Week 7 Lineup

  • Oklahoma St. at Kansas (-3)
  • Tech (-7) at Colorado
  • Baylor at Texas (-28.5)
  • Cincy at Louisville (-26.5)
  • Mildcard: mizzou (-2) at aTm — we’ve done enough of the SEC for a while
Oklahoma St. at Kansas (-3)

I read a great quote on one of my favorite blogs – PhogBlog – this week…KU continues to finds a way “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” Two golden opportunities for the Mangino era to take the next step and they give the game away. Last week’s was more difficult than most as the Hawks controlled most of the game despite a horrific effort on offense. That said, had you told me in August that KU would have taken Nebraska to OT in Lincoln and lead aTm for 39 of the 40 minutes played I would have responded that KU was moving in the right direction. And with that we’ll we are reinserting the mended Meier at the helm against the Orange Aggies…to borrow a line from Blaine. His ability to both run and pass would have been enough to snare a victory last week and should give this young team a spark as it moves into the three game stretch (OSU, Baylor, CU) where it needs to pick up at least two victories. A notable week for KU involving Late Night in the Phog last night, SI claiming Bill Self’s biggest problem is too much talent, the NCAA investigation is over and Mangino was absolved, and a much need victory – and cover – on the gridiron.

Baylor at Texas (-28.5)

Well, if you read all the sports writers that cover the Big 12 you would think this week’s game against the Bears is make or break for Mack Brown. Let’s inject a sense of reality…KU heading to OT with Toledo is on par with Baylor picking up a win in OT against a horrific CU squad. I am not quite on the Baylor bandwagon as of yet but a close game this weekend would make me a believer. But I think I’ll remain a skeptic – Texas wallops the Bears. And for a great blog read check out BearMeat.

Cincy at Louisville (-26.5)

Reminiscing for the days of old….the Ville faces former CUSA foe Cincy. It’s the worst offense in the Big East facing a team that, despite losing its two best players on offense, are still finding a way to remain productive and in the top 10 – top 7 to be exact. There are few teams who would play this well in spite of these setbacks even if it wasn’t obvious last week against Middle Tenn. The Cards are slowly earning my respect this season and I can’t help but to look ahead to what may lie ahead for them. Oh wait….there’s a game this week. Ville covers.

Tech (-7) at Colorado

Nothing less than the Sun Bowl may be the new cry out of Lubbock following last week’s homecoming beatdown against mizzou. Has the system been exposed…..are Big 12 coaches finally figuring out the ways of the pirate…could the struggling Buffs put enough pressure on Harrell to force some gimmy INTs like we saw against mizzou? No…this game should be better than billed and the Buffs will find a way to cover.

Wildcard – mizzou (-2) at aTm

Growing up in a Burnt Orange household we always pulled against that Ags and the Sooners. Living in a Crimson and Blue home now I despise the tigers and the new found success. Where in the hell do I go with this one. Well…time is almost up so I have to go with the better team…mizzou covers in College Station.


4 Responses to “Week 7 Lineup”

  1. 1 RObert
    October 13, 2006 at 11:41 am

    On my way out the door and wanted to get these in…

    Oklahoma St. at Kansas (-3)
    KU left a floater in the bowl last week… Sad effort at home against a team that I think they were better than… I can’t rightfully go JayChoke here, not giving 3… I’ll take OKST + the 3…

    Tech (-7) at Colorado
    The Buffs can’t score enough to keep up… I’ll go with TT (-7)…

    Baylor at Texas (-28.5)
    The juggernaut schedule that is the Big12 continues for Texas… Longhorns cover.

    Cincy at Louisville (-26.5)
    Too many points for a rivalry game… Unless they stomp on the bird again (they did last time and UL beat them 70-7) look for a closer game than the spread… Cincy covers….

    mizzou (-2) at aTm
    Tough to win back to back on the road, even in a conference as bad as the Big 12… Gotta take the Aggies… I’m not a believer in Mizzou yet…

    Auburn/Florida… Not one of our games, but its a win/win this weekend… I like Florida and follow them somewhat so if they win, i’ll enjoy it; but if they lose, UL moves up another spot in the top 10… Auburn was exposed last week as the fraud that I have been saying they were all year… Just don’t know if they’ll lose two in a row at home… I’d take the Gators if I had to choose…

