Week 10 Line-up

Here you go…I’ll try to get standings out tomorrow….

  • Nebraska at KU (-19)
  • Texas (-3) at Okie St
  • Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
  • Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
  • Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy

KUNebraska at KU
Who, back in August, would have thought that KU would be favored by 19 in any game in the month of November. What a crazy ride it has been….and one that should not be derailed at the hands of the Big Red Nation.

Over the past three weeks, KU has established itself with the running game. Last week MacAnderson rolled up 186, the majority of which came in the first quarter to set the tone for the rest of the game. Expect more of the same this week as KU faces a putrid run D in Nebraska. KU forces eight in the boxes and blows it out in the middle of the third quarter. KU covers.

Oh…and it is worth noting, KU is this year’s Vegas darling, covering the spread in every game this season.

TexasTexas at Okie St
This should be a good one in Stilwater. Texas continues to unimpress week after week while the Pokes seem to have regained their stride the Friday night embarrassment against non-qualifier U (aka Troy). I’ll take the Pokes, playing at Boone’s Farm, and the points on this one.

TechTech at Baylor
The second coming of Taurean (Shannon Woods) has been relegated to the third team…are the wheels coming off the Pirate Express. Make no mistake about it…Leach does not eff around. Lose in Stilwater, fire you D-coordinator. Don’t live up to the hype…ride the pine. Tech should make a statement this week and covers easily

Wildcard: Alabama at LSU — Pure talent that is hyper motivated vs superior coaching and points. This is a tough one as you know slick Nick is goin to pull out all the stops to make a statement here. Saban would love nothing more than for the game’s storyline to center around how the Tigers were out-coached. Les feels the pressure as well and could choke this one away. Damn I’m torn and making my decision based on what I feel everyone will not….roll Tide.

Wildcard: New England vs. Indy — How can Indy not feel disrespected on this one? The Colts keep it close on the play of Freeny. Colts cover.


9 Responses to “Week 10 Line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    November 2, 2007 at 8:47 am

    Nebraska at KU (-19)
    Alot of points to lay to the Cornholers… It’s the perfect spot for KU to be flat after two tough weeks (see Kentuckys’ home loss last week vs Miss St)… But Nebraska offers a different kind of opponent than Miss St… The big red N on the white helmets will be enough to get KU up for the game; now it’s just a matter of determining the spread… I like KU to win the game (a pound of flesh for last years’ close loss in Lincoln), but I think 19 is a bit much here and I’ll take the Huskers to cover…

    Texas (-3) at Okie St
    OK St has been playing pretty well since the Gundy meltdown and they are tied for first in the Big12 South… I’ll grab the the home dog here and take OK St plus the threespot…

    Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
    The Bears have lost 5 in a row, giving up 217 points in those 5 games (that’s a 43.4 point a game average for you TT grads)… TT has been reeling lately (Colorado at home, are you friggin’ kidding me Samson…???) I like TT to get healthy early and often here… Baylor will have to score 30 points to keep it within the number and I don’t see them doing that… Tech rolls and covers…

    Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
    Personally I think LSU is waaaay overrated… Their offense is average at best, their defense top-notch when they want to be… You’d think this would be one of those pretty low scoring affairs, but night games in the SEC will typically bring special team and defensive scores which usually garners the over for savvy bettors… Both are off bye weeks, and Saban knows LSU more than Myles knows ‘bama… I should grab the 7 point home dog here, everything points to that being the right side, but I have a sneaky feeling LSU might come out and lay the wood to ‘bama here… I’ll take LSU in a slight lean, knowing that if ‘bama wins, Blaine will be eschewing his purple and gold golf shirt in favor of a Roll Tide sweatshirt next weekend… LSU minus here…

    Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy
    The roles have completely reversed… Used to be that the Colts were the fast, finesse team that flourished indoors in the A/C on the fast turf and the Pats were the outdoor team that ran the ball and passed short… Now it’s the Colts that run the ball more and when they do pass, it’s a ball control passing attack with TE Dallas Clark now a main target and the Pats are the sprinting team with Moss still running 4.3 down the sidelines, demanding triple teams and grabbing deep balls… The Pats view the running game like Rosie O’ Fat views salad… That would be not at all… I say in the dome, advantage PATRIOTS, and outdoor in the elements, advantage COLTS… The winner of this game will most likely host the AFC title game, and if I am going to true to my analyses, I must take the Pats here…

    It may hurt now to see the Colts lose, but it will pay dividends in January… The Colts won the Super Bowl in the rain and the slop and the muck over a team, the Bears, that were supposedly better equipped to handle it… I think they will benefit from playing in the cold and the snow and the fog in January vs the Pats… As a Viking fan, i’ve followed Moss his whole career, in fact he is one of my favorite players all-time, but the one thing Randy doesn’t like, it’s cold weather, rain, snow or fog… He is the epitome of a dome player…

    So all that being said, Ill take the Pats to cover here and win the game probably in the 34-24 range, but don’t be surprised to see the Colts return the favor in January…

  2. 2 Julie
    November 2, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    Nebraska at KU (-19)
    Too bad the big red “N” was not enough to get UT up for the game last week. But alas, this is not about Texas. Not this season, not this pick. I think KU will cover the points, and I almost (repeat “almost”) concede to the husband that KU is legit (sort of).

