Week 8 Line-up

Some great games on tap as KU looks to gain respect and Tech rolls into Columbia. Still waiting on the lines to complete the line-up and pick the Wildcard. I’m open to WC suggestions.

Sans lines, here is this week’s line-up:

  • Kansas (-4.5) at Colorado
  • Texas (-24.5) at Baylor
  • Tech (+3.5) at mizzou
  • Louisville (-3) at UConn This is a Friday game
  • Wildcard: South Florida (-2.5) at Rutgers This is a Thursday game

Wildcard: SFU at Rutgers: I have to go with the Scarlet Knights to cover in this one as the Bull’s steady offense should be kept in check on the road and in the cold. I’ve waited for trains in NJ and it is effing c-o-l-d. Groeth and his mohawk will come down to reality, leaving one less undefeated by the end of the weekend.

KUKansas at Colorado
The weekend is shaping up to be the fall of the undefeated. For KU, this one is a toss up game.

Expect that homer Fowler ( a CU grad) to rant, yet again, on about KU’s schedule and compare it to the k-st schedules of the 90s. This is becoming cliched and predictable. KU has three of the next four on the road in CU, Okie St, and A&M with Nebraska coming to Lawrence. This stretch should finally put this tired-ass banter to bed…KU will either be exposed as a product of a favorable schedule or a legit team with big things in mind.

To this game, I like KU’s defensive match-up and, should they buck the trend of starting slow….KU comes out of Boulder with the win. 4.5 is a brutal line but I’ll take KU to cover.

TexasTexas at Baylor
I think I was one of seven who actually witnessed the inaugural game last weekend on Fox’s new all college sports channel. The crew covering the game was about as bad as Baylor was that afternoon. Texas traditionally uses this as a stats buffer – recall the number Simms used to put up. Texas covers easily.

TechTech at mizzou
I love this match-up. It was a game in Lubbock last season that put public ass-clown #1 (Daniel) in the spotlight as he lit the Raider D up. It got so bad at one point that GH gave the booing Tech fans the finger. When it was all said and done the Pirates fell, at home, on homecoming. Tech views this as a revenge game and wants to remind the pollsters they are one play away from also being undefeated. And since the OSU debacle their defense is for real. IMO…another coin-flip. mizzou has the athletes and are playing at home but their secondary was exposed by OU last Saturday. Man I am struggling with this one. I’ll go with my heart and take the Pirates to cover.

Ville at UConn
Missed getting this on in…no excuses I simply missed it.


12 Responses to “Week 8 Line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    October 15, 2007 at 4:16 pm

    B2, Thanks, I was able to access the spreadsheet…

    It looks to me that you had picked Iowa State, not Texas this week (week 7) from the sound of your verbiage…
    You said Texas would win by 14… Texas would have to win by at least 17 to cover… The line was 16… Maybe I misread it…

  2. October 15, 2007 at 11:53 pm

    nice catch RObert….this has been updated

  3. 3 robert2917
    October 18, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    I’ll take Rutgers tonight… Home team, getting points, with an NFL RB in Ray Rice and a staunch defense… No brainer for me… I wouldn’t mind seeing USF run the table to strengthen the rep of the Big East, but I think Rutgers gets it done tonight…

  4. 4 hphorn
    October 18, 2007 at 6:55 pm

    Just because I’m in my traditional last place position, let me go against the grain and go with USF. The “hawk” will be out, but so will the UnderArmour for the Bulls!

  5. 5 Julie
    October 18, 2007 at 10:50 pm

    South Florida (-2.5) at Rutgers
    The Bulls play the 12th-toughest schedule in the nation. By comparison, No. 1 Ohio State (7-0) has the next-toughest schedule (only behind KU, I’m sure). USF is the new Rutgers. And only the new Rutgers can beat the old Rutgers. Bulls cover and become this year’s BCS darling.

    Louisville (-3) at UConn
    I’ve been down on the ‘ville (and it’s paid off) but I think this week they pull their heads out of their butts and make something happen. Put that on a post it and bank it. Cards cover.

    Kansas (-4.5) at Colorado
    This is what I love. The Jayhawks are undefeated for the first time since A.R. Kennedy. But guess what’s on the FD of kusports.com? That’s right. Basketball. If Mangino can’t draw attention to himself, I don’t know who can. I think #13 Kansas (TBC, the 13th ranked Kansas FOOTball team) beats Colorado and covers. And Brandon Rush still grabs the front page headline on Sunday.

    Texas (-24.5) at Baylor
    I am officially limiting myself to only one BC quote. From the Iowa State live blog “Chizik is dressed like Robert Duvall in ‘The Great Santini.’ ” Good stuff. Well, this year it seems that broken plays = touchdowns. Let’s hope for several of those to stack up this week. If I didn’t believe that we could beat the Baylor “this is my mean face” Bears by 25, I wouldn’t be much of a fan would I?

    Tech (+3.5) at mizzou
    Chase Daniels is a poor man’s Graham Harrell (who’s paying attention?). And Rucker is a poor man’s owed second cousin’s indebted nephew’s Crabtree. I’m takin’ a chance and gettin’ my guns up this week against the 16th ranked paper champions.

