FBB Week 1: Depth charts are out

Analysis to come….for now here is this week’s line-up. We’ll stick with the blog this year and I will update the weekly standings via a shared Google doc.

Week 1 Line-up:

  • Murray St at Louisville (-427)
  • Central Michigan at KU (-7.5)
  • Arkansas St. at Texas (-39)
  • Tech (-8.5) at SMU
  • Wildcard:Tennessee (+6) at Cal

    KUKansas vs. Central Michigan

    It’s that time year, where the Kansas faithful have convinced themselves that THIS is the year. Sure, the Hawks came up short in search of that elusive consecutive bowl bid but look at the players returning and the amazing progression in the off-season. Oh yes….I am so sold….this is the year for eight wins and a solid bowl showing. This is the year KU wins the games they should, picks up a few road wins and avoids chatting up basketball in September.

    Then I cruise over to a few other boards of a few other teams and apparently they too are expressing championship optimism and have convinced themselves that, due to the emergence of All-Americans in the off-season they are the Wake Forrest or Rutgers of 07. Cripes…

    But, I’ll remain optimistic. CMU is a good offensive team and can’t wait to take on a pass defense that’s as effective as a fishnet condom. KU has a new offensive coordinator and Hawks shouldn’t be as predictable as season’s past. Based on that, unfounded optimism, and loyalty that come with student loans I’ll the Hawks to cover.

    TexasArkansas State vs. Texas
    39 points is either an odds-maker’s oversight, a typo on my part, or a sad commentary on the Arkie St. program. I’ll go with the latter and take the depleted Horns and their depth to cover.

    TechTech vs. SMU
    Nothing less than the BCS…..Nothing less than the BCS…..Nothing less than the BCS. Talk about bloated off-season optimism. And in typical Raider fashion, they are once again convinced that the loss of the three most prolific receivers in recent history is only a speed bump in the parking lot of legitimacy. Sorry Sam….I am having flash backs of another in-state mid-major on the road last season…or the beginning of the end of my off-season FBB supremacy. I’ll go with the Ponies to cover.

    Wildcard: Tennessee at Cal
    Cal is the popular revenge pick and have every reason to cover easily. That said, Fulmer will grind this one out and make it a possession game. Vols to cover.

    And don’t forget, I need at least your Ville pre-kick off on Thursday. The remaining picks plus analysis are due prior to College GameDay.


  • 10 Responses to “FBB Week 1: Depth charts are out”

    1. 1 robert2917
      August 30, 2007 at 5:12 pm

      Let’s hope we can make it through this entire season… After I jumped out to a big lead in last years’ FBB, the season kind of petered out about halfway through… I’ll try to take it easier on you guys this year and hopefully I won’t drop the hammer and race to such a big lead this year… That way perhaps your collective interests won’t wane…


      UL (-55.5) – No way UL covers… Murray is a state school and Kragthorpe won’t needlessly run up the score in his first game vs an in-state school… Expect a 30 point lead for UL by halftime and alot of backups in the 2nd half which should equate to a 45 or so point win… Give me the Racers…

      KU (-7.5) – Is another MAC-style ass kicking in store for the vaunted Jayhawks again this year…??? After that embarrassing mess last year in Toledo, for the people in Lawrences’ sake, I hope not… The fact that the line is only 7.5 says one of two things… 1) The MAC is a bit overrated as a conference, or 2) That KU should consider dropping football in favor of Tiddlywinks… In short, let me put it this way… IF KU doesn’t win by at least 20, AT HOME, vs a mid-major has been directional school, we may have to look into suspending B2’s smack talking priveleges for at least a month… The 20 may be a bit much considering we are talking about Kansas, but certainly 7.5 is manageable… I’ll take the Chokehawks to cover the 7 and the hook…

      Texas (-39) – Texas is having alot of pre-season problems… They haven’t done much (or so I read) to improve their porous pass defense from last year (the K-State game comes to mind) and their O-Line (jump back to the scene of Opie McCoy laying flat on his back in last years’ TAM game)… Whereas UL will call off the dogs vs Murray, I don’t think Mack will… He owes Arkansas St no quarter… What the hell as Arkansas given us anyway (besides a socialist president who likes to drop trou with the skankiest of women)…??? I’ll take the Horns…

