FBB Week 1 — Here at last

My gawd this has been the longest week of the year. For those of you who run it is like the end of a long run, where you’re physically drained, dehydrated and on the verge of a bonk — with the finish line only a few miles away. For others (Blaine) imagine a really bad hang-over, you head over to Furr’s and the line is 30 deep. At some point you reach the milestone — aid station or cafeteria check-out — and in this case it is the kick-off to the college football season.

Kansas (-21.5) vs. Northwestern State (Lawrence)

KU is one of six Big XII teams who scheduled 1AA teams to start the season. And I for one applaud the effort. This may seem contrite given the grief and shame we piled on to Tech’s non-conference schedule last year but the Hawks balance it out with trips to the Glass Bowl in Toledo and play the Card’s 05 demise in South Florida. Here’s a little tidbit for you….1AA Northwestern state beat 1A UL Monroe to start the season last year. And guess who KU plays next week…you guessed it UL Monroe. Wait, does that run counter to my scheduling justification? KU needs to pick up three of the first four to have a legitimate shot at seven wins and another post season bid.

While probably the most talented team Mangino has fielded to date it is also the most inexperienced as the Jayhawks are replacing eight starters on defense – including the Big XII Defensive POY. And to boot, KU has five true frosh and seven red-shirt frosh on the two deep depth chart – one of those being quarterback Meier. I am loving Demons more and more.

KU will get off to a rough start but will wear NWSt down in the second half. Though no line is available – Robert work your magic – I am confident KU will win by three touchdowns and a field goal – KU covers.

Nice work RObert

Tech (-26.5) vs. SMU (Lubbock)

Has anyone forgotten the classless showing of the head pirate from last season. I can assure you the staff at SMU has not. And they are feeling pretty good about this season rattling off five of their last six games last season. Will it matter – no. SMU does not have the players to run with Tech – even if the Raiders are lead by a frosh QB. I am sure he will strike early, struggle for the remainder of the half and regain form due primarily to the worn out Stangs. Tech covers and, given the opportunity to humiliate SMU again….Leach defers.

Texas (-41) vs. North Texas (Austin)take 2

Lost the original post in a blog edit and now the computer on which I typed the original may be dead. Quite the week….anyway…..

On to the Mean Green in Austin – again – once again this game will be a bore. The team from Denton boasts of a strong running game, and they will get their numbers (see north of 160), but only against the third teamers late in the game. And let me go on record to state UT’s third string would beat North Texas on raw talent alone…hell put in the practice team.

Again this game will be a drag as everyone, including the North Texas mascot will be looking ahead to the Buckeyes. One would think that Mack plays it conservative, not wanting to give too much away…but when the third team is in your not giving up too many secrets. Texas covers….and finds itself in another QB controversy as both will look like Heisman candidates in this one.

Louisville (-22) vs. Kentucky

I love this opener – two interstate rivals. It’s too bad UK resembles KU in their interstate rivalry in the Terry Allen era. Brohm will get his numbers and will give receive a high octane boost of confidence that his bad wheel is back to full strength. And if not 100% ….then we’ll be hosting Robert and his caravan as they attend the Emerald Nuts Bowl here at ATT Park. The Cards beat up on the Cats once again but will miss the cover….hell I have to pick one team to come under the line.

Wildcard: Tennessee (-2) vs. Cal (Knoxville)

I can hear the collective cries now….what no UM vs. FSU – we did that game last year and will most likely do it next year….no ND vs Rambling Wreck – we’ll most definitely do ND vs. USC and ND vs. Michigan and who knows, another ND game down the line.

But when will we get another opportunity to discuss college football’s version of the girl who enters her senior year with a boob-job – the Cal Bears – vs. the down and out Vols. The pillow fight Pac 10 is looking for legitimacy beyond USC and everyone else. I mean…did any take then undefeated UCLA seriously by game 10 of last season — NO. And with our free trial of XM Radio I have heard countless times that Cal’s talent is on par with SC – put down the pipe. SC is still the most talented team in the country and if Cal is behind them the are wayyyyy behind.

Anther reason why I like this game is, despite all the hype around Cal, Tennessee is picked to win???? This is the same team that completely erased the memory Fulmer’s national championship and had fans stating – Tee Martin who???

Yes, the real Ville (108K per game) is a tough place play but this doesn’t make sense. I’ll have to chalk it up to they know something I don’t so I am going with Smokey to cover.


