Elfin Magic

gabriel Ok I admit I wasn’t sure how I would feel about our 2nd child.  I am so in love with Jude it was impossible to imagine replicating that with equal conviction.  At two, Jude’s very being is both immensely heart-warming and humbling. However I am reminded, these elfins, they have their ways.  First they break you down.  Like all dominant masterminds, their methods of torture are compounding.  Extreme pain followed by sleeplessness, relentless suckling, refusal to clearly articulate needs (designed to frustrate and confuse), and enough liquid exodus from both ends to make even the most veteran parent go mad.  Then with one little neck nuzzle, you’re hooked.

But this love for Gabriel is more like a new crush.  It is not yet the deep love I have for Jude that results from all of the joyful and trying times we’ve shared during his short but intense two-year tenure.  He can break me in an instant.  But I sense the Elfin Force is strong with this one too.  I see him watching me, assessing my weaknesses. He will be mentored by his older brother and I will be helpless to resist them. They know this. They are conspiring even now for a full takeover. And they shall win.

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