Test Driving Edgeio & Help.com

I was introduced to Edgeio while it was in Beta and got an early preview into it’s potential upside – at least in concept. TechCrunch does a good job summarizing the higher level concept around this service.

The idea is that as publishing (blogs), and the ability to distribute published content (rss, tags) falls more in the hands of the user the need for “centralized” services like Craigslist or eBay are no longer necessary. Simply put, to list an item on eBay, Craigslist, or another classifieds service, I ‘should’ be able to post the item in my blog, tag it appropriately, and allow these services to pick up my post and compete for the sale. Per TechCrunch, services need to focus on pulling data from the edges (user’s blogs), as opposed to the center (eBay) – hence the name Edgeio. Is this too 2.0 kool-aid?

Erik Kokkonen, dept head at CNET Networks, recently launched a new site uniquely poised to rival Edgeio – Help.com. Help.com is premised on connecting user’s questions with answers (blog posts that address the user’s question). This naturally extends to classifieds.

Julie and I are purging old bikes so I will take this for a spin later today. I will set up a blog post, tag it appropriately, and let it fly on both sites.

Update –So I set up a new blog “Listings & Reviews” — Yahoo’s integration of WP is fantastic — specifically for testing out these aggregation services. Having some problems with Help.com accepting my rss feed though all seems to be working well with Edgeio

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