home field advantage negated. And then there is the KU offense….God awful. Rotating quarterbacks like defensive linemen is not proving to be a worthwhile scheme for Mangino and company. The hotseat discussions are beyond a whisper as it is beginning to looks like qualifying for postseason play will be an uphill climb. If KU drops this one they will need to pick up wins against mizzou, Iowa State, and Nebraska. Doable if we shore up our offensive woes in a hurry.

This said, the KU defense is the type of defense that will make us competitive in games like this weekend’s. KU is #3 in the nation against the run…..not good for a team lead by a wobbly Peterson. This will force OU to go to the air….and mistake ridden Bomar will have flashbacks of the decleating experienced in the Cotton Bowl. Comments made to the media this week by the defensive leaders make it clear that they feel they will need to carry this team across the board. That may mean in the scoring department as well. Expect and aggressive, blitzing D trying to create opportunities for themselves. The Flying Manginos won’t cover but they will keep it under two touchdowns.

texas tech Kansas St. (+14) vs. Texas Tech

Tech was lucky to get out of Lincoln alive last week. Up three touchdowns they somehow feel asleep on the road and let the Big Red Machine back into the game. Why does this matter this week….well it makes me think that Tech will once again jump all over frosh quarterback early and turn their attention to Texas. OK that is about as far as I can take this one as I am desperately out of material and once again running on little sleep. To quote our Raider backer Tech will have their lean on early but will still cover – completing their sweep of the mighty North.

univ. of texas Colorado (+17.5) vs. Texas

IMO….this game could not come at a better time of the Brown and co. Coming off the huge win last week they need the oddsmaker’s Big 12 Championship preview to regain focus. If this was a game against Kansas….I would be calling for the letdown alert.

But that call will need to wait a few more weeks and if CU was not motiviation enough….Texas realizes the aren’t getting any help from Ohio St. in the BCS rankings and need to make some noise against quality opponents. Big wins against quality teams in CU and Tech should help make their case against Va Tech. Expect a pursuing Harris to be all over Klatt; creating opportunities for the relatively untested Texas secondary. That said, Barnett will continue to marvel everyone and keep this under the line. Texas will win by two touchdowns but fall short of the cover.

u of l Louisville (-7) vs. West Virginia

Quite possibly the second of two conference championship previews this weekend as I am betting S Fla will trip themselves up somewhere down the line. That said, UVW could probably recite the S. Fla defensive game plan implemented against the Cards and will tee it up with their Top 10 D. If this was played in the Pizza Hut I would take the Cards to put up 35. But it is on the road and will be closer than Robert can stomach. In the end, Brohm and company will find a way to cover and the Cards position themselves for a shot at the Big East Championship.

Florida (+6) vs. LSU
OK blame sleep deprivation on the fact I pull this game out over the USC vs. ND game. What in the hell was I thinking. Anyway….Florida is lamed and LSU is for real. Look for the Tigers to cover


6 Responses to “FBB Week Seven — A return to reality”

  1. October 14, 2005 at 10:19 am

    I’m in a bit of a rush so i’ll toss these selections out…

    I agree with B2 that Arrowhead hurts KU as a home field. I’ll take the Sooners…

    Can’t pick against the Red Raiders until someone shuts them down… Take TT…

    I’ll take Texas to cover… They can’t afford to not blow any team out at this point as their strength of schedule is horrible. Meanwhile Va Techs, Georgias, FSUs and Penn States are much tougher. Texas schedule is ranked in the 80’s, Louisvilles is in the 30s. What does that tell you? Tells me that UT will be screwed come BCS time with an undefeated record…

    I’ll take the Ville to win handly… WVU didn’t impress me in previous games and the Cards have put up over 130 points in two games since their loss. Cards cover.

    I like LSU as well as Chris Leak is the wrong man for Urban Meyers offensive style.

    Have fun watchin’


  2. 2 Wife
    October 14, 2005 at 3:02 pm


    OU (-5.5) VS. KANSAS
    If drastic changes are a sign of panic, then Mangino is likely being treated for mild attacks in the quarterback position. He has actually announced Luke as the starting, and, get this – finishing quarterback for Saturday’s game. And the fact that OU is even taking this game seriously speaks to the true depth of their woes at 112 (no offense, ang). OU will cover because if they don’t, they will never recover – and they may become the 2nd best 4 and 7 team in the country.

    KANSAS ST. (+14) vs. TEXAS TECH
    Tech has an opportunity to make a clean sweep of the Big 12 North, go 6-0 for the first time since 1998 and beat the purple panthers for the third year in a row. While this might spell upset for a team like KU (no offense again, ang), the red raiders will easily cover.

    COLORADO (+17.5) vs. TEXAS
    I agree with Robert on this one. Given their lame-ass schedule, the Longhorns have to make a spectacle of every opponent for the remainder of the year. OU is meaningless if they turn around and lose to Colorado. This is the first time since ’83 that Texas has been undefeated in mid-October. If Texas wins and Southern Cal loses at Notre Dame, the Longhorns could be No. 1 for the first time since 1984. The Buffs have a lot of momentum right now, but the ‘Horns will cover.