      Tech (-8.5) – It’ll be a 14-0 Tech lead faster than a sailor on shore leave… They keep it up and win easily… Tech in a big way…

      Cal (-6.0) – I really like Cal here… Revenge factor from last year, and UT’s QB has a broken finger on his throwing hand… Plus UT travels across the country… Which brings up this… Can you think of a bigger contrast of fans between Knoxville and Berkely…??? Talk about diversity… From rednecks with half their teeth to hippies that don’t believe in personal hygiene… From Skoal chewers to tree smokers… From deerskin boots to peppermint patty sandals (sorry, I forgot B2 has a pair of those)… From people who vote for who ‘God’ would want in office to people who vote for whoever will raise taxes and increase governmental control the most (I find both types pretty scary personally)… From Garth Brooks fans’ to Hendrix fans… You can’t go wrong with Jimi, so I’ll take Cal to cover the spread…

      And we’re off to another year… The best time of year, IMHO… More on that next week….


    2. August 30, 2007 at 10:23 pm

      Taking MSt and the points….detailed analysis scheduled for Friday

    3. 3 Julie
      August 31, 2007 at 11:02 pm

      FBB, Take 3 and Add 1

      A year ago today Jude was nothing more than a mere meep, an FBB strategist in training. He has emerged as a Junior Analyst on my team for this, his rookie season. Think of him as “the architect” (but not in a lead me to the ash heap of FBB public approval ratings sort of way). And as the architect of my 2007 FBB season, he has added Barking Carnival to my editorial arsenal this year. And what a fine addition it is, indeed. Because without keystroke flair, my FBB analysis is nothing more than a poorly orchestrated scatter plot of mascot favoritism. We all have our angles, right?

      So, let’s get to it.

      Murray St at Louisville (-55.5)
      Robert, love the addition of Joeb and the final countdown to your FBB persona this year. But the analysis is as stale as ever. Kragthorpe won’t needlessly run up the score in his first game versus an in-state school, my butt! I’m already down 1.

      Louisville did win best old school drop-back QB and best outside linebackers in the Herbie Awards this year. They never win anything fun like best ass in the class. Why is that?

      Central Michigan at KU (-7.5)
      If you do nothing else before Saturday’s game, spend 10 minutes reading Barking Carnival’s Kansas Football State of the Union. There are numerous references to the animal kingdom, including the comparison of KU’s safety to a “badger on a big wheel.” It just doesn’t get any better than that. And for that reason alone, I pick the Big Boss Man to cover.

      Arkansas St. at Texas (-39)
      The irony of all ironies (short of Bush running on the platform “we are not the world’s police”) is that we are all set up with the new 55” plasma for the kick off of college football season and we will not be able to get the Texas game. Texas will easily cover, Colt will skip not swagger, and we will miss it. But, “the ditch” did make it into the list of Herbie’s favs this year. There is some justice in this world.

      Here’s a little excerpt from BC to get you going “Last season was ruined by a perfect storm of injuries. Expecting Texas to stay injury free for two straight years was a bit much, especially when the star player of the previous two seasons was incapable of being hurt. As a child Vince Young bitchslapped Charon and did a reverse pike into the river Styx. He is no mere mortal.” Damn, that’s good stuff. Read on.

      Tech (-8.5) at SMU
      Yawn. The Leeches cover.

      Wildcard: Tennessee (+6) at Cal
      Cal won best wide receiver, dream offensive line, one of the best tight ends, and one of Skippy’s favorite play callers. Tennessee, zip. I’ll take the Golden Bears to cover.

    4. 4 judelouis
      September 1, 2007 at 3:29 am

      Dear Mother and Father,

      At this time last season, I had no choice but to listen to you babble about football nonsense. First from the womb and then, later as a helpless, defensless young bean. Remember when I dropped a smelly bomb during the Texas – OU game that ruined your afternoon? That was intentional. And that is nothing compared to the havoc I’ll wreak on you fools this fall.

