Week 8 Lineup

  • Kansas (+3.5) at Baylor
  • Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
  • Texas (-7) at Nebraska
  • Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
  • Mildcard: Alabama (+11) at Tennessee — the three-headed beast that is the SEC is making for some interesting fodder in the BCS championship race. We know RObert will be keeping an eye on this one.
Kansas (+3.5) at Baylor

Wow….up until this year I would have thought Baylor would be the perfect remedy to KU’s current woes. But this is not your father’s Baylor squad. Waco hasn’t seen offensive fireworks like this since Reno faced off against the Branch Davidians. And did I mention KU gave up 411 yards to a mediocre Okie State team last week….300 to a single receiver…..42 effing points in the second half. Cripes…

This is a more interesting match-up than what is on the surface. You have what will become the best ground attack in the Big 12 (barring injury) facing a pathetic run D. Across the field you have a prolific passing attack facing a pathetic secondary and a front four who can’t seem to find a way to apply pressure to the quarterback. If KU can establish the run, they can keep Baylor off the field they may have a chance. But KU was demoralized at home last week and, as we all know, KU suffers on the road. The game will be close by not that close. Baylor covers.

Texas (-7) at Nebraska

Another fun match-up of a solid passing attack facing a lamed secondary. I am sure everyone in Big Red country has been eyeing this game since the win in San Antonio as the next step on the road to legitimacy. But I think the Husker faithful will go home disappointed. Congressman Osborn said it best at the onset of the Big 12 – in short….in only a matter of time the South division will dominate because they will be able to keep the Texas kids at home. Translation….gawd I miss the SWC. And I think Tom would agree with me in going with Texas for the cover

Louisville (-17) at Syracuse

Did the Bearcats expose the BCS minded Cards? Cuse is the ideal team to tell us one way or another. Should the Cards squeak out another win against a less-than-average Big East team they might want to start booking their tickets for the Alamo Bowl. The Ville will move to 7 – 0, but the Cuse covers.

Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St

Nothing less than that start of women’s basketball – the new cry out of Lubbock. The Faiders are on the ropes and at risk of not qualifying for post season play since all-everything tailback Henderson enrolled for classes in what had to be 1992. And who would have thought that the key to Leach’s passing forturnes was a do-everything tailback. Fortunately for Leach and his “prima donnas” Tech travels north to Aimes to face the struggling Cyclones. Tech’s offense will show signs of the Henderson era and produces enough offensive firepower cover this short spread. Pirates cover.

Wildcard – Alabama (+11) at Tennessee: Simply and old school, old south rivalry game. This one is big for the resurging Vols and everyone’s favorite long this season. Ainge will continue is dominance as the quarterback of the conference but the Tide covers.


7 Responses to “Week 8 Lineup”

  1. 1 RObert
    October 19, 2006 at 5:33 am

    Heading out of town this afternoon for the weekend so I better do these in case I can’t get to the Baker Galleries before gametimes…

    Kansas (-3.5) at Baylor
    I actually think Baylor may be the better team… I’ve ridden the KU bandwagon for the last time this season after last weeks’ performance and the Bears are getting points at home… It looks like KU thought Nebraska was their season because they really haven’t played since… Sic ’em Bears.

    Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
    Blaine, WTF was that last week… 6 points vs an 0-6 team… That was sad my friend… That being said, i’ll take Tech in the bounce back… Hell, it’s like they are coming off a bye week after being a no-show last week so they should be rested (at least on offense)… Tech covers.

    Texas (-7) at Nebraska
    Nebraska is overrated (KU took them to OT so how good could they be?) and anytime you can get Texas giving only single digits (in a non OSU game) you have to jump on it… Texas covers…

    Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
    Part of me says that UL will go in and wipe all the rust away and win big… The other part of me says that the Barbaro curse (6 total broken legs this year) is catching up to them… I just can’t see myself giving 17 points on the road, not with WVU looming next… Petrino will play it close to the vest and I think that the ‘Cuse will cover…

    Alabama (+11) at Tennessee
    No way Alabama hangs with the Vols; not in Knoxville… Tenn wins big and improves my long/short lead… Vols cover…

    Have a good one this weekend guys… Even you Kansas fans who have to watch the Jayhawks play… I’d rather have my teeth pulled while being forced to listen to the Britney Spears catalog…

  2. 2 brentbaker
    October 19, 2006 at 9:05 am

    correction from this morning’s post…KU is getting 3.5

  3. 3 Blaine
    October 19, 2006 at 7:34 pm

    ROberto – I can’t explain what’s going on with the Red Raiders. The wheels on the bus go from round and round to off. However, to take the words of the Chris Partlow, “If you with us, you with us.” I honestly believe they could still as easily upset Texas as they could lose to Colorado and Iowa St.

