Week 2 Lineup

  • LA Monroe at KU (-21.5)
  • Louisville (-39) at Temple
  • Ohio St. at Texas (-2.5)
  • Tech (-7.5) at UTEP
  • Wildcard – Clemson (-2.5) at Boston College
LA Monroe at KU (-21.5)

Step two in the quest for seven wins should be wrapped up by the Flying Manginos midway through the third quarter. As I have mapped out the road to a second consecutive bowl game I am counting on picking up three of the first four.

The only true risk as I see it is overlooking the Warhawks – great mascot – in preparation for the show down in the GlassBowl next week. Regardless love the scheduling as it gives a young defense and young backfield another opportunity to practice under the lights. Little to build on here as this may be the lamest game of the line-up this week. Jayhawks roll…..Jayhawks cover….

Tech (-7.5) at UTEP

Tech…love the scheduling in Lubbock as well. And Blaine enough with the drama as Tech will be ready for the second biggest game in the state on Saturday. Second chance U is ready for the boys from the Bible Belt and will try to leverage that chip as far as they can take it….which we be midway through the fourth quarter. If Tech’s moto is “nothing less than the BCS” then you should roll through a team that is barely cracking the top 40 and stirring up trouble on the FBB Long/Short. The Red Raider defense will come out strong and Harrell will have another strong outing. Tech covers easily.

Ohio St. at Texas (-2.5)

Texas…this one is a mind bender. So I have to fall back to my failed logic of last season….the better defense plus the home field advantage should prove out. Last week NIU RB Garrett Wolfe ran roughshod over the Buckeye D and Wolfe is no Henry Melton – 3rd string running back to emphasize the point. I like Charles in a big game and Texas’ defensive bookends containing Smith. Again while my logic was flawed last season, I have to stick with the formula. Expect to see Texas in the number one spot in the polls for several weeks starting Monday.

Louisville (-39) at Temple

Strike the earlier statement…this is the lamest game on slate for the week. The only thing that puts the Cards at risk is looking forward to the Canes. I don’t see how the Cards don’t cover here and the lame ass game warrants little banter.

Wildcard – Clemson (-2.5) at Boston College

I have to like Bowden in this one….Clemson will negate the ACC’s chances at a national championship….


10 Responses to “Week 2 Lineup”

  1. September 6, 2006 at 4:49 pm

    Since I was last to send in my picks for week one, I’ll be the first for week 2. I’m official claiming Week 2: The Battle of the Birds. We have Warhawks, Jayhawks, Owls, Cardinals and Eagles. I feel like I’m in a Hitchcock movie.

    LA Monroe at KU (-21.5) (The Battle of the Birds I)

    Who would win in a bird fight: a Warhawk vs. a Jayhawk? A Warhawk sounds much tougher until you accompany it with LA Monroe and football. If Kansas can clear 39 points on Northwestern St., I’m pretty sure they can cover 21 points against LA Monroe. The Jayhawks cover in the Battle of the Birds I.

    Louisville (-39) at Temple (The Battle of the Birds II)

    The Owls vs. Cardinals

    Man I feel bad for Michael Bush. He came back his senior year, Heisman Trophy hopeful and was positioned to help give the Cards their first ever BCS berth. He rushed for 123 yards and 3 touchdowns in the first half and then 2nd play of the 3rd quarter broke his leg in two places???– Unbelievable loss. Hang in there Mr. Bush. (enter political commentary here)
    Even though the Temple Owls just got beat by the Buffalo Bulls (who?), can the Cards cover a line of -39? With Miami on the schedule next week, and the injury they’ve just experienced with Bush, I bet the Cards play it safe. No matter. I don’t care if coming out of the tunnel for the second half the starters and their backups are wearing street clothes and bubble wrap, they’ll cover and win The Battle of the Birds II.

