Standings after 6…week 7 line-up


  • Robert 16-14 (recognize)
  • Juj 16-14
  • Mark 15-15
  • Blaine 12-13
  • Brent 11-19


  • Cincy at UL (+3.5) (Friday night)
  • Texas at Kansas (+13.5)
  • South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida (the ol’ ballcoach back in the Swamp)
  • Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
  • Troy at LSU (-19.5)

10 Responses to “Standings after 6…week 7 line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    November 13, 2008 at 10:23 am

    * Cincy at UL (+3.5) (Friday night)
    Krags has taken UL from 12-1, top 5 ranked team nationally to 5-7 (by seasons end) and totally irrelevant… It would be one thing if they were being out-talented, but Syracuse out-talents no one… Players on the sideline cutting up and laughing while being down 30+ points in the 4th quarter has to be a direct reflection on poor coaching… Cincy is coming off a big road win in MorganTucky and won’t look past the Cards on their way to the BCS… They cover comfortably vs my alma mater… Prolly in the Cincy 34, UL 20 range…

    * Texas at Kansas (+13.5)
    I like Kansas here to cover and possibly win it outright….
    I’ll call the score 33-31… Either team can win, but KU covers nonetheless… This is definitely the week for me to scream Rock Chalk Jayhawk…

    * South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida
    Too many points to give the SEC’s best defense (and one of the best in the nation as well) in South Carolina… Florida will win it, but I like the Cocks to cover…

    * Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
    I can’t see Miss St’s offense putting up more than 10 points here and I can’t see Bama not scoring at least 30… I actually see this game being about 30-10 or 31-10 which is of course the Vegas rub… Flipping a coin tells me that Miss St will cover, so I’ll take the Dogs and pray that they give me a backdoor entry into covering the spread by scoring a late TD ala Baylor last week… Come to think it, I have an old VHS tape from the 80’s called “Backdoor Entries”… Imagine that….

    * Troy at LSU (-19.5)
    LSU is coming off two losses in a row at home and I see them playing inspired ball… Give me the Bayou Bengals in this one…

  2. 2 Julie
    November 14, 2008 at 10:58 am

    I’m curious about your thinking on the Texas v KU game. Why do you see this as such a tight match up?

  3. 3 unklesam
    November 14, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    Amazing how our top 2 FBBers are only 2 games above 500 in their picks. What a season thus far. My only issue with this week is the Red Raiders have a much needed bye week, but damn it’s gonna be a long 2 weeks waiting on our game in Norman!

    Cincy at UL (+3.5) (Friday night)
    A frustrated ROberto is picking against his Redbirds? Not so fast my friend. I realize that ot win in “MorganTucky” is a big one, but Cincy is the same team that got rocked by UCONN who has lost 3 of their last 4 including last weekend by that same team from “Morgan Tucky.” So, tonight I’m taking the Cards and the pernts.

    Texas at Kansas (+13.5)
    Baker West House divided. The most important Q of the weekend is, who is Jude rooting for? It’s gonna be cooooollllld in Lawrence. The t-sips are not accustomed to the cold weather, hence their last game in Lawrence – which was voted this week as the best college town in the Big 12, per ESPN. However, Mac Brown and Colt McCoy need a tan and style points, cause there’s no guaranteeing a trip to a BCS game if Tech loses next weekend. Therefore, I fully expect the horn team, if they are not eaten by Mangino, to cover.

    South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida (the ol’ ballcoach back in the Swamp).
    The gators don’t need to win big, just win. I’ll go with ROOOOOOberto and take the team with the most popular hat among highschool boys in the south carolina gamecocks and the pernts.

    Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
    Man I’d love to see the Dawgs beat Saban, but I don’t even believe they will keep within the spread. I’ll take Saban and his frown to cover.

  4. November 14, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Cincy at UL (+3.5)
    I see the Cards being simply out-coached in this Friday night contest…man I hate Friday night college games. I’ll take the Bearcats — WTF is a Bearcat anyway — to cover

    Texas at Kansas (+13.5)
    An overmatched KU team should keep it close…not because Texas will overlook a struggling KU team — recall 2004 — but because Mack with be too cold to clap his hands. It’s senior day and this team needs some style points, even in a loss, to ensure six wins gets them a bowl bid. I’ll take the Hawks and the points.