    Enjoy the weekend all…

  2. 2 markscholz
    October 14, 2006 at 4:03 am

    I’m still basking in the glow of last weeks convincing victory over Mobile-homa. I don’t really believe that most people really know how important that game is to Texas alums. When you loose, you’re gutted for weeks. When you win, it’s just an awesome feeling that you think about for days and days. By the way, Mack Brown is now 4-5 against the Sooners with Peterson and no quarterback in the wings for OU next year; it’s looking good to carry this 2 game winning streak for a few more years. Many people, including our very own RObert have been very hard on Mack Brown in the past. I honestly believe a lot of that was very deserving, but since Mack hired former Longhorn coaches Greg Robinson, Dick Twomey (architect of the great Arizona “desert storm” Defenses), and current D-coordinator Gene Chizik, Texas has been a much better and much mentally tougher team. It showed against the Sooners. Many of the coaching changes Mack has made over the last few years have been golden. Now to my point…..TEXAS is 10-1 in its last 11 games against top 25 teams and Oklahoma is 4-7 in its last 11 games against top 25 teams. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Bobby.

    Oklahoma St. at Kansas (-3)
    Damn KU. They single-handedly saved A$Ms season last week. One more chance, I’ll take KU at home. Okie State sucks.

    Tech (-7) at Colorado
    After last weeks game with mizzou, I’m not sure about Tech’s chant “Nothing less than BCS” How about…”Ohhh no, looks like the Alamo” (Bowl, that is) I’ll take the Raiders to rebound and cover.

    Baylor at Texas (-28.5)
    A Baylor cornerback is billing this game “The I-35 Surprise” and predicting a Baylor upset. As usual for Baylor, it’s going to be “The I-35 demise”. The Horns cover.

    Cincy at Louisville (-26.5)
    Lu-vulle covers.

    mizzou (-2) at aTm
    Praying for a mizzou victory to put those cockroaches and Fran out of their misery. I’ll go with the Tigers.

  3. 3 Julie Baker
    October 14, 2006 at 6:03 am

    Oklahoma St. at Kansas (-3)
    If they weren’t getting together for a game Saturday, Kansas and Oklahoma State might get together to form a support group called “three quarters in the Big 12.” Now that’s just good stuff right there. Can I emotionally invest in the Jayhawks just one more week? For Brent’s sake, I will rally. Let’s just hope the Jayhawks do too.

    Tech (-7) at Colorado
    When asked what needs his 0-6 team had to address, Dan Hawkins didn’t know where to begin. “That’s a long list. You know, the thing that I think separates us from being 0-6 and being 4-2, 5-1 or 3-3 is just making a couple of critical plays here or there.” The man is spewing brilliance here. When commenting on Leach as one of the best offensive minds around, Hawkins goes on to day “I mean, he’s got a law degree,” Hawkins said. “There aren’t any of us (coaches) that are smart enough to do that.” I just can’t get enough of this guy. When faced with the burning question, “’You guys are having a lot of trouble on third down,” Hawkins responds with, “‘Well, we’re having a lot of trouble on first and second down, too.” He makes Leach look like a media darling with cunningly insane comments about ninjas and pirates. I’ll take Leach and his infinite eloquence to cover over the Bush of the Big 12.

    Baylor at Texas (-28.5)
    What did Robert say about last week’s game against OU? “The OU D will wreak havock all day…I’ll take OU; probably something like 27-10.” Not so fast my friend, close on the score, flat out wrong on the winner. Just had to pile on.

    Last year, we went into Waco and crushed Baylor, 62-0. In fact, the mighty Longhorns have outscored the Baylor Bears by 392-58 in their eight meetings under coach Mack Brown. And despite Baylor’s attempt to shed the “big 12 doormat” label (this is my mean face), the Longhorns will do it again – cover and then some.

    Cincy at Louisville (-26.5)
    Louisville has won the past three meetings and seven of eight against Cincinnati for the Keg of Nails Trophy, including a 46-22 road triumph last year. Many variables at play here…there might be bird-stomping, Brohm may be back, Robert might be wrong for once. I’ll take the Cards to cover.

    Wildcard: Mizzou (-2) at A&M
    The Aggies have lost three straight Big 12 games at Kyle Field. They haven’t defeated a ranked opponent there since 2002, the year before Franchione replaced R.C. Slocum. Meanwhile, the Tigers are one of only nine unbeaten teams in the nation. I’m convinced. I’ll take the Tigers to cover.

  4. October 14, 2006 at 11:41 am

    Sorry late, major computer problems-


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