Week 3 Line up

Everyone is the benefactor of the most recent lines due to my late posting….it’s been a long week. Results to follow shortly.

  • Toledo at Kansas (-24.5)
  • Texas (-18) at UCF
  • Tech (-28) at Rice
  • Louisville (-6.5) at Kentucky
  • Wildcard: Florida (-7.5) vs. Tennessee
  • KUKansas vs. Toledo
    One of the poorest executed games in the last decade — I’m referring to KU’s double overtime lost against the Rockets last year — cost KU a shot at that elusive consecutive bowl appearance. Since then, the Rockets have been on a free fall and KU appears to be turning the corner…even if the turn is coming off of Crap Drive and onto Mediocre Lane.

    Central Michigan, KU’s week 1 victim, dropped 50+ on the Rockets last week and KU is looking to right the wrong from a year ago. The only thing holding KU back from covering the line will be the the amount of time the reserves see the field. And IMO, this is a good thing. If you recall, KU dropped four games in the fourth quarter last year simply due to a lack of depth. Getting the second and third teams 1.5 quarters of play through three or four games can only add to the much needed depth.

    KU covers by the third.

    TexasTexas at UCF
    Well, TCU was exposed…not by Mack at Co but by Air Force last night…..so the jury is still out on the the golden boy from West Texas and the 07 Horns. And the exceptional play out of Norman only adds to the discussion/board chatter/concern. Despite the fact that the Knights knocked off NC St in Week 1 a Texas win on the road will do little to quiet the skeptics. I like that Charles is two for two in 100+ rushing games and should continue to roll on the road this week. The Texas D-line will shut down the CFU running game and Texas covers.

    TechTech at Rice
    Rice is horrible and the Pirate savant continues to chrun out the stats. Newsflash…its not the players its the system. IMO…28 is generous given the Leach isn’t one to let up in a game he views as the sixth practice of the week. So yes Tech covers in this yawner. To spice it up a bet here’s a side bet….Blaine will have his “lean” on by the middle of the second quarter…will Tech have covered by then?

    BTW Blaine…looking for a full report from Baton Rouge.

    Louisville at Kentucky
    Maybe an upset special here. The BlueGrass battle features two of the better quarterbacks in college football going against two mediocre defenses. The experts are calling this the upset special…though I am not sold. The Ville will sneak out out Lexington with a W but will fall short of the line…something to the tune of 45 – 49.

    Wildcard: Tennessee at Florida
    The decision was between a potential blow-out in Lincoln or one of the better rivalries in college football. And what drew me to the game, despite the fact we had Tennessee in Week 1, was the movement of the line…it opened at Florida -1 and quickly shot to -7.5. The experts who live out of the sports book must know something I don’t given the Fulmer lost a key cornerback this week. I’ll go with the sports book and will take the Vols to cover.


4 Responses to “Week 3 Line up”

  1. 1 robert2917
    September 14, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    Toledo at Kansas (-23)

    Just listened to a prog on the radio who has this as his lock of the weekend… He likes KU at home in a huge revenge game vs a reeling Toledo team… I tend to agree with him… And although the jury will remain out on KU until they actually play a team that matters, it’s hard to not be impressed… Good teams dispatch with bad teams with big numbers and KU has done that so far this season… I’ll ride the wave and take the mythical birds to wax the Rockets…

    Texas (-18) at UCF

    Unless Daunte Culpepper goes back to school, UCF has no shot here to cover… I know they beat NC State earlier this year, but I think that was the proverbial “shooting of the Knights wad”… Texas looked horrible for the first 6 quarters of the season but came out after the half vs TCU to actually looked decent… Besides, UT can’t look past the Knights… Not with a tough Rice squad on the slate next week (any detection of sarcasm intentional)… Go with the Horns here…

