Christmas 2005 Highlights

This year’s travels to Amarillo exceeded all expectations. Highlights include:

1. Hanging out with Sharon’s daughter Heather and her family on their estate between Canyon and Happy. The estate/ranch/farm – not sure which categories it falls into – consists of three ranch dogs, a cat, two daschunds, two pigs, and three horses – Popcorn, Cracker Jack and Little Jack. Heather’s boys Quincy and Quaid would never be accused of being an Amarillo “townie” – translation someone who dresses like a cowboy but doesn’t live the life of a cowboy. Yes….back when I wore boots I would have qualified as such.

Quaid – age 6 – greeted us in full attire: a “worn” hat, wranglers, chaps made by his father, spurs, and a collection of pocket knifes. Quincy – 11 – spends his idle time playing football , training horses, manages the pig lifecycle – from purchase to processing, and saddle making with his father Ron. Julie could not have been more excited as both boys demonstrated their proficiency atop a horse for her.

2. Heated matches of doobner and the various stages of doobner attire

3. Calyenne’s contractual obligations

4. Setting Sharon up with her own blog – check it out

5. Cooking extravaganzas

6. Steady stream of undercard bowl games with the marquee match-ups around the corner. And in case you missed it….KU won the “Showdown in Cowtown” and finished with a winning record for the first time since ’95.

7. The unseasonably warm West Texas weather, wide open spaces, and corresponding sunsets

8. Waking this morning — in San Francisco — to the realization that, due to CNET’s generous vacation policy, I am off until the 3rd.

Happy holidays…….


1 Response to “Christmas 2005 Highlights”

  1. 1 Sharon Kay
    December 31, 2005 at 2:43 pm

    Brent: loved reading what you had to say about Heather, Ron, Quincy and Quade. I am glad you and Julie enjoyed going out there. It always makes me feel happy. They have such a wonderful, down-to-earth lifestyle that few can enjoy these days.

    Ron and Quincy have gone hunting this weekend over near Shamrock, Texas. Quincy, being less than 12, can get a license to hunt, turkey, deer and other animals. Don’t tell Julie this. So Ron just gets a deer license and they are off.

    Heather and Quade are home at the “ranch” playing chinese checkers and other games.

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