Week 6; Red River Shootout

The shootout is upon us… UT finally after years and years and years and years of miserable performances aginst OU has the upper hand. Not even Mack Brown can screw this up (although I am sure he will try). Forget the fact that the most popular class on the UT campus is taxidermy (because the course description says you get to mount dead animals)… Forget the fact that the most commonly heard statement made to a Texas State Trooper along I-35 farmland is “Honest offiicer, I was just helping that sheep over the fence.” Forget all that. No way UT can screw this up. No way. Mark, I hope for your sake UT wins so you won’t have to give your shower rod a workout. I know you are taking the Horns to cover regardless of the line, but for the rest of us here it is…

UT (-14.5) vs OU

There are other games and they are as follows:

KU (+6.5) at K St

TT (-4.5) at Neb

UNC (+13.5) at L’ville

Oregon (+9.5) at ASU

Chew on these awhile and if any of you have trouble posting to the blog just e-mail your picks to everyone on the FBB mailing list.



3 Responses to “Week 6; Red River Shootout”

  1. October 7, 2005 at 11:12 am

    Here are B2’s picks

    Here ya go….

    UT (-14.5) vs OU

    Where to begin…..maybe the Bay of Bigs. As bad as OU has been this season they are still holding opponents to under 70 yards on the ground per game. Credit that primarily to a Stoops D allowing model citizen Dusty Dvoracek to run wild, clog up the middle, and allow the Sooner linebackers to take out the primary ground attacks. Out of Austin the DL story isn’t as great. Brown and co. had high expectations for Rodrique Wright yet his performance to date have some NFL experts placing him late in the sixth round. Fortunately Peterson is iffy and with Peterson goes the Sooner offensive attack.

    Another story may be the three headed monster in Young, Charles, and Taylor. Mack has a habit of playing it conservatively in Dallas….but at least this year he has many ground options. If Stoops keys on Young expect Taylor to continue to electrify and Charles to live up to his own preseason hyped.

    And then the Texas air attack. Look for Young to make a living out of short passes to TE Thomas and the young receivers to make some noise early on. I am looking for Brown to open up his attack and do what he can to counter the confidence instilled by Stoops.

    Finally….this is not the first time Texas has had the better team on paper. Regardless, it is consistency OU who enters the field feeling it is their game to lose. I’m not sure Mack can counter this…..but VY can. Look for Texas to win by 10.

    KU (+6.5) at K St

    Kansas has yet another quarterback controversy. This issue is there are no quarterbacks on campus. So it wont be the offense that gets the ship moving in the right direction. I have boasted all season about the KU D and I will continue to hold out hope that they can take Hawks bowling. OU held kstate to 22 yards rushing last week. 22 effing yards. Are you kidding me. Even after last week, KU is 5th in the nation in run defense allowing 72 yards per game. kstate is inept at running the ball and is prone to turn it over. If KU can manage to play within themselves and limit stupid ass turnovers then they will pull out the road upset. KU covers.

    TT (-4.5) at Neb

    The Husker Nation has waited for this one since last Nov. But look for Callahan on the hot seat as Tech covers yet again. If Iowa St. can put up 317 in the air I would expect Tech to match, if not exceed. Tech covers and continues their dominance on the North.

    UNC (+13.5) at L’ville

    Carolina Blue is riding high after two big upsets over instate foe NC State and Utah. Ville is looking to sell airline vouchers to So Cal. But this one is in the Pizza Hut and no one holds the Cards under 60 in their own house. Cards cover as the Bush Brohm ticket soar in the polls.

    Oregon (+9.5) at ASU

    Duck on the road against a very good Sun Devil squad. But does it really matter as they have both been USC whipping boys this season. Ill take ASU at home to cover.