    Tech (-28) at Rice

    After running down the Owls in the previous paragraph, I’m gonna take them here… Cheesy blue ripoffs of Philadelphia Eagle helmets aside, the Owls can definitely keep this one within the number at home… Especially vs a TT team that has a traitor among their ranks… Blaine, WTF, an LSU shirt last weekend…??? What next, going to Lincoln with an “I Love John David Booty’s Booty” shirt on this Saturday… Or maybe you are going to Gainesville with a “Tim Tebow gives me a Chubby” shirt… As Gob himself would say, C’mon… Rice is the pick here…

    Louisville (-6.5) at Kentucky

    Obviously the talk of the state in these parts… Everyone, including Herbies mother, and all the other Four Letter Network hacks, are taking UK here to win the game straight up… Am I crazy for not hedging my emotional attachment to the Cards and dropping a C-note on the Kitties…??? UL wins, I’m out a hundy, but I’m happy; UK wins and I rake in a grrr on the moneyline which should be about 10:1… Or just take the Cats and the points, and win on both fronts if UL wins by a FG… Decisions, decisions… One thing for sure, I’ll be wearing red, unlike some people I know (not mentioning names) (Blaine)… F it, i’ll take the Cards to win big and cover… Something along the lines of 41-24 and keep my $$$ as far away from this game as a toothbrush in Lexington…

    Wildcard: Florida (-7.5) vs. Tennessee

    Florida is a paper champion… Chris Leak wasn’t flashy, but he was consistently accurate… This is Florida’s first decent opponent and it will be interesting to see the Wonderboy Tebow vs a strong, fast defense… Ainge is the more experienced QB and has actually looked good… I heard that this game has been decided by 5 points or less 8 out of the last 10 years… It’ll stay that way… I’ll take Tennessee, who may actually win it straight up…

    Enjoy… Life is sweet… Notre Dame and Michigan are winless… OU and UL are undefeated and in the top 10… The Patriots are convicted cheaters… The Colts and Vikings are both 1-0… And Kissology 2 is now on DVD… What a time to be above ground…


  2. 2 Julie
    September 15, 2007 at 1:14 am

    Toledo at Kansas (-23)

    When you’ve got a huge “revenge game” against Toledo, it’s time to re-evaluate. But the winning, no matter how cream puff the opponent, keeps the husband trash-talking in the Fall while he awaits basketball season. Gives him a reason to visit kusports.com every day, I guess. Pretending they have a real football team. He may have to go back to sandiessports.com later in the season for some real action, but for now, it makes him happy. And mock-worthy. And that keeps the marriage in perfect balance. I tell you the competition I’d really like to see – Mangino and Amstutz in a hot dog eating contest. Now that would be competitive. The CGD crew might even show up for that one. Or one of those fun state fair “guess my weight” games. Maybe the Jayhawks could do that at half-time to boost fan attendance. I say the Hawks don’t cover in this big-time rivalry.

    Texas (-18) at UCF

    After throwing two first half interceptions against TCU last week, Colt rallied in the second half to pull out a win. Allow me to contrast his post-game self-analysis with the sacrilegious Scipio Tex from BC.

    Colt, “”You didn’t want to touch me in the second quarter, I had some bad luck there,” McCoy said, “But I had Bible study the other morning (and) you’re going to get tested. You get tested, then you’re blessed.” You’re a regular Lazarus, Colt.

    Scipio, “We don’t always set Colt up for success and even when he plays poorly, he never ceases to compete. Yeah, a lot of us would like to see a dude who runs a 4.4 that we can zone read with, but Colt takes his nuts out, puts them on the table, and makes plays for us more often than not. I’m fond of the guy and really appreciate his competitiveness. I’m glad he wears Burnt Orange. Faulting him for what he is not is asinine. Kate Hudson has small tits – pretty cute girl though.”

    And there ya have it. Words right out of my mouth. I’ll take Colt Hudson to cover.

    Tech (-28) at Rice

    You gotta hand it to the partridge in a crab tree – his 2nd consecutive 100-yard receiving game and a touch down. (Yes Blaine, they won ok? Quit calling us!) But 28 against the mighty owls? Oh yea. Blaine, we know they’re coming to H-town, so we are going to have to limit your drunk dialing to a maximum of 5 calls (Jan’s here….what will she think?)