7 Responses to “FBB Week 1 — Here at last”

  1. 1 RObert
    August 31, 2006 at 8:24 am

    Sagarin has KU a 21.5 point favorite…

  2. 2 RObert
    September 1, 2006 at 1:49 pm

    Hectic day today, so let me get the picks in this week with the promise of a more in-depth analysis next week… Besides I have already nudged the guillotine blade on its downward journey to the Texas football dreams necks this year in earlier messages this week…

    Speaking of necks, let me start with the reddest… Texas Tech… Gotta love the RR’s here at home as they once again prove that soft-scheduling is more than an art form in Lubbock… TT covers easily…

    Gotta love the Jayhawks here and why not… If they can beat Northwestern (didn’t they beat NW a couple years ago?) then they should certainly handle Northwestern State… The crowd will be nuts as the whole city of Lawrence is reveling in Manginos new 5 year contract… The fast food industry in Lawrence never had it so good and there overall glee will spur the Chokehawks to cover while Griamce, errrr. Mangino prepares for the Big Mac Bowl after the game…

    North Texas covers the 41 point spread as UT fans learn early that this ain’t (that is a word now, ain’t it) the same team that Ohio State handed the title to last year by dropping wide open passes in the end zone…

    Louisville 41, UK 23… UK is improved and should be heading to a minor bowl game if they can beat the other bottom feeders in the SEC, and the Cards have ??? on defense… That and the fact that Brohm hasn’t played since he left part of his ACL on the Papa Johns’ turf last November should be enough for UK to cover the spread… It always takes a game or two for the Petrino system to get clicking anyway… Cats cover

    Well, since I picked Tenn to be the big riser this year and Cal to be the biggest faller, I guess I better take the Vols and Fatman Fulmer (as much as I hate the greasy bastard and the Vols in general)… Tennessee (-2) at home seems to be a gift to me… I think UT rebounds this year and west coast teams are typically overrated… The Vols cover…

    There it be… Enjoy the first weekend… Good night Now…

  3. 3 JPB
    September 1, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    FBB Week 1, The Herbies are Back

    Once again this year, KU did not make a showing in the annual Herbie awards. With $1.5M a year in hand for the next five years, you would think that Mangino would finally have his eye on the real prize in college football. Enough of this “building the football program and graduating players” crap. What about shooting for favorite airport, or maybe even prettiest co-eds? Duh. When matched against a team whose most difficult game of the year is against the Baylor Bears (“this is my mean face”), even lack of proper prioritization won’t stop the Jayhawks from stomping and covering. Look at the wheat. Now wave it.

    And how did Tech do in this year’s prestigious Herbie awards? Oh look! Best outside linebackers….no wait, that’s Virgina Tech (scrolling, scrolling) household name….VT again….um, players who just look good in their uniform? Nope. What about “most resilient player to be stabbed in a skirmish?” Ding, ding, ding! And even though they didn’t win Best Game Day Location, they are at home against SMU and I’m confident Leech will start the season with his lean on. Even without Hicks, the Raiders cover.

    Colt McCoy? Ok, seriously. The QB line-up of Texas frat boy rejects with names like Colt, Chance, and Major is astounding. This country bump even tried to lead the team with a rap in warm-ups (if you’re a cracker and you know it, claps your hands). Jeez-us. I’m already calling for Snead to take the first snap. As Chapelle would say, “I can’t sleep on that shit.” As Colt would say, “I’m not going to be going out there playing looking over my shoulder.” First of all, huh? Second, you should be, brother. On principal alone, I cannot get behind this. Texas does not cover (although I applaud Herbie’s recognition of “The Ditch” as 3rd favorite restaurant on the road….Lou would be proud).

    Michael Bush, 2nd best RB. Brian Brohm drops to #2 as the best old school drop-back QB, but still a strong showing. “Mark it Down” champ in the Big East. Petrino, Herbie’s sixth favorite play caller. Check it, yo. But what baffles is, “The Club” doesn’t make top 5 favorite restaurants??? Obviously, the game day crew has not been around town with the Mayor. Not to be distracted by this outrageous omission, the ‘Ville still covers.

    Finally, Tennessee vs. Cal. The Vols are “Mark it Down” champs in the SEC East. Good enough for me. The Vols cover.

  4. 4 markscholz
    September 2, 2006 at 3:06 am

    Has it really been just 241 days since we saw Vince Young waltz into the end zone to deliver Texas a national championship? I will tell you this as a fan whose team is coming off a National Championship…there has been a huge difference this off-season. In the past, I was usually very bummed-out after the end of the College Football season. I love the sport SO much, I just hate when the season ends. It was especially excruciating in the past when you happened to lose your final Bowl game. This year, for the first time ever, there was absolutely NO sorrow, no let down, just a constant state of euphoria. That’s the real “difference” I’ve actually felt after winning a National Championship. Just to brag a little more about the University of Texas, we may never see a dominant overall Sports year like 2005 again! We were Big 12 Champs in: Baseball, Basketball (tied with Kansas), Football, Swimming (Men’s & Women’s), Men’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track and Field and Softball. What a year.

    Kansas (-21.5) vs. Northwestern State
    That’s a barnburner. Saw an article this summer where Mangino stated that Kansas NOW has a “football program”. I agree and nice to see that KU just inked him to a new 5 year deal – well deserved. I’ll go with the Jayhawks.