  4. 4 Julie Baker
    October 20, 2006 at 5:45 pm

    Kansas (+3.5) at Baylor
    So the Jayhawks meet the Baylor “this is my mean face” Bears. The “I-35 63-31” surprise Bears. While Carol and Robert have some of their fondest memories together in Waco, Texas (the good ol’ days of Morrissey concerts and daily trips to Whataburger), I’m not convinced the Kansas Jayhawks are in for a good time at all. Which means another draining loss for the Baker family, and a big bad bear win in the bible belt. I hate to say it, but I’ve got to be realist this week. Baylor wins and covers.

    Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
    I just hate that nasty half-bird, half cyclone mascot. Any mascot that cannot pull off a letter sweater is an automatic out in my book. I think the Raiders will come back fighting in Iowa after last week’s loss to the Buffs, and cover.

    Texas (-7) at Nebraska
    If KU can almost beat them, I mean really. . . Longhorns blow out and cover.

    Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
    Syracuse has lost its last two and has not won in conference since the final game of the 2004 season, a span of nine games. I think they continue to fold, and the Cards cover.

    Alabama (+11) at Tennessee
    “The Third Saturday in October” where the seventh-ranked Volunteers host the Crimson Tide in a rivalry that dates to 1901. Love the history, hate the new three-name college quarterback trend (Ricky Bobby Booty). The Tide’s triple nombre (John Parker Wilson) will be making his first start in Neyland Stadium, and I think it’s going to be painful. After a narrow loss last year, the Vols will win and cover.

  5. 5 markscholz
    October 21, 2006 at 6:28 am

    Best line of the year…”Waco hasn’t seen offensive fireworks like this since Reno faced off against the Branch Davidians.

    Kansas (-3.5) at Baylor
    After seeing Baylor in action last week here at Austin, I’m somewhat impressed with this Bears club. Going with the Cubs. Sorry Brent.

    Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
    Tech is a freaking disaster. I’m going with a physical Iowa State club to cover and win.

    Texas (-7) at Nebraska.
    Robert – you asked if Texas EVER plays on the road. Well, this is really our first road test of the year. We played Rice in Houston..with 40,000 Horns fans in attendance and Texas/OU at a neutral site in Big D. Speaking of D, the Texas defense wins it for the Horns in cold, drizzly Lincoln. Texas covers.

    Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
    “The Barbaro curse”…now that’s some funny stuff, RObert. Sad, but funny. I’m going with the cuse to cover.

    Alabama (+11) at Tennessee
    Rocky Top rolls. 14 points victory for the “other” UT.

  6. 6 Blaine
    October 21, 2006 at 6:58 am

    • Kansas (+3.5) at Baylor
    • Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
    • Texas (-7) at Nebraska
    • Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
    • Mildcard: Alabama (+11) at Tennessee

    Kansas (+3.5) at Baylor
    This is a great one. With last weeks outcome of the A&M vs Mizzou game, the close spread of Texas and Nebraska and now not really knowing whose going to win this game, is their truly parity in the Big XII? I proudly answer YES! On what level of play does the BIG XII compare to the Big 10 or SEC? I proudly answer I DON”T KNOW! (but a magic 8-Ball told me “outlook not good.”
    This is an interesting game. My first thought is to lean toward the Bears since they are running our offense and playing at home. But since the Great Mangino is a product of OU, and OU has never had an issue stopping our offense, and therefore, I’m going with the Jayhawks.

    Tech (-2.5) at Iowa St
    This week on the raiderpower.com, there was a very interesting thread. Amongst all of the blame and negativity, someone posted the idea of sending letters of encouragement to Tech players. The end result is there were hundreds of letters of encouragement (and few 6 packs) sent to the players. I hope it helps – I’ll take the Red Raiders.
    Texas (-7) at Nebraska
    It’s COOOOOLD in Husker country. I’m afraid a young Colt will have be shivering in Lincoln. And I believe Texas had a couple of midseason let downs last year. To stay consistent w/ the parity argument, I’m going with the black shirts to tame a colt- Nebraska not only covers, but wins.
    Louisville (-17) at Syracuse
    The redbirds have taken the ole saying “go break a leg” down to an art. They have won a game for every leg they’ve broken this year. Can’t ask any more of them than being undefeated. But like legs, streaks can be broken. Just not this week. Cards cover.
    Mildcard: Alabama (+11) at Tennessee
    Go Bama, Roll Tide!

  7. 7 brentbaker
    October 21, 2006 at 8:52 am

    Heading into the 2nd quarter both the Card and the Horns are trailing….

    Also…good looking set of pick Blaine…I like the FBB strategy.

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