Standings after week 2…Week 3 line-up

Standings through two weeks of conference play….

  • Mark 8-2
  • Juj 8-2
  • Brent 5-5
  • Blaine 4-6
  • RObert 4-6

Week 3 line-up:

  • MTSU (+14.5) at UL
  • KU (+18.5) at OU
  • TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)
  • Mizzou (+7.5) at Texas
  • Arkansas (+10.5) at Kentucky (no big SEC matchups this weekend so I threw in Bobby Petrino’s return to the bluegrass state where he is 4-0 vs UK)

10 Responses to “Standings after week 2…Week 3 line-up”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    MTSU (+14.5) at UL
    I had to double check this one. Let me get this straight, you play in the Mid East conference and you still need to schedule two consecutive non-BCS opponents in October. Yea, Kentucky was a nice SEC schedule but come on….an opponent from the Sun Belt the third week in October. Yawn…Cards cover

    KU (+18.5) at OU
    Vegas loved the early line as it has moved north of 20 last time I checked…and for very good reason. OU is far more skilled, has one of the best staffs in the country, and completely dominates the start of games. Two known OU weaknesses (stopping the run up the middle and special teams) are offset as KU can only run the ball off tackle and is currently dead last in the country in kick-off returns. That may leave you scratching your head as KU entered the season with a Pre-season All American kick returner who averaged 25 yards a return the past two seasons. Oh last I checked Jake Laptad is no Orakpo

    This is not your 2007 Jayhawks but they are playing better each week. But I will remain a homer and take the Hawks to cover. This will require special teams righting the shi and forcing OU to become one dimension. Bradford will put up 400+ passing but keeping them one dimensional gives KU a chance. Reesing is a gamer and will get his points as well. I may be on an island here but KU covers.

    TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)
    Tech plays down to their competition….but I can’t see that happening ever against the Aggies. Even at College Station Tech shows up and beats a team that was humiliated by k-st.

    mizzou (7.5) at Texas
    I have no idea with this one. mizzou is looking to save face. Texas could be coming off too much an emotional high and their pass defense is questionable. For me it comes down to mizzou’s under-performing D and Colt McCoy…consider me on the bandwagon. Texas wins by 10.

    Arkie at Kentucky….
    Who knows…I’ll take the Cats to cover.

  2. 2 unklesam
    October 17, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    • MTSU (+14.5) at UL

    I didn’t know much about MTSU, so I did a little research. It turns out that MTSU was discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it Middle Tennessee State, which of course in German means a whale’s vagina, and also because is located exactly 1 mile from the geographic center of the state of Tennessee.

    Their nickname, “The Blue Raiders,” was created during football season that year, the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal held a contest to name the team. The late Charles Sarver won the $5 prize for his entry of “Blue Raiders.” Sarver later indicated he had “borrowed” the nickname of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, but substituted MTSU Blue for Tech Red. Shortly after winning, Sarver proud of his achievement and newly acquired $5 dollars, was quoted in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal stating, “Once I share the good news with my lady, I’ll give it about an hour before we’re doing the no-pants dance. Time to musk up.”

    For a time, the “unofficial” mascot for the Blue Raiders was a costumed, cartoonlike dog. A reasonable facsimile of a bluetick hound, the affable character was dubbed “Ole Blue.” Ole Blue’s mascot suit is illegal in 9 countries. Yep, it’s actually made with real panther parts, so you know it’s good.

    On January 17, 1998, the current mascot, “Lightning,” was born. The mascot was unveiled, along with an attractive eye-catching logo, at a basketball game in Murphy Center. The introduction of Lightning gave a new identity to the Blue Raiders and, after they conducted studies, 60% of the time the new logo works every time.

    I’m taking the 2-4 Blue Raiders and the points. You stay classy Middle Tennessee State!

    • KU (+18.5) at OU

    Wow, 18.5 points to the Jayhawks in Lawrence. The Sooners have a lot more to worry about than overcoming last weekend’s Shipley Snatching Longhorn Victory. The Sooners also have trouble running the ball. Oklahoma produced 48 yards against the Longhorns and ran for a meager 25 yards against TCU. The Sooners have to replace playmaking middle linebacker Ryan Reynolds, and they’re not sure how. Stoops may have to use a redshirt freshman Austin Box, or juco transfers J.R. Bryant and Mike Balogun. Juco’s in Soonerland? Another concern has been the Sooners’ kicking coverage. They rank 109th nationally, allowing an average of 25.33 yards per kick and 9th in the Big 12 in punt return. If the Jayhawks can win the kicking game and turnover battle, they have a shot. I’ll take the Jayhawks with the points at home in Lawrence.

    • TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)

    Aggies. I know everyone assumes that A&M has a lot of wonderful traditions, but do they? Their mascot is a dog. I have dog, what’s so wonderful about that?…other than last year’s “Vick Em” t-shirts.

    And then there is their version of the corps. I think Leach put it best when quoted. “Home come they get to pretend they are soldiers? The thing is they aren’t actually in the military. I should start my own pirate school. Every freshman would receive a red bandanna…..”

    The Aggies concur. Their description of this “time honored” tradition is: “While membership in the Corps itself carries no military obligation, all cadets must take basic ROTC classes during their first two years. Subsequent enrollment in advanced ROTC leads to an officer’s commission, but is strictly voluntary. Approximately one-third of graduating cadets choose this career option.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it true that if a college graduate volunteers in the military, he or she will also receive an officer’s commission?

    Okay so they have a fake army and a dog. Whooop-ie! Since I couldn’t think of any others, I decided to go to their official university website, and here’s what I found under the “traditions” tab:
    * 12th Man – Aggie fans who show their support and readiness by standing at athletic events. ( kind of original – but doesn’t every school have fans that “show support?” and I’m pretty sure KSU proudly waves their ‘terrible towels.” Of course KSU is the Aggie of Kansas, but that’s another blog. )
    * Yell Practice – An event where Aggies and Aggie fans practice yells led by yell leaders in advance of or after a game –( in high school I attended pep rallies too.)
    * Aggie Ring – A symbol of Aggie values and hard work and a visual reminder of being part of the “Aggie network.” (Graduates wear rings? Novel. )
    * Howdy – A greeting to and from Aggies and a warm welcome to the university –(I don’t even know how to respond to this.)
    * Big Event – the largest student-run service project in the nation serving the local community-(okay.)
    * Maroon Out – a mass display of maroon pride for Aggie football games started by students –(that too is ground breaking originality, wearing your school colors to the game…remarkable.)

    In fairness, click on this gem created by Aggies honoring Tech’s program that’s actually pretty funny! (Give it a minute, it improves as it goes along.) http://aggiereport.com/

    Now on to the game:

    How is it that Tech lost a receiver and a punter last year on offense, yet we are playing much worse than we did at the end of last year? Our defense is the most talented of the Leach era, but our stats aren’t much different than this time last year, which prompted Leach to fire his long time friend. Can we be worse than last year, or maybe we just played above our potential at times. Keep in mind, when we beat OU last year, Bradford was knocked out in the 1st quarter.

    But the feeling out of Bryan College Station is very favorable for Tech. Aggie DC, Joe Kines, stated this week, “I’ve had the honor of knowing coach (Mike) Leach for a long time. He’s always been a good football coach, but what’s separated him into the next category is he’s resisted the tendency that once you get good at something, to see if you can go get good at something else. What he’s done is taken this offense and developed it and refined it for the last eight years, and he probably has the best offensive system in college football right now. The biggest difference now as opposed to watching them several years ago is the running game. They used to run it just to give everybody a blow. They’d hand off and kind of let everybody rest up and then come back and throw it again. That’s not true anymore. Men, it’s a study in what football ought to be about, no matter what you run. They do their thing, they’ve built a great foundation and they know it inside and out.”

    I believe the previous statements have as little value as the Aggie corps storming a beach head. Joe Kines is (JK) just kidding. This is the same guy who shut down our offense in the Cotton Bowl as the DC for Alabama. I think he’s believes they can keep it close by watching tape on the Nebraska game and adding in a few wrinkles from his time in Alabama. Tech wins (I hope), but it’s a lot closer than 21.5.

    Sidenote: Tech is tied with Penn State for the longest winning streak (8) in the NCAA!

    Mizzou (+7.5) at Texas
    Why does Chase Daniel (Booger D) still get the same amount of media coverage and respect as Colt Myboy? This game is not the battle of the numero unos 1vs11, rather, it should be dubbed the Battle of the Media Darlings. The problem is, Colt deserves any attention he gets. Booger D does not. Colt takes his offense on his shoulders and overcomes a two point deficit in a neutral site to win in one of the most pressure filled situations in the season. Booger D lost to the Orange Aggies at home. I’m taking Colt and the Horns to putter Booger D in his place once and for all.

    Arkansas (+10.5) at Kentucky
    The Wildcats of Kantuckey are 4-2 and lost to undefeated SEC leader Alabama by 3 points. Arkansas has won their 3 games by a total of 8 points (Western Illinois, Louisiana-Monroe and Auburn). I’ll take the Wildcats to cover at home!

  3. 3 unklesam
    October 17, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    Correction: colt overcame a two score deficit not two point!

  4. October 17, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    The KU game is in Norman. Not sure if that would impact your decision.

