Week 6 Lineup

  • Louisville (-32.5) at Middle Tenn — Friday Night Game…need this one before kick-off
  • TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)
  • Texas (-4.5) vs. OU
  • mizzou at Tech (-4)
  • LSU -1 at Florida
TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)

KU and the Ags find themselves in a need-to-win situation in Lawrence this Saturday. Dropping this one means you need to find a big upset down the line. The Aggies have won five straight against KU and KU owns a nine game home winning streak – something’s gotta give. TAMU struggles against the Cadets in San Antonio give me hope and Vegas is giving me points…gotta go with the Fighting Manginos to win and cover.

Texas (-4.5) vs. OU

The Big One …. as much for the tradition of the two schools as it will be for Mack’s psyche. Drop this one it any claim Mack had as the coach who lead his team to the national championship — as opposed to the VY show — will be under fire…if not outright dismissed. If OU is to win this year’s game, OU’s version of a one-man-show will need to have an 2004 type performance and the defense will need to discover itself. AD is the real deal but I don’t think Stoops is that great a coach to a solution of a mediocre offense and sorry defense. Texas wins, covers, and Mark treats himself to a fried twikie to self-correct his lean.

Louisville (-32.5) at Middle Tenn

Missed it….damn the unexpected mold outbreak and work schedule DAMN

mizzou at Tech (-4)

How can any fan of the game not get excited about this one. The #2 ranked defense in the country facing one of the more proflic offenses sans the game in Ft. Worth . mizzou is looking like the team to beat in the North facing the “nothing less than the BCS” Red Raiders. Air Raider facing the best secondary they will seen all season….is this enough hype for you. If it were not for the tradition of the state fair I would have to give this game the GOW label. If mizzou finds a once of a passing attack they will shock the Raider Nation….given the points and my need to get back in the FBB race I’ll take mizzou to cover. This is going with my head vs. my heart.

Wildcard – LSU -1 at Florida

OK…only a few mins to get this one in. Gotta go with the Bengals defense in this one. LSU wins and covers.


4 Responses to “Week 6 Lineup”

  1. 1 RObert
    October 5, 2006 at 10:55 am

    Louisville (-32.5) at Middle Tenn
    Kind of hard not to take the ‘ville here… Nationally televised game in an NFL stadium in Nashville on a Friday night… Weather looks to be good as well… Problem is, UL can’t risk having Cantwell go down in this one as Brohm is still a few weeks from coming back… I see Petrino using a power running game in this one, running the clock and getting out of town with a decent victory and no injuries… That being said, give me MTSU to cover, something along the lines of UL 41, MTSU 10…

    TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)
    For all the bad things I’ve said recently about KUs lack of heart (with good reason mind you), I must say they put up a good fight vs the Huskers… Not sure why they were huddling with less than 2 minutes to go in their territory and needing to score, but they did get down there and put it into OT… Is this the KU team that B2 is oumped about and not the one that can’t compete in the MAC…??? I’ve got to take KU here at home getting points… KU big.

    Texas (+4.5) vs. OU
    It’s actually the other way around… Yahoo may not be your best bet for sports lines… USAToday has it as UT (-5) right now… Either way, I’ll take the Sooners… Stoops always finds a way to harass young Texas QB’s and Colt looks like he just popped from the womb… OU shouold be undefeated this year and in the top 10 save for a couple horrendous calls in the Oregon game… Stoops knows that a win over UT puts them back in the top 10 and he will impart that to his team… I mean this was a pre-season #1 team before Bomar crashed and burned the program… The OU D willwreak havock all day… I’ll take OU; probably something like 27-10…

    Mizzou at Tech (-4)
    This may be the lock of the year… If Tech doesn’t win by 20, Leach needs to have his “What do you mean by the word defense” card revoked… Tech runs it up over the hideously clad Tigers… TT 43, Mizzou 24…

    LSU -1 at Florida
    Pretty much a pick ’em game, ergo I’ll go with the hometeam and the Gators… Take a look at Floridas’ schedule Texas fan… Road games at Tenn, Auburn, and FSU; home games vs LSU, South Carolina and Alabama and a neutral fielder vs Georgia… Oh, sorry, Texas plays Rice and Sam Houston State… What a joke… Go Gators… 20-17.

  2. 2 markscholz
    October 6, 2006 at 2:51 pm

    ALREADY in Big D since last night.

    Louisville (-32.5) at Middle Tenn
    RObert knows the Lu-vulle better than anyone. That being said, I’ll go with the ‘ville to cover.

    TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)
    The way I see it is that this game could go either way. Honestly, the Poor Aggies are either going to turn this season around or completely implode. I want Kansas to win and I sincerely hope they do, but the Aggies are fighting for thier mere Football existence. I’ll take Texas A$M.

