Standings after Week 1 & Week 2 Line-up

Standings after week 1:

  • Mark 5-0
  • Blaine 3-2 (won TT, Tex, Minny; lost KU, Oregon)
  • RObert 3-2 (won TT, Minny, USC; lost KU, CU)
  • Juj 4-1 (won TT, Tex, Minny, USC; lost KU)
  • Brent 2-3 (won TT, USC; lost KU, CU, IU)

Week 2 Line-up:

  • Louisville at Memphis  (+6.5)  (Friday night)
  • Nebraska  at Texas Tech  (-21.5)
  • Texas at Oklahoma  (-6.5)
  • Colorado at Kansas  (-14.5)
  • Wildcard: LSU  at Florida  (-5.5)

10 Responses to “Standings after Week 1 & Week 2 Line-up”

  1. October 9, 2008 at 8:09 am

    The Ville needed the win against UConn two weeks ago and absolutely must pick up the W against Memphis to entertain thoughts of post season play (preview: KU and CU will also be playing with way too early Oct. bowl aspirations on the line). I’ll take the Ville to step up to the challenge and cover on the road.

  2. 2 hphorn
    October 10, 2008 at 9:30 am

    Lu-Vulle lost to a good UCONN team, but Memphis hasn’t played anyone. The Cards roll.

  3. 3 Julie
    October 10, 2008 at 9:40 am

    Louisville at Memphis (+6.5)
    Because my marriage contract stipulates that I must root against all teams that have a Tiger mascot (even if it’s Jude’s pre-K soccer team), and because I was born in Louisville, baptized with bourbon, and bred on beautiful bluegrass, I am (legally) predisposed to take the Cards against Memphis. Plus, the Tigers haven’t played anyone this year and their website looks like this is the biggest thing to hit Memphis since the third annual Christmas softball clinics last year. The only thing their chant “We want to see you wearing blue” is missing is a large cat playing bad 80s air guitar and a rally towel. (what I’m leading up to here Robert is that I’m taking the Cards to cover this weekend).

    Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21.5)
    Since Nebraska made Daniels and his entire offensive line (including his offensive cleft chin) look incredible last weekend, I doubt they can keep this weekend’s score within the spread. That was their worst home game loss in over 50 years. Compounded by the fact that the last time the Huskers played in Lubbock, the Raiders hung 70 on them. Plus this is their first road game of the season. In my estimation, (50+70+1st)-(meat-head cleft chin) does not equal 21.5. The Red Raiders cover and merp rides again!

    Texas at Oklahoma (-6.5)
    There is no better week to cash my BC chips than Texas/OU. And this week it’s CHA-ching from Scipio Tex.

    “Food tastes better, the suns shines brighter, and irritability to slights are magnified one thousandfold. Both fanbases – despite any degree of outward confidence – will be nursing ulcers by Wednesday. Over the next six days, I will mentally review scenarios in which Texas is blown out, we blow OU out, we win a tight defensive contest, we lose in a shootout, both teams brawl in the tunnel for so long that the game is canceled, Jermaine Gresham scores four touchdown on jump balls….and so on.”

    This first analysis has OU likely coming out on top (realistic version). http://www.barkingcarnival.com/scipio-tex/texasou-analysis-lets-get-it-on

    But read his counterpoint to himself on how we win where he says that “Colt McCoy is playing a like a certified badass and Cosby and Shipley have hands sweeter than pixie sticks…” (my version)

    This optimistic analysis is the one I’m sticking with (shocker). We will have to be nearly flawless to beat OU, but with my standard rose-colored accessories, I believe the Longhorns will win and cover. HOOK’EM.

    Colorado at Kansas (-14.5)
    Ah yes, the other noon game tomorrow. If Texas beat CU by 24 in Colorado, can Kansas beat them by half that at home? Tough call. Check contractual obligations on Jayhawk football. Nope, only basketball. Check stats from KU’s game against S Fla and the Cyclones last weekend. Not convincing. I think Kansas wins this one but Hawkins turns crazy up to 11 and covers.