      You have been warned. Be afraid.

    5. 5 unclsam
      September 1, 2007 at 6:24 am

      As we approach the dawn of this year’s debut of College Game Day, I sit typing my FBB analysis, drinking a cold Miller Lite(s) with Wedding Crashers playing in the background (Vince Vaghn has me rolling) – it’s a euphoric state in the Baker Dirty South Household. As I begin to compose my FBB bantor feeling like it’s Christmas Eve, I’d love to give you a Big12 preseason prediction like “Texas and OU will have 3 losses between them by the season’s end. The Cotton Bowl will obviously amount to 1 loss, and the 2 other losses will come in the remaining 6 collective games when UT and OU must face the talented backfields of both the Maroon and Orange Aggies as well as the plug in and play proven system of Tech. And when it’s all said and done, any national title hopes coming out of the Big12 South will be canceled out in an SEC competitive-like fashion.”

      However, since none of us have played a game, the more likely scenario is the aforementioned prediction is a result I my having too much lean in my cup. To the point of the elder Baker’s reference of last year’s discussion of the “Nothing Less than BCS” whispers coming out of Raiderland, my preseason predicting track record is not stellar. Of course, given our lack of leadership last year, if BCS stood for Big Crappy Seniors – I was right on the money. Who knew that our #2 ranked receiving corps last year would result in one guy playing to his potential (Filani), one guy not playing most of the season due to academic and disciplinary violations (Hicks) and the other guy just complaining (ROJO).

      I’m just not sure how good the Red Raider’s are going to be. As it is for this year’s Red Raider’s one might just as easily claim the forecast is unclear. But, like any loyal fan, my hopes are very high that Leach will have his pirates playing to their potential and ultimately sink a few more ships than estimated.

      • Central Michigan at KU (-7.5)
      The hawks have a safety and….. None the less, I pulling for Mangino and his hawks to start the season and not only to win, but cover establishing the not-so stellar arrival of the Big12 North.

      • Arkansas St. at Texas (-39)
      I don’t know how good Texas really is this year. This is the same team that lost to atm, had a very near loss to Tech, and has a lot to prove this year to keep up with their preseason ranking. However, Colt McCoy and Sweed will be just enough to overcome a weak D-line (relatively speaking coming from a Pink Faider) and cover.

      • Tech (-8.5) at SMU
      Here’s a prediction – it will either be close or a blowout! I know, stellar. However, unlike the individuals who, flopped in the Metro-plex against TCU last year, this year’s team if anything will play like a team. Therefore, an established Graham Harrell will begin another NCAA passing yard record campaign (Hawaii who?) and make the nation’s introduction on ESPN of LA Reed, and the Freshman Sensation, the Pride of Plainview and future Heisman Candidate – Mr. Mike Crabtree (Angry Red, Nuff Said). Tech covers.

      • Wildcard:Tennessee (+6) at Cal
      Danny Nunan, I mean Ainge, broken pinkie and all, will go to the West Coast and expose the Bears for what they are – an average team in a conference with one good team. Vols cover.

      And as for the ROberts’ Red Birds – wow, maybe the Cards should be chanting the BCS chant! In the immortal words of Vince Vaghn, are the Cards “built for speed or comfort? The Cards are a motorboat. “You motorboating Son of a Bitch.”

    6. 6 hphorn
      September 1, 2007 at 12:04 pm

      Well, it’s here…….Christmas in September. Could be a rebuilding year for the Horns with a relatively new offensive line, banged up receiver corps and a totally new and untested secondary. Last year at this time, I thought we’d end the year with a Top 10 defense in the nation and finished 99th in the country against the pass. Would not be surprised if this years D is much, much better because of the aggressive, attacking nature of coach Duane Akina and his new hire Larry McDuff (former SF 49er’s special teams coach). Akina and McDuff architected “Dessert Swarm” with Dick Tomey back in the day.