    Lots of brotherly love in this one. This is Brian Brohm’s chance to avenge his brother’s loss to WVU twelve years ago. And, Adam Bednarik’s brother is now his quarterback coach. If only it had been Brohm and Bednarik Sr. battling it out in the ’93 shoot-out, then we’d have a real Bonanza episode on our hands. But alas, we have loosely laid familial affiliations at best. Regardless, Brohm will find the drama and the Cards will cover.

    FLORIDA (+6) vs. LSU
    Florida outranks LSU on every major offensive stat despite Leak’s mediocrity. The Gators have won 14 of the last 17 match-ups, including three at Tiger Stadium. This is a “backs against the wall, give it 110%, come out swinging” game for both of these teams. I think Meyer will have his team ready for this match-up and Florida will cover.

  3. 3 Sharon Kay
    October 14, 2005 at 3:04 pm

    OU -5.5 over Ku: TX Tech-14 over KS: TX -17.5 over CO: Louisville -7: LSU – 7
    Shake & bAKE

  4. 4 brentbaker
    October 15, 2005 at 6:45 am

    Mark’s picks

    OU CAN’T SPELL “three and out” without “ou”. I don’t know if I’ve had a more enjoyable, relaxing couple of hours than the second half of the Texas-OU game. Once Vince Young laid leather on Billy Pittman’s fingertips for that 64-yard stroll to make it 24-6 at the half, the past week’s stress, having to hear over and over again about five straight losses to the land thieves, evaporated like the Red Sox hopes for a repeat.

    On an afternoon when VY’s feet were about as big a factor as Brian Robison’s tattoos, the Horns had it won to the point that Mack Brown remarked at halftime, as we knew he would, that his team was going to play the second half like the score was 0-0. But we all watched it like it was 24-6, 31-6, 38-6 and 45-12, didn’t we? Here’s a little tidbit I read in the paper – For the ninth consecutive year, the better, higher-ranked team won the Red River Rivalry.

    I never thought the sight of a 300-pounder running 67 yards could be a thing of beauty, unless it was the old Anna Nicole Smith fleeing a publicity stunt, but senior Rodrique Wright’s fourth-quarter ramble to the Promised Land was backed, in my mind, with the sounds of an angelic choir. Free at last, free at last, great God almighty the Horns family is free at last from those who’ve pointed out they’re nobody until they beat Oklahoma. It didn’t matter that they’d defeated a team that had already lost to TCU and UCLA, whose lone star Adrian Peterson tried to be Willis Reed until he realized that the hobbled Knick great didn’t have to play against guys ready to tear his head off. This Sooners offense, whose leading receiving target is the backup quarterback Paul Thompson – OU had fewer weapons than Greenpeace.

    The “curse” has been nothing but a nuisance to the 2005 Horns, who can now move on to more formidable opponents, like today’s foe, the Colorado Buffaloes, who exposed Texas A&M like a “60 Minutes” segment on ridiculously overrated teams.

    I had Kate tape the game for me while I was in Dallas, and for the 100th playing of Texas-Oklahoma, ABC had legendary voice of college football Keith Jackson in the booth. I absolutely love Keith Jackson, but he’s definitely lost his touch over the years. I guess he’s better than “I’d rather have an Ice pick inserted in my eye, than listen to” Brent Musberger. Keith had thousands of Horns fans going to “Google” just before the game when he compared Vince Young’s Rose Bowl performance to Walter Mitty. But at least Jackson didn’t keep calling the Horns backup runner “Selvin Jones,” as cohort Dan Fouts did. Jackson’s worse “Whoa Nellie” moment would come at the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Texas up 31-6 and Jackson announcing “there’s a new quarterback in the game, Colt McCoy.” If he said that David Koresh was spotted on the sidelines, that would make as much sense as the redshirt McCoy coming into the game at that point. Bevo showing some spark would be more believable. Realizing his mistake, “Coach” Jackson backpedaled. “Someone’s gotta get to Mack and tell him ‘this one’s in hand’ let’s not get (Vince Young) injured.” When you fly a guy in from the coast to call a game, you should at least brief him about what’s at stake. It’s 31- 6 with 14 minutes to play. Texas has not beaten Oklahoma since 1999. In two of the last five meetings, the Sooners ran it up on the Horns with more than 60 points. And Mack Brown’s supposed to sit Vince?

    Now that would’ve almost ruined a perfect afternoon.

    OU (-5.5) vs. Kansas – OU to win and cover

    Kansas St. (+14) vs. TT – TT to win and cover

    Colorado (+17.5) vs. TEXAS – TEXAS wins, but the Buffs cover

    Lu-vulle (-7) vs. W. Virginia – The ville wins and covers

    Florida (+6) vs. LSU – LSU wins and covers

  5. 5 Blaine & Casey
    October 15, 2005 at 8:17 am


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