    Wildcard: LSU at Florida (-5.5)
    This is going to be a great game. I think Florida’s got a lot more to play for this week. It gives them a chance to regain that little bit of respect Houston Nutt tucked away in his pocket two weeks ago, and climb back up in the rankings. Gators win and cover.

  4. 4 robert2917
    October 10, 2008 at 10:41 am

    * Louisville at Memphis (+6.5) (Friday night)
    Who needs this game worse? Krags to keep his job or UL fans who quietly hope for a loss here to provide the proverbial straw that breaks his back… Yes, Memphis is mediocre, but so is L’ville… And when you have two mediocre teams, take the one playing at home, especially when they are getting points… Memphis covers… btw, I bred on the beautiful bluegrass as well; dropped hammer late night at Seneca Golf Course more than once…

    * Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21.5)
    No way Tech doesn’t cover this spread… I say so and so does Leachs’ mechanical pirate… Easy cover for the RR’s.

    * Texas at Oklahoma (-6.5)
    Let’s see, Texas starts two frosh D backs against one of the best QB’s in the nation… Bradford should go through them like Barry O goes through his Fannie Mae slush fund account… All day, every day… Take the Sooners and don’t look back…

    * Colorado at Kansas (-14.5)
    Hawkins spent the last week re-upping his new contract, not game planning… Besides, CU is unranked which is about the only type team KU beats up on… I know KU is probably worn out from that huge comeback effort against top 10 (errrrrrr #110 R.P.I.) Iowa State, but they should have enough to beat CU and cover…

    * Wildcard: LSU at Florida (-5.5)
    I don’t even think it will be close… Florida is at home and has the experienced QB, in a night game… Florida should win it 31ish to 17ish… Which means a Gator cover…

  5. 5 unklesam
    October 10, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    • Louisville at Memphis (+6.5) (Friday night)
    Not still the thunder from Juj, I’m executing a mascot play for this selection. The Tigers vs the Cardinals. In 1911, the Cardinal was chosen as the official mascot of the University of Louisville. The Cardinals or Cardinalidae are a family of passerine birds found in North and South America. These are robust, seed-eating birds, with strong bills. The family ranges in size from the 12-cm, 11.5-gram. They are typically associated with open woodland. The sexes usually have distinctive appearances; the family is named for the red plumage (colored cardinal like the color of a Catholic cardinal’s vestments) of males of the type species, the Northern Cardinal.

    How can you route against a team whose mascot is depicted as robust, strong, open, wood, sex, distinctive, and plumage? Not to mention bills, so you know their money even if they are giving 6.5 to Memphis Tigers – the most common place, worn out, stale choice for a mascot.
    I’ll take the Yardbirds!

    • Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21.5)
    The Raider Nation on the whole is fearful of the “let down” game while at the same time appear to be quite agitated when someone questions our number 7 ranking. My concern is why people are concerned about things that they can’t control that have little impact on how we play and where we will end up – which is my concern. You might as well put an emphasis on the pregame discussion between Leach and Pelini – which, in Barking Carnival vein, I imagine it would go something like this:

    Pelini and his grey sweatshirt briskly jogs over to mid field where Leach is standing there alone, staring blankly skyward while chewing on his pen.
    Pelini: Hey Coach, good to see you.
    Leach: Huh?
    Pelini: Well – we had better practices this week. How did your guys practice?
    Leach: I find it interesting that physicians call their work practice. You’d think with that much education on one thing they’d call it something more reassuring like expertise or competence.
    Pelini: Um, yeah sure…that’s a interesting there, Mike. Well your passing game really came into form last week.
    Leach: I wonder why the term passing away is an okay substitute for dying. When you die, you can’t exchange anything with anyone because you’re dead. All that pre-negotiated assignments of stuff happened when you were alive, not dead. I guess throw away, like you throw away something in the trash when you’re finished with it would be better, but I’m not sure that’s grammatically, much less politically, accurate.
    Pelini: Okay, well good luck today.
    Leach: Yep, it rained mud yesterday, but the weather looks pretty average today. Of course, the wind is blowing but …..

