Week 5 line-up

  • Louisville (-13.5) at Syracuse
  • kst at KU (-8.5)
  • Texas at Tech (+3.5)
  • Wildcard: Florida at Georga (+6.5)
  • Wildcard2: West Virginia at UCONN (+3.5)

6 Responses to “Week 5 line-up”

  1. October 31, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    * Louisville (-13.5) at Syracuse
    The Ville seems to have rediscovered itself….I’ll take the Cards to cover

    * kst at KU (-8.5)
    Who knows what you are going get with the 08 Hawks….I like KU in a rivalry game at home to win but NOT to cover. KU should pick this one up and be bowl eligible for consecutive bowls for the first time in school history.

    * Texas at Tech (+3.5)
    Tech showed me something last week….that KU defense is unbelievably bad. I like Texas to cover simply because of the speed on the ends and the strength in the middle of the D line . Eventually they will find a way to put pressure on GH. That said, Tech will be the second BCS school in the Big 12 this year…they are legit.

    * Wildcard: Florida at Georga (+6.5)
    Everyone is down on UGA….but I think they are on the bounce. UGA covers.

    * Wildcard2: West Virginia at UCONN (+3.5)
    Another toss up….I’ll go with UConn as the are getting points at home.

  2. 2 Julie
    November 1, 2008 at 6:07 am

    Louisville (-13.5) at Syracuse
    Even Jim Brown is calling for the resignation of Greg Robinson. There are rumors that Syracuse is already talking to Edsall. And the bottom line is this program has been on a downward spiral since the Major left, really. On paper this looks like a bit of an offensive mismatch so I’ll take the Cards to cover.

    kst at KU (-8.5)
    Jude is still holed up in his room quivering in the corner with his tiny Jayhawk after last week’s game. He may be scarred for life. Not only because of the outrageous loss to Tech, but did you see what Mangino was wearing? Fortunately, Mangino and his team will be matched up against the classless Wildcats this week so his custom-made valure sweat suits will be overlooked in a sea of acid-washed idiocy. They are just one step behind Missouri in displaying phenomenal 80s fashion knowledge. Disgraceful. I hope KU pulls this one out, so I have to disagree with Brent I think they cover.

    Texas at Tech (+3.5)
    Even the Bay Area sports talk radio shows were talking about this game on Friday. Mostly because they’re fascinated with Leach. They pegged him a nut job (better or worse than a whack job, I wonder). As with most eccentrics that periodically enjoy the label of genius, Leach really turns the crazy to 11 in this game and leverages the national stage against Texas tonight to prove the world over that he is certifiable. Despite his offensive prowess, I think Texas is too experienced, too mature and too tough to let Leach spoil their roll. They will have to work for it, but Texas will prevail.

    Wildcard: Florida at Georga (+6.5)
    Even before I saw the Mark Richt tear-jerking adoption special on CGD last week, I took UGA. Now, I am emotionally helpless to pick against them. They may not win this one, but they will cover.

    Wildcard2: West Virginia at UCONN (+3.5)
    Tough call. I know little to nothing about these two teams and have no back story to sway my pick. Mascots win it so I’ll take UConn.

  3. 3 robert2917
    November 1, 2008 at 7:07 am

    First, gotta recognize my bro’s SEC picks last weekend… Living in the heart of SEC country (the ATL) and spending most of the 1990’s with his nose firmly implanted in Steve Spurrier’s posterior (he is a Gator fan; football only), he has developed a decent sense of who is in and who is out in the SEC… He hit every SEC game last week against the spread (minus the UK debacle when they couldn’t cover a quarter century)… Unfortunately, in the case of LSU/Ga I didn’t listen… Also gotta give a shout out to his fiance Tiffany who called the Tennessee meltdown at home vs Bama… Again, I didn’t listen… I thought the pumpkin had one more last gasp in him, but Fulmer screwed me again…