    Ohio St. at Texas -2.5

    What a great game this will be. On one hand, Texas has the upper hand by playing at home, winning last year in Ohio, OSU’s very young defense, and having the swagger of defending its national title.
    However, I’m concerned ‘06 Horn’s are lacking identity. It’s hard enough to find your own identity the year after a national championship but to do so after losing arguably the greatest college player in recent history makes it even more difficult. The media doesn’t say Texas football w/o a Vince reference. This portrayal of the Vince-less horns can not help the current players’ psyche.
    Additionally, preparing for what some feel is your biggest scheduled challenge for defending your national championship presents many distractions. Then adding to it with Tarell Brown and Tyrell Gatewood being caught riding dirty in Aaron Harris’s car adds another dimension of distractions. Who knows what the details are, but addressing this issue both internally and externally certainly takes away from your preparation. Some have suggested that instead of playing the “Eyes of Texas” perhaps this little ditty might better define the ‘06 horns: (please excuse the first 30 secs of commercials) http://music.yahoo.com/video/29974331/?
    Finally, Mack Brown said it all: “Troy Smith to Ohio State is what Vince [Young] has been to us,” Brown said. “He’s a leader. He’s a senior. He’s a guy who can make plays with his feet, but he has a great throwing motion and he’s very, very accurate.”
    It’s one thing for the media to hype last year’s InVinceability, but when your head coach can’t let it go – I think you’re in trouble. I’m routing for the Horns, but my FBB pick is a Vinceless Texas does not cover!

    Texas Tech vs. UTEP:

    The Miners scare me. Their defense is probably the most experienced D in the NCAA. Of their 10 of 11 returning starters, 9 are seniors and 2 are juniors. Moreover, their second team D consists of only 2 frosh, 1 soph and the other 8 are juniors and seniors.

    The Miners offense could be good if they limit mistakes. QB Jordan Palmer has a lot of talent – and a knack for throwing interceptions. Palmer (Carson’s little brother) threw 19 picks last season and 4 last week against San Diego St. They also have former Parade All American RB Marcus Thomas, but he rushed for less than 50yds last week. Still, last week they dominated for three and a half quarters with a 27-3 lead.

    What scares me is the timing of this game. This is the Miners’ home opener and the first time this year that a team now full of “Price Players” will take the field after Price’s stupendous pregame ceremony. They overcame their first question mark of the season last week, and now face their only projected loss for the entire season. It’s games like this that are stepping stones in establishing a new program – of which Price is very capable(minus any off-field debacles). If they limit mistakes on offense, and Tech does not play well, we’ll lose this game – forget the spread. Couple all of the aforementioned with the Miners being Mark’s long pick – and we could be destined for trouble in El Paso.

    Not so fast my friends. Apparently Leach has the Red Raiders focused. When asked if Leach would take his team over the border before the Red Raiders play at UTEP on Saturday: “I don’t think so,” Leach said. “None of that spring break movie stuff. No bullfights, no gambling, no donkeys, no vanilla extract, no piñatas, none of that stuff. Straight football. Yup. No switchblades.”

    No donkeys = Tech covers!

    Wildcard – Clemson (-2.5) at Boston College

    Tough pick, but I gotta go with the Week 2 Battle of the Bird theme. The Eagles of Boston College at home will spoil the Clemson favorite.

    What is going on with the Bird Mascots?

    Anyone care how Boston College came up with their original idea of an eagle for a mascot? I pulled this gem from their website: Prior to 1921, Boston College did not have an official mascot. Between 1905-1910, the student body began voicing the desirability of having a mascot. Briefly, they toyed with the idea of using the owl as mascot, but this never caught on. 1920 was a year of great success for the track team and certain students suggested the antelope. However, the enthusiasm for this choice soon lagged as well. Then, as goes the college lore, a certain “Old Man” suggested the eagle and the rest is history.

    Wow! That’s good writing.

  2. 2 RObert
    September 8, 2006 at 8:42 am

    First off, great effort out of the Lonestar version of B2… Nice analyses Blaine and some creative research to boot… Very Niiice…

    We move into week 2 with not much answered last week… All the major players on this forum played scrubs and won handily… For KU a reason to celebrate; for the rest of us who pull for legit college teams they were just pre-season games…

    KU continues their march to a 6-5 bowl eligible record against another patsy and should cover easily… I guess Bill Snyder sent over his outline for OOC scheduling to Lawrence when he retired from K State because this is laughable… Monroe…??? Wasn’t he the nerdy dude in ‘Too Close For Comfort’ with the black framed specs and sugar in his britches…??? C’mon, you all know the show; Ted Knight is an icon… KU wins big and covers…

