Standings after 5 weeks….week 6 line-up


  • Juj 1411 (recognize)
  • Mark 1411
  • Robert 12-13
  • Brent 916
  • Blaine 9-11

Week 5 line-up:

  • UL (+6.5) at Pitt
  • Mean-face Baylor Bears (+27.5) at wound-licking Texas
  • Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
  • OSU (+3.5) at Texas Tech
  • Alabama at LSU (+3.5)


5 Responses to “Standings after 5 weeks….week 6 line-up”

  1. 1 Julie
    November 7, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    UL (+6.5) at Pitt
    The Panthers have lost seven straight to Louisville but they are really struggling at home this year. And most of their Dubyas have been by a pretty slim margin, but…even though the Cards have bounced back after prior losses this season, none as devastating as the loss against Syracuse last week. I don’t think they can cover against Wannstedt.

    Baylor (+27.5) at Texas
    Roy Miller said of last week’s loss against Tech, “Losing right now after we’ve done so much, it hurts. But we’re going to fight. The good thing is, guys don’t quit.” I believe that. This is a tough-minded, physically gifted team. I also think Texas has something to prove against the Baylor Bears this weekend at home.

    I am concerned that it looks like Cosby and Orakpo will be out, and that the guys are just plain pooped after that tough four game stretch. I am also concerned that the Bears tied up with Mizzou with only 5 minutes remaining in their game last weekend before finally falling by only 3 points. Either Baylor is better than I think, or Mizzou is worse.

    After the loss to Mizzou, Briles’ consolation speech went something like this “It was a very emotional, very devastating non-win.” Non-win? Are you kidding me? You lost. Own up to it. Sounds like something Mike Nolan would say. This is going to be another non-win week Artie, and big. Longhorns cover.

    Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
    What I find mind boggling is that Nebraska barely lost to Tech in over time in light of the Texas loss last weekend and the Tech thumping of the Jayhawks two weeks ago (flashback to Jude stunned and frozen with Baby J dangling from his hand and mouth gaping). On paper these are fairly well matched teams, but I have to go the Hawks coming out with renewed confidence after last week’s big victory over the Cats.

    OSU (+3.5) at Texas Tech
    Can I wish for an OSU victory? Does that revive the Horns national championship hopes? Yes, if TT turns around and loses to OU. I gotta do it. I’ll take the Okies to cover. (sorry Blaine…kisses)

    Alabama at LSU (+3.5)
    This is going to be a tough environment for Saban and the team to play in. Probably the toughest of the year. But they seem like a team that is focused enough to prevail. I’ll take Bama.

  2. 2 unklesam
    November 8, 2008 at 6:33 am

    UL (+6.5) at Pitt
    The Cuse hurt our beloved Red Birds. I afraid the Cards having to focus all week after a loss that could mean a disapointing season seems tough. I’ll take a rising and motivated Pitt and pernts.

    Mean-face Baylor Bears (+27.5) at wound-licking Texas
    I hate that Orakpo is out. Seeing him being helped off the field last Sat was no fun. All of the Tech faithful had our customary guns up while the trainers were looking at him – and despite the intensity of the game, it was very quite in the stadium while he was down. All Texas has to do is win out. They don’t need style points, they need Tech and OU to lose. Baylor’s QB is for real. But Texas is just too good. I’ll take Bevo to cover.

    Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
    Nebraska is good at times and bad at others – I guess that’s a sign of growing pains. IMHO, KU and Tech are very similar in schemes and Nebraska certainly had an answer for Tech. Although I don’t believe in the transient theory in football, I’ll take the Cornshuckers and the points at home.

    OSU (+3.5) at Texas Tech
    OSU comes into Lubbock presenting some serious matchup issues for Tech. They have the best running game in the Big12, a giant for a TE and they are flanked by arguably the (2nd) best receiver in the Big 12. Tech has a serious weekness in our right side cornerback. It seems no matter who plays there, they do it with 2 left feet. After knowing we have to overcome an emotional win, if I was not a Tech alumnus I’d take OSU. However, I’m hoping our boys were able to get refocused on winning the Big 12. To help, they can remember the loss in Stoolwater last year and Crabby can eat a little humble pie (not that he needs to) by remembering dropping the winning pass last year against Xerox U to bring him back to earth after his heroics last Sat. I’ll emotionally take the Red Raiders and hope that a win tonight makes a good season potentially great!

    Alabama at LSU (+3.5)
    I’ll take the energy of Tiger Stadium, LSU and the points!