    Texas (+4.5) vs. OU
    If OU squeaks out a win, it will be their last one for the next 3 or 4 years – the shelves are empty. Their only saving grace is a Freshman QB. If Greg Davis opens up the offense, Texas wins. Either way, I’ll go with the Horns.

    Mizzou at Tech (-4)
    “Sometime a Pirate beats a Tiger.” I’ll go with the Pirates

    LSU -1 at Florida
    I’ll go with the Gators.

  3. 3 Julie Baker
    October 6, 2006 at 5:21 pm

    Louisville (-32.5) at Middle Tenn
    The national leader in scoring offense versus Middle Earth. While I think the Cards could easily conquer and cover, my sense is they are playing an injury-averse offense this evening. I’ll take Middle Earth.

    TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)
    My faith wavered against the Jayhawks last week and I paid dearly. Of course, I paid dearly backing them every week prior to that, but who’s counting. The Nebraska game was the Jayhawk tipping point, I can just feel it. Hawks to cover.

    Texas (-4.5) vs OU
    Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry and Texas Gov. Rick Perry apparently made a friendly wager on the upcoming game between Oklahoma and Texas, and Perry says “I have no doubt that coach [Mack] Brown and the Longhorns will make it two in a row over the Sooners this Saturday in Dallas. Fortunately, OU’s trip across the Red River won’t be for nothing. They can get a look at the Longhorns’ national championship trophy while they are in Texas.” Big talk, big hair and a big-time rivalry. I love it. Horns cover.

    Mizzou at Tech (-4)
    Get’cher guns up. And cover.

    LSU -1 at Florida
    Leak has not performed all that well against LSU, including two consecutive losses. And I think LSU is looking for redemption after the loss to Auburn, and will come in and win. Tigers cover (me-ow).

  4. October 7, 2006 at 5:56 am

    Did everyone see last weeks Red Raider heroics! Just in case any of us missed it, or would like to relive it over and over again, I thought I’d provide this little gem!

    My bad on missing the Ville pick on Friday night. Here are my picks.

    TAMU at Kansas (+2.5)
    This is a great game with a lot of meaning for both teams. Kansas at home given points makes it even more compelling. However, I think the Aggots found something on O in the second half of the Tech game and will utilize their 3 back set to pity the hawks. Pooooooor aggies to cover. (Although definitely routing for the hawks – or maybe against the aggies – either way I hope KU wins)
    Texas (+4.5) vs. OU
    Because both teams come into the Cotton Bowl with a loss for the first time since I can’t remember, the tension accompanied with this game – although as intense as always – has a different feel. In the recent past, the Burnt Orange and Crimson fans would come to participate in their traditional vociferous battles of “Texas Fight” and “Boomer Sooner” hoping their teams will not only gain Cotton Bowl bragging rights, but most likely a conference championship and a run at the national title. That’s a good kind of ‘pride in the program’ tension. Although I’m not claiming any loss of pride for either program, the tension is this game is the pressure kind of tension knowing that someone’s team is going to have 2 losses on their record early in the season. So the question is, whose going to fold under the new kind of pressure? My guess is the Sooners. Texas has a young quarterback who doesn’t feel like he has to win games alone. Further, the Sooner nation didn’t just come off of a nat’l championship and might be feeling a little concerned with the fait of the program after the last year’s record/bowl performance etc. I’ll go with the Horns to cover – but I pity the rest of the season for which ever team comes up short in this one.

    • mizzou at Tech (-4)
    ROberto: I wouldn’t necessarily call this the lock of the week. The Red Raiders are still answering questions about last weeks victory over the aggies – and if they play defense the same way they did in the second half of the last week, it could be a long night for the Raiders. No matter what the defense does, I hoping we can outscore them. With all of the attention given to Hicks now that he’s back in the line up, Filani (leader in BigXII receptions), Robert Johnson (last weeks hero), Amendola and the Walker brothers should have a big game. Unless, do to big performances by the aforementioned, they leave Hicks in single coverage and then we’ll get a preview of why we’ll see Mr. Hicks playing on Sundays next year. I’ll go with the Grim Reapers to cover at home.
    • LSU -1 at Florida
    Not forgoing my Big XII routes, but thank you College Game Day for not choosing Red River Shootout as your location this week just because it will be on ABC – and instead, uncharacteristically choosing the most exciting matchup of the week in Florida, even though it’s on CBS. I was beginning to lose hope in the best show on television – this decision helps restore my confidence.
    Who would win in a fight, a tiger or a gator? Both have big teeth. And although in the wild my money’s on the gator, on the gridiron I gotta go with the Tigers. Defense wins championships and I believe the Tigers have a better D that the Gators. Speed on D will overcome homefield advantage in a nail bitter. LSU to cover.

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