FBB Week 1 Games….

  • Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
  • Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
  • Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
  • Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
  • Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)

16 Responses to “FBB Week 1 Games….”

  1. 1 unklesam
    September 30, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Allow me, to take the initiative. In my excitement of the immediate responses to the FBB call of action, I decided to lead by example and post my pics first!

    • Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
    Iowa State has lost two (2) times, first (1) to Iowa and second (2) to UNLV, who have both lost twice (2), respectively. I’m not sure what that means other than it’s a coincidence that Iowa has lost twice (2) to two (2), two (2) loss teams. Incidentally, Pittsburg, one (1) of Iowa’s two (2) losses, plays the one (1) team who has provided KU it’s one (1) loss in South Florida this Saturday. What does this worthless transient theorem amount to?
    X= Total
    PT=Point Total
    X = KU’s PT > Iowa’s PT.
    X = (2+1+2+2+2+2+2+1+2+1+1)

    X = 18- KU Covers!
    (Don’t hate. Six (6) years of undergrad in Lubbock and you too (also) can do mad algorithms.)

    • Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
    In this election year, perhaps we should all get involved in one of the most historical elections in recent times. Have you seen the website re: the only two Heisman Hopefuls who play on the same team!

    This game (and they all will) scares me. The 7th ranked Red Raiders go into Manhattan this weekend only to be favored by a little more than a touchdown against Kansas State. How can Vegas assume that KSU, who gave up a combined 75 points in their last 2 games, stay within a touchdown of arguably the most prolific offense in college football’s recent history? Maybe the following is their rationale.

    They’ve Scored More Points Against Better Competition:
    In 4 games, KSU has averaged 47 points, losing only once to Louisville (go RObert). Tech has averaged fewer points per game against lesser opponents. Although Louisville is a 2 loss team, both losses are from presently undefeated teams including now 24th ranked UCONN. Tech has not played a ranked opponent (to put it mildly).

    Their QB and Leading Receiver Looks Better than Our Two Heisman Candidates:
    KSU QB, Josh Freeman, is ranked 5th in the conference in both his overall rating and passing yards. His favorite target is Big 12 leading receiver, junior Brandon Banks, who has caught 22 passes for 463 yards (only 6 yards more than Crabtree.) This year, Josh Freeman has yet to be sacked and has completed a respectable 67% of his passes with 2 interceptions. For comparisonand against lesser opponents, Graham has completed 64.5% of his passes, thrown 3 interceptions and has given up a sack.

    We Don’t Play Well (Hung-over) During the Day:
    In recent years, Tech has not played well during the day. Last year for example, 3 out of 4 losses began with a 2:30pm kickoff, including their conference opener against a lesser ranked OSU in Stillwater. This Saturday’s game begins at 2:30pm, against a lesser ranked team away from home. Tech’s only other loss last year came against Missouri which started at 11am.

    Side note:
    Last year the Wildcats won their first game in conference play by upsetting the 7th ranked Longhorns! This Saturday the Wildcats play their first conference game against the 7th ranked Red Raiders!

    Predicition? Yes….Prediction.
    I’ll take the Red Raiders to cover because I hope we make a statement this Saturday.

    • Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
    Okay….Okay. I admit I was not on the Colt McCoy bandwagon. However, you can’t argue with the production of the 2nd highest rated quarterback in the NCAA. His offense is averaging 49.5 ppg, and Texas is the 2nd leading rushing team in the Big 12. By the way, when did Opie McCoy get fast?

    I was high on the Buffalo’s when they beat West Virginia, but then they followed that up by getting beat by Florida State. I really want to pick CU at home, but I think Texas is good. Texas covers – even with the Red River Shootout on the horizon.
    • Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    The Red Raiders have ties to both schools, thank you. I’m sure most of you know that Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, Robert Knight, left Indiana to secure is legacy in Red Raiderland (I think that’s how it went.) But, DYK (that’s did you know for those of you who do not have a teenage daughter!) that Minnesota presented such a challenge in the prestigious InSight Bowl of 2006, it forced the Red Raiders to overcome a 35 point deficit to win – and set the NCAA’s Record for the Largest Comeback in Bowl History.
    I’ve gotta go with the Golden Gophers.

    • Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)
    USC’s loss most likely means the 1 loss winners of the Big12 and SEC will play for the NC. USC must be in shock. I think they lack leadership. They win the recruiting battle every year and have a proven system. But I think the system got too pampered. I think they are so shocked, that Oregon will keep it within 16.

  2. September 30, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Damn….coming out strong.

  3. 4 unklesam
    October 1, 2008 at 6:31 am

    Ya Know!

  4. 5 unklesam
    October 1, 2008 at 6:32 am

    By the way, Happy Birthday Commish!

  5. October 2, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
    A little trivia for you: Mangino is 5-1 when coming off of a bye-week. The lone loss came in Lubbock in 2006, a game where a mediocre-to- oor Kansas team held the high flying Tech offense to 23 pts. Point being….Mangino can prep. That and Iowa St. is still rebuilding and is grossly overmatched here as KU returns two key players from injury. KU should discover some sort of running game in Ames — because of the two weeks to prepare against a porous run D– and cover.

    Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
    There were a handful who, before the start of the season, pointed to this game as an upset. You won’t hear many making that claim now. kst has surprised teams (Texas) during the Price era but are currently risking implosion. Prince is an odd coach and at risk of losing this team — a team comprised of 19 juco transfers in this year’s class…yes you read that right. I see kst playing tough early with Tech making the needed adjustments to exploit the cats. And…both Tech and kst play on the circa 1984 Texas Stadium turf so they should feel right at home. Tech covers.

    Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
    If Prince is odd…CU and their gnome of a coach border on the bizzare. As Colorado continues to rebuild it is not surprising to see them struggle on the road…and then they pull the upset Lubbock. They tend to play tough in Boulder and then find themselves staging a 4th quarter comeback against Eastern Washington. That and Texas looks effing good. Who knows what you are going to get with Colorado but I’ll roll the dice and say they keep it within 14. CU covers.

    Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    Hmmmmm???? This made the list???? I’ll go with Indiana only because everyone else will go with the Letter Sweaters. IU covers.

    Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)
    The gimme of the week…no one should play a pissed off USC…only the ADD version of USC. Trojan cover easily at home.

  6. 7 robert2917
    October 3, 2008 at 5:54 am

    Well now, seems just like old times Tuco… Two for you; and, and two for me… It’s not a joke, it’s a rope, now get up there and put your head in that noose… Y’all gonna feel the pain as I drop the hammer this year… And coach Cal isn’t going to be there to giftwrap a win for y’all either… BTW, did he get his cut of that mythical KU basketball championship yet…??? Onward.

    Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
    The Jaychicks follow up a stellar non-conference schedule of Florida (make that Florida International), LSU (errrr Louisiana Tech), and Blaine Houston State with a Big12 patsy … The only halfway decent team they’ve played this year spanked them and sent them back to Lawrence with their feathers between their legs… All of which means very little in this game… Iowa State is as dreadful as Gene Keadys’ combover, meaning KU shouldn’t have much trouble covering this spread… And I agree, Mangino can prep like a mutha… Unfortunately it isn’t at the salad bar…

    Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
    This game has UL connections… Not only did UL roll K-State (led by 20 in the 4th and coasted to a 10 point win), but Leach has been on some local radio programs around here (he has Kentucky ties)… Don’t be surprised to see UL AD Tom Jurich make a run at Leach once he fires Krapthorpe sometime in the next 12 months… UL has alot of jack to toss at him… Louisville is the 2nd most affluent metro area per capita (Places Rated Almanac, 2006) in the nation (built over a century of tobacco, liquor, food and gambling industrialization)… And UL has the most profitable basketball program in the nation (Forbes, 2007)… And face it, Leach has no chance of ever competing for a NC in Lubbok… The best he can ever hope for is going 9-3 and winning the Insight Bowl at Tech… The Cards were an offsides on a missed FG away from playing for the NC 2 years ago and a guy that O up like Leach would dominate the Big East… Not starting rumors, but Jurich usually gets what he wants… Ask UK fans that thought Pitino would never go to their rival…
    Now onto the game… I can’t pick against the Red Raiders after pumping up Leach can I…??? Can you pick against a guy with a mechanical pirate in his office that gives dating advice…??? Tech covers…

    Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
    I can’t blast Texas for their sorry non-con schedule… Arkansas was good a few years ago when they scheduled that game… But I do think they are looking ahead to their annual beatdown at the hands of the Sooners next week and that allows CU to barely cover…

    Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    Yes it made the list… A little respect for the wife’s alma mater is in order commish… That being said, her alma mater gets rolled here… Minny had a top 20 recruiting class in Brewster’s 2nd year and are in the homerdome… I’ll take the Gophs to cover…

    Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)
    USC rolls… Oregon had trouble with Purdon’t in West Lafayette… ‘Nuff said.

  7. 8 robert2917
    October 3, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    Hmmmmm???? This made the list????

    This coming from the guy who posted Duke at Notre Dame last year…. Surely you jest!

  8. 9 Julie
    October 3, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    Did I say that I wouldn’t quote liberally from Barking Carnival this season? I was drunk. That didn’t include a few choice words from the Big XII 2008 Preview. One for each game just to kick off the season, then I’m off the stuff. I promise. Unless there are some really good small fuzzy animal analogies like badger on a big wheel, then I just have’ta. You understand.

    Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)
    “…Been a fan of Mangino’s offensive line coaching ever since he created a serviceable line at OU out of three walkons, a converted defensive end and Bob Stoops’ unresolved issues with his father.”

    Matched up against Chizik, I’ll take KU any day of the week.

    Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)
    I’m not quite sure how RObert managed to turn his Tech pick into a board of tourism ad for Louisville, but well, that’s just RObert (surprised you didn’t quote the ‘ville’s carbon footprint, Bobby). It matters, ya know. On to the BC…

    “This offseason, Josh Freeman joined an elite fraternity. Catching Freeman unaware at Panera Bread, Sam Keller and Ron Powlus bathed him in chloroform, blindfolded him, and spirited him away in the back of a unmarked white van. After initiating him in their rites, they forced peyote down his throat and told him to walk to Wabunsee on a vision quest. Late that evening, exhausted and ready to quit as if it were the early 3rd quarter of an important game, Freeman was visited by Beano Cook, The Ghost of Corpulent Present. Beano bequeathed upon him a great relic – the Wristband of Perpetual Disappointment – anointing him as the most talented shitty player in college football. Freeman can still smell Chad Henne’s sweat on it.”

    Damn, that’s good stuff. I can’t resist it. I also can’t resist Mike Leach, where crazy goes to 11. Tech covers and merp rides again!

    Texas at Colorado (+13.5)
    One pee-in-your-pants quote each for Texas and CU (but you must check out the full article for each, especially their break down of Hawkins, which is laugh out loud poetry).

    “Brown hired Major Applewhite as our running backs coach. I don’t know if Major will add new wrinkles to the offense, but he will bring freckles. Applewhite has a brilliant football mind, he’s a tireless recruiter, and he’ll relate well to our running backs as he understands what’s it’s like to run nimbly through tackles at a 4.4 40 clip. When Mack brings Chris Simms on the staff next year, Major’s mindfuck will be complete. (I love it when they do the mock conversation)

    Mack: Well, The Major you had a heck of a coaching year. Our backs combined for 1650 yards and 21 TDs and we only fumbled twice in thirteen games. Ogbonnoya was flawless in his blitz protection and he xeriscaped a community center. Best of all, we had thirty ’splosives!!! Sally loves ’splosives!!!

