FBB Week 1 — The March to Seven

Ahhhh….. my favorite time of year. Time for SoCal cheerleader letter sweaters and flying tortillas. Time for Waving the Wheat and the Quack Attack. It’s time for pre-season hype and the bitter taste of reality some call the Texas State Fair– no not fried Twinkies. It’s time for the sweet sound of “oh baby what a play.” And it’s finally time for RObert to take up a new hobby on Tuesday evenings as the ‘Ville receives admission to the BCS Country Club. Oh yea…..it’s that time of year again.

univ of kansas Florida Atlantic vs. Kansas -24

The Mangino Experiment enters into its fourth season – the standard shelf-life for popular KU coaches. Jayhawk legend Don Fambrough had two non-consecutive four year teams. Bud Moore and Pepper Rodgers hung around Mount Oread for four years as well. Each made one bowl trip during those four years, but never in their fourth and final season. The Flying Manginos experienced the sweet taste of post season play in 2003 – will he suffer the same fate. Conventional logic might say yes ….

  • KU wrapped up the 1995 season – the final season of the Big Eight Conference — with a 10-2 record. Kansas hasn’t had a winning record since.
  • KU has never won more than three Big 12 games in a single season –uggggg
  • It gets worse. Since entering into the Big XII, KU hasn’t had single season at .500 or better.
  • In the century-plus history of KU football, the longest stretch without at least a .500 season is 10 years (1936-45).

Well my friends of little faith, last season’s best four and seven team begin the long journey to seven wins with the Florida Atlantic Owls. KU will field the best defense in the Big XII North – granted it is still the Big XII North – the best cornerback in the country in Charles Gordon, and a giant question mark on offense – specifically our ability to score. My two cents…KU will get off to a slow start against arguably the worst team in the country but will catch their offensive stride in the second quarter. The field possession game should be one-sided.. Look for KU to cover and take its first of seven steps on Saturday.

univ of oregon Oregon (-7) vs. Houston

Seriously…..who are we kidding? Did the Cougs resurrect Andre Ware and David Klingler? This is Mike Bellotti ball — the same Mike Bellotti that tripped up the Maize and Blue in pre conference play. But hey….it is NCAA version of pre-season for many programs so let’s cut them some slack. Vi’s Ducks get back to their 2003 swagger, shake off the cob-webs of last season 5- 6 record, and cover on the roadagainst this fierce bunch.

univ. of texas Texas (-40) vs UL Lafayete

The Young campaign begins as he runs for 120 and throws for 150 – all before the seven min mark of the third quarter. The question mark for me is the other half of the offense — you have Vince Young and everyone else. The running game and receiving corps have to keep defenses honest this season. Few questions will be answered by the no-so Ragin Caguns…and Texas fans will be over served and finalizing plan in Columbus before this one kicks off. Hats off to Mack for accepting this OU diversion….

texas tech Texas Tech – off

Well not much to say about the Raider pre-season schedule that wasn’t summed up in today’s Forte Yard Dash on ESPN.com. To steal an excerpt –

And five schedules that satisfy every coach’s inner coward:
Texas Tech (27): Sure, playing in the Big 12 South is brutal — but scheduling a nonconference slate of Florida International, Sam Houston State and Indiana State is shameless. The Yellow Raiders don’t play a I-A opponent with a winning 2004 record until Oct. 22.

And hey KU made the Forte as well:

What would be appropriate sideline headset music for college coaches as we kick off the 2005 season?
Kansas’ Mark Mangino (5): “I like mine with lettuce and tomato/Heinz 57 and french-fried potatoes …” — Jimmy Buffett.

u of l Louisville (-22) vs. Kentucky

Rich Brooks may have been Rose Bowl bound in Oregon but has sucked ass in the Blue Grass State. Louisville has every reason to be confident that they will make some noise in the Big East and possibly a BCS ticket. Their biggest concern should be that the all-knowing BCS does not strip the conference of their automaitic bid after last season’s embarrassment. In-state and rivalry games are often unpredictable and close contests – not this one. The Ville covers and the best FBB QB debate begins.

Wildcard – who else FSU vs. Miami…
This one will require some more thinking…analysis TBD.


17 Responses to “FBB Week 1 — The March to Seven”

  1. September 1, 2005 at 5:36 am

    Well, well it seems the time is upon us again; the longest month of the year, as referenced by B2, August has mercifully come to a halt and now the shorteset 4 months of the year begins. College and NFL enthusiasts like myself will soon be saying, “Is it already week 5″… Anyway, Louisville connections are already threading their way through the FBB. Several references to Pat Forde (Forde Yard Dash column). Pat lives in Louisville and wrote for Louisvilles’ local fishwrap (Courier-Journal) for years and is often heard here on the local airwaves… Then Florida Atlantic pops up on both the KU and UL schedule this year and is coached by none other than Flaget (Diamond Lou Phillips high school alma mater) grad and former U of L coach Howard Schnellenberger.