  2. October 7, 2005 at 11:13 am

    and Marks’

    It’s not likely that I’d fly out of my seat in the third quarter of a
    37-13 Texas rout on a play where the magic man Ramonce Taylor was not
    involved. But when ABC’s John Saunders announced that the network would
    be switching from Texas-Missouri to “a better game,” Michigan-Michigan
    State, I became livid.
    Leaving the Horns with two minutes to go in the third quarter to show a
    more closely contested game is like Donald Trump turning away from a
    mirror to watch another mogul on TV with better hair.You don’t switch
    Texas viewers from a Horns game. I don’t care if it’s 83-0 and Mack’s
    dragging the bottom of the depth chart like he’s looking for bodies.
    Don’t care if DeLoss Dodds is returning punts. Luckily, ABC’s
    transgression lasted only about a minute and a half, and it was back to
    the drubathon that the refs tried to keep closer with their constant
    littering of yellow cloth. At times the field looked like the floor of
    Lance Armstrong’s laundry room and the Horns were flagged as if they’d
    mistakenly been told that Missouri is “The Grab Me State.” But on
    Saturday Austin viewers were not only shut out of watching the Yankees
    clinch the AL East title against Boston – the greatest of all sports
    rivals – but because of conference affiliation we were forced to watch
    Iowa State vs. Nebraska while the rest of the country saw the game Horns
    fans were most interested in. USC was down 21-3 at halftime – UT could
    very well become No. 1- and we had no way to cheer Arizona State on
    unless we had subscribed to one of those games-galore packages aimed at
    diehard Bowling Green alums. Can’t we just disown the Big 12 North,
    where they play football about as well as they make migas?

    Political correctness, as well as heightened alliteration, has come to
    the annual Texas-OU game, formerly known as the Red River Shootout. That
    nickname was born of Western movie mythology, but since 95 percent of
    students attending both schools think “Napoleon Dynamite” is a Western
    because it was shot in Idaho and know a shootout as something that
    happens after hip hop awards shows, the game is now called the “Red
    River Rivalry.” Say that three times fast, or once if you’re Barbara
    All the pressure in Dallas is on the Horns this year, which could be the
    main factor against them. There’s a big “Reverse the Curse” campaign
    after UT has lost the last five times against OU, but I’m a Cubs fan. A
    curse is something that goes back decades and usually concerns some sort
    of barnyard animal. Five years is not a curse; it’s a slump. And if you
    want to give your beloved Horns the best chance to win, you have to stop
    acting like there’s some mystical cloud of doom that might take a kahuna
    to remove. You want a magic chant to victory? Here it is: Don’t fumble,
    Vince. Don’t overpursue on defense, linebackers, or Adrian Peterson’s
    gonna kill you like last year with misdirection runs. Take Rhett Bomar
    seriously and watch out for receiver Paul Thompson, the jilted QB from
    ’round here who could redeem four years of waiting and one of
    disappointment with a couple of TD catches. Luckily, the Texas-OU game
    starts at noon, not 11 a.m. like last year’s Red River Shutout. As
    proven in the first part of the 11 a.m. Missouri game, Vince Young
    performs about as well in the a.m. as the Hilton sisters on morning
    radio. Stoops will out-scheme and game-plan Greg Davis again. Vince
    Young wins the game for Texas, despite the coaching inadequacies.

    UT (-14.5) vs OU
    TEXAS, finally.

    KU (+6.5) at K St

    TT (-4.5) at Neb

    UNC (+13.5) at L’ville

    Oregon (+9.5) at ASU

  3. October 7, 2005 at 11:24 am

    and the Hammers’

    I’ve got more wins this year than notches on Britney Spears’ chastity belt… With that I’ll add 5 more.

    UT has to cover. When OU was favored they routinely put 60+ on the board against the perennially over-rated
    cows from Austin… If UT doesn’t do likewise in a rare down OU season, shame. And also if they don’t goodbye
    #2 in the polls and hello Va Tech who when it is all said and done will have played a much tougher schedule than
    UT (who I am sure will try to hang their hat come BCS time on a narrow victory against a mediocre Big 11 power)
    Give me the Horns and Mark you guys better not let me down.

    K-State will roll up on KU after limping out of Norman. B2, you’re right; they don’t have a QB on campus in Lawrence,
    but couldn’t you say that about all the positions (sans calender girls)…

    I’ll take TT against Beau Bridges, errrr. Bill Callahan… Where o where have yuo gone Frank Solich…

    I’ll take the Heels to cover against the Ville… We drubbed them 34-0 last year in Chapel Hill; they are better and we are
    not so you figure it out…

    I like ASU to run and gun and cover this week as the Ducks waddle home with their feathers between their legs…

    Enjoy the festivities in Big D Mark if you are going… Better mount a gun rack in your truck if you want to get into the
    UT tailgating lot though…

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