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FBB Week 1 Games….

  • Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
  • Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
  • Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
  • Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
  • Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)

Week 10 Line-up

Here you go…I’ll try to get standings out tomorrow….

  • Nebraska at KU (-19)
  • Texas (-3) at Okie St
  • Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
  • Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
  • Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy

KUNebraska at KU
Who, back in August, would have thought that KU would be favored by 19 in any game in the month of November. What a crazy ride it has been….and one that should not be derailed at the hands of the Big Red Nation.

Over the past three weeks, KU has established itself with the running game. Last week MacAnderson rolled up 186, the majority of which came in the first quarter to set the tone for the rest of the game. Expect more of the same this week as KU faces a putrid run D in Nebraska. KU forces eight in the boxes and blows it out in the middle of the third quarter. KU covers.

Oh…and it is worth noting, KU is this year’s Vegas darling, covering the spread in every game this season.

TexasTexas at Okie St
This should be a good one in Stilwater. Texas continues to unimpress week after week while the Pokes seem to have regained their stride the Friday night embarrassment against non-qualifier U (aka Troy). I’ll take the Pokes, playing at Boone’s Farm, and the points on this one.

TechTech at Baylor
The second coming of Taurean (Shannon Woods) has been relegated to the third team…are the wheels coming off the Pirate Express. Make no mistake about it…Leach does not eff around. Lose in Stilwater, fire you D-coordinator. Don’t live up to the hype…ride the pine. Tech should make a statement this week and covers easily

Wildcard: Alabama at LSU — Pure talent that is hyper motivated vs superior coaching and points. This is a tough one as you know slick Nick is goin to pull out all the stops to make a statement here. Saban would love nothing more than for the game’s storyline to center around how the Tigers were out-coached. Les feels the pressure as well and could choke this one away. Damn I’m torn and making my decision based on what I feel everyone will not….roll Tide.

Wildcard: New England vs. Indy — How can Indy not feel disrespected on this one? The Colts keep it close on the play of Freeny. Colts cover.


Week 9 Line-up

With the exception of KU in College Station the FBB usual suspects are a bit of a yawner. But the Thursday night game in Blacksburg should be exceptional.

  • Wildcard: Boston College (-3.5) at Virginia Tech (-3.5) A Thursday night game
  • KU (-2.5) at tamu…had you told me this would be the line in August I would have said Fran would not be coaching in this one
  • Pitt at Louisville (-11)
  • Nebraska at Texas (-21.5)
  • Colorado at Tech (-13)

KUKansas at tamu
Another solid test for the Fighting Manginos. The storyline in this one is the nucleus of the Fran’s program, the massive offensive line, vs. the quicker and seemingly more athletic KU defensive front. If a&m establishes the run KU’s defensive will wear down in a hostile environment and will eventually come up short. If KU’s defensive line can keep the the aggies off KU’s solid linebacking trio KU will force McGee to mix it up And if Air McGee is unveiled Talib should lock up his All-American campaign and an invitation to the Downtown Athletic Club — ok, that may be a stretch. Should be quick game in a hostile environment.

Its worth noting that in both 68 and 95, KU’s win streak was stopped cold at on the eighth game but…..this is not your father’s KU football team and I’ll ride this out for as long as I can. KU covers.

TexasNebraska at Texas
The Big Red Machine limps into Austin for what “should” be a massacre. But given the lackluster performance against the mighty Bears, and playing in Austin proving not to be much of an overwhelming advantage I’m going to go with the fighting Osbornes to cover.

TechCU at Tech
CU’s defensive, lead by the leading tackler in the nation in Dizon, is good. They shut down the pass last week and made it difficult for KU to move the ball on the ground. This is a team on the rise as evidenced by their marked improvement over last year’s team….a horrible team that put one over on the Pirates in Boulder. CU has shown little to nothing on the road and Tech has revenge in mind, going with Tech at home.

Pitt at Louisville
I know little to nothing about Pitt and I can’t seem to get a line on this Cardinal team. I get the impression that Wannstedt is falling short of expectations and I know Kragthrope has been a major disappointment. The Cardinal D is balanced out by a really good offense…leaving RObert with an average squad…so I’ll take an average Cardinal’s team over a crappy Pitt team in a game needed by both in quest of a bowl bid. Brohm does enough to impresses the reps from the Houston Bowl and Ville covers.

Wildcard: I’m really torn on this one. BC has been great all season and Va Tech has only gotten better week over week. Given the points and the game is in Blacksburg I’ve gotta go with the Hokies.

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