Week 6 Line-up

A huge week in the Big 12. By Sunday the front-runners in the North will emerge and the South will have been decided. The Ville has their first FNL game of the season….so get this game in stat.

  • Utah at Louisville (-14.5) This is a Friday game
  • KU (+3) vs k-st
  • Texas (+11) vs. OU
  • Iowa St. at Tech (-24.5)
  • Nebraska at mizzou (-7)
  • Making this one quick as we will be heading out sooon.

    Ville covers at home
    KU wins and Covers….big road win for the Hawks.
    OU covers
    Tech covers
    mizzou beats NU but falls short of the line…setting the North up for a KU/mu showdown over Thanksgiving.


2 Responses to “Week 6 Line-up”

  1. 1 Julie
    October 4, 2007 at 3:34 pm

    The husband and I leave in an hour for a long weekend in the wine country together. Double Mom and Jordan man the fort as we take in some wine, sun, and college football (without the assistance of blocks, swings, books, or animals). Good times.

    Utah at Louisville (-14.5)
    The ‘ville is looking more like Texas all the time. Drug arrests, indefinite suspensions, embarrassing loses….Kragthorpe perfects the Mack Brown clap and we’ve got a match! They might win this one, but they won’t cover.

    KU (+3) vs k-st
    What to do here? Bet against KU yet again and devastate the mood for a romantic weekend with the husband? Well, of course. k-st (note lower case irreverence) wins and covers.

    Texas (+11) vs. OU
    Christ, what a debacle. Losing sucks, but losing to the bozos that motivate with an overgrown cat rocking out to bad 80s music and power towels, downright deflating. I suppose losing to Colorado isn’t much better. Actually, yes it is. The difference is, we were exposed whereas OU just had an off-day. As much as it pains me, I think the Sooners take this one and cover.

    Iowa St. at Tech (-24.5)
    Let’s see, 4-1, 1-4. Yawn. Tech covers.

    Nebraska at mizzou (-7)
    Once again note the lower case irreverence. The husband’s subtle, but clever. I’ll take Nebraska. Have to maintain some harmony in the marriage this weekend.

  2. 2 robert2917
    October 5, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    Utah at Louisville (-14.5)
    At this point I’ll settle for a 1 point win… Giving 14 and a hook to a team that put 44 on UCLA smells fishy, especially considering the D the Cards have been playing this year… The oddsmakers in Vegas I’m guessing haven’t watched the Cards inability to cover the deep ball, the mid range ball, the screen pass or the run (not to mention kickoff returns)… If the stars align the Cards pull this one out, it won’t be by more than 14… Take the running Utes to cover…

    KU (+3) vs k-st
    Ahhhh, the weekend of K exposure… UK was exposed last night as a fraud, and KU may be staring at that fate Sat… Let’s see, K-State wins by 20 in Austin, yet they are only giving 3 to Grimace and the Chokehawks…??? Go directly to the window and bet the house on the Purple Pussycats… K-State covers…

    Texas (+11) vs. OU
    You’d have to think that both teams have similar talent… Both take their picks of prized recruits each year… The only variable here that I can see that makes this line so huge is coaching… I’d take Stoops over the Mack Daddy 8 days a week… Oh, one other variable; Colt McCoy, who sucks when healthy, is wretched now that he is dinged (when isn’t this guy injured)… Unless he can channel his inner Shea Morenz, OU should take out a couple years of frustrating losses on the Horns… OU all the way…

    Iowa St. at Tech (-24.5)
    Both these teams belong in C-USA… Iowa St is just plain horrible and TT has more gimmicks than Carrot Top and Gallagher combined… Leach pulls out his Sledge-o-matic early and often and blasts the ‘clones… TT should cover this line by the half… After that performance vs OK St 2 weeks ago, I can see why Blaine has been sporting LSU gear… Nevertheless, take TT to cover here…

    Nebraska at mizzou (-7)
    WTF commish…??? LSU plays Florida and this is our wildcard game…??? I guess if I had to bet it, I’d take Nebraska and the points… So I’ll take them here as well… Huskers plus the 7…

    Oh, and I’ll take LSU as well…


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