    Major: (Beams)

    Mack: So. We’re going to let you go. We’re bringing on Chris Simms.

    Brown makes a finger tent and leans back contentedly.

    Major: Simms!? But why would you do it to me again, Coach? All I ever wanted to do was serve you.

    Mack (whispering): Why? Because I wanted to destroy something beautiful.

    Major: I…do…not…understand (sobbing)

    Mack: You shall in time. You should also know that I’ve had Cleve Bryant plant several pounds of Anatolian black tar heroin in your Bible study knapsack. The authorities have been alerted and will be arriving presently. My plan – conceived so very long ago with Phil Simms – is now complete. I feel like Kevin Spacey in Seven when Brad Pitt opens the package with Gwyneth Paltrow’s head and…

    Major: I didn’t see it. It was rated R.

    Mack: Exactly why I am doing this. You will learn to thank me one day. For giving you this pain. Use it, boy. Use it! This was the same favor done to me by Barry Switzer so very long ago.

    The sirens grow louder.

    Of Cody Hawkins:
    “He’s Todd Reesing without the wheels and kittenish joi de vivre; Chase Daniel without the clutchocity and gnarled gnome-like quality.”

    KITTENISH JOI DE VIVRE???!!! This phrase alone has re-named Reesing simply “The Kitten” in our household. And boosting Reesing while slamming Daniels…it’s just good journalism is what it is. Hook’em.

    Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    Guess I’m on my own here. Only Wisconson, Illinois, and Iowa stand between Indiana and the Gophs in the Big 10 standings. You know I’ve always been a sucker for the letter sweaters, and at 4-1, they cover nicely.

    Wildcard: Oregon at USC (-16.5)
    I think USC comes out focused and executes well against Oregon. I’m not sure I buy lack of leadership as an excuse for last week’s loss. I think Sanchez has this team and its fans rallied around him. Along with the Double Mint twins and at least $2M in Close-Up toothpaste endorsements waiting in the wings.

    But I am torn. I have a soft spot for the Ducks and their bright yellow night reflecting shoulder pad design. Head, heart, head, heart, head! USC covers.

  9. 10 hphorn
    October 4, 2008 at 4:55 am

    Jules – thank you so much for turning me on to the Barking Carnival. The BC is crack (or maybe Major’s Anatolian black tar heroin) and I’m an addict. HP hates you though as my productivity at work has gone down by about 25%. BTW Julie, that mock conversation between Major and Mack literally had tears rolling down my eyes because I was laughing so hard. Unlike Julie’s pledge this year, I will have BC quotes liberally sprinkled throughout my posts this year.

    • Kansas at Iowa State (+13.5)

    Gene Chizik is an idiot. He’s a decent gentleman, but should have stayed at Texas another year and waited for a better job, with greater resources to open up. As written in the BC..” Iowa State is bad, but has pride at home. Yeah, they’re dirt poor, but they put plastic on the furniture and mow the yard occasionally. Their two losses were both competitive and both on the road. Kansas is coming off of an uninspired home performance against Sam Houston St. And no one, and I mean no one, wants to experience the madness that is Jack Trice Stadium at 11:30 in the morning! “ Beautiful. I agree that no one preps like Mangino, but I’ll take the Cyclones to cover. BTW Blaine, I loved your theorem.

    • Texas Tech at Kansas State (+7.5)

    Come on Blaine. Are you kidding me…this game scares you? Bro, that not the kind of talk I like hearing from one of the four top 10 teams in the Big XII. If Tech doesn’t step-up and cover here, I’ll have doubts about them the rest of the year. About the Kats.. It’s appropriate that KSU named their stadium Bill Snyder Family given his famous comment that losing a football game is like losing a child. Perspective, Bill. You emotionless eel. I like Tech to barely cover here.

