Week 4 Line-up

This week’s marks the 1/4 mark of the season….I guess it is time to get back in the race. Let’s get it going with this line-up:

  1. Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5)
  2. Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St
  3. Rice at Texas (-38.5)
  4. Syracuse at Louisville (-37)
  5. Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama(+3.5)
  6. Quick picks….analysis to follow:
    KU rolls in the best practice before the k-st game
    The system upends Okie State at Boone’s Farm.
    Texas treats Rices like a prison bitch
    Not a good week to be the Cuse….Ville covers
    I like the Richt’s road record and the DAWGS

    KUFlorida Int at Kansas
    With Duke’s win last week FIU owns the nations longest losing streak at 16. Oh yea….another barn burner in Lawrence. Where I agree with Mangino when he says all you remember in November are the wins games against FIU do little to contribute to a competive edge.

    But let’s call it what it is…. a competitive scrimmage at the end of the three week preparation for k-st. KU’s off week is next week to give them addtional time to prep for the mildcats, another scheduling methodology carried over from Mangino’s time in Manhattan. The starters get some additional reps in a conservative attack. KU covers in this yawner.

    TexasRice at Texas
    Are the 07 Horns evolving into the Canes of the 80s? Most likely not though I’m sure it scares the shit out of the mighty Owls. Texas looks to redefine itself in this game at home. Texas treats Rices like the new inmate in cell-block D.

    TechTech at Okie St.
    Tech is desperate for a true rival, a game the opponent circles on their schedule. A team that salvages a 1 and 11 season. They feel they may have it in Okie St as Tech is pushing to move this game to a neutral location in Dallas. For now, Tech enters Boone’s Farm as the favorite against a team who lost to effing Troy….on a Friday night for God’s sake. Troy’s 19 non-qualifers did more put up more points…the crushed the enthusiasm of the over-hyped offense in Stillwater. Crabtree — the real deal or simply antother stat filled cog — has a big game and Tech contributes to the free-fall.
    Tech covers.

    Cuse at the Ville
    A statement game for the Cards. I expect Kraigthrope looks to save face with the Card faithful and puts up 60. The easiest pick of the season. Cards roll.

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama
    Too much hype from the Tide and the Richt has a 9-2 SEC road records. Going with Uga to cover.


5 Responses to “Week 4 Line-up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    September 21, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    Just back in town from B-More and haven’t had much time to think about this weeks’ games… Still burping crab cakes from Chesapeake Bay as I type and I’m on my way to a meeting so gotta make it quick…

    Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5) –
    Gotta ride with KU until A: they don’t cover or B: they play a real team… Never seen so many directions, Technicals, or Internationals on one teams’ schedule… The Big 12 is waaaaaaay down this year, save OU (reference last nights’ TAM debacle at sad Miami) and KU has a shot at the North title… I’m pulling for them… Love to see the Sooners play the Hawks in the Big12 titler… Talk about a walk to the BCS… KU covers.

    Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St-
    Reference OK Sts performance vs Troy last week if you need more proof backing up my Big 12 horridness assertion… The Pink Raiders should win handily and cover…

    Rice at Texas (-38.5)-
    And thirdly, reference Texas’ game last Saturday vs a team they should have beaten soundly and the trifecta of my Big 12 sucks comment is complete… Rice burned me last week, so F them… I’ll take the Horns in a bounce back…

    Syracuse at Louisville (-37)-
    What can I say; UK played a perfect, TO free game and UL played a sloppy, 2 TO leading to 10 points in the first 2 minutes game… A dropped pass cost UL one TD and a penalty for a bad formation cost them another… And after all that, they still had the lead with 30 seconds left when the unthinkable happens… A blown coverage leads to a wide open WR for a 60 yard TD… The talent is there, the coaching may not be… Is there a worse D than UL’s this side of Lubbock, TX…??? I didn’t see Petrino coached teams making these errors… It’s early, but signs are starting to point to a John L Smith-type undisciplined team rather than a solid pro-style Petrino team around here…
    That being said, the line is not the lock here, the over/under is… IT’s set at 62 points… UL should score that many alone and with their defense, count on Syracuse adding another 17-20… UL should cover easily, and bet the mortgage on the over in this puppy…

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama(+3.5)-
    I like ‘Bama here… When both teams are down, take the one playing at home, getting points…

    Enjoy the weekend all… Blaine, if you made it out to Frisco, hope you guys have a good time… Late.

