Week 8 – Race for #2

With USC surviving South Bend only a major upset — save their cross-town rival — will keep them playing for a third national championship. This makes it a six team race for the #2 BCS seat…lead by Texas and Va. Tech. With the eyes to Texas fixated on Terrapin country this week I thought we would bring Beamer ball to the FBB lineup. Here are this week’s picks:

  • Kansas (+15) vs. Colorado
  • Texas Tech (+15.5) vs. Texas
  • Louisville (-22) vs. Cincinnati
  • Tennessee (+3) vs. Alabama
  • Va Tech -10 at Maryland

And here are my fearless predictions:

univ of kansas Kansas Jayhawks (+15) vs. Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado’s run game lines up against the fourth best run defense in the country….I like our chances in this match-up. History also states that this game is closer than anyone expects. And the inside story out of Lawrence is KU back-up senior quarterback Swanson emerges from Mangino’s doghouse and finds a way to get this offense in the endzone. Will Kansas beat the odds-on-favorite in the North….probably not. But their defense will continue to impose their will and reserve Swanson will establish himself as the field general for the remainder of the season. KU covers.

texas tech univ. of texas Texas Tech Red Raiders (+15.5) vs. Texas Longhorns

The true Big XII championship game…..forget the inevitable match-up with CU in December. While everyone is talking about the high-flying Tech offense and the mayor of Herford Cody Hodge it will be the Texas defense who has the greatest opportunity to steal the headlines. Tech’s non-conference schedule was laughable. Tech’s sweep of the Big XII North was laughable. This will be the true test….the fastest game on turf finally faces an equally fast defense. You could argue my Jayhawks were a reputable defensive foe…but any endeavors on the defensive side were offset by an inept offense. I don’t see the Texas defense spending as much time on the field and will be able to maintain pressure for four quarters. Texas’s defense makes headlines, Mack covers, and another undefeated BCS contender loses its grip on the coveted #2 slot.

u of l Louisville Cardinals (-22) vs. Cincinnati Bearcats

Lets start with how sorry the Big East is. The game of the week is Rutgers vs. Connecticut – are you joking. Look, the Big XII is down but this is on par with a KU vs. Baylor marque matchup. I realize the featured mathcup should have featured Robert’s daddies – S. Fla vs. West Virginia. But the Scarlet Knights as the undercard….come on. OK…back to bashing the Ville. In the Pizza Hut this team rocks. Outside the cozy confines of Louisville the Cards are as disappointing as the KU passing attack. And like the Cards, the Bearcats are undefeated at home this season. But this is the weekend of change…KU finds its quarterback and Louisville plays on the road. The Ville is a lead pipe lock to cover.
Tennessee (+3) vs. Alabama
The second best game of the weekend. Could another team from the state of Alabama run the table and win the Big East; only to be jilted by the BCS? To quote a wise man…not so fast. Tennessee will find its LSU mojo and pulls the upset on the road. The quest for #2 is down to four.


8 Responses to “Week 8 – Race for #2”

  1. 1 Mark
    October 20, 2005 at 6:46 am

    Will provide commentary later, but let me get my V Tech pick in now.
    Va Tech (-10) at Maryland
    V Tech will roll – Win and cover

  2. 2 brentbaker
    October 20, 2005 at 6:58 am

    Agreed….Va Tech covers tonight

  3. October 20, 2005 at 10:44 am

    I’ll third that; Va Tech paste Maryland and cover easily… They are in a ridiculous point race with Texas, Georgia and Alabama thanks to the BCS crap system. None of these four can afford even a less than average showing, let alone a loss… Only one of the SEC teams can come out undefeated so it will eventually be a 3 team race. UT may be in trouble as they have no ranked teams left on their schedule after TT. Georgia with wins over Florida and Auburn and then Alabama in the title game would pass UT as would Va Tech if they win out over Miami and Florida State… Texas can still make it if those teams eventually lose which may happen considering their tougher
    road to the Rose… Macks’ poor non-conference scheduling may come back to bite him in the keyster, esp. in a season when OU, Neb and K-State all suck.

    I think UT would beat Georgia or Alabama and a Va Tech/Texas game would be too close to call, but unfortunately thanks to the BCS its all up to the programmers… OUT

  4. 4 brentbaker
    October 20, 2005 at 2:56 pm

    As per Julie –


    KANSAS (+15) vs. COLORADO
    Like Mangino’s job, for one. Or at least that of his offensive coordinator. Kansas hasn’t scored a touchdown in nine straight quarters, and Brent wants to know what I can’t get into Jayhawk football. At least during the upcoming basketball season, when the Hawks will all be young and out of synch there will be moments of brilliance. That’s all I need, a glimmer. But football season is just too painful, and this Saturday will be no exception. The comparative team averages on offense are just embarrassing. Even if Michael Lee had stayed on another year to play football, who was actually going to throw to him? The Buffs cover, and we count 29 days until basketball season.

    TEXAS TECH (+15.5) vs. TEXAS
    With Tech leading the Big 12 in most offensive categories and UT leading in most defensive categories, something’s gotta give. And I can assure you, Jerry Samuel, that it will not be the Longhorns on Saturday. Your son has made the mistake of voting against the horns on several ill-fated occasions this season, and has lived to regret it. While Tech is busy producing special t-shirts and a whole bunch of other crap they are going to be too humiliated to wear come Sunday, the Longhorns are focused on the game. UT has won five of the last six games against Tech, and this game will make it six. With Lee Corso waving from the CGD booth in Austin wearing the big Bevo head and Mark Scholz with but a tear in his eye, I predict the Horns will cover AND potentially break Tech’s streak of not allowing more than 21 points this season.

