Week 13 Line-up

I know this week is one giant logistical juggling act but the cut-off is prior to the Texas kick-off on Friday.

  • mizzou vs. KU (-2) — neutral field at Arrow Head.
  • Texas (-5.5) at tamu
  • Wildcard: OU (-12.5) at Okie St.
  • Wildcard: Alabama (+6) at Auburn
  • Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at Virginia

KU KU vs. ——
The Dream Season caps off conference play with the Dream Game. And as atypical this season has been this match-up, in te surface resembles a traditional Kansas vs. mizzou battle. mizzou typically fields superior talent…I can’t explain it but the recruit well under the radar. mu typically is favored. And mu is typically outcoached and typically pisses down their leg. This year will be no different….KU holds mu under 30 and comes up with the biggest win in school history. Yes…..thank you pigs as KU will be the #1 in the country come Sunday. I am beside myself I am so effing pumped for this.

Wildcard: Okie St. at OU….OU had quarterback questions coming into the season and have quarterback questions to wrap up the season. The Orage Aggies emphasis the insanity of the season and cover in Norman.

Wildcard: Alabama at Auburn Sabin’s season went up in smoke against LSU. Auburn’s AD is kicking himself for Lousiville-gate now that Fran has “stepped down.” A difficult call here but I’ll go with the War Eagles to cover in a resume builder.

Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at VirginiaThe Cavs are the cardiac kids of this season. Va Tech is overrated. Virginia covers.

6 Responses to “Week 13 Line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    November 21, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Let me get these in quickly with the Thanksgiving week schedule…

    mizzou vs. KU (-2) — neutral field at Arrow Head.
    I’ll take the Jayhawks… They haven’t lost vs the spread all year (I think) and hopefully they won’t start here…

    Texas (-5.5) at tamu
    Texas will smoke the Aggies in a sweet revenge game… Horns big…

    Wildcard: OU (-12.5) at Okie St.
    OU at home won’t be happy after last week… With a trip to the BCS on the line, they have to come out strong… If this were in Stillwater, I’d take State, but in Norman, give me the Sooners…

    Wildcard: Alabama (+6) at Auburn
    I’ll take the home team in a rivalry game… Auburn is my selection here…

    Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at Virginia
    Uh, in the who cares bowl, I guess I’ll go with Virginia at home…

    On a side note with a KU/UL connection, David Padgett’s college career appears over… A fractured kneecap has put him on the shelf in this his senior season… Reportedly, surgery would do no good becasue he has had so many knee surgeries previously that there really isn’t much left in there to operate on… I feel bad for the guy becasue he has been a model student athlete since coming into UL from Kansas and Rick Pitino speaks about Padgett as he would his own son…

    Word is he has two options:

    He may try to go to Europe when his knee heals and try to play out a contract and make some money before another inevitable knee injury occurs… He risks not being able to walk pain free though for the remainder of his life,


    He can heal up and with a college degree already earned go into the professional world as a relatively healthy young man (and possibly into coaching)…

  2. 2 hphorn
    November 23, 2007 at 9:35 am

    Texas by 10. Gojng with the Horns to cover.

  3. 3 Julie
    November 23, 2007 at 10:28 am

    Uncle Sam is on Jude duty for 10 seconds while I get this in (he’s waiting for my picks so he can take the opposite): KU, Texas, OU, Auburn, Va Tech.

  4. 4 unclsam
    November 23, 2007 at 10:46 am

    My first notion was to pick opposite of juj in an effort to win but since we are continuing on into the bowl season – I’ll pick as I normally would have. Texas, OSU, Alabama, Va Tech and …….gotta go with the Jayhawks and my heart even though my head is telling me different.

  5. 5 unclsam
    November 23, 2007 at 11:33 am

    Red Raider Heisman hopefulls for 2008?

    Since the Red Raiders are not in the mix this weekend, I just wanted to note 3 sets if stats from one of the better offenses in the country. Keep in mind, most if not all of the others mentioned below still have a game to play. These numbers are coming from the 2nd youngest team in the NCAA. Note: GH is a junior and Crabtree is a RSFresh. Here’s hoping we find a defense for next year!

    Passing Yrds:
    1. G. Harrell Texas Tech 5,298
    2. P. Smith Tulsa 3,886
    3. B. Brohm Louisville 3,787
    4. C. Bacher N’western 3,656
    5. C. Daniel Missouri 3,590

    Passing Yards:
    1. M. Crabtree Texas Tech 1,861
    2. J. Nelson Kansas St 1,441
    3. D. Thomas Mich St 1,226
    4. D. Avery Houston 1,193
    5. C. Fitzgerald N Texas 1,184

    Points Scored:
    1. K. Smith C Florida 150
    2. M. Forte Tulane 134
    3. J. Caulcrick Mich St 126
    4. M. Crabtree Texas Tech 126
    5. C. David LSU 122

    Guns Up!

  6. 6 hphorn
    November 24, 2007 at 7:54 am

    Looks like the wrong coach(es) resigned yesterday – should have been UT’s Offernsive and Defensive Coordinators too! I’m actually surprised that this Texas team – put together with bailing wire and duct tape all year finished the regular season 9-3.

    mizzou vs. KU (-2) — neutral field at Arrow Head. Ahh, “Armageddon at Arrow Head”. Thanks for all the links and background Brent, I’ve REALLY enjoyed reading and listening to all of it. I know you’ve tried to explain to me the hatred of this rivaly before, but it took a game of this stature to bring it to a national stage and awareness. KU is a COMPLETE team and I expect them to win tonight and next week too. Rock Chalk.

    Wildcard: OU (-12.5) at Okie St.
    Okie State keeps it close – the Cowboys cover.

    Wildcard: Alabama (+6) at Auburn
    Going with Auburn here.

    Wildcard: Virginia Tech (-3.5) at Virginia. I’ll take UVA and try to pick up some points in the standings.

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