  5. 5 hphorn
    October 18, 2008 at 2:11 am

    • MTSU (+14.5) at UL
    Come on – Middle Tennessee State? We can’t even make fun about it being one of those directional schools that A&M schedules twice a year. As Blaine astutely pointed out, it’s right I the damn middle of the state. I’ll take Lu-vulle to cover….just because.

    • KU (+18.5) at OU
    Some nice analysis from our friends at the Barking Carnival. “Will Lendy Holmes demand that bells be placed on KU’s best blocking receiver? Kansas has enough playmakers at WR to poke Oklahoma’s soft zone, but they won’t be able to land a killing blow with their OL play. In the form of one Kerry Meier, I predict two consecutive weeks of Caucasian receiving yardage >100 – a humiliating blow to any Sooner defense. That’s like losing a rap battle to a Mormon. On defense, the Jayhawks front 7 has the pace of Mel Torme reading The Aeneid. Phil Loadholt will try to earn back his NFL signing bonus one hold at a time.” I love and respect Mangino, Reesling and KU, but I think the land thieves cover.

    • TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)
    Very nice write-up Blaine – you’re really taking your FBB responsibilities seriously this year. That video is pretty damn funny – especially the girl ringing the bell! Two words – Hand. Job. Sorry Juj. I look forward to this game every year. I heard this week on the radio that the Houston Chronicle dropped their weekly football coverage of the A&M football program – don’t laugh it’s a true story. That should help recruiting in their only “hot-bed” in the state.

    Some nuggets from the BC…”Texas Tech played down to their level of competition last week. That should prove impossibility against the Aggies unless Graham Harrell decides to see what it would be like to play an entire half with an eye patch. The Aggie football program has descended into caricature. Recruits defect to Baylor, an Athletic Director babbles about batshit and bass boat seat cushions every week in a weekly advertisement for dementia, and the football team finds new and unique ways to be outscored every week. Texas Tech has a defense……ish. They have seven players in their starting eleven that range from really good to serviceable. This is exactly 2.333 X (repeating) as many as they usually have. They will force turnovers, they will get to Johnson/McGee/Ted the Walk-on, and generally abuse the grievous A&M OL.” Tech rolls and covers easily.

    • Mizzou (+7.5) at Texas
    The line is now down to 4 for this game – starting three freshman in your nickel against Chase Daniel will do that. Just some tremendous stuff from Scipio Tex on the game…“Our crowd will achieve what will be done the old fashioned way – through eight hours of methodical pre-game drinking. In 1990, I attended a night game between Texas and Houston and it’s still the most insanely raucous home crowd in Texas history. (Kate and I were at that game too – it still stands out in my mind) Both of our Rose Bowls wins featured similar fervor. If we can match that intensity with 100,000 Orangebloods in full psychotic harmony, Brian Orakpo will have so much adrenaline he’ll end up clubbing Chase Daniel with a Honda Civic like he’s in a super-hero battle. Roy Miller will burrow under the field and arrive in Missouri’s backfield like Bugs Bunny looking for Pismo Beach. Roddrick Muckelroy will hit someone so hard that he knocks off their pores. ”

    Please, please, please tackle Jeremy Maclin. It’s a prize fight for the first 3 quarters and Texas slightly pulls away and covers. Predicting a 10 point Texas win.

    • Arkansas (+10.5) at Kentucky
    Who cares? Kentucky covers

  6. 6 unklesam
    October 18, 2008 at 4:18 am

    Oh – that’s what “at OU” means. – it does impact my decision but not enough to overcome the influence of Jan and Fred’s love of the blue packaged, dry but semi-sweet impact of (Todd) Riesling! Ahhhh…it goes down good everytime! Rock Chalk and da points.

  7. October 18, 2008 at 4:29 am

    doubled over laughing….that’s good stuff Blaine

  8. 8 Julie
    October 18, 2008 at 5:55 am

    MTSU (+14.5) at UL
    Gosh, I was going to rush out and buy Gameplan for this one but I think I’ll use that money to Netflix The Piano again tonight instead. Or maybe North Texas v Louisiana-Monroe later. The Cards should crush and cover at home.

    KU (+18.5) at OU
    This may cost me a warm place to sleep tonight, but I am concerned that OU will be absolutely jacked coming off that loss to Texas last week. They are clearly the superior team and now that they have a little more to play for and something to prove, they may not be content with just a W against the Jayhawks. I think they are going to come out and try to just embarrass the Hawks in Norman. It pains me Kitten, more than you’ll ever know, but I have to go with OU to cover.

    TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)
    Merp, saddle up brother because Tech is going to absolutely stomp the Aggies at home (don’t even bother with the breath mints today, boys). I can’t believe they only got 21.5.