    With karma running rampant here are week ones winning selections:

    KU(-24) vs Fla Atl
    I have kept an eye on Fla Atl since Schnellenberger happened on the scene 3 years ago (albeit from afar) and they have been on the rise. Talk about minerals, Howards’ non-conference schedule this season includes Big 12 opponenents in KU and Ok State, Big 10 opponent Minnesota, and a trip back home to Louisville to face the Cards. Don’t know much about KU this year other than I guess they decided not to fold the football program for persistent futility. Last year Fla Atl started the season with 5 (that’s right FIVE) straight road games and guess what, they went 5-0 including a 3000 mile trip to Hawaii to face the high scoring, June Jones led, Rainbows. They left with the sounds of Don Hos classic Tiny Bubbles still ringing in their ears, oh and by the way, a 35-28 victory. Give me Fla Atl and the 24 points and take it to the bank.

    Oregon(-7) vs Houston
    Yeah Oreon beat Mich a few years ago, but that had to all but be washed away with that remarkable home loss last year to the inept Gerry DiNardo led Indiana Hoosiers.
    I like the Cougars at home with their wild and completely unorthodox(ed) offensive style. Give me Houston, the 7 points and a hook.

    Texas (-40) vs UL Lafayette
    Mack Brown against a scrub team in a meaningless game has to be undefeated. How can you go against him here. The Horns will probably put 60 on the board, only to follow it up with 6 in a few weeks vs the Sooners… Someone please wake me when Mack Brown wins a big game as it will be his first (Yeah the Rose Bowl paid well but it really meant nothing but another year of dissapointment for Longhorn fan). Give me the Cows -40…

    Louisville(-22) vs UK
    The talk here locally for the last two months is all about how good Louisville is and how bad Kentucky is. Talk about motivation for Wildcat player. Petrino won’t let the Cards overlook this team who in their last game had Tennessee on the ropes in Knoxville before a Volunteer TD in the last minute. He had them practicing in the tropical storm that Katrina turned into by the time it hit the Ville squarely last Tuesday. In-state, rivalry game, in Lexington should bolster the Cats chances, but I see Louisville winning, by17 not 22… Louisville 34-17 (and don’t be surprised if it is closer)

    Miami(-3) vs FSU
    The line I found online is above and I’ll take the Noles at home with the 3 points. Both have new QBs, but FSU has a strong running attack and they are at home.

    Until next week, out.

  2. September 1, 2005 at 8:24 am

    FBB, Week 1: The Fashion Edition

    What could be more prestigious than the Major Applewhite Cutest Quarterback Award? Winning Kirk Herbstreit’s Fifth Annual Herbie for “Players who just look good in their uniform.” It’s like the VH-1 Vogue Fashion Awards for athletes with the most cup-able bottoms. And topping that list is our very own Vincent Young. What a way to start the season. With only 32 hours until we see that bottom in action, and a mere 8 until the 2005 college football season officially begins, my vote is merely fashionably late. Early enough to make the cut, late enough to mock Robert.

    Florida Atlantic vs. Kansas -24
    Because neither of these teams shows up anywhere in the Herbie standings (noting the glaring absence of Free State on the “favorite restaurants” list), we’ll have to stick strictly to an analysis of talent. So this should be a short entry. With 21 players MIA at one point in the pre-season for the Owls due to a very young team riddled with injuries, and Schnellenberger’s subsequent confidence-inspiring statement to his administration and fans last week, “Thank God we have a week to go solidify what we’re going to be doing,” I am going to have to vote for the Hawks to cover. If the Owl were sporting a spunky letter sweater I might have been persuaded to go another way on this. But in this year’s fashion edition, who can deny the Jayhawk’s yellow and red tribute to the fashion icon from Oz?

    Oregon (-7) vs. Houston
    Fuzzy duck bottoms? Are you kidding me? This is a no-brainer. With Oregon voted one of five teams “Movin’ on Up,” who can deny fantasizing about Clemens in the famous Weezie tunic? Even Pat Forde thinks the Ducks could be this year’s Auburn. And the Herbie also goes to RB Jonathan Stewart as a top true freshman under one of the top offensive coordinators in Gary Crowton. And yet, Houston is nowhere to be found in this all-star line up. Not even in the “favorite cities” category. Shocking.