    Louisville (-6.5) at Kentucky

    Anyone who saw Middle Tennessee tear through Louisville’s defense Thursday has to wonder if Kentucky running back Maurice Grinter isn’t right. “They got exposed,” Grinter told the Lexington Herald-Leader (visualize the South Park cracker rendition of “You Got Served” challenge dance between the cards and cats). I like the non-mythical birds to cover in Bluegrass-side story.

    Wildcard: Florida (-7.5) vs. Tennessee

    Robert, first let me say, bravo on your casual toss in of the Baker boy’s favorite phrase “paper champion.” Brav-o. I’ll go with you and the tiny never-nude and take Tennessee to cover.

  3. 3 unclsam
    September 15, 2007 at 5:02 am

    The above is the best FBB banter of this season. ROberto with the “Paper Champion” quotation – ohh that’s too merch. Koodos to the only female in our prestigous group for pittying the message board ridden males with her picks.

    Per the request of the Commish – LSU was quite an experience. Tailgating 40 yards from the outskirts of the CGD crowd was Mecca for Casey and I. We lived on jambalaya and cold beer for 12 hours and it was so much fun it felt like 3hrs. One of the best experiences was a couple of hours before the game, we were marched in true Mardi Gras fashion behind the band to enter into the stadium (no one enters the stadium before the band). Seeing the sea of 192,000 people march into the stadium was impressive. Our seats were in the endzone about 15 rows from the field and the stadium was so loud that when the band played on the field during pregame, even when they turned toward our direction we could barely hear them. It’s truly an experience. To ROberto’s accusations of traidorship, at no time did I ever doubt my true Red Raider Roots. Unfortunately, I spent much of the game in the bathroom on the phone fretting over the Red Raider updates coming out of the West Coast. During every celebration the Guns Were Up, and for a split second they even made CGD (we have FBB witnesses). I was still bleeding Red and Black. Roots ROberto, Roots.

    Toledo at Kansas (-24.5)
    The Jayhawks are rolling! I agree their opponents have not been stellar, but you can’t argue with convincing W’s. And with revenge on their mind, I see know difference in this weekend’s contest. I do agree that if Mangino had a hot dog eating contest the event would be television coverage worthy. And after he won, he could end up on YouTube Sunday yelling “You effing Hot Dog” to his opponent! Jayhawks and their hot dogs cover.

    Texas (-18) at UCF
    Oh Colt. FYI, Athalon had on their preseason magazine cover Colt and the aggie qb with the headline “A Big12 Arms Race.” No mention of Graham? You’ve got to be kidding me. He racked up more passing yards last year than Colt and aggie combined. Anywho, is Mac just playing possom before the Cotton Bowl, or are the Horns just not as good as the Media predicts them to be? I think Texas makes a statement, keeps their top10 ranking and covers.

    Tech (-28) at Rice
    Tailgating at 9am tomorrow before the 2pm kickoff means the halftime analysis coming from the Dirty South will be much more coherent than last week. Even though the Owls will see the same offense two weeks in a row, the Air Raid will cover by half time.

    Louisville (-6.5) at Kentucky
    Despite the Cards’ struggling in Red Raider fashion last week, I believe their average drive will last no more than 2 minutes and they will score at will. By the end of this game, the Card will be printing T-Shirts claiming their offense is the 2nd most exciting 2 minutes in sports! Cards cover big.

    Wildcard: Florida (-7.5) vs. Tennessee
    Gotta go with the Gators to cover. The Vols got pitied by the Cal Bears – that’s all I gotta say about that.

    At 2pm CST, look for the Tortillas to drown out the rice in Owl Stadium!!!!!

  4. 4 hphorn
    September 15, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    Short and sweet:
    To cover –
    Analysis to come after Parker’s horse back riding lessons!

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