Week 4 Lineup

  • South Florida at Kansas (-5.5)
  • Louisville (-14.5) k-st
  • Iowa St. at Texas (-24.5)
  • SE Louisiana at Texas Tech– anyone know the line here?
  • Wildcard – Arizona St. at Cal (-7.5)
South Florida at Kansas (-5.5)

A couple of thoughts on last week’s loss in the Glass Bowl. First, where extremely disappointed, KU players, staff, and faithful realize they outplayed and outcoached the Rockets – which is good for everyone’s confidence. Young teams like KU will typically lose when you are on the wrong side of a -5 turnover margin….twice in overtime. A loss is a loss is a loss…and I am not minimizing this. A good team would have won that game…and the 06 Jayhawks have, at best, earned a “decent” label three weeks in.

A win this weekend give KU a decent 3-1 record heading into conference play; a record that is inline with both mine and for-pay college football prognosticators. Now if only these skills would apply in the realm of FBB where I am currently sitting DFL – “dead fucking last” in track speak.

The Fighting Mangino’s are back in the cozy confines of Memorial Stadium this weekend in a game that I am not calling a “must win” but a “really effing need to win.” Under Mangino, the Jayhawks shown resiliency – at home – after a tough loss – usually on the road – and come through when they need to – insert UNL, mizzou, Iowa St. Given the importance of this game and the fact the Jayhawks are suiting up in their home blues….I would typically take the Jayhawks to cover but there are some health questions at the QB spot. With this USF will load the box up against an unimpressive KU O-line. I’ll take the Jayhawks to win but, with the questions at QB, this could come down to the wire. Bulls – where in the hell are there bulls in the greater Miami metro area — to cover.

Iowa St. at Texas (-24.5)

Here’s the storyline….the veteran, and quite possibly the best QB in the entire Big 12, facing the gun-slinging, rap-fumbling frosh. McCoy’s 6:1 touchdown to interception ratio could be in jeopardy against a Cyclone secondary that has a pick in each of their first three games. And keep in mind, this is an Iowa St. team that kept it close in Iowa City last week and squeaked out a double OT win against Toledo. But that’s really all I have to speak to. Texas, in Austin, covers – but just barely.

Louisville (-14.5) k-st

Is the Ville for real or does last week’s win speak more to the desperate state of affairs in South Florida? My metaphor on the Miami win is inline with RObert’s prom date – yes she seemed aspirational when crowned homecoming queen in the fall but after pulling a train with the basketball team she is nobody’s prize at the end of the school year. Translation being, if Miami ends up as a middle of the pack ACC team….last week’s victory may not be the computer ranking boost needed should Louisville beat UWV, win out and find themselves in a three team pickle for the National Title game (Ville, Auburn, USC)

A game in manhattan will not speak to the Cards national title legitimacy but will be a good showcase for their defense and give a few who were taking second team snaps in August some valuable time on the field. Cards win by two picks. .

Note – after seeing Miami’s pregame display I could not have been happier with the beat down applied by the Cards. Congrats RObert.

SE Louisiana at Texas Tech

I am loving the head pirate more and more each week. With this, my bus ride is coming to a close and don’t feel this game warrants much discussion…Tech covers whatever line if out there.

BTW…revising my earlier stance on the clock rule.

Wildcard Arizona St. at Cal (-7.5)

Selecting this game as the wildcard speaks to this week’s schedule. But hey….every weekend can’t be like last weekend.

Both the Sun Devils and Bears are loaded with talent and looking to emerge as the team to beat in the USC and everyone else PAC 10. Only USC is going to knock off USC from the Pac 10 throne; and with the help of Bush they may pull this off. I like the Bears featuring a balance run/pass attack and the fact they are at home. That said, I am in desperate need to Long/Short points and need to align interests in the game—my mind tells me Cal but my gut is forcing my hand – Sun Devils cover. .


4 Responses to “Week 4 Lineup”

  1. 1 Julie Baker
    September 22, 2006 at 7:49 am

    FBB, Week 4: Prediction? Pain!

