Why KU will trump Texas

Yet another biased fan’s musings about the biggest game of the year for KU as the take on Texas for the conference title.

IMO…the key to KU winning tonight involves exposing the UT zone and hawkish – no pun — D. Here are a number of ways to accomplish this but let’s not forget that it was the k-state zone that lead to the debacle in Lawrence. Here are few –

  • Penetrating guard play — the three freshman guards are primed to penetrate and dish. The key here will be for Russ Rob to finish when he has the chance.
  • Rush being Rush — pick up your 12 – 16 — we don’t need a game of the year type performance. And yes, Tucker’s double/double will not win the game for Texas. He will get his. Where was Rush tonight…..
  • Giles and Jackson being aggressive on the defensive end in their own unique ways. Forcing Barnes to play his bench could be key Barnes found major point productiion from his guards coming off the bench.
  • Fluster Gibson and Paulino early and often — our defensive numbers speak for themselves let’s hope this is uncharacteristic
  • Transition game – consistently beating Texas up the court won’t prevent UT from setting up in their zone and will force Barnes to look to his bench.
  • House favorite Julian Wright….his unorthodox, freakish like game will cause major problems for Texas. Coming off his first 20 point performance, he is gaining confidence and playing like the preseason conference freshman of year. Damn he is fun to watch play. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to do too much.

Anyway…here’s to two or three of these panning out and the turnaround story of the season unfolds. KU wins by 3, picks up a much needed signature win, and Self locks up COY honors.


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