    I’m pretty sure that when a coach under a lot of pressure plays Tech, and that coach has to speak to Leach, it drives them crazy at the end of the game to be beaten by someone who is just so different. I think that’s what happened to aggies Fran – he’d rather get caught up in a dumb scandle and take his money and run than to have to get beaten by Leach for another year. I think Pelini feels a little heat too – so I’ll take Tech to cover.

    For actual quoted oddities by Mike Leach (which I find genius) google Leachisms for quality entertainment. (I’d provide a link but can’t.)

    • Texas at Oklahoma (-6.5)

    What a great game this is going to be. Casey and I are heading out this afternoon Cotton Bowl bound for what will be one of the more exciting games we will attend for sometime (unless Texas wins tomorrow and shows up to play an undefeated ((hope, not prediction)) Tech in Lubbock where Casey and I will also be in attendance!)

    Two evenly matched teams who have not played anyone close to the level of competition they are playing this Saturday. My guess is whoever is able to jump on the board early and establish a two score lead, will win. History tells us that, with exception to the Vince Young experience, Stoops has his troops more prepared for this game than Brown. But enter in the Muschamp effect. I think his novel enthusiasm will be the defining factor…next year. I’ll take OU to cover.

    • Colorado at Kansas (-14.5)
    Apparently, KU’s student section is making the most headlines this week for being the directive of a university campaign to encourage the newest Jayhawk tradition of chanting “Rip his (expletive) head off” – based on a line from the Adam Sandler comedy The Waterboy. I’d expect that from KSU, maybe even Tech, but not from the body of the state of Kansas’s flagship university. Even Mangino got involved by calling all of them a bunch of “hotdogs.” No matter the distractions, Colorado is so weak upfront they had to pull a defensive lineman over to the offensive line. For a D1 school, Unbelievable! I think the Hawkins father and son tandem will feel a lot of heat after this weekend. KU covers.

    • Wildcard: LSU at Florida (-5.5)
    This is the first time in a long time where the featured game of the week is outside of the SEC when LSU and Florida match up. I like Tebow, but something is amiss with the Gators. I’ll take the “Tigers” (how original) of LSU to cover.

  6. October 10, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Hang on Cards…ok on to my picks

    Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21.5)
    the Pilini era is off to a rough start and Tech is beginning to hit their stride en route to what could be the best season in school history. One can make the argument this is the best team…the question is will this be the best season. Tech will score at will but the Bugeaters will get theirs as well as I am not yet sold on the Ruffian D. But who are we kidding, Tech… on the turf…against this porous D…yea Tech covers.

    Texas at Oklahoma (-6.5)
    Man I have gone back and forth on this one. The game has little to do with Colt, he will play well enough, and everything to do with the Texas D getting pressure against Bradford. I fully anticipate crazy-ass Muschamp, recognizing this is THE opportunity to cement his place in Texas football lore, will attempt to close out the Cotton Bowl with a record number of stunts, blitz packages, and boom mother-effers Texas covers.

    Colorado at Kansas (-14.5)
    I could point out that fact that OU barely survived their trip to Ames last year. I could remind the FBB nation that Texas looked less-than-impressive coming out of Ames last year. But I simply can’t….a new year and a team looking for its identity. Man the entire Jayhawk fan base is waiting on that break-out game…and this is their last shot before a brutal stretch in the schedule. They must (A) establish a run game..call it 160 yards and (B) get some pressure in the backfield. If they can’t find that at home this week it could be a long stretch ahead. KU covers simply because of Reesing. And for those history buffs (pun intended), the last time CU was in Lawrence Reesing’s red-shirt was pulled at the half and he lead the Hawks to a come from behind victory…thus beginning his legacy in Lawrence.

    Wildcard: LSU at Florida (-5.5)
    Simply put…no way the Gators drop two in a row in the swamp. That and I still don’t think Miles is a top tier coach, national championship aside….Urban’s Gators covers.