    Louisvilles’ Bobby P has shown one tendency throughout his career… His inability to take his foot off the gas…. The Cards score early and often and cover the spread… With Bush out, the Cards need to impress the voters even more as evident by the fact that they beat SEC’s UK by 31 and don’t move up in the polls… Georgia beats Div 1AA Western Kentucky by the same margin and they move up past the Cards (doesn’t say much for UK does it?)… Cards big…

    I despise OSU fans more than I do Kentucky fans (and that is saying alot)… Arrogant frontrunners in my book… I agree with Skippy Bayless when he glossed them the “Luckeyes” after the phantom pass interference call that gave them the game over Miami… I think both teams are overrated… OSU lost most of their defense and Mack Brown is 0 for life in big games without V Young… I mean the Chris Simms era or the Brown era… They really choked in big spots without VY… Now is the McCoy era and I can’t believe how many national guys jumped on this dudes bandwagon after a decent game against North Texas… That’s right I said NORTH TEXAS… Speaking of North Texas, I watched some of that game last week and what the hell is up with the UT cheerleaders? Whoof. I’ve seen better looking women working the noon to 6 shift at my local downtown titty bar… The rumour is that UT had to put in artificial turf to keep the cheerleaders from grazing… Wow; makes the WNBA look like a Victoria Secrets catalog… But now to the game… As mentioned, my extreme antipathy for OSU fans will make it virtually impossible to pull for the Luckeyes, which means I guess I better take UT to cover since I will be pulling for the Horns… UT to cover the 2 and a hook…

    I respect Marks’ football acumen and he picked UTEP to be an up and comer this year, so I will follow his lead and take them at home getting points to a team that is horrible on the road, TT… Give me the Miners and the points…

    B.C. getting points at home in a conference game is too good to pass up… Clemson is notoriously overrated and they don’t get it done on the road… BC covers…

    There you have it… I also like Cal to whip up on my boys from the Twin Cities, esp. after the beat down they took in Knoxville last week… And Notre to beat P State as well… And the old ball coach to continue his dominance over UGA… Cocks win.

    Peace Out

  3. 3 Blaine Baker
    September 8, 2006 at 9:08 am

    It’s not looking good for the Red Raiders.

    USA today wrote:
    Most of the other teams in the Top 25 will have one eye on this Saturday and another peeking towerd next week, when the schedule has eight matchups of ranked teams. The situation is ripe for an upset, especially for Clemson and TEXAS TECH, which must go on the road to Boston College and Texas-El Paso, respectively……

    Even with the new rules to shorten the game, expect at least four hours for this game with respective coaches Mike Leach and Mike Price filling the air with footballs. The Miners, with help from Carson Palmer’s brother Jordan, will spoil the evening for the Red Raiders. UTEP 35, Texas Tech 34.

  4. 4 brentbaker
    September 8, 2006 at 9:19 am

    Did I mention KU has South Florida on the OOC sched…..

  5. 5 RObert
    September 8, 2006 at 9:38 am

    They beat us once… We blew them out 2 out of the last 3 years… If you play them at home, they will only beat you by 20… If you guys have to play them in Tampa it will be even uglier…

  6. 6 brentbaker
    September 8, 2006 at 12:00 pm

    Regarding KU’s emerging football program and Mangino’s bump in pay —

    See “3. What was Lew Perkins thinking?”


  7. 7 Julie
    September 8, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    FBB Week 2, Live from the JuJu Pressroom

    LA Monroe at KU (-21.5)

    A controversy is brewing on campus in Lawrence. Not a quarterback controversy, not a coaching controversy, but an “infant ticket purchase policy” controversy. I surface this not to weigh in on whether or not a 2-month old child should pay $35 to watch the Jayhawks play football (I leave that kind of investigative reporting to the hard-nosed journalists on the Daily Show), but to call attention to the fact that this is ESPN.com’s lead feature story in the Jayhawk Clubhouse. No matter how much they pay Mangino, the ‘hawks are not a legit topic of college sports conversation until November. It hurts, but it’s a fact. Louisiana-Monroe, on the other hand, can’t even get picked up by the local Sun Belt press. And as Blaine will tell you, there is no such thing as bad press. So I have to take the Jayhawk ticket grinch (who is picturing an evil Jayhawk lightly tapping a football ticket out of a sleeping toddler’s clenched fist right now?) over the press-less (impress-less) Warhawks this week. The blue grinch covers.