  2. 2 Julie
    September 22, 2007 at 12:04 am

    Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5)
    Ok I was the only butthole that dropped a point on KU last week, but historical data points supported my position. I hate to be wrong twice, so I’ll go with the Hawks to cover and pray they avoid the inevitable implosion this week.

    Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St
    Tech blows OSU away on every NCAA stat except rushing yards, including total points where they rank 6th versus 67th for OSU. So why is the line only 6? I’ll take the Red Raiders to cover.

    Rice at Texas (-38.5)
    I’d love to quote some team match-up stats here to drive my pick home but unfortunately I can’t do that without weeding through at least 46 arrest reports. Can Colt’s nauseatingly wholesome image outshine this mess? I sure hope so. I’ll take Texas with an enthusiastic Mack Brown clap to cover.

    Syracuse at Louisville (-37)
    Syracuse hasn’t beaten Louisville since 1992. And without the mighty Major to lead their offense, the Cards are sure to keep the streak alive.

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama (+3.5)
    Who can resist another triple name QB? I’ll take Alabama to cover.

  3. 3 hphorn
    September 22, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    As a John Kerry said before the last election, “help is on the way”. YES – I’m changing jobs at HP and will be the Search Engine Marketing Manager for the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG). Back in the sane world of IPG and no more 70 hour weeks like I’ve experienced for the last 2 months. Hoping there’s a little more time for banter. Not much time today as Kate’s out for a girls weekend at a ranch.

    Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5)
    Going with KU here.

    Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St
    OSU sucks – Tech rolls big time.

    Rice at Texas (-38.5)
    Texas sucks too, but will cover tonight.

    Syracuse at Louisville (-37)
    Whatever. The ‘cuse is one of the worst teams in the nation – almost as bad as Lu-vulle’s Defense! The ‘ville covers.

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama(+3.5)
    Going with Bama to cover slightly at Home.

  4. September 22, 2007 at 2:40 pm

    Congrats Mark….IPG is the group we work with. Let’s hope our paths cross in Boise.

  5. 5 unclsam
    September 22, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Congrats Mark!
    New job working less hours…..
    Two beautiful little girls…
    Bacon-laced pancakes…
    PRICELESS – You’re livin the dream brother!

    Florida Int at Kansas (-30.5)
    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – You can’t argue with convincing wins. The Jayhawks cover and continue with their bowl-bound season.

    Texas Tech (-6) at Okie St
    Big, Big Game for the Red Raiders. I know the orange aggies haven’t looked stellar, but Tech has a history of playing poorly in key games on the road. A win today means that we are likely to be 6-0 before we play the maroon aggies in Lubbock. We’ve had this one circled since it’s inception. I hope we feel at home with our lean on in Boone’s Farm Stadium (That’s Brilliant Commish). I’ll take “typical Tech” not to be so typical this game and cover –
    Rice at Texas (-38.5)
    The University of Texas educated two very important ladies in my life and I’d never think to stoop with a cheap shot referencing their recent legal woes. I’ve ignored the articulations of ‘bonghorns’ and ‘book em horns’ and have chosen to take the high road. You’ll never hear me capitalize on their legal issues with jokes like ‘4 longhorns riding in a car, whose driving? The police’ or ‘why did Texas go to the no huddle offense? Because it’s against the law to associate with known felons.’ I will say if it hadn’t been for Mac’s Vince-ational NC, he’ be in the hot seat for recruiting so many 5 star felons. However, in an effort to show my continuous support for UT, I’m sending my daughter to Austin today to cheer them on as they will cover in their victory over the Owls. Look for her in her Camp Longhorn shirt, Getting her Guns Up!

    Syracuse at Louisville (-37)
    Love Roberto’s Cards, but the Oranges will keep it within 37.

    Wildcard: Georgia at Alabama(+3.5)
    Bear Bryant’s Elephants will keep it within 3 against the Bulldogs.

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