  7. 7 hphorn
    October 11, 2008 at 4:43 am

    Texas at Oklahoma (-6.5)

    Let’s face it, we’re all rabid college football fans and when your team plays its’ ass off all season and you lose your Bowl game, it sucks and can make for a really long off-season. When you’re a double digit favorite in a BCS Bowl Game and you lose to Boise State and West Virginia in consecutive years it really, really sucks and makes for an unbearable off-season. You EVEN get the bonus of national talk show host Colin Cowherd renaming your program… CHOKElahoma. Bummer! The reality is…as an Oklahoma fan, when your greatest goal in life is to own a jet ski and your states economy is dictated by the number of Meth Labs per capita, it’s not a pretty situation. Bobby, I love your quote last week about our annual “beat-down” with OU. FYI, we’re 57-40-5 all-time, 4-6 in the last 10 games and have won 2 of the last 3. TEXAS is still a year away from another MNC run, but this is probably OU’s best chance in a long time at a title. Wouldn’t it be great to see LSU, USC or someone else bury them again in the NC game? If Big Game Bobby (not any more) had the nads to take NFL gig, we’d be a lot better off. He’s a damn good coach. But, his wife is the top Mary Kay Salesman in the meth lab infested Oklahoma Region and that’s enough to keep him there.

    Since Rashad BabiNOOOOOOOOOO!, who gave up last years’ 65 yard run to Demarco Murray, is no longer in the starting line-up, we have a chance. Also, their O-line may be big, but OU is susceptible to beating themselves with dumb penalties on offense. Against a stronger faster D Line than they have faced to date, I expect OU will kill at least 3 of their own drives by tackling one of our DEs. Which is always fun because I really want to see what happens when golf prick’s (see my new photo) head explodes.

    This Barking Carnival quote absolutely nails the rivalry…..” OU is the only game where we’re humbled and placed on equal psychological footing with our opponent because we need this every bit as badly as they do. Any Texas fan who states otherwise is a fucking liar or a contrarian to the point of masturbating idiocy. If you believe Texas A&M is our true football rival, then you have no conception of what the word means. It took Mack Brown a long time to understand that and I’m not completely sure if he still does. I’m willing to guess that Will Muschamp will understand it the moment he walks out on the field and wants to puke up his guts from the circulating adrenaline.”

    I say Muschamp and his crew keeps us in the game. If Greg Davis uses an iota of imagination Txas covers. OU is great – if they played us 3 times this year, OU wins twice. But today, UT pulls the upset.

    • Nebraska at Texas Tech (-21.5)
    Bo Pellini needs to shut up. Tech beats ‘em like a red-headed step child and covers the 21 and a half.

    • Colorado at Kansas (-14.5)
    A tremendous tid-bit from the BC:
    Kansas has nothing remotely resembling our personnel on defense, so don’t expect Colorado’s depleted OL to get schooled like it was last Saturday in Boulder. Still, as Colorado fans will tell you:
    “Our shit is fucked up right now, bra. Ya know? Gotta get our heads together. Call my Dad, get some money. We should, like, play Hypolite both ways or some shit. Ha ha ha! Fuck it, though. Like, fuck it. You play hackeysack, dude”

    The Kitten chases endzone yarn. After the loss, Hawkins gets another contract extension. I think Colorado barely covers.

    • Wildcard: LSU at Florida (-5.5)
    Can’t wait to watch this baby. LSU covers in a great game.

  8. 8 robert2917
    October 11, 2008 at 7:07 am

    “we’re 4-6 in the last 10 games & have won 2 of the last 3”

    2 of the last 3 ok, which means Texas had previously won only 2 of the previous 7… That’s a whopping .286 winning percentage for the Horns… Sounds like getting beat down to me… I’m sure Chris Simms would agree as part of his DNA is still smeared on the Cotton Bowl turf…

    Not to mention OU’s 7 NC’s to UT’s 4…

    So let us know when Mack Brown does anything of note W/OUT V Young… Anyone can ride one great player to success…

    And what’s worse, losing to a top 10 WVU team in the Fiesta Bowl or losing at home to unranked doormat Kansas State and getting drilled by lifeless A&M…lol

  9. 9 Julie
    October 11, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    HUGE win today for Texas! And quote of the season for Mark “The Kitten chases end zone yarn.” Love it. Run with those small fuzzy animal analogies!