  3. November 8, 2008 at 7:56 am

    UL (+6.5) at Pitt
    Who knows what you are going to get with either of these teams. UL laid a total egg last week….an egg that might trump ku’s no-show against Tech. Pitt also has a tendency to flake in the big game. So where do I go…who knows….I’ll take the Ville only because I think everyone else will take Pitt and I have some ground to make up since going 0-fer last week.

    Baylor (+27.5) at Texas
    The fighting Griffins are a solid team facing a Texas team that is looking for a BCS statement for BCS. That said, Texas is coming off of a brutal 4 game stretch and is most likely spent. Plus…you have the look-a-head impact with a game in Lawrence looming. Horn’s win big but fall short of the cover.

    Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
    Since the line came out earlier in the week Vegas responded and KU is now a +1. I think the SportsBook is still pissed about the Tech game.

    Given it has been 40 years since KU last won in Lincoln could this be the year the Hawks get it done??? Not only would this be a historic win for the program but it would ensure the Thanksgiving meeting in Arrowhead would be for the Big North title. With an established ground game and a the potential for a pass rush I’ll take the Hawks to win and cover. Remember, Mangino is at his best in November.

    OSU (+3.5) at Texas Tech
    Tech is the hot team team, a media darling, a friend of Trump, and are at home — the only one here that matters. And with Leach leading the ship I think they will handle the new found success. I’ll take the Raiders to continue the dream season, cover, and emerge on Sunday as the number one team in the country.

    Alabama at LSU (+3.5)
    These are the games where Miles excels. As former Okie St coach the Hat pays respect to the Giant of the South Plains and delivers his old foes (Tech) a gift. I’ll take the Tiger to cover.

  4. 4 hphorn
    November 8, 2008 at 8:12 am

    Quickly – Sorry in San Antonio for a wedding.

    UL (+6.5) at Pitt
    Lu-vulle covers.

    Baylor (+27.5) at Texas
    Texas always plays well and covers after a loss. Texas covers.

    Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
    Wow – which Nebraska team shows up today? I say the good one at home. Taking the Huskers here to win and cover. the 1 1/2.

    OKla St (+3.5) at Texas Tech
    Like Juju – Go OSU. To win and hopefully cover.

    Alabama at LSU (+3.5)
    LSU to cover and hopefully win.

  5. 5 robert2917
    November 8, 2008 at 8:21 am

    * UL (+6.5) at Pitt
    The only team more Jekyll and Hyde than UL is Pitt… Lose to Bowling Green, beat USF… Lose to Rutgers, beat Notre Dame and Navy… Much like the Cards… Lose to KenSucky, beat K-State… Beat USF, lose to Syraexcuse… Both head coach’s blow, but at least one (Wannstache) can recruit… Of course that makes him a worse coach by proxy seeing as how he continually turns top 20 national recruiting classes into 5-7 teams… Kragthorpe can coach 6-6 teams with the best of them, but he is doing it with 50th ranked classes… The only thing more blah and uninspiring than these two Bozo’s was the McCain campaign… But I guess someones’ gotta win and UL is average at home, piss-poor on the road… Give me Pitt and LeSean McCoy who is a straight up stud and a sure fire first round RB in the next NFL draft… If the Cards couldn’t stop Memphis, a middle of the pack C-USA team, how are they going to contain an NFL running back… Pitt 34, UL 20…

    * Sic ’em Bears (+27.5) at referee U Texas
    Baylor is better this year with some decent skilled players, but they are in a bad spot here… Damn that’s alot of points to lay but I better go with the Horns… They shouldn’t need the benefits of the ref’s loose whistle in this one (but I feel certain they’ll get them anyway)… Texas 48ish, Baylor 17ish… Texas covers.

    * Kansas at Nebraska (+1.5)
    I like Nebraska here as they channel their inner Jarvis Redwine, Turner Gill and Mike Rozier… Nebraska 27, Jaychicks 24…

    * OSU (+3.5) at Texas Tech
    I need a TT victory here, and OU win vs TT and OSU in the coming weeks to put the Sooners in Big12 titler… Unfortunately, I’m not sure the RR’s can pull it off… They played their asses off last week to beat those 12 man Texas defenses and special teams units and coming down from that high to be grounded enough to compete again vs a high quality opponent is going to be rough… And they are laying points… But for the sake of the Sooners and Sammy, I’ll have my guns up and lean on for one more week and roll with Tech… TT and the cover…

    * Alabama at LSU (+3.5)
    This would be a slam dunk if it were a night game in the Bayou… But Bama catches a break and plays at 3:30… Bama proved to be a much better team than Georgia and Georgia layed a beatdown on LSU on this very field… Bama can run the ball and stop the run and LSU is still iffy and inexperienced at QB… Bama 31, LSU 17…

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