    Oh…and Jude made it clear this morning his is pulling for the team in Bluuuueeee.

    South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida
    I’d take Florida at 41.5…the Gators are that good. They go for style points in this one.

    Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
    Sly always preps well for this one and Bama may be losing a bit of steam. I’ll take the Dawgs and the points.

    Troy at LSU (-19.5)
    I’m taking Troy with 19.5 in Baton Rouge because I need the points.

  5. 5 Julie
    November 14, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Cincy at UL (+3.5)
    Oh I’ll take the Bearcats on this one. Why? Because UL has manufactured a near inconsequential season this year, and because the Bearcat is a superior mascot. Fuzz beats feathers every time.

    Texas at Kansas (+13.5)
    Almost every reference made to the Jayhawks in the last few weeks has been modified by the word “struggling” (and that includes Jude’s fragile mental state after the Tech game that led to frequent night terrors involving Baby J). And they will struggle against Texas. The question is, how much. I could simplify my pick with a quick feather versus fuzz analysis, but the kitten throws that off completely. And the kitten does have some pretty impressive numbers this year despite the fact those haven’t always carried the team. I think Texas needs this by three TDs, and they will take it. A few parting BC quotes for the team:

    “Kansas starts pre-schoolers at OT and they’ve struggled all year. That written, Nebraska’s five sacks largely came from pressure inside. A boy named Suh collapsed the pocket at will and finished the game with 2.5 sacks, Reesing’s bloody socks clutched in his paw, and OG Chet Hartley’s girlfriend.”

    “To slow the pass rush, Kansas has also made a more concerted effort to run the ball with Jake Sharp. Sharp is a shifty guy with good quickness though I question his ability to stand up to the 20+ carry per game workload long term. Still, I do pull for white runners for the same reasons I pulled for Yannick Noah in tennis. That’s right: good hair.”

    and an obvious favorite…

    “I don’t think the home environment in Lawrence is daunting. In fact, I think Jayhawk fans are counting the days til basketball season right now.”

    South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida
    Feathers versus scales? It may seem counter-intuitive on the cuddly spectrum but I’ve gotta go with the Gators.

    Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
    I think Alabama wins and covers easily at home.

    Troy at LSU (-19.5)
    Ditto on the Tigers. Plus, fuzzy factor high here. Duh.

    (Blaine, don’t forget to add your Troy pick)

  6. 6 hphorn
    November 14, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    WTF, I’m taking Lu-Vulle in a blow out!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 robert2917
    November 14, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    ***I’m curious about your thinking on the Texas v KU game. Why do you see this as such a tight match up?***

    Just think Kansas has built their record the past two seasons on cupcakes and conference cellar dwellers… This is their chance to beat a national power and they have them at home… I think back to late season choke jobs like Texas has had in the past 2 years (Kansas State, A&M) and I think they are ripe for another…

  8. 8 hphorn
    November 15, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Texas at KU (+13.5)
    Bobby…this isn’t the same Texas team or coaching staff as the last 2 years or we wouldn’t even be close to 9-1 right now. This young team has surely exceeded anyone’s expectations. Bringing in Muschamp and Applewhite has these kids playing with an edge – every week. We certainly got wore down during that 4 game gauntlet, but this team knows how important it is to finish this season and what’s at stake. KU has nothing to lose – it’s cold and Senior day for them. I’m expecting a great effort from KU. I say Texas struggles early, settles in and plays well and covers.

    South Carolina (+21.5) at Florida
    Florida is the best team in the nation. The Gators roll by 30.

    Mississippi St at Alabama (-20.5)
    Roll Tide – Bama covers easily

    Troy at LSU (-19.5)
    The wounded Tigers need to bounce back with a great showing at home. Tigers cover.

  9. 9 unklesam
    November 15, 2008 at 7:02 am

    Helena Troy = Tiger Bait. Geaux Tigers and cover.

  10. 10 unklesam
    November 15, 2008 at 7:09 am

    BTW: Calynne is running 13.2 at the 1st Annual San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday which is also her 14th birthday! Since the Red Raiders are off today, Casey and I are saving our Sat. game day routine for Sunday. We’re expecting Bloody Mary’s and queso a go go for the 7am start!

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