      Texas is a big favorite, so this should be a good game for head coach Mack Brown to introduce heralded freshman QB John Chiles, and some of his classmates. They will probably introduce a package for Chiles similar to what Florida did for Tim Tebow last year…this kid has mad skills. Really need to develop a good backup QB this season cuz the Longhorns lost two straight games last year after McCoy was injured. Coming in late in a game when Texas is ahead by 40 points is not the time to get a backup QB ready to play, so look for Chiles to play early. Chiles is a terrific runner and an improving passer, but is not in the same class as a thrower as McCoy, the pre-season pick to be the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year.

      Lots of unanswered questions…..I think this team is a year away, but looking forward to the fun. I can’t believe I’m saying this but look to next years Texas-OU game – where the teams could be ranked #1 and #2 going in….for another run at a National Championship.

      KU (-7.5) Man, a lot of rhetoric coming out of Lawrence this year. 8 wins – whoa! Still, like I’ve said many times, what’s there not to like about KU. I’ll take Kansas to cover.

      Texas (-39) – Horns have covered in 5 of the last 6 openers. I’ll go with TEXAS.

      Tech (-8.5) – We used to have a little song back when SMU was a SWC school. “There once was a girl from SMU….they really like to ____” You get the drift – bunch of high-class Ho’s. Is that going get me banned from the site? Tech covers barely.

      Cal (-6.0) – Robert – can I think of a better contrast in Fans than in this game between the Hillbillies and the Hippies? Yes – wait until the Trojans travel out to Buggahah in a couple of weeks to face the Huskers – that’s culture shock. I’m “gravy training” off of Bobby’s analysis and taking the Bears.

    7. 7 robert2917
      September 1, 2007 at 12:48 pm

      RE: Robert – can I think of a better contrast in Fans than in this game between the Hillbillies and the Hippies? Yes – wait until the Trojans travel out to Buggahah in a couple of weeks to face the Huskers – that’s culture shock.

      True dat…

    8. 8 robert2917
      September 1, 2007 at 1:01 pm

      RE: Robert, love the addition of Joeb and the final countdown to your FBB persona this year. But the analysis is as stale as ever.

      Gob’s the man… If I ever get a boat, you can bet I’m gonna name it “The Seaward”…

      As for my analysis being stale, let’s remember who ran away with this puppy last year, so demoralizing the competition, that you all scattered to dark corners of your respective necks of the universe… A little respect for the “Cardinal Kid” is in order…

      Besides, I’m not a full-time analyst… I’m part analyst, part therapist… You know the drill…

    9. September 1, 2007 at 3:10 pm

      Blaine…nice call — Angry Red Nough Said. You may have pride of Plainview but KU has a return specialist named Herford. And to top that, Herford is being molded by a former assistant from Lubbock (Matsakis) who made Wes Walker the player he is today.

      Three Texas Panhandle reference in one reply…good stuff.

    10. 10 unclsam
      September 2, 2007 at 5:16 am

      What a storied College Football Saturday. Obviously all the rage will be the Appalachian St victory in the Big House followed by the revenge of the Bears in the Pac 10 victory over the SEC – an FBB prediction of which I wasn’t even close . Then there’s Texas. Mark, I’m interested to hear your analysis of the Horns’ opener. Where you there? None the less – a win’s a win – just ask Michigan. RObert -once again in FBB you started off with a bang and would be batting 1000 if you would’ve had your Cards to cover. The Cards would’ve been FBB’s most impresive win if it weren’t for the Jayhawks who almost tripled the line. I bet the Jawhawk message board is buzzing and rightfully so. Fortunately for me, I still have Monday to look forward to. I say fortunately, but frankly I’m very concerned given the unpredictable play of the Big12. The Hawks are way up, the Horns a little down, K-State makes it interesting and the Orange Aggies were disapointing. I guess that’s why we play the game! Judelouis – You have one focus and one focus alone for Monday: Get Your Guns Up! I’m overnighting a flask of Applejuice and a tortilla for you to sneek in your jammies to get you in the Red Raider spirit on Game Day! Get your game face on!

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