    TT (-26.5) vs. SMU
    A little rhyme from the old college days. There once was a girl from SMU, and we knew she liked to…….Well, you get the picture. Tech dominates.

    Texas (-41) vs. The Mean Green
    Mack has a little talk with the UNT Coach prior to the game, apologizing about running up the score to get both QBs quality time in preparing for The Ohio State University. Texas covers.

    Lu-vulle (-22) vs. Kentucky
    The Cards are loaded. And, I saw the Lu-vulle has a commitment from Chris Simms younger brother. Wonder whose initials he has tattooed on HIS ankles? Lu-vulle easily covers.

    Tennessee vs. Cal
    Gotta go with the ole Rocky Top. Can’t wait to watch some of this game.

  5. September 2, 2006 at 5:59 am

    Fellow FBB Constituents:

    We are officially 1 hour away from our first College Game Day! And as most true Red Raiders would do, I’ve decided to turn in my FBB commentary at the last minute. Speaking of Grim Reaper Study Habits (a concept of which I have minimal experience) thank you NCAA for the 5 player suspension for the week – and possibly the season!

    I’m sure most of you thought my choosing the Red Raiders as my long choice in this year’s FBB newest twist (and a damn good one, I might add) was an emotional choice. Well, it was – but not w/o rationale. The Grim Reapers are returning 8 of 11 starters on offense. And, one of the 3 new guys is Soph Graham Harrell – Tech’s first bluechip QB. In all fairness – you can’t replace Taurean Henderson (Tech’s all time TD leader and NCAA all time RB reception leader), but RB Shannon Woods is no sloth. Did I mention Tech’s receiving corp was pre-seasoned ranked 2nd to USC (Athlon Sports). What about the defense? I know. I know. But we’ll have the best D we’ve suited up in the Leach era. We have every one of our front 7 has playing experience including 3 starters returning from injury last year. Our secondary is weak.

    Finally, Tech’s preseason schedule is no longer SMU, Nobody State. and Amarillo High J.V. (unlike the ‘06 Jayhawks – as previously mentioned by the leader of FBB and the only man whose entire body has evolved to the modern day man’s with exception of the inexplicable prehistoric crop of neck hair that while running waves like the Kansas wheat.) We’ll face TCU at home and UTEP whose expected to win the C-USA. So we’ll see what the Red Raiders have early.

    Except that the NCAA decided to sideline our best receiver Jarrett Hicks due to a course credit issue. Mind you, this is no Reverend Byron Hanspard 0.0 GPA thang. Hicks is a 3.0 student who apparently took a correspondence course that didn’t count as a credit to graduate and now he’s not on pace to graduate in 5 years. 5 years? This is Tech, damnit! How do you expect a Red Raider to keep up a 5 year plan and keep up his required lean on credits as demanded by every student bleeding Red and Black! This is preposterous.

    I’m done – but keep in mind. The only reason why receivers Robert Johnson (Big XII Newcomer of the Year and Joe Filani (Big XII Leader in YPG) is because all secondaries have to double team Hicks. If Hicks is gone for the season, our “No Less than BCS” high hopes are not happening.

    Kansas (-21.5) vs. Northwestern State
    Nice work Hawks – I like they committed something to football with Big Man’s 5 year contract. He’ll reward the Chickenhawks by covering against NWST.

    TTU (-26.5) vs. SMU
    As for the “Leach runs up the score” discussions, allow Lean On Leach to retort: “Football is the only sport where you are expected to stop playing once you have the lead. Basketball doesn’t stop scoring. Baseball doesn’t expect you to strike out once you have the lead. We have a system to run that requires reps. The more reps we can get, the better our team will be. I don’t subscribe to the stop playing notion.” Hit em Wreck ‘em, Run ‘em up da Score, Texas Tech.

    Texas (-41) vs. The Mean Green
    Major and Simms, take 2? I hope not. Mack needs to make a decision and go with it. Texas does not cover because Colt and the other guy, will play tight with all the stress of not really knowing whose job it is!

    Lu-vulle (-22) vs. Kentucky
    Go Cards? Go Robert!
    Tennessee vs. Cal
    Go Vols – Bears are my Short pick!

    Out of time! Game Day Intro Music to start in just a few minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 Blaine Baker
    September 2, 2006 at 12:40 pm

    Nice work Texas. Colt looke dincredibly poised for a red shirt frosh. I didn’t know Charles was the Big XII 100 meter champ – unbelieveable. Ohio St. looks up to speed as well. What an incredible game that’s gonna be in Austin . Mark: are you going?

  7. 7 markscholz
    September 3, 2006 at 7:20 am

    HELL Yes I am going. Tickets are going for $1,000 – $2,000 a piece and it’s THE most anticipated game in Austin, ever. This entire week is going to be wild. Colt had one bad pass all day and his receivers dropped 3 VERY catchable balls – he easlily could have been 15-19 on the day. Will be a different story next week, with a much faster OSU Defense.

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