    • Texas at Colorado (+13.5)

    I’ll take Texas to cover here. Why? You thought Blaine’s theorem was interesting. How ‘bout this little number in the BC. Did this guy cash in his options at Google, now sitting around thinking and writing about this kind of crap. DUDE…step away from the pocket protector. His thesis…
    “So I analyzed the points per possession statistics for both teams. As always, drives that ended due to the end of a half are not included. Also, negative points were awarded to offenses for defensive touchdowns and safeties.
    After analyzing the teams’ numbers, I plugged in a “nationwide average” points per possession based on different starting positions. This is really only based on the Texas and Colorado averages, so this is by far the weakest part of the analysis. Using all of these numbers I then utilized the Log5 method of calculating the expected points per possession based on different starting positions in this weekend’s game. Only three starting ranges had what could possibly be considered a statistically useful amount of data. No matter how you look at it, this game should be a comfortable win. We can expect to outscore Colorado by about 2.5 points for every possession that starts between the 20 and midfield. Based on the number of such possessions so far that’s a starting advantage of 20 points. And that’s before you get into turnovers and field position, areas that we should win based on our overall better team and which will account for the remaining possessions. Basically, Colorado is going to need a lot of big breaks to win this game. If we don’t do anything stupid, we walk.”

    How can I argue with that….I’m taking Texas to cover.

    A few other can’t miss BC tidbits. About Cody Hawkins, the CU QB. “Dan Hawkins gave the keys of his offense to son Cody and like any good college kid, Cody has wrapped that motherfucker around a lamp post. Cody is 5-11 190 with a weakish arm. He makes up for it by not being a running threat.” Hilarious! About the home crowd at Boulder..” Colorado will be at home in a night game. The fans will be raucous early, but if Colorado starts to lose they’ll start playing hackeysack and listen to Phish on their Ipods.” Enough said.

    • Indiana at Minnesota (-7.5)
    Where’s Ohio State vs. Wisconsin on the slate RObert.? You’re right Bobby, Brewster can recruit. He was a huge loss for Texas when he left to be an assistant for the Chargers, then on to Minny. Going with the Gophers to cover.

    • Oregon at USC (-16.5)
    The ONLY way the Trojan’s get back in the hunt is by dominating their extremely weak Pac 10 schedule. And, that begins today. USC easily covers in a romp.

  10. October 4, 2008 at 5:47 am

    LOL – “Perspective, Bill. You emotionless eel.”

    We need to find a way to work in emotionless eel into each week’s post…good stuff.

  11. 12 robert2917
    October 4, 2008 at 7:47 am

    “Perspective, Bill. You emotionless eel.”

    I rather like that one myself… bravo.

  12. October 4, 2008 at 8:26 am

    Sign of a program on the rise….it’s not 90K but its progress


  13. 14 robert2917
    October 5, 2008 at 5:01 am

    Sign of a program on the rise….it’s not 90K but its progress

    Progress or scheduling…??? They haven’t played the big boys in conference (OU or Texas) since 2005 and other than USF, they’ve played no one out of conference either… And they got rolled by Mizzou who has been the third best team in the Big 12 the past few years… Sounds to me they are alot like Kentucky, getting a fat record on non-con patsies and then scraping out some wins against mid-to-lower tier conference mates… Never beating the big boys, then pumping out their chest about how tough their conference is (except at least Kentucky beat LSU)… Who is the best team KU has beaten the last year and a half…??? A mediocre Va Tech team…??? That ain’t exactly elite…

    KU gets their chance this year… Will they beat OU or Texas…??? To me, that will show whether they have turned the corner…

    Anyway, that’s an unbiased opinion from outside Big12 country…

  14. 15 hphorn
    October 8, 2008 at 5:00 am

    Deja vu. With that last comment by RObert, no wonder why Brent wasn’t exactly giddy to have FBB again.

  15. 16 robert2917
    October 8, 2008 at 6:21 am

    The truth hurts sometimes… B2 knows that…

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