    Texas (-40) vs UL Lafayette
    Even though I think Young was robbed at the Herbies as one of the best “running backs” in college football today, he did clench one of the best QBs (and let’s not forget, he looks damn good in that uniform doing it). Surrounded by best defensive tackle, Rodrique Wright, top inside linebacker Aaron Harris, best defensive back Michael Huff, best Game Day Coach Mack Brown, and top defensive coordinator Gene Chizik. UT was even voted for “best overall uniforms” and Austin as one of Herbies favorite cities. Not to mention the fact that Kirk gave UT the nod over OU this year. Mark it down. And GO HORNS!

    Louisville (-22) vs. Kentucky
    Louisville was voted Big East Champ and QB Brian Brohm predicted to be a household name by October. He was also voted the best “old school” dropback QB. Louisville returns 17 starters from a team that finished 11-1 last season and sixth in the final AP poll. But Robert was rarely wrong about his Cards last year, and I think his environmental analysis of the pre-game chatter is right on. And so, I struggle. Let’s look at the fashion angle. What T-shirts will the team be sporting this year? The strength and conditioning staff handed out T-shirts with bull’s-eyes on them to the football players in January. A week later, coach Bobby Petrino wanted to know what moron approved them. The replacement T-shirts have a shark instead of a target. Across the front is the word ATTACK. I like it. Attack, Lou style. The Cards will cover.

    Miami(-3) vs FSU
    Miami was representin’ in the Herbies with top offensive lineman, top tight end, top defensive tackle, top true freshman, and LB Willie Williams was voted to be a household name by October (who also “just looks good in his uniform”). Miami also got favorite city and a favorite restaurant votes. All FSU got was best free safety. Yawn. And I think Miami’s gangland fashion beats FSU every time. The Canes cover.

  3. September 1, 2005 at 12:57 pm

    Austin is a great city, but UT’s uniforms (esp. the McHales Navyish white on white) are at length hideous… they make Penn State’s road uniforms (white pants, white jerseys and white helmets) look outlandish and debauch… And UT over OU this year is not a stretch; OU is sporting a new QB while UT has a veteran ass tickler behind center. Young, although EXTREMELY one dimensional, does that one dimension pretty friggin’ well… It is now or never Mack; beat the Sooners this year or RIP…

  4. 4 Mark
    September 1, 2005 at 2:25 pm

    First of all Brent, in the rare instance that you don’t run away with the FBB league title again, I say we put in a tiebreaker. An easy target would be the over/under of the number of jobs Bobby Petrino and his agent ENTERTAIN this year to leave that dead-end job at Louisville and seek a legitimate D1-A job. My guess is +3.

    Florida Atlantic vs. Kansas – 24.
    What’s there not to like about KU – except for maybe that HUGE Jayhawk logo on their basketball court. If Schnellenberger keeps the “pops” down to a couple prior to game time, I’ll go with Florida Atlantic to cover. As you’ll know, that little drinking problem is what got Howard “run” out of OU. God, I wish he were still there.

    Oregon –7 vs. Cougar High
    Ahhh…..the memories of the defunct Southwest Conference and playing Cougar High. By looking at that pre-game “Hunt the Ducks” poster, the high school moniker is dead on. With former players like Warren McVea, Elmo Wright and Antwain Smith, the Coog-roes always provide a colorful offensive showing. I’m not surprised the spread is only 7, with former Texas High School coaching legend Art Briles at the helm – I’m going with the Cougars to cover.

    TEXAS –40 vs. ULaLa
    Yawn. The Horns will cover as they keep the 1st team offense in, well into the 3rd quarter to continue to prepare for Ohio State.

    Texas Tech
    With the opening of college football season only hours away, Mike Leach had the first recorded turnover of the season. He imposed a media blackout for the ENTIRE season, which of course, begs an even bigger question: Who knew Texas Tech had a football team? A freaking Media blackout in Lubbock – like they get any media coverage anyway.

    Louisville –22 vs. Kentucky
    Can Louisville run the table in the Big East? And did the league deserve to keep its automatic BCS bid. Yes and Hell NO. The Cards will easily win the league in their first year…and don’t be surprised if they run the table. But, because of this weak sister league, no Soup for you or a National Championship shot. But, there’s NO WAY the Big East should have that BCS slot – it’s no better than the East Coast version of the Mountain West! Whatever…Louisville covers.