    And Robert, really…what has Mack Brown done with and w/out V Young?

    * In terms of consecutive winning seasons, Brown is second among all active coaches with 17, behind only Bobby Bowden with 30.
    * 14 consecutive bowl game appearances
    * UT has posted back-to-back 11-win seasons, five consecutive 10-win seasons and ten consecutive 9-win campaigns for the first time in school history
    * From 2001 through 2007, Brown has won 10 or more games each year. This is the longest active streak of seasons with 10+ wins in the nation.
    * Big 12 Conference record 21 consecutive conference wins from 2004-2006.
    * 2005 NCAA Football National Championship
    * 2005 Big 12 Conference Championship
    * The Longhorns under Brown are 19-11 against their three main rivals-Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.
    * The Longhorns are 7-3 in Bowl games under Brown.
    * The Longhorns under Brown have featured the only 3,000-yard passer, the only 2,000-yard rusher, the only 1,000-yard receivers and the only 1,000-yard passer/rusher in UT history. Also, Vince Young stands as the first player in NCAA history to rush for 1,000 yards (1,050) and throw for 2,500 yards (3,036) in a single season.

    Can’t you just once give a little credit where it is due?

  10. 10 hphorn
    October 12, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    By the way Bobby, I’m lol too…..at you and OU. Julie – an answer to your question. “Can’t you just once give credit where credit is due?” No – he can’t Julie. Robert is a pretty much typical OU fan where it’s clear his entire identity is tied up in the fortunes of his football team – OU and Louisville. A little sad. Not a surprise for an OU fan. You always hate to see what happens to them if they lose. Cue…crickets chirping in the background.

    A perfect example. I had an OU fan that worked with me at HP. He talked smack on all the local talk shows and showed up on Barking Carnival running his mouth this year prior to the game. Two years ago when we beat OU with Colt at the helm, I stayed in my office until about 2pm…just waiting for him to come over and congratulate me. He never did – HUGE surprise. I finally went over to his desk to discuss the game and he was “defensive” throughout. Later that year, after Colt went down with his shoulder injury and we lost to K-State and A&M, I went over and congratulated him and told him that OU didn’t “back-in” to the Conference Championship – they had earned it. Although he appreciated that, I feel sure he would have never done that to me.

    Robert – on your last retort….never let a few facts get in the way of a good story. I’m positive that you don’t know that in their 10 year UT-OU rivalry with Stoops and Mack at the helm, the underdog has NEVER won this game. Until yesterday. The highest ranked team has always won, so it’s not like Texas has pulled a CHOKElahoma, like yesterday. OU was out coached and physically beaten. And Mack’s now 2-1 without VY running the show. Much of the credit goes to new coaches Major Applewhite and Will Muschamp who have injected a new attitude into our program. Mack’s now 5-6 in his career against OU and now 4-6 straight up with Stoops. Bro…you’re in trouble. Those freshman safeties you were calling out are here for 3 more years and the 2 corners are a Soph and a Freshman (after Senior Ryan Palmer went out during the 3rd quarter) Our O-line is all Sophomores and Freshman. We’re still a year away, my man. With one of the top QB’s in the nation hitting the 40 acres next year to redshirt a year under Colt’s tutelage. Just be happy Jamaal Charles fumbled last year or you could be looking at a 7+ year run from UT.

    Please don’t think that I’m stupid enough to think we’ll automatically run the table and go to the NC game. Only an OU fan would think that. After all, we play Missou, Okie State and Tech (at Lubbock) in the next three weeks with a game at Kansas a little later. I do now think we’re better than any of these teams, but strange things happen in College Football. That’s four top 15 teams Robert. Not like that patsy ACC schedule you play.

    The truth hurts Bobby, but…..you know that.

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