    South Florida at Kansas (-5.5)

    Classic quote from Brent after KU handed Toledo their first win against a Big 12 opponent, “KU won that game. They just made of couple of critical errors on execution.” Ah yes, execution. One thing the KU football program struggles with every year. That, and, winning on the road. “I’m not obsessed with this road thing,” Mark Mangino said. “There is no way you can win a game with that many turnovers.” Right, so back to execution. We always live the Jayhawk football season with “what could have been.” That is, of course, before we shift our attention to “what might be” during the basketball season. Which also recently ends with “what could have been.” I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

    This week KU plays the South FLA Bulls at home. This is South Florida’s second 3-0 start in the program’s 10-year history, and they’ll be fighting to beat the 5-0 start from 1998. KU will be fighting to maintain a shred of dignity after last week’s embarrassing loss. So it comes down to pride. The question is, is there any correlation between pride and execution? I have to look at my good friend Rocky Balboa and shout a resounding “yes!” and pity the Bulls. Just like in Rocky III, my faith is restored. Mangino as Creed, and KU covers.

    Louisville (-14.5) Kansas State

    As long as Louisville doesn’t start the game by stomping on the K-State Purple Panther, I think they’ll be in good shape. As Miami offensive lineman Anthony Wollschlager said, “You can’t smack somebody in the face and back down.” Darn tootin’, right Robert? Even with Bush and Brohm out, they are still playing the Purple Panthers in Manhattan. I say “Do everybody a favor and knock this chump out.” Cards cover.

    Iowa St. at Texas (-24.5)

    ESPN headline this week, “Without the Buckeyes, Texas would be cruising.” Brown follows that up with, “It’s easier to play a soft schedule and be No. 2.” To be what? A paper champion?! No way! What is my prediction at home against the Half Bird? Pain! Colt rejects the challenge because the Cyclops’s are no challenge! Horns cover.

    Wildcard – Arizona St. at Cal (-7.5)

    Cal has won four of the series’ last five games, and posted a 27-0 victory against Arizona State when they last met two years ago. The Sun Devils have not defeated the Bears since a 30-10 triumph in Tempe in 2000. The collective Golden Bear says, “Hey fool! You ready for another beating? You shoulda never came back!” Speaking of coming back, Mike Tepper is back for Cal’s offensive line after standing up to a group of convicted felons last year taunting a female friend from a car — and they ran him over twice (who’s the hero now, Colt?) Tepper says, “Your old man ain’t got no heart, maybe you like to see a real man!” On that angle alone, you know I’ve got to take Cal to cover at home.

    Southeastern Louisiana Lions at Texas Tech Red Raiders

    The Lions are 0-2 on the road, and the Red Raiders have to come back after last week’s loss. Leach is blaming the Red Raiders’ dismal shwoing against the Horned Frogs on what he said were “prima donnas” who have gone “soft.” Even without visibility into the line, after the Leach “You ain’t so bad” public humiliation speech, I pity the Kittens.

  2. September 23, 2006 at 5:51 am

    Gotta be quick. We just arrived in Fort Worth for another shower and I’ve got just a few minutes to get in picks, and shower for the shower. Sidenote: The Pink Faders were painful to watch last week. Nothing less than BCS is nothing more than BS. Hopefully we’ll find a rythm this week – but next week in College Station will be very interesting.
    South Florida at Kansas (-5.5) Ku Covers
    Louisville (-14.5) Kansas State – Da Ville is 4 Rille – Redbirds cover
    Iowa St. at Texas (-24.5) – Bevo covers
    Wildcard – Arizona St. at Cal (-7.5) – A St.
    Southeastern Louisiana Lions at Texas Tech Red Raiders – Pink Faders

  3. 3 RObert
    September 23, 2006 at 6:54 am

    KU covers… South Florida is horrible on the road
    K-State to cover… Ultimate let down scenario for the Cards and on the road in the middle of nowhere…
    Iowa State keeps it kind of close and covers…
    TT wins huge after choking last week…
    Cal at home by alot is the choice…

  4. 4 RObert
    September 26, 2006 at 12:24 pm

    QUOTE: Bulls – where in the hell are there bulls in the greater Miami metro area — to cover.

    Actually USF is in Tampa… No bulls there either except for the ones on the malt liquor cans in the south end of Ybor City…

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