Week 9 Line-up

With the exception of KU in College Station the FBB usual suspects are a bit of a yawner. But the Thursday night game in Blacksburg should be exceptional.

  • Wildcard: Boston College (-3.5) at Virginia Tech (-3.5) A Thursday night game
  • KU (-2.5) at tamu…had you told me this would be the line in August I would have said Fran would not be coaching in this one
  • Pitt at Louisville (-11)
  • Nebraska at Texas (-21.5)
  • Colorado at Tech (-13)

KUKansas at tamu
Another solid test for the Fighting Manginos. The storyline in this one is the nucleus of the Fran’s program, the massive offensive line, vs. the quicker and seemingly more athletic KU defensive front. If a&m establishes the run KU’s defensive will wear down in a hostile environment and will eventually come up short. If KU’s defensive line can keep the the aggies off KU’s solid linebacking trio KU will force McGee to mix it up And if Air McGee is unveiled Talib should lock up his All-American campaign and an invitation to the Downtown Athletic Club — ok, that may be a stretch. Should be quick game in a hostile environment.

Its worth noting that in both 68 and 95, KU’s win streak was stopped cold at on the eighth game but…..this is not your father’s KU football team and I’ll ride this out for as long as I can. KU covers.

TexasNebraska at Texas
The Big Red Machine limps into Austin for what “should” be a massacre. But given the lackluster performance against the mighty Bears, and playing in Austin proving not to be much of an overwhelming advantage I’m going to go with the fighting Osbornes to cover.

TechCU at Tech
CU’s defensive, lead by the leading tackler in the nation in Dizon, is good. They shut down the pass last week and made it difficult for KU to move the ball on the ground. This is a team on the rise as evidenced by their marked improvement over last year’s team….a horrible team that put one over on the Pirates in Boulder. CU has shown little to nothing on the road and Tech has revenge in mind, going with Tech at home.

Pitt at Louisville
I know little to nothing about Pitt and I can’t seem to get a line on this Cardinal team. I get the impression that Wannstedt is falling short of expectations and I know Kragthrope has been a major disappointment. The Cardinal D is balanced out by a really good offense…leaving RObert with an average squad…so I’ll take an average Cardinal’s team over a crappy Pitt team in a game needed by both in quest of a bowl bid. Brohm does enough to impresses the reps from the Houston Bowl and Ville covers.

Wildcard: I’m really torn on this one. BC has been great all season and Va Tech has only gotten better week over week. Given the points and the game is in Blacksburg I’ve gotta go with the Hokies.


13 Responses to “Week 9 Line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    October 25, 2007 at 4:27 am

    This is a curious line… VaTech is #8 in the nation and playing at home, and getting 3.5 points vs a BC team whose schedule so far this year is softer than some team that resides in Lawrence… Well, maybe not quite that soft, but close enough…

    Seems that the line SHOULD be VaTech minus the points… There’s an old saying in betting circles, “run to the smell”, meaning when a line sounds whacky, Vegas is trying to trap you… And it was revealed yesterday why… VaTech will most likely be playing their backup QB due to an injury to starter Tyrod Taylor… The betting public hears that and they flock to the windows to bet on BC… What is not understood by the under-informed public is that the backup is the former starter, Sean Glennon who has alot of experience (more than freshman Taylor)…

    Vegas is begging people to take VaTech here by giving points… The books make their money when there is even money on each side… That means of course that there is alot of money already down on BC… I’ll fall into the trap and in this case run away from the smell… I can’t pass up on VaTech getting points at home as much as I despise Frank Beamer and the back-stomping, dog-fighting thugs in Blacksburg… Hokies cover…

  2. 2 robert2917
    October 25, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Dammit commish… I thought that line sounded funny so I checked… VaTech is the favorite, not BC as mentioned above in the lineup… That makes me feel even better about my pick of VaTech even though I am now giving 3.5 rather than getting… Now that the line seems more normal, I’d expect VaTech to thoroughly beat BC… Had VaTech been getting points, it would have probably been alot closer…

    I’ll stick with the Hokies…

    C’mon commish, I know you’re working with a KU degree and all (you can line Ollies’ box with that piece of paper), but attention to detail is a must…. (+3.5) to
    (-3.5) is a 7 point swing… Even without my public high school education and UL degree, I can figure out that one…

  3. 3 Julie
    October 25, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    As Lee Corso would say, somebody knows more about this than I do and I am going to go with that somebody. Va Tech covers.

  4. 4 hphorn
    October 25, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    A litte late, but NO score. Going with BC to cover.

  5. 5 unclsam
    October 25, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    If I may, I’d like to first congratulate the Commish and the First Lady and wish them the happiest of Anniversaries. Additionally, I’d like to take this time to thank Father D. Without him FBB wouldn’t be possible. I’ll take Va Tech.

  6. 6 robert2917
    October 26, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Friggin’ Va Tech… gave it away last night along with crapping on my prognostication… Shoulda won by 10… Why were they snapping the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock with a 10 point lead midway through the 4th quarter…??? They could have shaved 4 minutes off the gameclock by snapping it at 2 seconds on the play clock, leaving BC no time for a comeback…

    Oh well, as for the other games, I’ll take:

    TA&M (but i’m pulling for KU)

    Heading out of town for the weekend… Enjoy the games…

  7. 7 robert2917
    October 26, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Oh, Happy Anniversary as well… Try the “Lion King” position if you are bored with the same ol, same ol…

  8. 8 Julie
    October 26, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    Fool, you crack me up!