    Texas (-3) at Okie St
    Texas has won nine in a row against Ok State, and tomorrow will be no different. After a luck laster showing against against Baylor and Nebraska, Texas shows up tomorrow on the road.

    Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
    RR. Easy pick. GU. Duh.

    Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
    I am not well-versed in the ways of the Tiger and the TP tide, but I have to go with the eye of the tiger on this one.

    Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy
    I have to take the Colts or my relationship with my sister is over. It’s as simple as that.

  3. 3 hphorn
    November 3, 2007 at 4:42 am

    Nebraska at KU (-19)
    Actually got to finally see KU in action on the tube last week against A$M and came away very impressed. They have “athletes” all over the field and a really quick, talented D. Mangino, whom they are now calling “crushed velvet” – referencing his velour outfit against the ags, was on a local radio talk show this week. It’s easy to see why the Flying Manginos are a hard-nosed, smart and no nonsense football team. That said, Tom Osborne is hanging around Husker practices and won’t let them give up on the season. KU wins, but the Huskers cover.
    Texas (-3) at Okie
    Honestly, Texas is a very, very mediocre football team that has played only 10 quality quarters of football ALL year. I can’t believe they are even ranked in the top 25, let alone their current rank at 15 – what a farce. Linebacker Sergio Kindle is out today and that spells trouble against a physical, healthy and talented Cowboy O. Okie St. wins and covers in a shoot-out.
    Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
    Baylor is slightly worse than Texas – Tech rolls.
    Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
    One of the two best games of the weekend (Ariz. St vs. Oregon, being the other). Les “deer in the headlights” Miles gets it done with a W, but Bama covers the 7.
    Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy
    Nice. Didn’t know BC was playing IU this weekend? The Patriots win by a touchdown.

  4. 4 hphorn
    November 3, 2007 at 6:15 am

    Going to change one of my picks – I saw somewhere that KU and Nebraska was in Lincoln – it’s in Lawrence. KU will roll by more than 19.

  5. November 3, 2007 at 7:10 am

    Crushed velvet…classic

  6. 6 unclsam
    November 3, 2007 at 8:34 am

    * Nebraska at KU (-19)
    Lovin the Jayhawks run. Big, big win last week and this week should be no different. Not so fast my friends. The classiest program in the nation realizes they can salvage pride for their program in a lost season by winning this one. I too, believe the Jayhawks will win but in a close one and not cover the spread. I know from here on out the stakes just keep rising for flying Manginos, but watch out for this one!
    * Texas (-3) at Okie St
    The battle of the OJ’s – no, not white Broncos and little black leather gloves -but who wears the dominate orange jersey in the Big12. Burnt Orange will always be a sentimental favorite in the Baker Dirty South household over Aggie Orange. I’m taking the horns to cover getting their lean on in Boone’s Farm Stadium! ( Boone’s Farm Stadium – an all time classic FBB nomenclature.)
    * Texas Tech (-21) at Baylor
    Oh the Red Raider Nation is panicked. Actually, the simple truth is our beloved Graham Harrell has had two back to back bad games. He plays well and we have a chance against Missouri and beat CO. Of course, the Tech fans are in a frenzy. The Message Board junkies want to bench Harrell, fire Leach, replace the recently placed DC, promote the Bell Whacker to AD, and choke B Knight. I wish our fans would mature as fast as our program. This coming from the same pirate lovers who were concerned preseason about Leach being able to keep his bowl streak alive with an unproven Oline, new receiving corps and the same ole’ D. Then we hang 50 on Donkey State and same posters are talking BCS and Heisman hopeful jibber jabber. The reality is that we are young and will be considered by most in the conference legit contenders for the Big 12 title in ’08 and ’09.
    * Wildcard: LSU (-7) at Alabama
    Love the wild cards this week. Gotta go with the Tigers simply because Alabama is not as good as everyone once thought. The tigers match up very well against the running attack of the Elephants. LSU covers.
    * Wildcard: New England (-5) at Indy
    Hey whose that little guy catching all those passes for the Patriots? Oh right – that’s Texas Tech’s system receiver Wes Welker. ROberto I was going to take INDY to cover until you through down that crazy algorithm in your post and made us Raiders feel mentally inferior. So, I’ll take Wes Welker’s Patriots to cover even though I’ll be routing for ROberto’s Colts to win while hoping Wes has another career day!

  7. 7 unclsam
    November 3, 2007 at 8:44 am

    Oh yeah, I’ll take Tech to cover against the Bears! Crushed Velvet is so great! Food for thought – if Leach puts on a Mangino like crushed velvet suit, do you think Captain Hook could be mistaken for an Elvis impersonator?

  8. 8 robert2917
    November 3, 2007 at 10:14 am

    Crushed velvet, made only better if it was purple crushed velvet, ehnacing more the glossing of Mangino as Grimace…

    …and TT message boarders want Leach fired…??? Yeah, because they were so great without him… Would we ever even hear about TT without Leach and the General roaming the respective sidelines…??? Tech fans sound as myopic as UK Wildcat fan…

  9. November 3, 2007 at 11:39 am

    this ku/neb game is surreal

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