  6. 6 robert2917
    October 19, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    Damn, I’m already up a point with that Rutgers lock I gave you all yesterday… Now just have to keep it going…

    Louisville (-3) at UConn
    To quote UK and KU fans in October, “Is it basketball season yet…???” Pitino is making the big news around here with the signing of 5-star recruit Terrence Jennings and a 3-star honky sharpshooter from Indiana in Kyle Kuric this week… With the number one center in the nation (Samardo Samuels) and 4-star Melquan Bolding already signed, We are now just waiting on the biggest prize… Tyreke Evans; a 5-star guy that will choose between ‘Nova, Memphis and the Ville who said that his UL visit set the bar that all other visits haven’t matched… He still has to go Memphis for a visit and hopefully he’ll see Calipari for the slimey cheater that he is… ‘Reke has another UL visit planned and when Pitino has the final word, the kid has to be a lock to be wearing red and black in ’08… Not to mention he is best friends with Samardo…

    That’s three 5-stars, a 4-star and a 3 star for the ’08 class at UL, certainly giving them the number one recruiting class in the nation… Oh, and the guys already here aren’t half bad either and they are all sophs and juniors (save David Padgett)…

    But since this is a football forum, I guess I have to think about the Card defense which makes my stomach sicker than B2 contemplating an all-day trip to Six Flags in mid July, crammed into the cow-trough lines with an assortment of trailer park living, skoal chewing, tight jean wearing, UK Wildcats hat sporting, WWF fans that live in fly-over country…

    The Cards absolutely lucked into that win last week in Cincy… 4 TO’s and several dropped passes by the Bearcats really played into the birds hands… Brohm did have an amazing game, and the re-insertion of Harry Douglas (bad ankle) into the lineup certainly helped… That being said, I still can’t take the Cards laying points on the road… I hope they win by 30, but I’m not even sure they can win by 3… I’ll take UConn at home to cover…

    Kansas (-4.5) at Colorado
    Haven’t researched it yet, but I think the Hawks are undefeated vs the spread this year… I’m gonna ride with them here until they lose (vs the spread or straight up)… I’m pulling for them hard… I can’t stand the ingrate that is Dan Hawkins… KU to cover…

    Texas (-24.5) at Baylor
    Texas, all day here… No more pressure on Texas now… BCS hopes are gone and they know they will be playing in the Cotton Bowl whether they beat Baylor by 20 or 40… I lean more towards the 40… Texas covers…

    Tech (+3.5) at mizzou
    Mizzou in a bounce back game… TT will need a running game if they ever want to compete on the national stage or on the road against decent competition… Without running the ball, good teams will stop their gimmicky passing offense 3 or 4 times a year, preventing TT of ever getting to a BCS’er… I’ll take Mizzou here and lay the 3 and a hook…


  7. 7 hphorn
    October 20, 2007 at 1:22 pm

    Kansas (-4.5) at Colorado
    Did you’ll read the espn.com article on the Jayhawks? It’s ALL true – Mangino has steadily built a nice program out in Lawrence. I’ve got to say I’m very interested in today’s game. I followed Dan Hawkins during my frequent HP visits into Boise and he’s a quality coach that will eventually rebuild the sleeping giant that is the Colorado Football program. I’m going to take Colorado to cover here.
    Texas (-24.5) at Baylor
    Texas big. Big deal.
    Tech (+3.5) at mizzou
    Another nice game. The over and under here is 75! Whoa. I’m going to take Tech to cover in a close shoot out.

  8. 8 robert2917
    October 20, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    I’m 2-0 and feeling it after last nights Cardinal debacle in the rain… Next time, drill the punk, fair catch signal or not…

    Go Gators…

  9. 9 robert2917
    October 20, 2007 at 3:52 pm

    BTW, how ’bout posting the call-in kings picks prior to the games… Not saying I don’t trust him, but can you blame me for not being slightly concerned about his character when he wears an LSU shirt while getting his guns up…???

    And seriously, 2 minutes on line and Sammy could post his picks…

    Maybe the internet hasn’t hit it big yet down there in Northern Mexico…

  10. 10 robert2917
    October 20, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    Scratch that, just saw his e-mail…

  11. 11 unclsam
    October 20, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    The Commish made me apologize for using an inferior browser. Please excuse the deliquency of the post.

    • Kansas (-4.5) at Colorado
    K Who? K U. Big game for the Jayhawks. I agree that they don’t play the top level teams (OU, Texas, Tech) of the Big 12 and that works against the legitimacy of their record. Not so fast my friend! If the beat Colorado in CO (who beat OU), no more doubting Mangino’s birds. I’m pulling for them and takin the birds in the emotional pick to cover. The Jawhawks win today, and playing in the Big12 Championship is certainly within reach. Go Mangino you freakin HotDog You!
    Texas (-24.5) at Baylor
    Texas needs to cover and will. They show up and mentally already have a 3 touchdown edge over the Bears. Texas Covers!

    • Tech (+3.5) at mizzou
    A win for the Red Raiders means this is biggest game for our program in many years. In seasons past, right about the time we break into the top 25 and people start noticing our numbers, we play a good Big12 team and fold. Hence the cliché Typical Tech. I think the difference from this team from previous squads is they play together unselfishly opposed to players in the past that were more concerned with individual numbers than team wins. No matter. Missouri is good. Tech has to play great and catch a few breaks to win and I think we are a year away from the magical season the Red Raider faithful are dreamin of. Mizzou covers.

  12. 12 unclsam
    October 20, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    Straight out of the inner city of Lubbock, Texas – communities that offer such challenging lifestyles that can only be compared to that of Compton, CA, or Baltimore’s very own Hampsterdam, this Christian Rap Group has taken a very popular jam and amazingly made it into their own. Depicting the efforts of our very own “Superman at Jones” (Jones AT&T Football Stadium), please enjoy this little dity highlighting 1 of 2 2008 Hesiman Hopefuls coming out of Raiderland.
    Go to: http://www.myspace.com/allryze
    and choose “Crank dat Crabtree” for your listening pleasure!

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