  5. 5 Mark
    September 1, 2005 at 2:42 pm

    I missed Miami @ FSU. Bobby’s got Alzheimers (Bowden, not Pautsch), let go with the ‘Canes.

  6. 6 brentbaker
    September 1, 2005 at 3:52 pm

    Mark so far has the best line of week 1 –

    ……I say we put in a tiebreaker. An easy target would be the over/under of the number of jobs Bobby Petrino and his agent ENTERTAIN this year to leave that dead-end job at Louisville and seek a legitimate D1-A job. My guess is +3.


  7. September 2, 2005 at 4:29 am

    I think +3 may be too low; he should get 5+ offers which just goes to show what a great program he has here in the Ville… He did pass up LSU and the SEC last year to stay here in a ‘dead-end’ job… Finishing #6 in football and #3 in basketball last year in the final polls doesn’t quite say as much for our program here as another defalted UT football season. And did UT even finish #3 in their own conference last year in basketball…??? We’ll keep going to Final Fours and you guys in Austin can keep watching us on TV (what else would you guys be doing in March)…

  8. September 2, 2005 at 4:31 am

    Sorry; deflated, not defalted…

  9. 9 Mark
    September 2, 2005 at 5:34 am

    I’m almost giddy after last nights activities and the start of college football season..ahhh, the smell of napalm in the morning. I think I’m going to watch my RoseBowl DVD tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s season opener. Actually, I might watch two DVDs tonight. I went to the Trojan website – NO not for condoms – the USC one and purchased the DVD of last years national championship game against the Sooners – it’s AWESOME! Bobby – I’d be happy to sent it to you if you want to borrow it?

  10. 10 Mark
    September 2, 2005 at 6:20 am

    Brent…where the hay is Blaine and the rest of our FBB brethren?

  11. September 2, 2005 at 10:21 am

    OU still kicked UT’s ass last year (can you say SCOREBOARD) and you can file that Rose Bowl victory in the ‘Pretty Much Meaningless’ category

  12. 12 Mark
    September 2, 2005 at 5:38 pm

    YES Bobby 12- 0 is a real ASS kicking in any intelligent mans book – especially when the Horns finished ONE spot behind OU in both polls. Now that’s Dominance. Honestly, the last REAL ass kicking I viewed was the ILLINI putting it to Lousiville in the Final Four. Besides, when you look at the “entire body of work” as your Hero, Trev Albert says, the ‘Horns dominate OU in the overall series. And, take away the illegal, renegade and outlaw (e.g. the Jigaboo Jamboree) years from Barry Switzer and it’s NOT even close. But, that’s OU in a nutshell. Just look at their Captain this year in Davoorshak..or whatever his name is. He’s a freakin criminal. Did you see the ESPN 50 States in 50 days series? Oklahoma’s first mention was the Rodeo in the Oklahoma State PEN…..HOW FREAKIN APPROPRIATE. I’m sure there were several OU players behind bars.

  13. 13 brentbaker
    September 2, 2005 at 9:11 pm

    Let’s hug it out fellas….it’s only Week 1. FBB is out of the gates strong despite the number of no-shows.

    IMO…considering the KU barnburner won’t be televised the game to watch will be the Ags vs. Whitehurst. Is McNeal all that…..is Whitehurst all that he wasn’t last year?

  14. 14 brentbaker
    September 3, 2005 at 7:22 am

    New FBB editorial rule….If you would think twice before saying it in front of Mr. T it probably shouldn’t be in the blogs.


  15. 15 Mark
    September 3, 2005 at 7:56 pm

    17-10 (Put your index finger up to your lips and whisper the sound Shhhhhhh…….)

  16. 16 brentbaker
    September 5, 2005 at 12:12 pm

    I am taking the Noles and the points this evening….

  17. September 6, 2005 at 8:43 am

    Yeah, I would call a 12 point victory an ass-kickin esp. when you hold the ‘vaunted’ UT offense and superstar RB Cedric “ricky is my blunt-smoking hero’ Benson and the overrated Vince Young to NO points… But I digress; as B2 says it is only week 1 and OU has already lost (how ’bout those C-USA comments know Marky) TCU, blown out by the Cards last year go into Norman and beat the perennial power of the conference over the last 5 years… Way to keep Maine in the game late in Lincoln also Conhuskers; Texas A&M-laughable… the Big 12, what a friggin’ joke of a football conference; at least they had all those teams in the Final Four last year; whooooops sorry about that too… If Texas doesn’t win it this year, there are ZERO excuses in this borderline DIV 1 conference. UT might just back their way into winning the conference this year despite Mack Brown and that ever-present gagging sound eminating from Austin over the years.

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