    This is a tough one ‘cause Cincinnati has that cute “C” team logo with little paw pads on top of it. But alas, I cannot always be swayed by the fuzz factor if I expect to maintain my #2 ranking. The Cards rank 8th in total yards while the Bearcats are 79th. Cards 12th in passing yards, ‘cats 83rd. Cards 3rd in points scored, ‘cats 96th. Bearcats are cute, but that only gets you so far (ask ROBert). The Cards will cover.

    This game is going to be hostile. Fulmer apparently secretly gave the NCAA damaging information about Alabama’s recruiting tactics five years ago, which led to the Tide being placed on probation in 2002, and Alabama fans have not forgiven him. This is Fulmer’s first visit here since the testimony came to light last year. Alabama is 43-37-7 all-time against Tennessee but has lost nine of the last 10 meetings. The last game here was a thriller, with the Vols posting a 51-43 triumph in five overtimes. Multi-layered revenge can be quite a motivator. I think the Tide covers.

    VA TECH (-10) at MARYLAND
    Even though the terps (rhymes with merps) have won three straight games against the likes of impressive teams like Temple, this is no contest. As much as I love the turtle in his superhero pose, VT will easily cover.

  5. October 20, 2005 at 3:53 pm

    Texas Tech
    Va Tech

  6. October 21, 2005 at 10:51 am

    Well I, as the rest of you, had the right side of the Va Tech game last night. Of course picking that game right was about as easy as picking up a toothless chick in Lubbock.
    As for the rest of the schedule…

    Colorado is stinging from its trip to Austin and takes it out on the slower, fatter, less talented high school that resides in Lawrence. Colorado in a walk to cover.

    Texas should wax the Red Raiders as Leach comes a step closer to Lexington. Word is around these parts that he is #1 on UK’s list to replace Old Man Brooks. Leach earned his offensive chops here under Hal Mumme and a nice fat contract and a spot in the premier football conference (SEC) in the nation may entice him… That and he gets to leave that virtual dustbowl of a town in Lubbock and move to a place that actually has sedans to go along with pick-ups. The cows cover.

    The ‘ville -20… Yeah, i’ll take some of that. They should drop a 40 point ass whippin’ on the ‘natti as long as they have a different officiating crew from last week ((the Big East just came out with a statement that basically said the refs (yes all 6 of them) cost L’ville the game))… Thanks guys alot of good that does us now. How ’bout learning the rules BEFORE the game…

    Alabama will roll the Vols… Tenn sucks and Alabama fought tooth and nail last week on the road to win. The Tide knows that if they win out they will be playing in the Rose Bowl as the BCS#2 because to do it they will have to beat a top 5 team in Georgia and they can’t screw an undefeated team that goes through the SEC again. They did last year with Auburn, but the Big 12 was alot better. This year the Big 12 is on par with the Sun Belt conference.

  7. 8 brentbaker
    October 22, 2005 at 12:42 pm

    Mark’s picks –

    Test – One, Two. …Test one, two. Earth to Tech, earth to

    Never thought I’d think this, but after watching TEXAS score 35 points
    on the first five possessions against the overmatched Buffalosers, the
    2005 Longhorns are pretty damn good. Saturdays are for grinding your
    teeth, not flossing them. It’s a time to intensely watch the tube and
    talk to it like a crazy person, not to get a few things done around the
    house while glancing at the TV every few seconds to watch VY loft
    as easy to catch as pillows. So far, the Horns have been tested about
    often as a smoke detector in a crack house, with the only outcome in
    doubt Sept. 10 against Ohio State. Do you realize that “Shawshank
    Redemption” has aired 17 times on Ted Turner stations since the Horns
    were behind in a game?

    This season, frankly, has been something of a bore for everyone except
    the parents of third-stringers. Vince and company have been putting
    games faster than a teen-ager does a Hustler when he hears a key in the
    front door. It’s great to back a dominant team, but it would be nice to
    hear more talk about playcalling options in certain situations and less
    fluff about what Mack’s got in his iPod.

    The only thing that can stop Texas is “The Reach”, you know, when
    players stick the ball out, unprotected, to break the plane of the goal
    line. The Horns have spent more time angling for just inside the end
    zone pylon than middle-aged groupies trying to get backstage at a
    concert. VY, who should’ve learned his lesson with last year’s 99-yard,
    14-point swing play against A&M, is especially prone to this risky,
    stat-padding move. Tech-nician Mike Leach is no doubt instructing his
    defense to tackle Vince’s hands at the goal line or a first-down marker
    because they’re offering up a ham sandwich. Coach Brown may consider
    turning down the 50 Cent on his pod and drilling some caution into his
    cocky bunch.

    In the big game Saturday, Lucky Leinart broke Irish hearts like nothing
    since Prohibition. But I’m fine with USC staying undefeated until Jan.
    4, when they’ll line up against a Longhorn team that not many are going
    to pick to win. Finally, if ABC continues to refer to senior linebacker
    Aaron Harris as a sophomore (three weeks in a row!) can he get two
    of eligibility back – we need him next year?

    KANSAS (+15) vs. COLORADO
    Colorado wins, Kansas covers
    TEXAS TECH (+15.5) vs. TEXAS
    Tech – time to meet your maker. The ‘Horns win big and cover. 52-27.
    The Cards win big and cover
    Roll Tide – Bama covers, but the VOLS win

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