    Now upward and onward…

    * Louisville (-13.5) at Syracuse
    The twist of it is I’ve been picking against the Cards weekly, and weekly they cost me a point… But as they continue to cover, they continue to win… Karma being a bitch, I know if I take them to hammer the ‘Cuse, they’ll end up getting pepperspanked… So give me the Orange at home with the points, which should make the Cards 6-2 and tied for first in the BE this time next week…

    * kst at KU (-8.5)
    I don’t know what to say… I know I’ve railed on KU the past year or so while they were building an impressive record against a bunch of patsies… I’ve gone on and on about how they choke in the big games vs good opponents… i thought last week was the week where they finally put a bit of legitimacy to their now apparent “Fools Gold” success… Boy was I wrong… But all that aside, this is the kind of game KU thrives in… Versus an unranked and unheralded opponent, they always show up… Hell, UL beat K-State by 9 points which would cover the spread in this game… And this is the worst UL team of the decade… Am I to believe that KU is worse than the worse UL team of the decade…??? I can’t go there yet… KU covers in a big way here… They have to if only to keep the young padawan from quivering in the corner for another week… For if Jaychicks fold in this one, get the boy a cardinal bird and watch the self-esteem ratchet up a notch…

    * Texas at Tech (+3.5)
    Give me Texas… People are fooled by what TT did to a JV team last week… TT barely beat Nebraska in OT last month on this field, and won in a shootout vs A&M a couple weeks back… Give me Texas here to win comfortably…

    * Wildcard: Florida at Georga (+6.5)
    Doo da doo da doo da Go Gators… Florida in a rout…

    * Wildcard2: West Virginia at UCONN (+3.5)
    I’ll take WVU here… They have the expereinced QB and I don’t think UConn can score enough to keep up… I’ll be pulling for UConn, cheaters’ that they are and as much as I hate Edsall, but only because UL needs WVU to get a conference loss… but I think the ‘eers cover…

  4. 4 robert2917
    November 1, 2008 at 7:12 am

    …and OU is getting the 2nd BCS game out of this conference… TT still has to play in Norman this year and gotta like the Sooners there…

  5. 5 hphorn
    November 1, 2008 at 7:38 am

    • Louisville (-13.5) at Syracuse
    Greg Robinson is UT’s new Defensive Coordinator next year. Lu-Vulle rolls by more than 14.

    • kst at KU (-8.5)
    I’m going the other way here. Despite the destruction last week, they’re still a fairly sound, fundamental football team. I think KU bounces back and covers at home.

    • Texas at Tech (+3.5)
    Another grinder in the plains. Have you’ll read all the Tech-Texas stuff on Barking Carnival this week – hilarious. Things against Tech are usually pretty simple, only not every team is built to handle it from a talent perspective. Keep the play in front of you. Ignore the run. Make sure tackles. Get a push from your front four, disrupt the screens and the QB’s timing, and hit the QB frequently. If we do this, don’t turnover the ball more than once and establish some semblance of a running game. Remember this..it’s very possible Tech will beat Texas on Saturday. But beating Texas isn’t the same thing as being Texas. Texas wins and covers.

    • Wildcard: Florida at Georga (+6.5)
    I still think Florida is pissed about the excessive celebration last year. And, the Gators, IMO has the best offense in College Football. Florida wins and covers.

    • Wildcard2: West Virginia at UCONN (+3.5)
    Damn, the Mountaineers looked great last week against Auburn. Going to stay with that momentum and go with WVU to win and cover.

  6. 6 robert2917
    November 3, 2008 at 11:00 am

    Blaine, wtf…??? The biggest win in Tech’s history and you disappear…??? Where were your picks… Great win for the RR’s.. It shouldn’t have come down to that last second, but per usual Texas gets all the calls… A gift TD on a punt return after an obvious to all clip (they even threw the flag until they realized it was against Texas, then picked it up)… And the phantom P.I. call that took TT off the 7 yard line and moved them back to the 22… That’s another 4 points they gave Texas… Take those gift 11 points away and Tech kills the Horn’s…

    Great win though, and like they say, be good enough to not let the refs beat you and Tech did that… Bravo.

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