  9. 9 unclsam
    October 26, 2007 at 3:40 pm

    Congrats to Mark with the sole BC pick last night. Another fine weekend of football is upon us. Naturally, my heightened anticipation would be more advanced had the Red Raiders shown up last Saturday. Instead our Typical Tech, Pink Fader team decided to suit up. Yep, the largest O-line in CF couldn’t block a doorway, Freshman sensation Crabtree looked like he was trying to make “CrabGrabs” with crab claws instead of hands, and our very consistent outside Heisman-contending QB threw more picks in one game than he’s thrown all year. It was a bit short of a “Crabtabulous” performance for the Grim Reapers. But how ‘bout them Jayhawks! Last night watching BC vs VaTech they flashed the BC rankings and there was number 9 Kansas – unbelievable. Freakin HotDogs!

    • KU (-2.5) at tamu
    For the love of Atticus, do not let the first loss occur in Pyle field. Very nervous about this one for the Jayhawks. Nothing is in the Hawks’ favor. Clearly, Kansas is due for a loss. Pyle field is tough to play in. In fact, in 23 Big XII games, road teams are 9-14; with 6 of those road wins against Baylor, Iowa State and Nebraska. My only hope is that the Freakin Hotdogs can tackle that tub of lard they have running the ball. Apparently, when Fatty Lane gets 20 carries, the “not really military” corps wins. I don’t care. I’ve gone with the emotional pick since the beginning, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Mangino shuts down the 1 dimensional aggie O, and covers!
    • Pitt at Louisville (-11)
    I’ve gotta go with El Roberto on this one. It just hasn’t been the Cards year. I believe they are a bit down causing them to become distracted and may lack the concentration needed during the week to successfully execute their spread offense on Saturday. I’ll take Pitt, but will pull for Roberto’s Red Birds to finish this season strong.
    • Nebraska at Texas (-21.5)
    This is probably the most difficult pick for me this week. Baylor was within a touchdown of Texas late in the game last week. The Horns struggled against Arkansas St and UCF! Do you think they have trouble getting up for games they should win? Jan and Fred are coming in this weekend – so I’ll go with the Horns to cover, but I would not be surprised if the Huskers keep it close long enough to stay within the line.

    • Colorado at Tech (-13)
    For those of you looking at this game and pulling out the motivations, tendencies and matchups that affect most teams – please know the normal indicators do apply to Tech. Nothing will change in our lineup and we will not run the ball to try and establish the pass. Tech will either execute and win, or not and lose. That’s it. I think we’ll take a pretty good CO team and blow them out of the water. Tech wins Big!

  10. 10 Julie
    October 26, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    I would like a public apology to a private insult from the Commish (and on our anniversary, no less — god bless Father D). He said something about my Corso “going with that somebody” reference and ultimately losing the point as a result. He further muttered something about how often I just pick what other FBB members pick. Well now (hands on hips), if that were the case I wouldn’t have been the definitive “winner” up until week 8, now would I????? FBB rules inherently support the point mavericks not ball sheep, butthole (with affection, of course). He’s just mad because he was the definitive “loser” up until week 6 — and it probably doesn’t help that I make picks based on arbitrary things like “furriest mascot” and still come out on top (when you understand the root cause, it is easier to forgive). Fortunately the Commish and I were able to patch things up and have a KICK ASS sushi dinner in Sausalito to celebrate my ability to forgive and forget for 4 straight years. We reminisced about our awesome weekend in the wine country with the crew, champagne sabers, tearful toasts, Eddie in the Cline pond. Then we made our way home and peeked in on little man so Brent could smell his (and I quote) “sleep stink”. I am part of a weird, but wonderful family.

    I’m going: KU, Pitt, Nebraska, and the Buffs.

  11. 11 hphorn
    October 27, 2007 at 2:58 am

    Happy belated Anniversary Juj and Brent! RObert – can I get a liitlle more detail on the Lion King position – I’m intrigued.
    KU (-2.5) at tamu
    Honestly, I would be a very, very happy man (about 1/2 as happy as Brent) if KU ran the table and beat OU in the Big 12 Championship game. My heart says KU, but I think the Agiies just may pull this out today. Going with a$m.
    Pitt at Louisville (-11)
    An awful Pitt team – please someone put Dave Wannstedt out of his misery. Lu-vulle wins big here.
    Nebraska at Texas (-21.5)
    Which Texas team shows up today? With Bill Callahan now not wearing Husker gear to his press conferences anymore, you got to think he, his coaches and the team are close to “quitting” on the season. Texas still can’t run the ball, so I say the Huskers cover.
    Colorado at Tech (-13)
    I just like Colorado’s toughness – I say the Buff’s cover.

  12. 12 unclsam
    October 27, 2007 at 12:03 pm


  13. 13 robert2917
    October 28, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    Mark, ask and ye shall receive…

    The “Lion King” has to do with the female getting on all fours and being thrown the meat… You can figure out the rest…

    What next, a detailed study of the “seal trick”…???

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