    Louisville (-39) at Temple

    This just in, Michael Bush out for the season! Duh, as Kelsey would say, common knowledge. And yet the Bush injury dominates headlines, completely disregarding any serious conversation about the game against the Owls this Saturday. In the biz, we would call that a non-event. To which the Golden Owl responds “We’re not going to change this thing overnight. It’s a journey. We’re just going to keep battling. We’re going to keep pounding the rock. Eventually, the rock is going to crack.” Sounds like a brilliant long-term game plan to me. Translation, “we are going to just keep beating our heads against the wall until our heads, I mean the wall, cracks.” Not when that wall is the Cards D, my friends. The Cards press coverage may be one-dimensional, but their field coverage is not. Cards cover, and crush the Owls.

    Ohio St. at Texas (-2.5)

    “Lightning Colt.” The headline rings out. But does it ring true? Hard to say against North Texas. And impossible not to compare to what Vince Young could do if he were still in Austin against OSU (a girl can dream, can’t she?) But what keeps me going is what the rest of the team has proven it can do. Check it out http://burntorangenation.com/. Goose bumps! Jamaal Charles is going to run over what’s left of the Buckeye defense. The mighty, mighty Horns cover.

    Tech (-7.5) at UTEP

    While Leach receives ample press on just his overall weirdness ranking alone (proof points: ninjas and pirates), no one can deny that the real headline grabber is former Alabama coach gone bad, gone good, and steering clear of girls gone wild in El Paso. Second chances, under dogs, redemption stories. I’m lapping it all up. Ice picks cover.

    Wildcard: Clemson (-2.5) at Boston College
    The fair and balanced FBB press corp has spoken, “BC Covers”. And because the fair and balanced FBB press corp always speaks the truth, I parrot. BC Covers.

  8. September 8, 2006 at 8:44 pm

    Outstanding FBB coverage. RObert- appreciate the bonus picks. Juj: I love the “no such thang as bad press” pearl of wisdom. Your bantar is unparrellel despite the fact you have the “ice picks” pitying the Grim Reapers. Fool: nice pickup on the RR drama -but where’s Mark-key-Mark? Can we get a shout out?

  9. 9 markscholz
    September 9, 2006 at 4:37 am

    What can I say. Texas – Ohio State week has finally arrived. A lot of questions will be answered tonight for the Texas program sans Vince. Is Colt McCoy really another Major Applewhite with more athletic ability? Is there a better name for a TEXAS quarterback than Colt McCoy? I KNOW two things for sure – I believe in Gene Chizik and Jamal Charles is a special running back. We’ll see and I can’t wait. 11 hours and counting. I’m one giddy SOB!

    LA Monroe at KU (-21.5)
    I’m a big Jayhawks believer and the Freshman QB looked good last week. I’ll go with the KU.

    Louisville (-39) at Temple
    RObert, I was honestly very, very “bummed” to see Bush go down. You just hate to see that happen to such a great kid. Lu-vulle rolls.

    Ohio St. at Texas (-2.5)
    Gotta go with the Horns in a classic. In the off-season, I had NO faith to win THIS game with a frosh QB. But, after seeing Colt in pre-season and the one scrimmage, he can make ALL the throws and has a really deep, talented cast around him. If we run the ball well, we win. I think the D will play really well tonight too.

    Tech (-7.5) at UTEP
    I’ve gotta back up my pre-season pick and go with UTEP to not only cover, but win! Whoa. If you can’t tell at this point, this should give you a key indication; I’m NOT trying to win the FBB Championship.

    Wildcard – Clemson (-2.5) at Boston College
    Damn, tough call here. I’ll go with the home team. Let’s go with the Eagles.

  10. 10 Blaine Baker
    September 9, 2006 at 8:08 am

    Hey Mark: 8 hours and counting!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to Horns – Corso picked-em

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