    Mizzou (+7.5) at Texas
    It’s a given that I’m going to take Texas in this game because I love McCoy’s golly-gee-ness while he benches 300 almost as much as I wince at the sight of Daniel’s shiny new mohawk coupled with the already dreaded skinny beard and cleft chin action. Last week was the first game where I felt Daniels was really flustered on the field and that tells me we can rattle him. I think the Horns circled this one on the schedule early, and despite dropping to no. 11, they still view this as a huge punctuation mark after the OU game.

    And if I may throw this in from the BC for Blaine this morning “There’s a small internet meme I’d like to try to eviscerate that Chase Daniel will fold when the going gets tough and his competitive fire is quenched and replaced with sulky bitchiness when he meets a defense that can’t be immediately had. In short, that he is Graham Harrell.” (or Robert after the OU loss….oh, I went there)

    Arkansas (+10.5) at Kentucky
    I think UK’s going to handle the Razorbacks with no problem. Fortunately, we can catch this one on ESPNU because I have to save my remaining weekend funds for Marshall at UAB.

  9. 9 robert2917
    October 18, 2008 at 7:31 am

    MTSU (+14.5) at UL
    Let me get this straight, KU fan is calling out a non-con schedule of another school…??? Sam Houston State thinks that is hilarious. MTSU was negotiated by Tom Jurich (UL AD) 3 years ago as one game in Nashville (LP Field where the Titans play) and two home games… The game in Nashville was for ESPN and allowed 30,000 Card fans a chance to travel to Nashville… Then we got 2 home games (i.e. moneymakers) as well… What a bargain, not to mention the fact that MTSU has already beaten Maryland this year (who in turn beat Cal and Clemson)… As for the Memphis game last week, not UL’s fault… Georgia Tech canceled out of a home/home series at the last minute and Jurich had to scramble to get a 12th game for the schedule… Memphis was the best he could do on short notice, and it was a road game… You win on the road vs any D1 team and you take it…

    It’s tough when you are in UL’s position… Not an elite enough of a football power (post Petrino) to go on the road and beat the big boys consistently, but good enough to do it at home… Hence the big boys only want us to go to their place and not offer a return trip to the ‘Oven’… As for future opponents, we do have a series with Georgia and Notre Dame coming up… Oh, and btw, we did have a home/home with Kansas State, who was a ranked team a few years back when it was scheduled… And we won both those games…

    Now that we have that straight onto the game… MTSU has had impressive outings, winning at Maryland and coming up 1 yard short of winning at Kentucky last month… They also beat Schnelly’s Fla Atl team a few weeks back… They have a 3 year starting senior QB (Craddock) and a ‘faster than snot on a doorknob’ scat back named Gee… I see a high scoring affair and until the Cards show me more, I have to take the underdog and the points… MTSU to cover.

    KU (+18.5) at OU
    Well, KU finally gets there shot at beating a ranked team… IIRC, the only ranked team they have beaten the last couple years was Va Tech in the Orange… They’ve spit the bit against ranked Mizzou last year and to ranked South Florida this year… We know they play no one OOC (except for the So Fla loss) and last year they rode a cake Big12 schedule, avoiding UT and OU, to a 12-1 record… Now is their chance to make believers out of me and the rest of the college football world outside of the thriving metropolis of Lawrence… I think OU has a bit of a hangover and may be a bit flat in this one… KU shows up and keeps it tight… That’s alot of points to lay for OU… I think the Sooners win it, but not comfortably… Take KU and the points…

    TT at Texas A&M (+21.5)
    If K-State can go into the Station and pound the Aggies, TT should as well… Leach and his mechanical pirate have been scheming all week after ekeing out last weeks win… I think TT lays serious lumber and wins convincingly… TT cover.

    Mizzou (+7.5) at Texas
    Mizzou is a sham… Texas will be a bit flat here after last week, but I think they handle Chase and boys here… Texas by at least 10…

    Arkansas (+10.5) at Kentucky
    Geez, you all are a tough crowd… I have to pick at least 3 games a week from your all’s conference, and when I sprinkle in a little local flavor from my neck of the woods, I get blasphemized… I could say “who cares” when Baylor plays TT, but I realize that there is football being played all over the nation… Cowboy up fellas and get more cosmopolitan with your football acumen and realize that there is a world outside the Republic of Texas… And hopefully in that world, the kitties get there ass kicked by the Hogs… Give me Arkansas to cover…-

  10. 10 robert2917
    October 19, 2008 at 7:14 am

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it true that if a college graduate volunteers in the military, he or she will also receive an officer’s commission?

    A college degree allows one to apply for OCS (Officer’s Candidate School)… From there, based on the numbers and occupaional Speciality within the military, you may or may not be selected… But you have to have a degree to apply and eventually most people are accepted…

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