A new bakergalleries

So with the new year and new addition Julie and I evaluated the current site and felt it was dated, stale, and costly — not a recipe for success. For one, the site was consistently stale as it takes too long to reformat the photos and set up the gallery slide-shows. My homegrown solution from 2001 has become obsolete with solutions like Flickr. we can upload, edit and tag in a matter of minutes as opposed to blocking out a few hours on a Sunday.

There were economics that also drove this decision. Currently we are shelling out hundreds a year to host the site and maintenance was our/my responsibility. The wordpress.com solution is completely managed and hosted for free. Yes we are giving up full control of the look and feel but the costs, both time and money, simply do not outweigh the sacrifice in aesthetics. Thank you Matt Mullenweg and the team at Automattic.

Finally, you’ll notice that the updated BakerGalleries is a consolidated blog as opposed to the He Said and She Said blogs. Both Julie and I will retain a unique voice but this time it will be on a shared blog managed by two authors. And don’t worry, we were able to successfully export/import all of our old blog entries. Hopefully with the ease in use we can do a better job keeping it fresh.

Posted by: Brent


1 Response to “A new bakergalleries”

  1. 1 chicksdigme
    April 11, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Brent, this is brad (delta chi president). just to let you know I will be getting married this august. Wanted to let you know


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